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The New Yorker is a magazine with a high opinion of itself and is so politically correct that most ISACers would banish it to their bogs. I recently wrote to the editor to ask why it capitalized the word “black” for black people but used a small letter for “white” people. This looked like racism, I suggested. I received a reply which is as convoluting and confused as most of the articles which appear in the magazine. The gist of it is that anyone who thinks “white” should also be capitalized is a white supremacist. The reply even admits the magazine´s inconsistency but tough luck whitey. That´s the way they do things at the New Yorker. Read it for yourself.

“Thank you for your note. As the magazine’s editor, David Remnick, noted in a message to the staff, the decision to capitalize “Black” came after he spoke to a range of writers, editors, and staff members about the issue. The urge to capitalize “Black” to refer to people of the African diaspora is clearly a matter of respect, and it has emerged as a preferred form. The adjective has been capitalized for years in many academic venues and mainstream publications, and earlier this year it became standard at the Boston Globe, the Associated Press, the New York Times,
and the Wall Street Journal. The terms “brown” and “white” are problematic. As an ethnic or racial description, “brown” is far more elusive as an adjective, since it doesn’t describe a shared heritage; it can take in peoples of Middle Eastern, South Asian, Indigenous, or Latin-American origin. Capitalizing “White” is even more vexing, as the people who seem to be calling most ardently for its capitalization are so often white-supremacist groups. The magazine recognizes the inconsistency in having “Black,” “brown,” and “white”; but, all things considered, for now it’s what we have decided to do. “

Nominated by: Mr Polly

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  1. The New Yorker read exclusively by White people who don’t know any black people . They like the idea of black people but not the reality.In other words they view them as a project or pets.

  2. Every time I hear these leftists pandering to blacks, all I hear is “vote for us, vote for us”.
    If blacks voted right wing these twats wouldn’t give a shit about blacks.

  3. we’re living in times where it’s very rare to find a fair minded Journalist , they have been replaced by bloody minded activists.

    • Any journalist who is independent and has an incisive mind is replaced, Andrew Neil being a case in point.

  4. This is what pisses me off. These White (see what I did there lol) middle class, yanky, lefty, pinko liberal cunts seek to dictate language and words in order to push their bullshit woke agendas on average Joe normal cunts like me and you who deep down couldn’t give two fucks about someone’s skin colour or heritage.

    All that happens is division is created where no previous division existed.
    I don’t blame the black people this piece of shit publication seems to put on a pedestal above every other race.

    I blame the exclusively White editorial team and journalist wankers of this shit rag publication for this divisive garbage. In the up and coming mass punch up their division is causing in the USA, I think the real MAGA patriots from the Black, White & Brown communities will storm the publication’s office and burn it to the ground for being such and utter cunts………..

    • I think this rag should henceforth be referred to as the new yorker as it is too pathetic for capitalisation.

  5. I’ll have to remember to ask for Niggėr brown paint and not niggėr brown paint, when I’m at the handyman’s.
    Get To Fuck.

    • My late Great Grandmother used to fondly reminisce about her old dog that went by that name Jack.

      If she was still around today, I think her head would have exploded by now. Bless her.

      • My grandfather had a cat that went by the same name. It was a common name for cats and dogs, years ago.
        When the world was normal.
        That cat was a cunt.
        Afternoon, Herman.

  6. How come the Chinks and their 1.5 billion little yellow skins never get a mention from these white, race obsessed buttmunchers?

  7. ‘The Whites have carried to these (colonial) people the worst that they could carry: the plagues of the world: materialism, fanaticism, alcoholism, and syphilis. Moreover, since what these people possessed on their own was superior to anything we could give them, they have remained themselves… The sole result of the activity of the colonizers is: they have everywhere aroused hatred.‘

    Hard to know if it’s taken from a speech by a certain German or an example of a New Yorker editorial.

  8. If the New Yorker is NOT a racist publication it would not need to mention ethnic differences or skin colours, cat amongst the pigeons there cunters?, always stumps the cultural Marxists that one!!!

    • Surely you wouldn’t expect a responsible newspaper like the New Yorker to turn a blind eye to the shocking acts of genocide in their midst of black and brown people by the majority white supremacist population, Herr Captain?

  9. Sounds like another example of what is actually fanning the flames of racism. As smugcunt wrote at the top read by whites that don’t know fuck all and certainly no one from “da hood” or have to live in such shitholes.

    Same with mainstream media, you know the usual suspects over here in the uk, banging on about some multi-millionaire B lack footie player having his feelings hurt by some unknown twatter troll. So what !!get over yourself, rise above it.

    Most importantly the main stream media outlets stop reporting such things as if they are important; don’t give the racist troll any fucking oxygen. You are turning more and more white folk, that are not racist towards racism simply because they are sick of hearing about millionaires with hurt feelings fuck me, black history week, month, year millennia. The nasty police stopping and searching try to save black lives by taking weapons of the cunts.

    The new yorker (no fucking capitals) guardian owen the cunt jones you are making things worse by constantly looking for shit that just really doesn’t exist. Stop it you Cunts.

  10. New Yorker readers are probably akin to middle class luvvie twats who pay a fortune for Glastonbury tickets and spend the weekend with their exclusively white friends and acquaintances fawning over Stormzy.

  11. Black should be capitalised, Black stabby cunts, Black drug dealers, Black bastards (normal family, Black mother, Black father unknown).

  12. The amusing thing about these trendy, woke, middle class white cunts is that they are turkeys voting for Xmas.
    Let’s see how they go on when BLM rules. Biden’s lot may be about to give them a taster. The ghetto is only a few blocks away.

  13. Black and White as surnames should be capitalised.
    The New Yorker should be given simple grammar classes which it needs to pass before being given freedom to spout its pish otherwise have it shut down for corrupting the yoot by bad grammar, these black and white kids have it hard learning anything in the yank schools and could do without publications leading them astray.

  14. One right cunt of a cover. Bet this rag is printed on shiny paper so could not be used for decent arsewipe.

  15. I used to laugh when they used to do the wanted mugshot thing on crimewatch. They would have ten pictures of criminal cunts, and say a little about each cunt. It was so difficult to make it diverse, they had to put lesser crimes up so they could add a bit of non colour. So, among the rapists, murderers and armed robbers you would see someone there for catalogue fraud or stealing a bottle of vodka from an offy.
    I think that’s why they don’t have it on anymore, that or they can’t find anyone to pronounce the names…

  16. Who reads magazines and newspapers these days?

    “Hey! Hey! Keep it down would yas. I’m tryna read the latest cawpy of the new yawker. Hey how bout cup o’ gwoffee over he-ah! Gimme some o’ them jelly doughnuts, too! Make it snappy. I ain’t got all day”.

  17. I’m just guessing that the journalists who write for the new yorker (sic) aren’t living in New York anymore, particularly since Burn Loot Murder and their ANTIFA chums started tearing the place apart and torching what was left. .

    There has been a mass exodus of middle class professionals and high net worth individuals from New York due to the above.

    Someone needs to tell these woke fuckwits that feeding the beast in the hope that it eats you last never works.

    Appeasemonkey cunts.

  18. I’ll bet the male writers at the New Yorker have cuckold fantasies involving thier wives being gangbanged by buck toothed Somalis.

    • “Organisers said the movement was honoured for promoting “peaceful civil disobedience against police brutality and racial violence” across the globe.”

      oh my days 🙂

      Liberalism really is a mental disorder

    • I’ve only ever seen one person who was actually black. I saw him in a social club one night where I was having a drink. His skin was really black, not like all the thousands of other people of colour I’ve seen in my life, who have been various shades of brown. I’m sure there must be a reason why they’re so desperate to label themselves as black.

  19. New York is shit anyway. An overrated, overhyped, crime infested, drug riddled, self important craphole full of up themself arrogant cunts. A bit like an American Paris.

    And that’s just the upmarket bit in Manhattan. The rest is a superslum that makes Moss Side look like Belgravia.

    • It certainly is now. Looked at the Times Square live webcam recently? Fucking empty. Only way they’re going to rejuvenate it now is to bring back the XXX theaters, where masks may finally find a useful home.

    • You could substitute ‘London’ for ‘New York’ and ‘Mayfair’ for ‘Manhattan’. Ah, the wonders of vibrant diversity.

  20. Look at the cunt of a mayor. In the same league as that kuhnt in London. Blaming Trump for Covid deaths. The Big Apple, sure is and maggot infested. Cunts.

  21. ‘The urge to capitalize “Black” to refer to people of the African diaspora is clearly a matter of respect, and it has emerged as a preferred form.’

    So, it’s an ‘urge’, is it?, some quasi-respect thing they’re doing no doubt in some sort of pseudo virtue signalling fit of faux atonement to try placate the incessant bleatings of ‘lookie see what dem ol’ time honkeys did to our ancestas’, is that it ?

    What about the Abos?

    They’re black, blacker than the ace of spades, blacker than a lot of Africans, true, they don’t have so many of them or their desendants in the states, but are they not also deserving of some of their virtue signalling for past honkey atrocities?..are they too, not Black?, or, guilty of discrimination on racial grounds, are they merely just black to them?.

    You can understand why ‘African American’ has fallen out of favour…too many people of Egyptian, Algerian and Libyan descent over there now who’re just as African as the shvartser for them to hang onto it, and then there’s the influx of Afro-Carribeans who also objected to the term being applied to them.

    So, in the spirit of transatlantic co-operation, can we not help them out here?

    Cunters, can we not find a more suitable term of African origin for them to use instead of ‘Black’?

    A term of mixed linguistic ancestry, to better relfect the rich mixed racial heritages that these blackishonly descendants of slaves, honest!‘ buggers of colour have over in the states ?

    A term which, in it’s own right, has also become a part of the ‘African diaspora’ in it’s own special way?

    Cunters, I propose: Kaffir

    And whilst were at being all so virtue signallingly politically correct;

    ‘..African diaspora’

    Ah, ‘Diaspora’ is it?, that’s the PC term that the rarified circle of wazzocks that infest the genteel offices of the New Yoiker are calling the slave trade these days?, how very fucking sanitary it makes that whole sordid business sound…

  22. America is split down the middle.
    These fucking rats are complicit in stopping any healing taking place.
    I hope that when the Black Panthers do come for them, as they tremble inside their safe rooms, in their trendy loft appartmenra, desperately trying to call for assistance from the non existent police force, they have time to question the validity of their actions.
    Actions always have consequences.
    With a capital “C”.

  23. Yet another Teuton (original name Warren Wilhelm) hopping on board the ‘let’s try and take the world over again’ bandwagon along with his WEF mate Klunt Schwab. Married to a ‘key and the two of them pranced around in Times Square together on New Year’s Eve for photo ops, otherwise locked down to the proles of course, whilst she sported a mask decorated with known FBI pedo symbols. Such honour, such virtue.

    • That’s meant to refer to mayor ‘Bill de Blasio’ BTW. Was a reply to Harry the Bastard a few up, but the internet fucked up for a second.

  24. If I may second what others have done and specially capitalized the New Yorker as Cunts, although the level of up their own brown arses, cuntritude is better expressed as CUNTS. Just who do they actually think they’re impressing, apart from similar minded fuckwits in the same (il)”liberal” bubble, Hollywood wankers, Sparkletits and Prince Cuck. Written by cunts, bought by cunts, read by cunts.

  25. David Remnick- Jewish, Armie Hammer – Jewish. There’s a pattern here but I can’t quite put my finger on it

  26. I knew something was really bothering me about this cunting when I first read it, but couldn’t put my finger on the issue….then I finally spotted it, an obvious case of wishful thinking, or straight visual propaganda… so quick fixed it, sort of..

    (bloody long-covid insomnia is a bitch…)

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