The FA and Edinson Cavani

They have charged Manchester United “New Boy”, Edinson Cavani for daring to use a word that sounded like it might be offensive, to someone, somewhere?

Edinson Cavani has been charged with misconduct for a breach of FA Rule E3 in relation to a social media post on Thursday 29 November 2020.

It is alleged that, contrary to FA Rule E3.1, a comment posted on the Manchester United FC player’s Instagram page was insulting and/or abusive and/or improper and/or brought the game into disrepute.

It is further alleged that the comment constitutes an “Aggravated Breach”, which is defined in FA Rule E3.2, as it included reference, whether express or implied, to colour and/or race and/or ethnic origin.

The striker has until Monday 4 January 2021 to provide a response to the charge.

For fucks sake-it’s a fucking witch-hunt. McCarthy had nothing on these libtard cunts.
They will ban him for 3 games.
So what is his crime? (perceived or otherwise):

He responded to a congratulatory post from a friend on instagram, after scoring a brace for Man Utd, with the phrase “gracias negrito”-a term of endearment in south America. It can mean someone with dark hair, as well as slang for “mate”.

He removed the post and apologised. And hasn’t played for Man Utd since?.

Life really is imitating art-think of the scene from “The Life of Brian”-where everybody gets hysterical over the use of the word “Jehova”.

The FA are spineless cunts.
There rests the case for the prosecuntion?

Nominated by: Cuntfinder General

….and a follow-up from Cuntfinder General

The FA

Dear Admin,

I recently nominated the FA (Fucking Arseholes) for their treatment of Edison Cavanni, more specifically the interpretation of a South American phrase he used to celebrate his debut goal For Manchester United, on a South American social media, in response to a message of congratulations from an old friend.

Well the FA (CUNTS) have held the kangaroo court:

I don’t know if that nomination went into IsAC room 101.
If not, this link would finish it nicely.

PS: Happy New Year Admin(s)?

58 thoughts on “The FA and Edinson Cavani

      • At least maypole dancers don’t fall to the ground screaming in fake ‘agony’. Unlike POOFTER footballers.

      • Maybe not, but those “real ale twats” have an unhealthy fascination with diesel locomotives, Star Trek, Doctor Who and possibly, young children👎

      • Not do they fall to their knees for black criminals. How can cunters defend modern football?

      • We’ll defend the sport that we grew up with but I don’t know one single cunter, whoever they support, who defends modern football! We just want our game back.

  1. Ooohh, using non offensive words that sound like offensive (to mardarses) words?
    Bit desperate to find offense eh?
    Jigger? jig jog? Sword swallower?
    That offensive?
    Smelly dirty Stanley?
    Fudge packer?
    Flipper lipped minstrel?
    Its how you read it,
    And if you cry at name-calling your not fit to live in a world where sometimes things are harsh.
    Your not equipped to deal with life .
    Go tell your mum you soft cunts.

    • Hurty words eh, MNC!

      The thing about this shit is that it is busybody cunts being offended on behalf of other cunts, about something said by someone else who wasn’t being a cunt. This is the fucking state we are now in. Cunts cunting on about what someone else might possibly have meant but probably didn’t!

      • Exactly Twenty!
        A Pakistani bloke said to me about Christmas, that they don’t find it offensive.
        Far from it!
        They kind of like it, as Muslims regard Jesus as a prophet.
        So who exactly started that ‘winter festival’ shite?
        Be some busybody vegan lefty type .

      • Similarly, I have a number of Muslim friends who don’t mind Christmas, and quite often will get involved in the celebrations short of having some booze!

        So it begs the question who is really representing Muslims?

      • My wife’s parents (Hindus) celebrate Christmas with a lot more enthusiasm than I do, though admittedly that wouldn’t be hard. They always have an Christmas tree, decorations everywhere, presents, send and receive Christmas cards and make a big deal about having a traditional Christmas dinner.

        In my experience it’s white lefty types stirring up racial and religious hatred who are the villains of the peace. Divisive scum.

  2. In a statement, Cavani (probably) said, “Look, this is a phrase used often in my part of the world. It has no racist meaning. It’s a term of endearment. I haven’t got a racist bone in me body me. I don’t know what all these black bastards are complaining about. Or maybe it’s those tight fisted, shit-stirring four be twos who put them up to it? Yeah, that’ll be it, or them slanty eyed fuckers sending everyone mental because they want to eat bats’ bollocks. Ole, why are you crying and waving your arms about going ‘shhhh’ you soft cunt?”

    • Disclaimer:

      This is obviously a ridiculous joke before plod or the Mossad kick me door in.

      Happy New Year, you mad cunts.

  3. Methinks you protest too much General!
    Ironically you were probably like most Man U fans when Suarez was hammered for the same thing levelled against the then Man U player, Patrice Evra.
    By the way Percy said he left his Liverpool scarf round at yours and would it be ok if he flew in to collect it?

    • I think it’s the photo above that damns him more.
      He wouldn’t happen to be making animal noises would he?

    • I actually supported Suarez-he was a fabulous player, if a little “bitey”. On his day, the best in the world.

      Tell Percy, his scarf is under the hedgehog 🦔😉

  4. I’d of sued the F.A for racism straight off.

    What else can it be but racist to punish someone for using their own lingo? He should get his legal team on it now.

  5. I called a team-mate on the rugby pitch a ” lazy fat old Cunt”…he promptly punched me in the face. That was when I realised that words can sometimes be misconstrued if you’re not very careful.

      • I do apologise for that one Dick. Still, if all it took was me getting my poofy claws out to off a seasoned cunter, well…

      • I must admit the “lazy” was wrong…he put a hell of an effort into his swing.

        Keeping fit,Baron?

      • Isolating at the moment Dick. The Lady Baroness works as a carer and had a positive Kung Flu test, which means our entire household has to stay indoors for ten days. Suits me fine as we’ve plenty of food and booze and symptoms similar to a run of the mill head cold (which are already fading).
        Hope all is well at The Towers…

      • Dick@
        When I used to work nightshifts was a lad from Angola we called “Bubbles” after wacko Jackos monkey!
        He never took offense.
        And I regularly called the asians Gunga Din.
        No offense.
        People are mard.
        Although filed legal action when they mocked my beard.
        Thats different.
        The black cunts.

    • Your mistake was doing it on the pitch. You should have waited till you were on the bus and shouted it our the window at the lazy lard arsed pie muncher. Or in your case Dick the range rover.

      • We also played on the same pool team..he’d have probably just waited and skewered me up the hoop with a cue as I lent over to pot the black…vindictive,lazy,fat,old Cunt.

  6. Interesting point about the Suárez/Evra incident (fined £40 grand and 8 match suspension)
    Liverpool subsequently wore t-shirts in the warm up supporting the biting cunt and proclaiming his innocence.
    Recently those players , well those involved in the media, have apologised for that and described it as “a mistake”.
    Well, what does that tell you? How times change eh?

  7. I saw something about this on one of the fake news websites I frequent. If memory serves, he was banned for 3 games and fined £100,000. His reaction was to basically lay down, say it’s a fair cop but that he didn’t mean anything by it.

    I agree with 6DV – he should have stood his ground and insisted he had done nothing wrong and it’s the hyper-sensitive, PC and woke obsessed social engineering experiment that’s the problem. I strongly suspect Man U paid the fine and advised him to let it go so they themselves wouldn’t be in the spotlight defending something which will likely only attract more aggro for them.

    That’s the world we live in now. I seem to recall a professor at some college using a foreign word which sounded like “negr0” and was fired because the poor snowflakes in his lecture couldn’t handle life afterwards.

    It really is shocking what is happening in the world these days.

    • That was at USC (where else) The bloke was a professor of business communications and was talking about “fill words” or expressions such as “um” or “ah” which are used as pauses. He gave the Chinese example of “ne ga”. Cue complaints from students and he was immediately sacked “to safeguard the psychological welfare of our students.”
      As you say……fucking snowflakes.

      • That was beyond mere snowflakery I reckon Fred. It was downright, fuckwitted cuntery of the highest order. Lunacy.

  8. 🎶
    Someone will be waiting for you at your door, when you get home tonight
    Ah, yes, he’s gonna tell you darkness gives you much more, than you get from the light
    Plexi-plastic eyeballs, they’re your special friends, they see you every night
    Well, he calls himself Big Brother but you know it’s no game, you’re never out of his sight

    1984, knockin’ on your door, will you let it come, will you let it run your life ?

    It’s time you started thinking inside your head, that you should stand up and fight
    Oh, where will you be when your freedom is dead, 14 years from tonight?
    Those plexi-plastic ‘copters they’re your special friends, they see you every night
    Well, they call themselves protection but you know it’s no game, you’re never out of their sight

    1984 knockin’ on your door, will you let it come, will you let it run your life? 🎶

    (Spirit – 1984 – Recorded 1970)

  9. So bending a knee to communist racist fuckers is just fine. Football is a drug. It preys upon the human instinct of tribalism and then spits it out for money and power. Its corrupt and also really boring when you dont have a team to support.

  10. He’s done nothing wrong. Pay nothing and just leave man u if they don’t back him up.
    The best form of defence is attack .

  11. Would they have crucified Rashford for this?
    No. I don’t think so either – but according to my Man at old Trafford the players (all) were furious about this.
    They should be.
    Fkin hard fight against the most impressive Villa – it’s currently a dead heat between Grealish and Fernandes who is the best midfielder in Europe.

  12. He’s obviously a racist. We have no room for such in the ‘beautiful game’ The dirty dago.

    And in other news. Swansea officials are unhappy due to people outside the ground booing the official knee taking ceremony. Roll on the return of crowds.

    • I suspect the week before the full crowds are allowed back the cunts will declare that knee bending is unnecessary and the point has been made.
      Meanwhile, the other week, a bloke at Norwich was ejected for booing the knee. Fuck me, lobbed out of a football ground for booing! Who would have seen that coming?

    • They should bus in a Millwall fan to each match when the fans return to assist instructing the home crowds on how to give them the maximum amount of stick back.😁. Pretty soon find out how popular this BLM/woke sh1te really is.

      “Harry Roberts is our friend, is our friend is our friend, Harry Roberts is our friend he kills coppers. Let him out to kill some more, kill some more, kill some more, let him out to kill some more he hates coppers…”

      • I remember Bristol Rovers fans singing that pleasant little ditty, with a slightly changed chorus line….

        He kills coppers two by two, two by two, two by two….

  13. I don’t think the FA went far enough, they should have investigated his family tree to see if any of his ancestors were involved in the slave trade.

    The FA are obviously racist, persecuting the guy for being foreign, on the other hand as he plays for Manchester United he deserves everything he gets.

    FA are cunts!!

  14. Football, played by cunts, administered by cunts, commentated upon by cunts, broadcast by cunts. Watched by cunts who should know better. Especially with the current racist BLM shirt that’s going down.

    Still, as I’ve said before as long as 11 pooves are kicking a bag of wind about a field it keeps the masses from realising their liberties have stolen off the back of a Chinese bat flu and the scientist, NHS, government is a pile of wank.

    But that’s ok, cos hairy ring piece FC are playing suck my cock United at 6pm….

    • It is our national game. It is the worlds favourite sport.
      It is the beautiful game.
      It is the one sport accessible to all, one that doesn’t require expensive equipment to play.

      It belongs to the working man and we need to take it back😢

  15. This “penalty” shows the stupidity of wokeness practiced by people who are pig ignorant. As posters have pointed out this is a common harmless term in places like Argentina and Uruguay. The equivalent in Brazil is “neguinho”. I had black girlfriend there and often called her “neguinha”, the female version, and she didn´t give a damn. An English friend of mine married a mixed-race girl – a “mulatta”– and he called her “neguinha” almost as if it were her name. We white foreigners were regularly called “gringos” and didn´t go ballistic about it or regard it as a racist insult.

    • Damned right!
      I had an English born Asian/Spanish girlfriend (stunning and a business woman), we used affectionate language-she would joking ask “you no love me long time”, if we had a row😀.
      No offender given or taken.

      I did love her.

  16. The most sinister part of his “punishment” has not been touched on here:

    He will attend face to face re-education.
    For someone’s misinterpreting if his language👎

    Think about that. It exactly the same as Tommy Robinson:

    Take a public figure and punish them under the spotlight on national media, to deter others from similar action.
    Basically, toe their line, follow their rules, no deviation☹️

    Punished for wrong-think.
    Remember-the SNP (spits 😒), want to make it illegal to say certain things, even in your own home.

    I fear for the next generation.

  17. Funny, there was no crusade against racism from the Fuckwits Association when known BNP member and piece of Palace shite, Matthew Simmons gobbed at Eric Cantona and yelled ‘Fuck off home and fuck your mother, you French bastard’.

    We all know Eric dealt with the little turd himself. But the FA did nothing about and to Simmons, and instead they got involved in a witch hunt against Cantona for actually standing up to racism. The FA were cunts then and they are cunts now, and it’s a bit fucking late for them to say they are against racism. What did they do to help John Barnes, Paul Cannoville, Big Cyril Regis, Remi Moses and Alex Williams when racism was at its NF fueled banana throwing worst back in the 80s? Fuck all, that’s what. And they deliberately left both Cantona and Paul Ince out to dry after Selhurst 95. The FA are the scum of the game. Utter cunts.

  18. What a ludicrously disproportionate sanction for a player who actually seems a rarity in football – works his socks off and is Im told a decent bloke.

    The FA know a politically correct option soft target when they see it. The cunts.

    Hopefully missing the two upcoming ‘meaningless Cup games’ will give the bloke a mid season break.

  19. 2020 – What a shit fucking year full of sickening, excessive virtue signalling wokeness.

    2021 – Hold my beer.

  20. Presumably the FA will be stopping the England team competing in the next world cup that is actually built on indentured servitude or in other words slavery.

  21. Stop. Fucking. Watching. It.
    What’s so fucking difficult? Even stuff I love I will bin in a heartbeat if starts this crap.
    Bin it or stop whining. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

  22. This is turning out to be superb entertainment. The ‘You are gay’ FA is now accusing the English FA of racism in their handling of this case as the English FA failed to take into account the idioms and culture of South America. I must say that I am on the side of the dagoes in this situation.
    Hopefully, we’ll see the English FA stage a rapid climb down and resolve not to listen to woke wankers quite so readily in the future.

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