Bitcoin (2)

Bitcoin is a cunt.

I don’t get “crypto currencies” and the more I read about them the more I glaze over. What irritates me beyond belief is the number of spam emails offering this crap which turn up in my in box. My spam filter misses them and even though I mark them as junk I still get dozens a day. The email addresses they come from are all made up of badly spelt fake names and gibberish. Obviously generated by some sick bastard sitting in Nigeria or some other scam hell hole.

I wouldn’t touch this “investment” with a barge pole as it seems to be based on a complete and utter fallacy. Bitcoin exists only in cyberspace and is not backed by gold reserves or any other tangible asset.

The fact that that huge wanker Elon Musk is now allowing his Tesla cars to be bought by Bitcoin does not convince me one iota.

The world’s monetary system is crazy enough as it is without adding more instability.

My good lady and myself will continue to maintain the family fortune in premium bonds and post office savings.

Nominated by: Lord Helpuss

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  1. I know a fat, greedy and sly cunt who does this bollocks, he might be sly, but he ain’t as sly as the organisers of this scam!!!, it’s like online banking for money grabbers, stupid cunts!!!

    • Does he make money or is he a scam merchant himself, stealing from others?

      • I suspect he’s the scam artist, I hate the lardy cunt with a passion!!!!

  2. Bitcoin is a ‘currency’ which depends on more and more people talking about it, convincing others to ‘mine it’, buy it, trade it, invest in it etc to keep it going. Is the biggest fucking pyramid scheme going.

    You can bet your house that cunt Musk probably bought billions of the ‘bitcoins’ before announcing they would be accepted as payment for his cars – and he’s likely already sold them all, or will when he recons he can make the biggest killing.

  3. I dont have any bitcoin ,but wouldnt it be great if government was no longer able to take tax from the populace without having an actual “honest conversation” about anything from immigration to “green crap” that no one has a choice about. Crypto currency bypasses government and im all for that, especially as they are out to get rid of cash.

    • Excellent point. The EU are already considering making it near impossible to trade, so it seems bitcoin must be doing something right.
      Apparently, all the computer technology is using terawatts of power, which might be a problem.

    • My parents bought me £50 of premium bonds when I was born. I cashed them in 25 years later as the cunts hadn’t won as much as £1. Not only that, but if saved at the inflation rates over the 25 years they would have been worth £382. The £50 just covered my overdraft at university.

      • My granddad bought me one when I was born and the serial number isn’t even recognised although I have the physical item. Could be like rodders and del boy instead I’m slaving it away.

      • Then again the transition from old Maggie getting lambasted from the ira conservatives were in by then. So I guess it makes sense.

  4. For something to be a viable currency it needs something of real value behind it am I right? What is the value behind Bitcoin? Its all in cyberspace. What the fuck is backing it?

    • I saw something similar recently of a man in Newport who had thrown out a hard drive containing 7500 Bitcoin now worth over £200million but is now in the local councils landfill site.

      • Who the fuck throws away a hard drive, unless it has enough pornography of a certain type that discovered would get them banged up for a decade or two?

  5. A former landlord of mine was trying to set up a crypto exchange in Switzerland and he explained the basics to me.

    Cryptocurrencies use blockchain which is essentially secure and unhackable unless you own the crypto exchange and decide to fleece everybody in it (which has happened).

    Supposedly it’s the alleged unbreakability of the currency which makes it sought after and so that is the asset that it’s backed against; an abstract and intangible asset.

    As with all things market-related (as the market is composed of humans) the value of the thing is determined by human behaviours such as the aforementioned mining, trading etc.

    Maybe I’m misremembering but if what I said above is correct then in theory somebody who runs an exchange can rinse the exchange rendering the units of currency valueless. I’m confused.

    I’d also add to this cunting that it’s the people who usually trade in it that are cunts. They tend to be supposedly high IQ, programmer types and mathematicians etc who claim that it’s not a pyramid scam and that most people are too ill informed to understand it whereas most people look at it and go “Nah it’s a pyramid scam Bruv!”

  6. As cunt who is more intelligent than some but dumber than most, I don’t get it. Bitcoin must be a cunt if it is something that can be manipulated and “gamed”. Am I understanding that it’s unbreakable but still can be cleaned out by some cunts somewhere?

    • It’s confusing as fuck………… maybe that’s the selling point. Scarcety drives up value so the scarcety of comprehension might be was gives it it’s value. But I don’t know, it’s confusing.

  7. “For an investment of just £200 you can make £100,000 in just thirty days”!
    Hover over the email, see who it’s REALLY from..
    And, if you had a system where you could make all this money from a tiny investment would you really be stupid enough to invite the world to take part?
    This nonsense is preached like a religion by the wokeflakes, and the look on their little faces as you explain and eviscerate this Emperors new clothes nonsense is priceless.

  8. I quite like it and have made some very decent money out of it.
    I don’t delve into all the tech side of it.
    It’s just another form of investment or speculation.
    After all what’s Sterling backed by? Not gold,just a belief that it’s worth something.
    I’m glad the Koreans invented it.Or whoever it was.
    It’ll keep me in scotch for a decade.
    Can anyone lend me fifty quid? 😀

    • It wasn’t a Korean or Japanese they just used that name. It’s no scam cunters but hey you all know best. Now where did I put my keys for my jaguar?

  9. It’s all great stuff as long as the value holds but it’s now at such a high value it just takes one event and it could all crumble.

    1 Bitcoin is almost $50,000

    You would need some balls to exchange you life savings from a stable currency to Bitcoin 😂

    • That’s the secret,have a broad portfolio as they say. If you can’t afford to lose it don’t gamble it.
      Spin that wheel.

  10. I have a mining farm set up with Ryzen 7 and 3090 cards going full tilt on mining…..It’s been active about a month and so far I have seen a net profit of 36p

  11. Bitcunt stinks. As someone who only uses cash,so that I can walk out of my branch with a few sacks of readies, why would I faff about with a denomination that I can’t even see let alone hold in my hand?
    Not only that but they’re worth fuck all!
    If for example I want to purchase an erotic experience from a lady advertising locally on Adultw0rk I know that they want a wad of oncers not some imaginary bullshit.

  12. Couple of good friends of mine have made some very good money out of this, they have tried to explain it but i don’t understand it all. They come from a banking background so are pretty savvy. Cunts.

    • Yip flexicunt bankers are wankers but they make the dosh. It’s all stocks and shares cunters. All the monied folk invest while suckers work. I’m tired of being a sucker. Onwards we go. Kerching.

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