Owen Jones (22)

Emergency nomination: Owen Jones

Looks like everyone’s favourite bedwetter has been drunk tweeting…


I bet the “bastards” are scared that a man who can fight off an entire legion of far right thugs without a scratch on him is going to “get” them.

From a legal point of view, isn’t this incitement to violence?

Nominated by: Cunt’s Mate Cunt 

53 thoughts on “Owen Jones (22)

  1. CC,
    I believe it is indeed incitement of violence, I recall the case of a young man who was hanged for saying “Give it to him”.
    I think he was posthumously pardoned too, but fuck that lets jail the little cunt!

    • I suppose as we are all on lock down he is reasonably safe, but in my minds eye I see a que of people (2 meter spacing’s) in a public place, taking it in turn to kick someone.
      one of my dark little lock down fantasies.

    • sorry, it was “let him have it” and the chap was Derek Bentley.

      I seem to be talking to myself a lot here.

      • Lord Benny-it took Derk’s sister, decades of campaigning to clear his name. He was a simpleton, a “Lenny” to his associates “George”😢

    • I agree with his tweet! The bastards we should get are the little limp dick cunts like him. It’s bastards like him who have the country in the state it’s in.

  2. Bummer Loyd Russel-Moyle MP should bum Own Jones. They are as hilarious as each other. “we will fight them on the streets” . Come on then. Were waiting………….

  3. The pissed up little weed. Who the fuck does he think he is? You can imagine certain other people writing that and, after deletion, it would have been all over the BBC and the Grauniad.
    Let’s not forget fat bitch Jo Brand encouraging people to throw acid at Sir Nigel. (on the BBC) I didn’t see that slag in court.

    • Ooohh Owen!
      Your hard.
      Hes like Jimmy Pursey!
      “If the kids are united they will never be divided…”
      By all means go get ‘the bastards’ whoever hes on about,
      Doubt a load of bumboys and sandal wearing London vegans will inspire much fear?!!
      Sharpen your axes and keep one eye open boys….
      Owens out for a rumble…😁

      • Are you referring to the singer from Sham 69?
        The one who took over the unoccupied mansion in St George’s Hill, close to Cliff Richards gaff?

        This was over the weekend of Saint George’s day, all done in the name of the civil libertarians “The Diggers”.

        The man is a drugged up cunt👎

      • I am CG.
        Even as a kid I instantly knew Jimmy for what he was,
        A fake, a poseur,
        A mirror lover.
        Such a twat .
        Like that cock Billy Idol.👎

      • Mis:

        That weekend, a mate of mine was running two rooms at a festival in an indoor venue in Surrey-loads of different rooms catering to all musical tastes, plus a live stage👍

        I had travelled down to spend the weekend with him and help out a bit.
        It was an all day event on the Sunday (12-10).
        A load of crusties, turned up from The St George’s Hill squat-not Jimmy, though.
        They set up a table, selling candles and other assorted “festy” shite to raise funds.

        By 8.30, I was Hal-pissed and the two following incidents occurred:

        I fell onto their table and it collapsed, spreading the contents over the floor.😂
        Genuinely an accident.

        A little while later, on a stairwell, I encountered a great, lanky, dreadlocked crustie, rowing with his bird. ( I have nothing against crusties-some of my greatest friends were the original peace convoy travellers).

        He punched her and she fell to the floor. I shouted at him and he came at me. A perfectly executed head-butt put him down, at which point his girlfriend jumped up and attacked me😳. See kids-sometimes, the drugs really don’t work.

      • I still like ‘White Wedding’ though. Probably banned from BBC playlist nowadays.

      • Foxy@
        I’ll not have a ‘dry night’ for weeks now.
        Started sucking my thumb again too…

  4. Obviously he wants revenge for the kick in the head he recieved. I hate this cunt with a vengeance, he as a face as the Germans say– backpfeifengesicht!

  5. This puff pastry cunt would get concussion in a pillow fight…..

    ….make that concushion….

  6. Where’s he gonna leave his handbag?

    The fucking pout faced little mincer with his petulant hard done by looks would be greatly improved by meeting the back side of a snow shovel.

    Detestable horrible little poove.

    • Forget snow shovel-a wood chipper would be more appropriate 👍

      Not that I would condone such an act of violence.

  7. We should not forget that Little Owen, at the very height of the BLM vandalism’s, published a list of target statues and monuments on his social media, encouraging and inciting criminal damage?

    Has he been arrested or questioned over this, yet?


  8. To be fair when Owen says you’re going to get a slap that’s, literally, what he means.
    In this case he probably means he’s going to pull your hair and give you a Chinese burn.
    (That’s burn not bum)

  9. He mistyped.

    He meant to type, “Let’s go bum the bastards who’ve wrecked the country.”

  10. Fucking hate the verbal diarrhoea this crybaby 😭 rich pretend socialist real fascist cunt utters on a regular basis. Should be made to live in a one bedroom flat in the centre of Bradford amongst his peaceful mates for a few months to fucking try and educate the scumbag bum loving 🥰 cock loving 🥰 total thick cunt.

    • Yes please-and take his moustachioed feminazi, “I’m literally a communist” cunt if a mate, Tash Sarkar, with him👍

  11. This little turd burgling gob shite seems to get away with a lot of what could and should be described as inflammatory hate speech.

    I think Owen needs his naughty backside slapping by Julia Hartley-Brewer again.

    • Julia Hartley-B? Christ he’ll have get behind me in the queue.
      Er, well perhaps not EXACTLY behind me; you know, social distancing and all that *cough*

  12. Shitstain Jones is desperately rowing back on Twitter after innumerable people reported him for inciting violence.
    Too late now, cunt.

  13. Bring it on you fucking arse bandit! i’m 64 and aint had a tear-up in a few years and would love to stick my size 9 right in you’re champagne commie gob, bring it on ya cunt!

    • Hahahaha 😀
      Calm down Nobby, hes a no show,if he turns up us lads will deal with his mob,
      You can have a fair go with Owen.
      Careful though,
      Bet he bites!

  14. There’s nothing like a rock hard bum boy 😂

    His comment about having no visible marks after his ‘far right beating’ was “I’m tougher than I look”, yes Owen of course you are 🤣

      • You know I am!😁

        Once Sicky I was out clubbing with a mate in Manchester,
        Pissed and pilled up, we couldn’t get a taxi anyway we were stood outside this pub and all these meathead bodybuilder types came out ready to fight!
        It was a gay pub and theyd had troubles with lads chinning the regulars.
        They weren’t camp at all!
        Id until then assumed they wore neckerchiefs and safari suits!!

      • Naw, wasnt Anal street was off towards where the old Hacienda used to be.
        Didnt stay for a night cap.

    • Mr Vomit,would it be possible to form a Boris Bubble?
      I too would wish to rearrange this cunt pronto.
      Thank you.

      • Boris is a work in progress, I’m betting he will cause a revolution as he erodes our basic ‘rights’ or as George Carlin sagely observed ‘privileges’.

        Boris should resign if he isn’t in favour of the restrictions on our freedom, that’s the only thing he could do that would make me think maybe he’s only 90% cunt!

  15. Owen Jones will surely one day be in the running for the cunt of the decade award. Hard to like or even see half a good side to the unlikeable twat.

  16. I think what he meant to say was ‘you all get the bastards, I’ll monitor it from my command centre, and offer words of encouragement on Twitter’
    It has to be the least threatening threat I’ve ever seen. I’m no fighter whatsoever, but I’m pretty sure I could fight that cunt off. The cunt run away from a conversation on sky news with a woman, and I imagine his followers are as pathetic as him.
    Fuck off Owen, there’s a good boy.

  17. The only thing that has been ‘wrecked’ is this little, petulant fool’s ringpiece.

  18. I would gladly pay good money to knock his fuckin teeth out, in fact I would request that their was back up to stop me kicking this feeble excuse to death.!

  19. Ahhh… little Owen pipsqueaks again.
    He’s truly a cunt for cunters everywhere to treasure.

  20. My New Year’s Resolution is to get hold of Jones and give him a proper fucking. And for once in my life, not the bumsex kind.

  21. This peice of phlegm is not even worth commenting on. Just bung him in the oven.

  22. I sometimes wonder that if you broke into a few clap clinics and went through their medical records you would find one in which he was diagnosed with gonorrhoea in both his throat and his up his bumhole.
    Filthy little twink.

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