Emily Mitchell’s Family

A sad tale.

Pregnant influencer Emily Mitchell’s cause of death revealed after she passes away aged 36
Emily Mitchell, an influencer who passed away just before Christmas, died of a pulmonary embolism, her family has revealed.

Never heard of her but as an ‘influencer’ presumably she earned money for promoting shit. And the reason for this cunting? Well:-

‘Her family have revealed her cause of death on a GoFundMe set up to raise money for her grieving husband and children.’

There you have it. Why not turn a tragedy into a sordid fundraiser? If you live by making money from pointless ‘influencing’ fucking morons why not continue into the grave courtesy of your grasping husband.
Anyone wishing to contribute can look on GoFuckme.

(Link provided by Cuntlestiltskin – NA)

Nominated by: Cunstable Cuntbubble

38 thoughts on “Emily Mitchell’s Family

  1. Go Fuckyourself and get a job you fucking cuckold.
    Stop fannying about you namby pamby wishy washy snowflake.
    By the way she was cheating on you with a real man.

  2. Piss poor taste ☹️.
    Some people have no fucking shame.
    When growing up, we had a name for blokes who lived off the immoral earnings from a woman: PONCE

    (“Ponce” will end up in the MQ. WordFence doesn’t like it – DA)

    • He looks like a ginger Chuck Norris. I will never understand some narcissistic cunt displaying their whole life on social media, including from the article, stuff about C-sections and baby scan photos. The kids looked like bohemian types, barefoot and in need of a haircut, no doubt useful props for their mothers YouTube channel.

  3. The cunt knows she had a load of easily led sheep following her on t’internet so he thinks ……. I can make some dough out of these idiots. So a bunch of cunts give their money to some other cunt. They deserve each other, fuck the lot of them.

  4. You heartless bunch of Cunts.

    I hope you don’t display the same uncharitable attitude when my ” Fiddler fancies a new Hunting Horn” appeal goes live.

    (Any mention of “horn” will no doubt arouse the appalling curiosity of the redoubtable Cunstable Cuntbubble – DA)

      • It’d be last thing I need….have you ever tried jumping a five-bar gate on horseback while your own bellend slaps you on the chin?…Of course you haven’t…you’ll be a man of more “modest” proportions,no doubt.
        Believe me, having a cock like a surveyor’s theodolite pole can sometimes be a curse.


      • I thought it was ‘Fiddlers meaty treats’ or whatever it was, conscience pricked by crusading St Marcus of Rashford, you were going to provide online content for feeding the nations hungry schoolchildren.

      • The nation’s “hungry schoolchildren” can Fuck Off…tubby little Cunts.

        Morning,LL…you keeping well?

      • Not too bad thanks Fiddler, working outside its quite this time of year anyway without all the other drama going on. How’s life at the Towers? Fanny is well I trust with Mike yearning for his beloved from afar, do you let her Zoom him?

    • Morning Dick.

      If you are that well-endowed, is autofellatio one of your many talents?

  5. I feel sorry for her children,
    An 36 is no age to be dying,
    Her husband needs to pull his finger out and get grafting,
    4 kids to feed, rely on yourself not scavenging off others using pity.
    Im guessing it was the toast that killed her.
    Probably some vegan shite.

  6. Never heard of her, she has however influenced me. She has shown me more proof that people like her and lazy husband are utter cunts, and more so are the people who buy into this crap. Sorry you died, but it’s time for Mr Mitchell to tie his own laces, wipe his own arse and go and get a fucking job, the piss taking, free loading cunt. Yet another case of a modern role model for his kids. 🤬

  7. Perhaps this “GoFundMe” begging bowl thing, could be the government’s next Big Idea to privatise social security!

    In other words rather than rely on state handouts why not fuck off and try GFM and let other stupid cunts support your lifestyle.

  8. Two of my pet hates in this sad story , first up this “influencer” nonsense makes me grind my fucking teeth , why do these narcissistic cunts think their opinions matter so much that they must impart them on the population? But Worse still are the sheeple that follow and get “ influenced “ by these self appointed know all know nothing cunts!!
    And secondly why do these types think it’s okay to go “begging” at Go fund me for absolutely everything?
    it appears the only thing this indolent sack of shit put his back into was pumping up his missus, now she’s sadly deceased he can park his over active John Thomas is his chinos and get a fucking job and provide for his kids!!!
    Utterly shameless cunt………

  9. “Influencer” modern day freak show. Look at me, look at me. Poor fucking Elephantman would have made a mint on You tube. Still good luck to them I blame the adoring “influenced” and as for the go found me cunts, well where does the money come from. Everyone pleading poverty yet money to give away. Fuckem cunts everyone.

  10. Four brats and a dog. Just fucking work you shameless cunt. Have some dignity and go away with your brood…quietly.
    Money grabbing work shy cunt.

  11. Influencing is like a new religion, only made possible in its present form, due to the instant nature of social media.
    There are many people who are either brainwashed or lacking in self confidence, who feel the need and see an advantage in being guided by someone else. It’s a great way of avoiding personal responsibility.
    The carpet riders are renowned for it, they can’t go ten minutes without consulting an imam, about the most trivial of things. Once they have approval then allah wills it, any negative results of your subsequent actions are not your responsibility.
    I feel sorry for the kids, cursed with cunt parents.
    She wasn’t a bad looker, if hubby had anything about him, she’d have had no time for social media, especially at their age.
    Some other cunt was probably giving her a good seeing to.
    There are some terrible cads out there who will willingly snaffle a bit from your missus, should you be inattentive.
    Good morning.

    • Good point about rugbutters being unable to decide anything without their Imams.
      I was trying to engage with a couple of mudslides after a few bevvies on the subject of transplants. All in favour of receiving one but not donating. Why are you high up on the fucking waiting list then? All to do do with their parts being reassembled in the afterlife so they can’t donate. We will ask our imam at the mosque and there it stopped. No donations no receiving, fuck right off.

    • Great link, Cuntle. Really enjoyed that. The Aussie guy is hilarious. His demeanor and tone of voice is perfect for piss taking.

      Who would have thought sosholl meeja followers could be currency? Insane.

      • There’s another one of these vacuous bimbos waffling from Dubai calling herself an essential worker in order to Instagram pictures of her riding a camel.
        I’m wishing the hump would get stuck up her arse, get that through customs you window licking chimp.
        What’s the situation like out there for the moment?

      • Hi Cuntle –
        The sitch, with regards to the ‘rona, is OK over here. We haven’t had lockdowns or anything like that. People wear masks when out and about in shops and stores, etc. Apart from that life just ticks along. Texas has had spikes in cases recently, but apart from numbers being reported nothing much changes. I think everyone is just waiting for everyone else to get vaccinated and for the all clear to be sounded. If it ever does.

        Hope you’re well and coping with the measure round your way. Cheers – IY.

    • Did the silly little bitch get cunted on this magnificent site?

      If not, somebody should fill in her cunt with cement.

  12. A bit sad, influencer or not it’s a real shame the woman died, influencers are just taking advantage of sad cunts who buy into the shit, all the go fund me shit is far worse, the internet equivalent of cunts sitting around on the street begging &or money.
    After reading down the article there was a link to Ginger Pubes and the Princess perfect suggesting he might bin her 😂 …. not a chance she has his balls firmly clamped, more likely she will dump him when he is no longer of any use to her.

  13. Influencers are only successful because there are masses of fucking thick people. Most of these look at me cunts are doing the most mundane shite, but to a demographic that eats at McDonald’s, plays ‘slots’ at online casinos while taking a shit, and watch Saturday night tv for entertainment, doing anything other than that is aspirational.
    The vacuous ones that all look alike, the vaguely human looking blow up dolls, are under fire at the moment for hanging out in Dubai and rubbing the untermenchens noses in their b grade celebrity lifestyle. More fool the followers who have put those cunts in that position.
    As for go fund my widowerhood, it’s like begging in a piss smelling shop doorway, but with a tie on.
    Fuck off.

    • Exactly. Yes they’re work shy bastards etc but if there are so many puddled cunts who’ll give them money for nothing, why would they want to get out of bed in a morning?

  14. Fed up of these go fund me pages being set up after death, whilst the normal minded people will set up insurance policies to ensure financial protection.

  15. Reminds of that copper bottomed cunt, Brendan Cox: who used his dead wife (Saint Jo of the Blessed Cox) to get out of allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ with the ladies. A complete and utter scum cunt.

    And ‘crowdfunding’ is just a modern term for scrounging. And anyone who has the hubris to refer to themself as an ‘influencer’ is a fucking cunt anyway. It’s like some cunt who makes ham or cheese butties referring to themselves as a sandwich artist, or some twat taking orders from some Little Hitler calling themself a team member.

    Do fuck off!

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