Person of Color of the Year

(Yank invention so Yank spelling)

Not a genuine compo so far as Yours Truly knows but never say never.

What is obvious is that the Wokery is in a panic with persons of color popping up everywhere on the media. No POC as James Bond yet but damn close.

Suddenly POCs as grinning old cunts buying funeral plans, extra woke POC s in wheelchairs presenting exotic travel programmes, annoying POC presenting Sky at Night and on and on. Even saw a POC “Science Communicator” attached to a programme to explain idiot simple concepts like why it gets dark at night – even I know that – take a night shot, turn the lights off, go to bed, pull me night cap down, shimmy me old arse to dispense any latent gas, close eyes and drift off. It’s dark.

There was some ultra woke “Portrait Artist of The Year” compo on Sky Arts or BBC Bore it might have been. One male POC, one Gay POC and one female non POC artiste. They had to draw or paint woke candy camp non POC Eddie Izzard….(lovely blue eyes though) in Miss Whiplash boots (and referred to in the female pronoun by all) and another subject of their choice which turned out to be a non-entity that eludes me (by Male POC), Gay non POC boyfriend (by Gay POC) and POC female friend (by non POC female artiste). Who accumulated the most Woke points and won? Gay POC natch who got the prize (£10 000 and commission to paint POC Cuban ballet dancer in Cuba and Brum).

Interesting foot note, despite all being fascinated by Eddie’s burning blue eyes, their full glory never really made it to the canvas. Eddie was disappointed.

Point about all this camperoony is that the POC is invariably of West Indian/African heritage which excludes two thirds of the POC planet. Who is running all those Chinese, Bengali, Pakistani, Afghan, Persian, Indian, Nandos ect ect restaurants?

Woke friends cry waycist if so reminded.

#stoke the woke.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke 

50 thoughts on “Person of Color of the Year

  1. I guess these poc are just so damm in love 😍 with whitey that they wannabe a whitey. Yet at the same time blame whitey for everything bad.

    I’m confused 🤷‍♀️ by these cunts I tell ya confused 🤷‍♂️

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


    Thats better-when will it ever end😔?

    Its Saturday morning, welcome to Cuntfinder Tv-first up, plenty of “Color” from Geoffrey, Bungle, George and of course, Zippy!!



  3. But, Sir Limply, a Person of Colour of the Year would be impossible to judge. The nominees would all look the same!

  4. My vote for Person of Colour goes to David Lammy, for services to sumo wrestling, having a pleading, camp voice (he’d win an Anthony Blair soundalike competition) and of course, for British Comedian of the Year (watch out for his Wireless 4 1830 “comedy” series), and of, course he is so very entertaining. What;s the prize? – a years supply of free KFC bargain buckets?

  5. Sir Limply:

    Everybody knows that the Mona Lisa was in fact created by that famous African artist, Leonardo Um Bongo, then appropriated by the Italian, Da Vinci.

    Similarly, the ceiling of the Cistine chapel was pristine-beautifully done by Um Bongo and his team-Da Vinci,in a rage, graffitied all over Um Bongo’s work and took all the credit.
    Evidence, here:

    Black Lies Matter

  6. Blacks make up 20% of POC in this country, yet the Woke world would have us believe they are 100%. Much the same as the TV world would have us believe that most couples are mixed race and that the average child is born in the wrong sex body. No wonder Boris Johnson is PM – falsehoods and delusions are the new truths.

  7. Id give it chicken George .
    He caused a right shitstorm!
    And fairs fair, 9 minutes with a cop kneeling on your necks impressive!
    Maybe incorporate it into the people of colour awards?
    See if anyone can match George?
    Do 10 minutes?😀

  8. And now, it is my great (white) privilege to announce, that Person of Color for the year 1536 is…….

    …… Anne Boleyn! 👏👏👏👏👏

      • My favourite Henry VIII bitch was Catherine Ho’ward, the one with the dreadlocks.

      • Catherine: Yo yo yo, what’s ‘appening Big Hal?

        Henry: Lemme break dis shit down; you’s about to be beheaded, fam.

      • It is alleged that Catherine denied Henry his conjugal rights by saying she had a headache each night.
        Henry was very concerned about her and promised he’d be able to sort it out for her.

      • Big Hen was forced to behead them, cos yeoman-rights lawyers would not allow for their deportation.

  9. Is Whitey allowed? I mean white’s a colour. And there are far less whites on the planet than blacks, browns and yellows. I’m a minority.
    Tell my kids with blonde hair and blue eyes to try how rare they are around the world. Plenty of brown faces, brown eyes and black hair.
    People of Color Awards. Racist Cunts.

  10. Being black makes you superior to whitey, that’s the lesson we are meant to be learning.

    All the things that made white civilisation possible are bad, all the things that make our society are white constructs so they are bad.

    Bit by bit our way of life is being chipped away.

  11. I ordered an Indian to WokeUpCunt towers on New Years’ Eve and it was lucking fovely. Only thing is they didn’t bow down and call me boss. I’m going to go there and put my foot through the counter and send the BBC the bill.

    Anyway, ‘POC’s are generally PO shit. Note Stacey ‘KFC’ Abrams and her sister in Georgia.

  12. I’d hate to be child nowadays…how would you decide which of our modern role models to emulate ?…Sooty or Degenerate?…As a Sooty you’d have a lifetime of benefits and fried chiggun,as a Degenerate you’d have a ” simply fabulous darling” collection of dresses and a liking for Mr.Kipling French Fancies.

    Suppose it comes down to whether you can swim or not…of course,you could always go for the Holy Trinity,I suppose…a Gay,Crippled Tarry-Toot…you’d have hit the jackpot…Diane Abbott sucking your winkie while Philip Schofield botts you over the bonnet of your spacca-chariot….Fuck Me…you’d be a national hero and a shoo-in to become a presenter on BBC kiddies telly.

    • Call me depraved as you like Dick, but even my dignity wouldn’t allow Gordon T Gopher to felch me.

      • LOL… After several years sharing a closet with,and getting a daily fisting off Schofield,I’d imagine that poor Gordon The Gopher is probably beyond felching anyone….would you settle for Bungle off Rainbow?

      • May I be a bit of a cunt, Wokeup and ask if you could put a space somewhere in the middle of your good name? It brakes what we call ‘divs’ in the code here on WordPress and it makes the screen go all to buggery on people who use mobiles to view the site :/ I’ve been meaning to say something for a year or so! Appologies and a happy new year!

      • I’ll happily do anything required to support the longevity of IAC. Are you admin, or do you know admin? I have no idea how to go ‘behind the scenes’ and do any such thing myself, but I’m perfectly happy to have my name changed to ‘I’m A Cunt’. Genuinely 100% if any of you can do it, please feel free to do so. 🙂

      • The name’s good! It just won’t ‘wrap’ onto another line (because of it’s singular length with no spaces) if there was a space somewhere in it, it would wrap. On a mobile screen it makes scrolling a bit awkward! (it goes all over the place) 🙂

        I’m not admin nor dor I have the pleasure, I do own a web company though!

    • More likely Diane and “our Phil” would have reversed roles there I would have thought Dick! Otherwise I think your script passes muster👍

      • I bow to your superior knowledge of “Givers” and “Takers”.M.D.

        🙂 .

      • Pleased to be of service Mr FF – note that I would expect a modest “advisers fee” should you get the screenplay published😊

  13. I don’t know if it’s still allowed but many, many years ago I used to go to Greece and the Greek Islands, the Greeks used to make fun of the British tourists.

    Day one yoghurts
    Day two Strawberry Yoghurts

    Racists Bastards.

    Fuck the people of colour, either they are black or coloured, ‘person of colour’ can fuck right off.

    Coloured person of the year, impossible to choose, they are all cunts!

  14. Funny though – they daren’t use darkies on any advert in China as the chinks won’t buy the associated product. They don’t go for all the woke shite, which is why they rule the world.

    • I can’t imagine there are many who would go there anyway. It’s like out of the frying pan and into a wok.

  15. Honkeys have been all but ethnically cleansed from advertising, only a few token fuckers, as half of a mixed race couple, or if there is a requirement for a thick bumbling dad character.
    For such a shameful racist shithole that Britain is, it’s still a beacon of hope and freedom that many people still risk everything to get here, passing through other safe western countries that could also become home. The irony is, that once here, the greatest threat to their lives will be others who made the same journey.

  16. Best bit of Christmas telly was the BBC 2 documentary I watched after some nice rum:

    “Put all the rotten cunts in a container ship and send the fucker to China”.

    The second part is on tonight:

    “Keep sending the moaning cunts til everything is much better again”.

    I very much enjoyed it.

  17. They’re knighting any old cunt if they’re black now. That dark key bloke on the till in Asda?

    Probably an MBE by now.

    Just knight them all for having dark skin.

  18. If Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling are not knighted soon the BBC will never stop campaigning for it till they get one. Also undroppable from the England team now ofcourse.

  19. Rumours persist that HM the Q has a touch of the tarbrush. Many POCs claim Prince William to be a POC. Now who did he marry….? Dead cert that Prince Willy’s successor as Monarch will be a POC.

  20. To coin a phrase from that POC Stormzy, I’m not anti black, I’m pro white.

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