CBS, the TV company deserve a nomination.

At the time of writing this (02/02/21) I am seething. Having already brought us the literal shit shows, Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, they’re now looking closer to Earth, with yet another reboot.

So what have these talentless hacks set their sights on fucking up now? The Equaliser. The show from the 80’s, starring Edward Woodward as former CIA spook, Robert McCall.

I loved that show as a kid, as I did a lot of shows from back then. And I have a lot of fond memories. Denzel Washington did a great job in the lead when the movies came out a while back, because Denzel is an awesome actor.

But it’s become an unfortunate fact that, with wokery being such a prominent feature of current era, any attempt at rebooting a classic show will end up with it being complete and utter shite. And so it will be with The Equaliser.

Check out the trailer on YouTube, you’ll see what I mean. Modern show makers cannot do anything without making their own far left politics a prominent feature of their show. Someone with talent could put a political message in without ruining the show itself. But therein lies the problem. Most of the talented writers have been forced out.

Robert McCall is now Robin McCall. Who is female. You read that right. Moreover, Robin McCall is played by Queen Latifah. I have nothing against Queen Latifah in fact, my wife and I actually met her a few years ago on a trip to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, she’s a great lady. Unfortunately, she’s been given the role by immature assholes who, rather than creating an original character within the Equaliser universe, have decided to gender swap the lead instead.

This is what we’ll be seeing a lot more. Men cannot have their own shows anymore. They have to be taken from us because ‘toxic masculinity’. Except there is no such thing as toxic masculinity, there is just masculinity. The woke only see it as toxic because they don’t understand men, and we intimidate them.

What next? The Professionals remade with transgender Georgina Cowley and Bodie and Doyle also both female. Or maybe we’ll get the The Sweeney, with Regan and Carter as two misandrists, constantly talking about periods, while knocking back buckets of Prosecco.

I predict the Equaliser remake will flop. And when it does, men will be blamed because we didn’t watch it. And we won’t have watched it because it will be anti-male shite. THAT is the fault of the producers.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Like that female Ghostbusters mess, who thought that was a good idea…it’s fucking garbage.

  2. These woke types are Lazy.
    As well as lacking talent in their chosen field.
    So rather than create something new, change something old.
    The Sweeney would never be made nowadays, nor would Steptoe or any of the shows we liked back in the day unless they shoehorned in a black, a lezzy, a bandit, a bloke who wears frocks, or some nonbinary alien.
    I won’t be watching the Equaliser,
    But to be fair didn’t watch it the first time round.
    *Edwoodwoodwood is bit part actor Larrys daddy isnt he?

  3. The original equaliser was Edward Woodward – a white Man. Not woke enough, so they Get Denzel Washington. Still not woke enough so now it’s Queen Laifah, when this isn’t good enough the next version will feature Yemeni transvestite twat Eddie Izzard, who will have to be pregnant and have his cock chopped off and worn by his LGBT poodle sidekick “Foo Foo the vegan dog”.
    And it will go the same way as Black Panther, Wonder Woman etc – straight down the pan.
    Hollywood is losing a fortune producing unwatchable drivel, the financial backers are watching the meltdown and are very nervous.
    Well, stop making shite and people might watch it then!
    Stanley Kubrick must be turning in his Panaflex grave.
    Stella Street The Movie – a proper film! 😀👍

  4. Agree with you about the talented script writers been ran out. That happened years ago. In fact there has been no word from any of the great minds of literature,arts,raqantures etc, it’s all just cunt from affected fuckwits that gets airtime or published. The iconoclasts are of the past because the present cunts don’t pass , not even remotely so.

  5. I bloody love the mess Hollywood and associated bummers are making.
    Literally the reverse Midas touch.
    The further they push their agenda the more the public will tell them to Fuck Off.
    Imagine a Charles Bronson film made today?Impossible as he would have set fire to the script and knocked the director down a set of stairs.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. I can curl out a log with better content than this twaddle, and that’s swearing.
    Well written Nom there, QDM, Hollyweird lacks your eloquence, probably because American entertainment media outlets are infested with shit heads. Carry on please, defund yourselves with this wokery piffle.
    It’s interesting to observe this decline in the West, we’re fucked.

  7. I hope they get Jo Brand to play the lead and Eddie Izzard one of his naive,innocent victims in “The Life and Times of Harvey Weinstein “….I quite fancy the idea of watching Jo pull down her voluminous “smalls” and frigging herself to a gusher over poor Eddie as he cowers in terror before mopping himself (herself? themselves?) off and asking “So I’ve got the job,right?”

  8. When the 007 Bond franchise gives in to black or female it’s all over. Edward Woodward was getting on a bit when he did the original, and looking back it was like a grandad with a vendetta. All the reboots today are unoriginal lefty pleasers with token participants. The writers just have no imagination.

  9. No need to create original content anymore, just remake old shit and put an ethnic woman in the lead role. There will be an audience because the woke will fawn all over it.

    From lesbian police chief inspectors to female Doctor Who’s identity is paramount.

    • Sixdog, I’m not sure even the woke will actually watch it but I’d put good money on some champagne socialist writing a gushing eulogy about it’s “social message” and blaming the “far right” for its lack of box orifice success.
      They really are such frightful cunts.

      • I would agree with this fully.
        The Woke won’t watch it because they inwardly know its shit. All they’re bothered about is that it was made in the first place as a form of political point scoring.

        And when the film gets panned by the critics and bombs at the box office, the Woke will simply blame the usual suspects because that’s their default argument to any form of criticism.

        And Hollywoke itself, including both film studio and TV corporations, are fully infiltrated with young Gen Z and Millennials blinded by the Left to “do the right thing” despite the costs and ridicule.

        There is no hope for Hollywood; but its only the independent studios that make watching a film these days worth while!

      • That’s a big part of the problem. The woke fuckers DON’T watch any of it. They just jump on the bandwagon and dogpile real fans when they complain about how bad a certain show/movie franchise has become. They come in, they destroy and then they move on to the next target. I’m glad I grew up when I did, with real Doctor Who, real Star Wars and real Star Trek. And the real Ghostbusters movie.

  10. I’m hoping Quantum Leap won’t fall victim to this. There were quite a few episodes where Sam Beckett was a woman, so it was ahead of it’s time.

    I’ve loved that series since I was about 11 and have the box set. So if it does get re-woked, I’ll try and pretend it doesnt exist and stick with the original.

    • He’ll be leaping out of the closet in a pink tutu, you mark my words Harold.. Harold..!
      Aaaarold !!!!

  11. Very typical of the woke “entertainment industry” for several years now. If they can fuck something up by changing the ethnicity colour gender or any thing else then they will set of pandering cunts. Hope the ratings fall.

  12. “Coming soon to a cinema and subsequent bakruptcy hearing near you – The Terminator, with Dame Cressida Dick”..

    • ‘Lord of The Rings’ starring Peter Mandelson or ‘The Washing Machine Salesman Only Rings Twice’ with Keith ‘Jim’ Vaz.

  13. The last decent TV series was Breaking Bad. Before that, Dexter.

    Both had ‘diversity’ and the odd pc message without it ruining the show, as the writers were good ones and knew how to put a little message here and there with subtlety – and even make these messages a relevant and non invasive part of the show. In Breaking Bad you had the erm…spacca angle now and again. Dexter showed the Cuban community up in a good light as well as showing its flaws. Like real life then?

    Be warned though…Dexter is coming back.

    I bet they fucking ruin it with woke bollocks this time around. I’m guessing Dexter will continue to kill ‘bad people’ but instead of non cces and rapists he’ll go after Trump and Brexit supporters. Or just da evil honky man in general.

    And it’ll be a dark key woman cop who catches him in the end, despite all the ‘toxic masculinity’ and ‘thekthithm’ in the cop shop.

    They’re going to ruin it, aren’t they?

    • I forgot about Better Call Saul too. Great series. Great writers not interested in slamming you with woke shite.

      • I’ve heard the latest series of Fargo is shite though. Dark key gangs version or summat. Sounds fuck all like a Fargo series to me. But yes, the other series are excellent. I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few here and there.

        Hannibal was ok, but I needed subs for the main actor with his strong Danish (I think he’s Danish – one of them noggin the n0g places anyway) accent. I stopped watching it around series 4-6 can’t remember. Haven’t gone back to it because I can’t remember where I was lol. But it was decent, yes.

  14. I avoid remakes because they are usually shit, even before replacing a white man with a black woman. The Taking of Pelham 123, Assault on Precinct 13, Total Recall etc, they take away everything that made it worth watching and turn it into a load of bollocks. I even discovered the other day that there’s a 2014 remake of RoboCop which is a certificate 12! As for cinema, I never went a lot but one thing that was usually conspicuous by its absence was blacks and Indians. I get Sky Cinema for £3.50 per month but there’s rarely anything on it I want to watch. Just to add that how the fuck can anything with a PG or 12 rating be called a horror film?

    • The original RoboCop is a fucking classic.

      That’s one film they should definitely have left well alone. Clarence Bodicker was one of my all time favourite baddies. Chucking his own people out of a moving van to help his own escape lol.

      He was such a cunt it was funny.

  15. Can’t wait for the remake of A Clockwork Orange .
    Feel free to give a character breakdown.
    A remake of The Great Escape. Now that would be a turd fest.

  16. The BBC waxed lyrical yesterday in a eulogy for Brooklyn 99. After eight series this mildly amusing cop show is to end. Apparently, it tackled the important social issues of the day. Unable to afford a proper tv critic of the stature of of the late Clive James, they sought the opinion of of an ‘exotic’ non binary, bisexual seventeen year old called Beckett Seaton Bailey. To emphasise the gravitas of this chap the BBC decided to include a photograph of young Beckett.

    • I think it’s just a canny way to get more people to watch what looks to be some boring as shit programme. I’m offended, but I will not watch it to be more offended. If people ignored this wokery shit it would soon die a death.
      Russians turn out loads of war films, about how they won the Second World War, tank films that make Fury look like a documentary. I saw a bit of one the other day, where some shitty broken down ruskie tank took on about ten panzers and beat the lot. The only nod to reality was the cast, as they didn’t bow to diversity.

    • Challenging conventions? What the fuck are they talking about.
      Clearly nobody will get pissed of when I cast Hugh Grant as Malcolm X in my upcoming production

  17. Going back to the 80’s.
    What is a man with 3 wooden heads called.
    Edwood woodwood.
    Good morning cunters.

  18. I quite simply won’t watch the cunting pile of shit.
    Go woke, go broke.
    Millions like me won’t give this bollocks time of day therefore it will fail.
    Big TV along side MSM is history.

    Just look at the BBC. They will fail soon due mainly to persual of a woke lefty agenda.

  19. Why do these shows always bomb. Why aren’t the woke cunts watching them?

    It brings a smile to my face with each ratings disaster they create

  20. I mentioned war films earlier, and it reminded me of the fuss about the Indian guy in the film 1917. Lawrence Fox had major grief from some historians for calling into question why he was there if not for diversity sake. He was told, quite rightly, about commonwealth troops fighting in France, including India. Where the argument falls down is that they would not have been integrated into other regiments, so you would either have seen a lot of Indians, or none at all, so he was there for token diversity’s sake. What pissed me off more, which wasn’t picked up on, was the amount of black guys liberally sprinkled among the regular troops in the background. There may have been one or two during the whole of the war, but there were quite a few on screen, and it ruined it, from an historical accuracy point, and fuck all to do with a race issue.
    The same thing BBC did with their Second World War drama ‘World on fire’ last year, where there were so many bame guys knocking about, it ended up looking like the Val Kilmer film ‘Top Secret’, which was frankly, more entertaining.
    However, they never put the bame dudes in German uniform. It seems diversity has some limits…

  21. Getting a black lezza to do an Equalizer remake. Surprise surprise.
    How very woke. How very sickening.

  22. I enjoy women playing leads in films, especially Porn, a huge set of udders and a big arse, quality.!

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