Victoria Prentis

Victoria Prentis MP and Fisheries Minister, who failed to read the Fisheries ( or any other ) agreement , before voting it through in Parliament. As Fisheries Minister, I would have thought that even a cursory scan was a simple requirement.
So. Hauled before the committee to account ( following SNP outrage at her incompetence ) the said Minister said that she ..”..didn’t have time to read the agreements ” as I was too busy arranging the Nativity Trail event at that time..” ( and so on ) “It was a matter of priorities ” ( EH!!!! )
She ( Prentis) went on to say, that “we were not given what we asked for of the EU” ( THEY are OUR Fucking waters you dim bitch ! )” but we did jolly well.” ( Did we ? )

The sad sack of shit ( married to a lawyer of course ) has been elected to the North Oxford Constituency by the flock of sheep who put her there. As an ardent remainer, she voted for the approval of Johnson’s “all singing, all dancing , oven ready, most brilliant deal of the century” because the head shepherd said so, “and I followed the party recommendations of the Prime Minister”

Well, this is an example of the fucking cretins that Govern us. A cunting please for this sad sack of Tory Dollop forced from the buttocks of a travellers Donkey!

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Nominated by: Fr. Upp

38 thoughts on “Victoria Prentis

  1. In fairness the Government pushed the bill through so fast no one had adequate time to read it but someone with ministerial responsibility should have bloody read the parts of the deal covering her own area of responsibility.

    I very much doubt anyone in government understood them or understands now the document or it’s full implications.

    • Sorry mate but she as minions to fucking read it then point out the salient facts. She is a fucking useless cunt

  2. She need to cut down on the punch and cookies by the look of those chins.

    She looks like the woman from Total Recall that Arnie disguises himself in.

  3. It really does bugger belief. ‘Give me the minister’s salary but don’t expect me to do anything for it.’
    More evidence,were it needed , that this nation is fucked.

  4. Why would someone in Oxford (about as far away from the sea) end up being Fisheries Minister?
    How is the b1tch qualified for the job?
    Ah it’s obvious; her revolting pendulous purple fanny flaps must absolutely reek of rotting fish!

    • The EU Commissioner for Oceans and Fisheries from 1999-2004 was Franz Fischler from Austria! That’s Austria – the land-locked country – not Australia.

  5. Prentis is undoubtedly a fat ugly cunt, but the real villain of the piece is Boris Johnson.

    He was fully aware of this shit when he announced on Xmas Eve that the trade deal would: “take back control of our money, borders, laws, trade and fishing waters.” Goebbels eat your heart out.

    “The destiny of this great country now lies firmly in our hands.” (Boris Johnson, Christmas Eve, 2020)

    The Big Lie rules.

    • Indeed RTC, Jellyfish Johnson sprinkled glitter on May’s turd and gave us the BRINO the Remainers always wanted to keep the UK bent over and ready for the Europhallus. He likes to say it’s “Brexit” because he used glitter and not polish!

      I don’t think he’s any intention of even bothering with the glitter as far as May’s Climate Change Bill is concerned though.
      No cheap cars any more, land tax, no gas or oil in new builds, electric grid turned down/off at times of peak demand, woodburners made illegal, carbon taxes, methane taxes (on meat), etc, etc.

      I’d start building a mud hut now if I were you…

    • Minge that has a fishy odour ✔
      Teeth that could worry a hyena ✔
      Face like she’s shitting out a bowling ball ✔

      • Tarzan and Bray have what it takes; Adonis would simper his apologies for ‘not managing to get it up’!

      • Bray wouldn’t be up for it. She’d be naked in front of the cunt saying,”Take me now” and he’d be gibbering about the red bus.

  6. About as much use as a shit flavoured lolly pop.
    Fucking half arsed cretinous fuck couldn’t be arsed to read the very document that affects policy in her department.
    She needs to resign. Not fit for office (of any kind!)

  7. It is shades of Ken Clarke not reading the Masstricht or Lisbon Treaties before telling everyone to vote for them and they were absolutely tickety boo.
    She looks a lot like Reg Prentice the labour politician of the ’60s

  8. I think we need to follow Trump’s lead and drain our swamp. I’d start by boiling this monstrosity in a vat of piss and then chuck her in the sea so she can take a closer look at the aspects of her job.
    Right, who’s next…..?

  9. A lot of highly paid politicians sign important documents without reading them it seems?
    Its tiresome and what your paid and entrusted to do,
    But sheila in the office has a recipe for tofu burgers that are divine,
    So gave that all my attention instead.
    Never trust anyone with a shiny face.
    Vicky the feckless bitch looks like shes coated in Vaseline?
    A good thing for a politician,
    Slippery the better.

    • Apparently this Prentis toad qualified as a Barrister (or is that a Barista?) and therfeore should be well practised in having to trawl through legal casenotes within tight deadlines.

      Seems as soon as these wankers leave the professional private sector, where you have to earn your money by actually doing your job, and fall into the soft, padded eiderdown of Government then all key matters such as agreements that determine the national interests, are really not that important. Well not as important as ensuring baby Jesus is snuggled in the manger and the three wise men have gifts to bear.

      Did this fucking pug-ugly old cow play the rear end of the ass or one of the bearded shepherds?

      A fine cunting and an abject reminder of the many things wrong with our governing elite.

  10. There was no point in reading it, it was a done deal but the silly cow shouldn’t have admitted not reading it because she was organising a nativity event.

    Dumb cunt 😂

    • Even if it was a done deal, the silly bitch should have understood precisely what we were signing up to and then made representations to the Muttering Fat Cunt if all was not tickettyboo.

      After all, the cunt is paid in a professional capacity for her work and challenge senior Cabinet members, not to just sit there and think to herself “well it is a done deal and it was what Boris wanted”. Any daft cunt could do that for a fraction of her remuneration.

  11. To expect a minister for anything to have a fucking clue as to what they are ministers off is asking a lot of these dedicated feather their own nest types. I would suspect that this servant of the state’s only knowledge of fishing is that the said operation involves fish in some manner.

  12. It is a great pity she as Fisheries Minister does not spend any time at fish markets, The one place where she would fit in with her sure to be fragrant crotch aroma and where she could get some real insight to what the job involves.
    I would not touch this cunt with a 12 foot salmon gaff.

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