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A nomination for Enfield council’s Labour Group.

This comes courtesy of the Guido Fawkes website.

On Monday (11th January), Labour councillor Ann Brown was suspended by Labour Group Chief Whip Claire Stewart. Her heinous crime? She abstained, as a matter of conscience, in a vote to award a pay rise of up to £7,608 to her fellow Labour councillors. The Labour Group then voted to support Stewart’s decision.

Some of those who voted to support their Chief Whip are beneficiaries of the pay rise and apparently, they didn’t declare their financial interest, which could have made them ineligible to vote because, y’know, conflict of interest.

Isn’t it comforting to know that, in a time when thousands of businesses are closed, some of which will never re-open, that the priority of Labour councillors in Enfield, is to fill their pockets. And then cynically vote to punish one of their own colleagues for having a moral compass. What a bunch of cunts.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw 


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  1. No big surprise

    Councillors, MPs, Lords and Dames of all political persuasions, are all in it for the money and fuck principles and the moral dimension

    And yet very few of these cunts end up in prison for their corrupt behaviour.

    Nothing changes: same old shit, different day

  2. The week I handed in my notice to leave my Cuntcil after 21 years, they advertised a £50k ‘exciting brand new’ ‘Climate Change Emergency Response Manager’ post. So our kids were banned from school but Drippy Thundercunt Longstocking will soon be over to tell us all how to be greener. I wanted to cancel the Council Tax but OH is too much of a scaredy wimp by ‘Authority’.

    • Just accuse them of hate speech due to sexual and gender orientation, that’ll tie them up in knots for fucking months.

  3. It’s not just Labour councillors, it’s 99% of them. I despise what the Labour part my has become but I have a mistrust of anyone seeking political power. Maybe a pay rise for council members should be decided by the people that elect them? They are paid directly from the council tax and they will take any pay rise from that same council tax which will rise to cover the costs.

    • I suspect that many of ‘the people that elect them’ would decide that council members should be dropped into pools of boiling tar, not given a pay rise.

  4. Almost as crooked as Pembrokeshire, most “high up” councillors are in the same lodge, these cunts think they’re dealing with Monopoly money, a fucking 7k plus pay rise, some take a year to earn that, but they’re good socialists down in Enfield I’m sure, probably donate it to a food bank?, “only joking dhaarling moi”, bunch of cunts to man and beast!!!!!

    • Seems like Ann is cursed with a moral streak, a attack of guilt.
      Not a good thing in politics.
      Room for one at the trough…

  5. Bury Council near Manchester. Empty the dustbins every three weeks. Even in summer months, they do this. Utter cunts.

    Oh, and West Ham have agreed a deal to sign Jesse Lingard on loan for the rest of the season. Joy of fucking joys. I just hope the little cunt never comes back.

  6. It’s a pity we don’t have a nom for “Who would you take up the arse?”

    My vote would be Gillian Anderson.

    But anyway, fuck politicians and their lame justifications for being duplicitous money grabbing cunts!

    • For the record, I’d most like to anal fuck my boss Helen. When we’re on teams next week I’m gonna see if I can keep my composure whilst dabbling in a little onism under the dinning room table, you know, keep things fresh like. Fucking cunt!

  7. The teachers Union has suggested that each teacher should receive a £2000 bonus for the stress of teaching during the crises, not sure where that wedge would be coming from.

      • Heeeheee 😀👍
        Aye, an have some of this too 🤕🥊🥊🔨🔨🔧🗡️

    • As a parent dealing with home schooling, the teachers should be donating £2k of their salary to us.
      Expect every kid to have a laptop and be experts in PowerPoint and Word. Must have spent a couple of hours a day doing their jobs for them.
      Still at least my kids now get an alternative opinion on the brainwashing agenda set to them.

  8. My local council, Epping Forest have pulled a right wheeze. The cunting councillors have set up a private limited company with them as directors (so not subject to the same financial scrutiny as the council) and now administer all the council assets. So council houses, developments, etc, are all carried out by this company (Qualis) and the councillors get paid as directors. They also spent millions buying an office block in Leatherhead (well, that will turn out well with everyone working at home) and a parade of shops in Loughton (again, that will surely bring in loads of cash). No risk to them, every risk to the council tax payers. But, apparently, it is ok as other councils are doing it (a response to me from one of the cunts).

  9. I’m not surprised by this. Enfield has been reported to the LGA Ombudsmen several times over recent years because of dodgy dealings.
    It is full of nepotism as the Turkish leader had half her family on the cabinet and so has all the power. Massive voting power on the east of the borough due to the predominantly muslim/Turkish population so this will only help them in the future.
    There has also been Labour in-fighting because of this which has resulted in four Labour councillor leaving and setting up as a separate party called Community First. I’m sure their numbers will now rise to five.
    You can probably work out why I know so much, but this one is news to me!

  10. I really cannot believe the greed not to mention insensitivity of these grasping cunts.
    Ffs some folk will never work again. Jobs lost forever,families ruined,companies gone to the wall.
    Another example of the state sector serving itself not the people.
    Cunts from hell .

  11. Councils of gobshites. I’d wager there isn’t one in the land that isn’t stuffed with useless grifters helping themselves to cash via one method, scheme or kickback.

    They all seem to get paid fucking outrageous salaries too, yet my bins get collected every 2 weeks and the roads look like a highstreet in Baghdad during the Gulf War.

    • Exactly.
      What do they do to justify these salaries?
      I mean apart from create problems and produce more bureaucratic crap.
      Wasn’t it Reagan who said “the government isn’t the solution it’s the problem “.

  12. Apologies Quick Draw, off topic.

    ‘Stansted 15’ win appeal against 2017 conviction for deportation flight protest.

    Apparently according to the Lord Chief Justice (massive cunt), it’s ok to cut through perimeter security fencing at airports and prevent planes from taking off by locking yourselves together just because you don’t agree with the governments policy of deportation.

    • And yet the judge described it as a serious offence but still no prosecution!
      How badly do you have to break the law these days in order for justice and punishment to be applied?
      This country desperately needs an enquiry into the judicial system which is desperately failing the UK.

      • They seem to fall into that category similar to BLM and stinky rebellion where senile old duffer judges confuse serious criminality with activism. I would have asked Fiddler to set his hounds on them, sick of these piss taking twats.

      • Just try walking into Tesco without a mask; you’ll be jumped on by the law in seconds, charged and probably be given a five stretch. And dog forbid if you’d said “alright love I’ll come quietly” to one of the arresting WPC’s.
        Fucking cunts!

    • I saw that. Unbelievable. As a passenger, you get treated like shit at the airport in the name of security (a great big tranny in the case of Stansted security), but you can break in and surround a plane and nowt happens to you. Mind you, just really shows that any corona related bollocks which comes before the court is likely to be equally deemed illegal.

  13. Great cunting, Quick Draw.

    It comes as no surprise that, once again, Labour simians can’t keep their hands out of the fucking till.

    Spray them with acetone and pop them in Terry’s oven for 3 hrs. The feed the charcoal through a woodchipper.

    Use the granules as a mulch to otherwise save further wasted money on landscaping cuntcil owned flower beds with bark.

    Job’s a goodun.


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