No Jab, No Job

Pimlico Plumbers to introduce ‘no jab, no job’ work contracts.

Unflushable turds. They just won’t quit will they? The owner of Pimlico, the scruffy haired plumber in a suit who always seems to be in his Spanish villa, is a right old persistent chud. Piping up once again to show the world what a royal fudge dragon he is, announcing a ‘no jab, no job’ contract at his company.

Well, it didn’t take long did it? This is the world we’re heading for folks (if we allow it that is). Digital health passports and coercion of vaccines, if you want to not be outcast from society. All so the pharma industry can make a tidy sum. And also potentially put who the fuck-knows-what into us – sterilization? mind control?

That last one by the way, mind control, don’t be sure that it can’t happen. The company Hitachi already has ‘smart dust’, 0.15mm sized chip sensors and circuits. If that’s public domain who knows what the military have.

Regardless, forcing everyone to get jabbed or they can’t have a job is a fucking disgrace, and this wretched stink nugget Pimlico cunt needs wafflestomping through a very fine mesh screen!

Nominated by: The Big Chunky Cunty

And seconded by Sixdog Vomit:

Was ignorant of this cunt until recently but up he pops on the BBC propaganda site today.

‘A large London plumbing firm plans to rewrite all of its workers’ contracts to require them to be vaccinated against coronavirus.

Pimlico Plumbers chairman Charlie Mullins said it was “a no-brainer” that workers should get the jab.

If they do not want to comply with the policy, it will be decided on a case-by-case basis whether they are kept on, he said.

Employment lawyers said the plan carried risks for the business.’

Fuck you Charlie, you really are a piece of shit. You look like an attempt to reanimate Peter Stringfellow using Rod Stewarts DNA. Poor boy made good? Poor boy makes a good dictator.

The BBC adds it’s own misinformation in.

‘Broadly, people can refuse vaccination for legitimate reasons such as being pregnant or breastfeeding, for religious reasons, because of disability or allergy, or for ethical vegan reasons if the jab contains animal products.’

No you cunts people can refuse vaccinations due to international human rights law stemming from the Nuremberg trials and the revelations of Nazi experiments on concentration camp victims.

Anyone condoning enforced vaccination or coercion through travel, work or any other restriction of freedom is a fucking Nazi.

76 thoughts on “No Jab, No Job

  1. You can see where the term ‘monkey wrench’ came from.
    This cunt must have the most punchable boat race since Michael Gove arrived on the scene.

    • Fucking pound shop rod Stewart wannabe…. his face is definitely one of the most punchable in the country.

    • Afternoon Bertie,
      Ive just been to your old stomping ground, Liverpool.
      Whiston to be precise.
      Michael palin has nowt on me.
      Chatting to one of the locals made me feel like I was in a carla Lane production.😀

      • Hi Mis.
        You should have dropped in for a cuppa!
        I believe Capt. Mag originally comes from that area.
        I can’t speak for him but many intelligent people came from that area! The problem is most of them have grabbed the chance to get out!😅

  2. Just say ok I’ll have the jab, but 2 caveats must be added to the contract….
    1. The company is guaranteeing that the drug your injecting me with is safe,
    And 2. The company accepts full responsibility for any side effects or complications that arise as a result of a forced vaccination.

    If they won’t agree to either of those I can’t see how thay could legally force you to do it…. not that I know shit about this stuff though.

  3. Vote with your wallet don’t employ him or his workers 👍👍
    I never liked that fake Scotsman Rod Stewart anyway 👎👎

  4. Now that the Orange Satan has left the Oval office the American Medical journal feels safe in calling for more studies of Hydroxychloroquine:

    Along with the other existing drug outlined by the Doctor in the YouTube video I posted in the vaccine thread are surely worth a punt over a new synthesis that has had no long term testing?
    As someone who’s had an anaphylactic pumpkin head before, I’m in no hurry to jab monkey junk into my system.
    If the amount of hard liquor I currently consume doesn’t beat the crap out of the chinky chong lurgy nothing will.

  5. Ok, he is a plonker with his Rod the Mod hairdo and customised Bentley.

    But let’s be sensible here, we are never going to rid ourselves of this plague until we all get vaccinated.

    And was there not a nom the other day for BAMEs who were refusing the jab because they’re not sure what’s in it? And another for the EU threatening to block supplies?

    Let’s show some consistency.

    • Show some consistency, M’lud? Unlikely. That would mean we’d have to admit to ourselves that the people we hate are not always wrong.

      • The basis for any debate is not who’s making the argument but the argument itself. It is all too easy to dismiss someone because they usually hold different views to you. It’s actually a tool of division to have us put ourselves in silos and designate anyone outside our silo as the enemy.

        Extremists whether religious or political function to widen divisions, we see this with BLM, Islam, Left wing and right wing extremism.

        I can’t remember who said the true art in debating is not the ability to speak but the ability to listen?

        Anyone stating that only their religion or politics has the answer is immediately to be dismissed though.

    • A condition with a 99% survival rate is not a plague. It will go away when the government and pleb believers fuck off.

      • Well, it’s a plague on the sense that it has wrecked the economy and ruined many lives.

        Not only 1% of the population is affected.

      • A vaccine will not repair the economy, maybe if we didn’t have so many fat, lazy, cunts in this country, we wouldn’t have had as many fatalities. Also, a vaccine will never eradicate this virus, only subdue the symptoms for 12 months. Just like the flu jab, which is completely optional by the way.

      • Yeah by that logic injecting the entire population against their will is the way forward then.

    • For once, I strongly agree with Chunky!
      He’s not necessarily arguing against the use of the vaccine, rather than the road that some are going down that it should be compulsory.
      Nobody, for any reason, should be coerced into doing so.

      • I’ll argue against the vaccine too, Bertie 😁 Purely on health grounds, known history of vaccine companies and their ‘science’, damage caused etc.. no need for conspiracy theory at all.

        But the vaccine passport is sinister. “3 weeks to flatten the curve”.. those goalposts have moved so far they’re in the fucking sea, and don’t think for one second the same won’t happen with a health passport!

        China is the testbed for the “smart” grid surveillance system the elite want here. A health passport will quickly morph into a digitalID, then connected to banking, and then we’re truely fucked.

        Give Blair and these globalist cunts an inch and they’ll ram a mile up your arsehole.

    • The vaccine that’s not a vaccine, the vaccine they will need to be modified constantly? You have it if you want but don’t judge me for declining it.

      The ‘vaccine’ does not give immunity does not stop you catching or passing on the virus. The medication may or may not stop you developing severe symptoms.

      We are talking about a virus with a sub 1% fatality rate and the majority of those dying with it are older than the average age of death in this country. It would be just as effective to give it to the high risk groups, why the push to trial it on the entire population?

      I don’t understand how we live in a world where we have seen 3 million abortions since January 1st justified by mainly by the woman’s right to choose what happens with their body yet some of the same people making that argument would argue against my right to decline a vaccine. If that’s not total hypocrisy I don’t know what is.

    • Until we “all” get vaccinated.

      Fuck me what next, a data base of Donald Trump supporters.


    • @RTC

      What does ‘it’ entail?

      If we are speaking of some form of violent assault I must warn you I will hide behind my mate Russell Brand whilst my other mate, man of the people makes a video about your far right threats of violence and oppression of the masses.

      • @ Sixdog

        “it” is a knuckle sandwich. It’s the only language you extremist, right-of-centre tickie thieves understand! 😠

      • @RTC

        That was like being threatened by an elderly lady shop person.

        Are you alright dear? “I can’t steal what you never had”

        Leanna Trotski Fromage

      • @ Sixdog

        How do you know I’m not an elderly lady shop person?

        Я пожилая женщина из магазина. 😁

  6. Mullins always makes me think of those faded old queens and has-beens who end up towards the end of their pathetic careers grinning inanely on Th One Show. I can picture him and Dominic Littlewood taking part in the One Show Gurning Contest

    • Isn’t he attempting to be London Mayor? Not sure which is worse – his shit-eating grin or Khan shitting in a urinal.

  7. I have had to have various jabs to go abroad and work. No problem. This man is an utter cunt but there is logic in making this a rule of employment for public facing jobs. Criminal negligence could be argued if one of his, undoubtedly Polish, low paid (hence his love of the EU), plumbers passed the infection on.

    • Good point Cuntstable,
      But if daft Charlie is forcing employees through change of contract hes leaving himself open to being sued.
      Better just to tell all employees that unless inoculated the company wont send them into peoples properties.
      Then the onus is in the employee.

      • That’s still coercion MNC. If they can do it for a vaccine what next? Charlie Is concerned about population so his employees must be sterilised? It’s not Ebola is it?

      • It loosely is Six, but theres no easy answer.
        And way things are going,
        A customer demand for any tradesmen entering a home looks likely.
        No easy answers.

  8. He’s just a semi toilet trained pike key with a Rod Stewart mullet who’s on a BBC encouraged audition for the next I’m a celebrity. Why do they give these cunts air time. I’ve checked on wiki and elsewhere and as far as I can see he’s not an eminent virologist. If no fucker worked for him at all he’d be back in his caravan shagging his family. Cunt.

  9. But then you have to prove it was that person who passed it on to them. Good luck in that investigation 😂

  10. Whatever next!

    Perhaps from now on any regular ISAC poster must have a jab, must speak English (nothing north of Watford Gap), must be rich, and must have 10″ of meat, otherwise you’re barred!

    What a cunt.

    • Well I’m in. Not sure how many other of you, no jab, North of the Watford gap linguistic yokels, paupers, small winkied, serfs, oiks and assorted riffraff will be 😷

      I’ll get my top hat and cape 🎩🧐

      Fuck off!

      • Am just waiting for MNC to pipe up in order to be “offended” at my Watford Gap jibe.

        But let’s face it I can’t understand Northern folk; they’re on a totally different planet sometimes. And that Mullins looks like the kind of cunt who pinches women’s knickers off washing lines!

        Anyway, just to remind people using Android phones and tablets: if your OS is less than 9 then you’re in for some deep shit because there’s a prevalent virus doing the rounds that will fuck up your device! So just make sure you have an AV/AM on board as a form of protection.

    • @Techno, there are many good northern folk here, aren’t you in the Lake District somewhere?

      • Sicky@
        Only real difference in northern/southern men is we don’t sit down to piss.
        And dont use doilies to place our pintpots on.😀

      • I am a Shropshire Lad, at heart, but now roughing it in the Lake District, where it is mostly 99% white and woke-free!

      • Techno@
        You fuckin love it!!
        Your heart is now in the Lake District!
        Is, isnt it?
        Gods country 👍

      • It is indeed. The only downside are the xxx million Chinese/Japanese/European tourists👎

      • Techno:

        You forget to mention “The Lake District” now 99% owned by metropolitan retirees from London, Manchester and the Home Counties☹️

        If you are North of Penrith or in Allerdale, you need an interpreter 😉👍

  11. I don’t know who this cunt is as I haven’t clapped eyes on him prior to now.
    However by gauging his attire and his shitty 2-Bob attempt at looking like a Rod Stewart/Peter Stringfellow mong child then I can only surmise what a complete and utter sheep’s cunt he is and I hope his emoyees rebell and put the twat out of business for good.

    Fucking Penis breath……..

  12. Shiny faced, straw-haired, rob-dogging, dictating old cunt.

    This shitstain will charge punters a mortgage advance for changing a fucking ballcock.

    If hope the fuckmonkey with far too much product in his hair falls into a sluice somewhere and drowns in what he speaks.

    Did you see his TV ads over Christmas? What a giant fucking chode.

    Fuck off.

  13. Where is the vaccine coming from?? How long will it be before they deal with 25 year olds, if they ever do. Still the guy is just a total cunt anyway, likes publicity. Probably end up on morning telly.

  14. Just the start.
    No vaccination, no nowt I dare say.
    The annual flu vaccination has never been compulsory yet thousands catch flu and die every year.
    Now this fucking plumber starts carrying on.
    I hope one the fellas he’s clearly itching to fire caves his head in.
    Fuck Off.

    • Terry@
      How nice would it be to have Charlie Mullins shouting the odds as your gaffer in front of the workforce,
      Only to turn on your heal,
      Walk up to him and splinter his ribs?!!
      Leave him in a puddle of piss an blood sobbing.
      Youd drink for free for months,
      A plumber can go self employed easily.
      Hope it comes true!!!

  15. Isnt it odd that “international law” can be used or ignored. How come the Guardian isnt banging on about “international law”. It is illegal under international law to force or even coerce any one to take any medicine. Its been that way since the late 1940s for obvious reasons.

    • I don’t even think there is such thing as “international law”, despite politicians banging on about it. The lack of such law was a major problem with the Nuremburg trials. There are lots of conventions and the like, but not sure if international law exists.

  16. That picture… What sort of complete cunt has hair like that? Total bellend. I bet he’s got some gold digging ex-page 3 bird or lobotomised essex girl orange tanned slag as his missus. And I bet his ‘call out’ fees alone are more than most ordinary folk earn in a week. A pure unadulterated cunt.

    And an enforced vaccination? Sounds like one of Mengele’s party tricks.

  17. Looks like I won’t be working again if this becomes the norm.
    Fuck em.
    My body and I will decide what happens to it. Who the fuck do cunts like this think they are thinking they can use the fear in their heads to make demands of others?
    If you’re afraid too fucking bad . Go and see a shrink or put your nappies on and suck your thumb.
    Entitled borderline nazi cunt.

  18. Who needs a job when you can just sit at home engaging in a spot of online cambistry to relieve the tedium of perpetual house arrest. Playing move the pretend money around with the big boys.


  19. Mandatory (in all but name) vaccines.
    Here’s me thinking it was just another conspiracy theory.

  20. Why is it that cunts like Mullins look like the slimiest fuckers ever, make ridiculous cunt like decisions, flaunt how rich they are constantly and yet, people still trust the wankers and keep them rich? We should have boycotted the greasy, scumbags long ago.

    • The fact the public trust slimy weasels like Mullins just proves how thick the general population is.

  21. Mullins is a smug cunt who should see the back end of a broken bottle.

    He’s a bit like that cunt boss of Ryanair – thinks he can play God with people’s lives, while giving the public perception of being a bit of a geezer!

    Fuck him, and the monkey wrench he rode on!

  22. I rang up Pimlico Plumbers for a quote once – they’re way too expensive. So for that reason alone they can go in Room 101. Secondly, the faux Rod Stewart has ghastly hair, a melting face and is common as muck. Thirdly, no jab, no job is a bit extreme, so yes, off to Room 101 with him.

  23. Its illegal, and cannot be enforced. The tuppenny tosspot is a cunt and needs a fucking good haircut preferably with a thermal lance

  24. Pimlico plumbers is like Harrods or Fortnam & Mason-it’s a snob factor brand.
    People want the sign written van outside their house to impress their neighbours.

    Who is the biggest cunt? Charlie “Do ya fink I’m seeexy” Mullins it the cunts who employ his services?

    • Id say, all a bunch of cunts.
      He self taught plumbing after spending so much time in public toilets.

      • I would rather have a van outside my house with:

        “Miserables Movers”
        No P*ki’s No w*gs no lefties

    • If I had enough money, I’d open up a series of cut price plumbers in London and call them Poznań Plumbers. All plumbers must be Polish nationals.

  25. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, how does this ugly cunt tell his barber how he wants his hair styled?
    “ I want to look like a cross between Limahl and the sad excuse for a comedian from the North Billie Pearce.“

  26. Quite right too are the Pimlico Plumbers. If I was still working that is the first question I’d have asked at an interview.

  27. Medical experiments on unwilling subjects are banned under the ECHR and the Geneva convention.

    I’d like to see his entire workforce take him to the fucking cleaners.

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