Generation Snowflake [9]

A cunting for all the Little Mary’s objecting to this…”China promotes education drive to make boys more ‘manly’”

From the article; “A notice from China’s education ministry has caused a stir after it suggested young Chinese men had become too “feminine”. The message has been criticised as sexist by many online users – but some say China’s male celebrities are partly to blame.”

Take note, bat flu aside, China is leading the world (as well as Russia) because you, the Western worlds next generation, sadly, are generally a bunch of, it’s not fair, entitled, me me me, someone has said something mean to me on soshual medja, the older generation made me cry, I think I have metal elf ishoos because my mate said he has, crybabies!

Down to the builders merchants with you and ask if they still do 112lb (50kg) bags of cement. When they say no ask for two 25kg bags, stick them both on one shoulder, walk outside, find a building site, up the ladder to the first floor and knock up some muck!

Btw, you have no sense of humour either. Meeeeep. ?

Nominated by: Coolforcunts

25 thoughts on “Generation Snowflake [9]

  1. Machine gun the little bastards, that will make them more Manly – ask anyone! 😀
    Right, time for a bike ride.

  2. Absolutely, where to begin? Oh, you have, especially the “mental health” drivel thrown around with gay (sic) abandon.
    It’s only mental fragility due to a lack of fortitude and an abundance of soy. We have, once again courtesy of the Liberal Left, a generation of benders so weak of will that they’re succumbing to the bombardment of PC and this ‘peace and love’ mantra, the Chinks or Ivans could pop round armed with a catapult and a Kazoo and take over the entire country while the namby pambys stood there pigeon toed, sucking their thumbs looking around wide eyed waiting for some wimminz to rush to their aid.
    They truly are useless little fembois and narcissists.
    Drop the bomb, exterminate them all.
    Exciting times.

    Where’s the rest of you lazy fuckers?

    • Morning Cuntlestiltskin – I was going for a bike ride but it’s iced over, and some young toughs were looking at me a bit funny – giving it all this and that, cwwying, being dead offended, mincing off to their safe spaces, telling on me to their Mums – I’m not messing with “the vegan nancies” as their gang is known locally! 😀
      Put them in the army I say – use for target practice! 😀👍
      Well, if I can’t play out I had best do some work.

      • Vegans you say? Boil them in salted water, the little pansies.
        On yer bike.
        Morning Vern.
        Morning all.

  3. They are a section of our society that is completely surplus to requirements.

    Stalin the soppy cunts.

  4. Maybe the Chinese Communist Party should set up camps around the country and have Frank Spencer repeated on the tannoy system belting out; “Ooh Betty, I’m a man!”.

  5. Question to which I have never received a satisfactory answer:
    If the difference between the genders is so slight that ones such as Eddie Izzard can span it on the whim of a morning’s mood, why are we expected to treat any other transition of the divide as absolute, permanent, brave, uncriticable, etc?

    • Chinese learning about manliness?
      They dont even have pubes!
      Their development stops at 12,short, hairless, soft, yellow,
      And speccy.
      Their real-life Milhouse VanHoutens.

  6. What’s up with the Chinkies? They want their brain dead to worship this Xi Jinping cunt like he’s some sort of god yet they want them to be “manly” at the same time. You can’t have it both ways. I might nip over to Chinkieland and sort some of those birds out with my cock. It’s the least a man can do. Let’s have it!

  7. If the West had any balls we would be storming Peking and setting the cunt ablaze along with every yellow cunt in it.

    • Agreed,but it’s a bit late.
      They might have Manliness classes now but it’s worth noting that the Chinese are completely indifferent to human suffering.
      Hard to fuck about with,those evil yellow cunts.

  8. Although generation snowflake are cunts let’s be honest what the fuck have they got to looking forward to?
    Growing up there was no social meejah so cunts didn’t waste time trying to make their lives look fun , men didn’t spend more time in front of the mirror than their girlfriend, veneers had nothing to do with teeth they were on that fucking dodgy shite reproduction furniture you bought.

    Your cars low fuel economy was a sign of virility, yes I’m talking to all you 3.0 litre Capri owning cunts!!

    Friday night was shower shave and 1/2 bottle of kouros then a skin full of booze followed by a trip to the local meat market ( nightclub) to try and blag something to pump up , the solid 8 you went home with magically turned into a 4 by sunrise but there was no judgement as SM didn’t exist.

    Things were far simpler, unfortunately it’s all changed, cars are like milk floats , cunts are obsessed with their looks , instead of just going out and enjoying themselves they spend most of the evening posting crap and trying to make themselves look infinitely more interesting than they are. Many will live at home into their mid 30s, and by the time they hit 50 will be eating bags of walkers crickets !!

    I could go on but you get my drift , yes they are indeed cunts but can we really blame them?
    (Edited slightly for clarity – DA)

  9. The Chinese, em they spit a lot don’t they well the males anyway, plus they can’t pronounce the letter V . So next time you order a Chinese meal , ask what Wegtables are in the Flied Lice . They will understand you perfectly

  10. If we’re ever invaded by the Charlie Chongs or Ivans it’ll be up to us middle aged and old cunts to defend these isles. We’ll battle through our vicious emmas, gout and beer bellies while the trannies, lezzas and man bun hipsters hide under mummie’s apron.

    To be fair, there’ll probably be fuck all worth saving by then anyway, so fuck it. Enjoy life while you can I suppose 🙂

  11. But wait , if all the men are more feminine there will be no more wars and we can all live happily ever after.
    Feel free to disagree you beastly macho men.
    Seriously cunters it just shows that the chinks have the same lame problem as us. Airy fairy blokes putting on rouge and lipy. Bet our peaceful friends in the sandpit ain’t becoming more feminine. In fact some of the women have better tashes than I could grow .

  12. Kids born nowadays stand no chance.
    An education system that teaches appeasement and weakness taught in the main by lefty pinko liberal fucktards with no real life experiences who have views that make normal centrist people look far right Nazi’s.

    Just imagine when the Chinks flare up. The UK call to arms will be met by weak soi bois who would need a safe space if someone shouted at them let alone started shooting.

    Generation Snowflake will be the generation that lets the UK fall and fail albeit with complicity and cowardice to any/all adversaries domestic & foreign.

  13. Carrying two bags of cement up to the ‘first floor’ and THEN knocking up muck?

    That’s the only two bags you’d be knocking up that morning.

    Be a man, but don’t be silly.

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