Priti Patel (3)

The eternally awaited muslim child grooming report.

A battleship arsed size cunting for our favourite tough talking pig in a wig Priti (useless) Patel.

After years of delays, sly connivance and desperate rewrites we finally (after I and others instigated a formal Parliamentary complaint and the threat of legal action) get the report and guess what – according to this fantasy unicorn land bollocks it turns out (conveniently) it was not muslims doing it but organised gangs of whiteys who were not muslims!

No mention whatsoever for the police, councils, children’s homes, social workers, media and politicians who know this is happening everywhere, knew this was happening everywhere, did nothing and imprisoned people like Tommy Robinson for the journalistic crime of reporting this.

How much further down the gutter can we go?

Nominated by: Vernon Fox

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58 thoughts on “Priti Patel (3)

  1. What a delightful whitewash.

    Just ask Sara Rowbotham about this; she was the sexual health worker who attempted to bring this matter to the failed Greater Manchester Police, and was dismissed for her efforts in 2014.

    There is a whole load of examples where good people have tried to have this investigated and have either been dismissed from their jobs or ‘resigned’ (same thing).

    All OK until one of these civil serpent’s children are abused. But that would never happen in their gated community world, so carry on. Don’t want to rock the boat and introduce racial discord, eh Smithers?

  2. That photo of those four fuckin’ ugly cunts just about sums up their intentions.
    Evil seeps out of them.
    I’m just blessed that I was born with a kindly face.😀

    • Like you Bertie im blessed with a crinkly face.
      Priti swelled up quickly didnt she?
      Too fond of the somazas

  3. I had such high hopes for Priti back in the day when she was slim, totally fuckable and earnest.

    But now she’s on the Front Bench she’s become a fat, lobotomized cunt, only interested in keeping the status quo (no jokes about Rick and co)


  4. So those photos of the dozen or so muslim shitbags who were convicted of abusing vulnerable underage girls after plying them with drugs and booze were completely incorrect then?

  5. I can’t say I’m surprised with this whitewash of an outcome.

    So if there is an afterlife and I come back as a Muzzie, I can abuse a shedload of 10 year old schoolgirls knowing full well there will be plenty of apologists to defend me (and my God), and subsequently let me off on the basis that picking on BAMEs is just not on!

    • You can do all of that now. Just pretend you’re a Muslim and the police will probably drop the girls off right at your door, no taxi required.

  6. This goes back a long time. I can remember a female labour MP (Keighley or similar) being hushed up for raising it in the early 2000s. Most police and social services actually conspired to cover it up.
    Contrast with what happened when 1 black kid was murdered by thugs in London.

    • It has been going on for a long time, becoming an industrial scale epidemic, the only cure, Unkle Terry’s Oven.

    • TT CC@ – Sarah Champion is the one I have been in contact with, she has been exposing this and calling people out for a while – and suffered badly for it.
      Next step now is a public enquiry, this will be a long and frustrating process but I am determined to push for this – if wrong is not exposed it continues, and if natural justice prevailed this would be sorted out in one day.

      • Wasn’t there a public enquiry into Westminsters role in this sickness Vern? Went through three heads and amounted to sweet Fanny Adams? Not to mention Treason Mayhem losing the dossier?
        I applaud your thinking but the estab cunts will close ranks, maybe offer up a sacrificial lamb after they’ve ‘died’.

  7. A desperate attempt to ‘take the piss’, it’s obvious to a blind man with a limp that in areas where there are shit loads of P*ki cunts they are raping and grooming young white girls. There is no need for a ‘report’, just look at the court listings in Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees, Rotherham, Rochdale, Oldham.
    Do they really think Joe Public will swallow this shit and embrace multiculturalism, absolutely not.
    Rotherham MP Sarah Champion was kicked out of the Corbyn shadow cabinet for speaking the truth ‘P Stanley men are raping white girls’

    The report should have concluded that in certain areas of the UK P*ki men are raping and grooming young white girls, but why spoil a good story of Diversity is Our Strength’

    The next step will be to do a Sweden and stop recording ethnicity in crime stats. I can’t find an updated ‘Covid cases by ethnicity’, the last one was in September which showed that ethnics were significantly driving the numbers.


  8. A government that is willing to cover up the systematic and horrific abuse of young girls is so debased that it deserves the disgust of all decent people. The filthy scum who continue to rape children are laughing at us.

  9. This shit is going on all over the country right now. The muslims of Tower Hamlets,London have been drugging and raping children for at least 30 years, no convictions. One of the victims was my eldest daughter. Rotherham opened my eyes to what had actually happened because the whole thing was verboten in politics and the “establishment” and the MSN. Tommy Robinson opened my eyes as i had no information before he started talking about it. The report is bullshit. The rape gangs are Jihadi rape gangs using the teaching of Mohammed to rape and abuse non muslim kids (including Sihks) . They see the Kufar ( im proud to be one, fuck you allah) as people to be exploited. So Fuck Pakistan, fuck mo, fuck the muslim brotherhood. All cunts.

  10. Like the recent cancer-is-a-cunt nomination, I can find absolutely no humour in this subject.
    I honestly believe Tommy Robinson is worthier than any, single, current member of parliament.
    In the aftermath of his arrest outside that hearing, I defended him vociferously, resulting in certain people who I had previously considered friends, distancing themselves from me☹️
    Brexit, grooming gangs, Islam, Tommy Robinson-all subjects that polarise and divide☹️

    Did we really expect anything else?

    We only got a referendum to shut us up-they tried to fix that-loads of leave postal votes NOT counted-my wife’s included.
    5 years on and we have Brexit in name only. Leave means leave.

    The grooming gang review has gone the same way☹️

    • Tommy Robinson is one of the few political voices I’ll listen too.
      A brave man, and hated by the establishment,
      Simply because he shone a light on Pakistani grooming gangs.
      It doesn’t fit the narrative
      “Diversity is our strength”
      It exposes the fact its bollocks

    • Can’t disagree with a word of that – it’s a very bad state we find ourselves in and with no clear path out other than insurrection. I did think the Yanks might go for it when their recent election was more blatantly fiddled then it ever was before (they have serious form in this area but this time around they pulled out all the stops). Didn’t happen though and it would never happen here – we are like lambs to the slaughter.

  11. Now you’ve had the report and still you don’t believe the facts? There’s a prisons worth of brown Muslims who have been jailed for these offences who I’m sure the Home Secretary will now release with compensation as if this report is accurate never committed the crimes they have been imprisoned for.

    The report or the prosecutions cannot both be sound.

  12. One word ” whitewash”. Utterly incompetent Priti and the book of lies that was the report.

  13. The Police, Authorities, Civil Servants etc are too busy sucking on the tit of BLM to give a flying fuck about innocent girls being raped. I’m sick to my fucking back teeth of seeing coppers, footballers, balloon heads taking a knee for a career criminal. Maybe if it was their Mother, Wife, Daughter with a gun pointed at their stomach they might think a little differently?

  14. I can tolerate many things – Brexit, BAMEs, BLMs etc – but the systematic abuse of children is the thin end of the wedge.

    But not only do we witness this legal cover-up, but you only have to look at some of the woke issues, and their perceived support for P DOs, to realise how futile it is attempting to retain old fashioned values of civil decency.

  15. Why why why do the government protect such vile scum. Why can they call a spade a spade and a Muzzie grooming gang a muzzie grooming gang. And then say enough lock em up deport them if allow and tell the fucking muzzie community we’re coming after your wrong uns. Racial harmony would actually improve if they did this. Pandering the cunts just gives them more wriggle room to shout bollocks like islamiphobia. Made up word if ever there was one.

  16. Eeuurrggh…can you imagine being a påki and seeing that repulsive mūzzie face staring back at you from the mirror?
    At least their Indian neighbour wimmin can be decent looking. Although Indian men have been getting increasingly underage rapey of late, according to the news.
    I’d still have a go on Priti’s fat arse.
    Come on, we all would.

    • Went out with an Indian girl just after I left school. Well, she was born in Manchester but her parents were Indian Sikhs. I’m still in touch with the family and she is still stunning.

      • Afternoon, Norm, everyone.

        Sikhs: proud warrior caste, and I’ve not yet met a cunty one. Probably to do with the fact that unlike Muslims (to quote from Wiki) their “ethics emphasise the congruence between spiritual development and everyday moral conduct”.

        Shame the cunts here in Telford and elsewhere are so fucking amoral. Similarly every cunt in authority that turns a blind eye for fear of the repercussions.

  17. Fat Indian traitorous pig.

    India’s got many stunning and politically sound wimmin, but we have to put up with this sack of e-coli sprouting spuds.

    • Ha! There’ll be no fight back until the lights start going out…then people might actually get off their bone idle arses.

      • Sadly Mr Cunt Engine not even that will do it. You only have to go to your nearest supermarket and see 99.99% mask-compliant zombies to realise exactly how emasculated we’ve become as a society. The one thing it makes me take solace in is that because I’ve stocked up, when they come banging on my door wanting a share, they’ll be easy as fuck to take down.

        PS – WordOppress tried to fuck this one again. Fortunately there’s ‘copy and paste’ and CCleaner.

      • Good thinking; I’m reasonably well-stocked too. If it gets that bad, the neighbourhood ladies will be receiving 2 tins of soup in exchange for a bj.

  18. Todays politicians are the most laughably inept weak wankers i’ve ever seen. Their only job is to appease bames, puffs trannies and wimminz whichever party they’re from.
    We may as well go the whole hog and put Flabbott in charge as our all knowing leader and be done with it.

  19. I think Priti is being fucked up the arse……and not by any of the dirty cunts on here. The whole “bullying” business and her pathetic apology shows she has been put in her place. The Public School, Oxbridge civil service mafia run the country so keep your mouth shut bitch.
    If she wants to keep her job and the post political connections, not to mention a seat in the Lords, which come with it she needs to toe the line.
    The cover up is “systemic”, as our BLM friends say, nothing to do with any individual.

    • Freddie-you don’t know how close to the truth you are.
      Same in America.

      Whoever wins the election(s):

      “The palace stays the same, only the guards ever change”

  20. The country is fucked.

    The degenerates who compiled this document as equally guilty as the filth that committed the crimes.

    Appeasement is for cowards.

    They should all be found at once and shot.

    A fucking national disgrace.

  21. The Spectator piece illustrates perfectly how this ‘report’ came into being by the exclusion of the nationality and hence religion of these deviants making it easier to set up a false perspective.
    Sadly, child abuse is spread across all the Abrahamic religions and in the establishment.
    Many sneer at conspiracy theorists but themselves are coincidence theorists. Dark times lie ahead, I think this chinky shit was the perfect excuse to roll it out.
    Civil war or enslavement will ensue.

  22. She is fucking useless. A total waste of space.
    And no, I don’t think I would any more. She’s become a right lardy cunt.

  23. Most likely reason for the non publication of this trailblazing report till legal action, petitions etc is the “report” is a complete load of fucking bollocks, almost as full of shit as an election leaflet. Expected nothing else as all is woke now. Just consider how much money the so called author’s are paid and the huge pension pots they will indulge in when they take early retirement. As for the whiteys did it, maybe some bastards did but nothing on the scale that our peaceful friends managed. Another thing I noticed when images of these cunts were published after the joke sentences. The ravages of generations of first cousin marriages was immediately obvious. I would think that most would have had to drug their hand before wanking. I have great I’ll will for all these cunts and fervently hope that karma catches them up soon.

  24. Just like all the recent terrorist stabbings across Europe being classed as mental health issues. What do you think I am, some kinda cunt?

  25. To coin a phrase that was heard quite often when I was growing up,
    “It stinks like a paccy’s arsehole”

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