Alice Roberts

I’d like to Cunt Alice Roberts the Historian.

I’ve watched and liked her programmes for years but the last series about Britain’s Most Historic Towns she has to fucking mention slavery in every programme and basically called Nelson a cunt.

Every episode mentions the slave trade, imperial controversy, the empire blah blah blah. You can see how recent lefty lunacy has subverted everything within the media from the news to general documentaries like this.

This is now another programme I will refuse to watch. I may as well chuck my TV out the window and just read a book it’s getting that bad.

Nominated by: Little Lord Fontlacunt–s3-e7-britains-most-historic-towns/

53 thoughts on “Alice Roberts

  1. One of the better documentary presenters. She needs to stick at what she does best, presenting facts. Not trying to shoehorn left wing bollocks into the programs, to appease the arseholes who think they were instrumental in Britain’s success.
    Have to admit, I’ve always fancied shagging the arse off Alice. After that she can shove her woke agenda up it.

    • Good nom mr
      To be fair its not down to Alice,
      Its the writers and agenda setters who insist this is in the program.
      Theres a fit as fuck blonde historian that makes my balls ache but don’t remember her name?
      The picture above looks like mrs Doyle so its not Alice.

      • Susannah Liscombe!!
        Thats the fit blonde historian.
        Right babe!!
        Dunno if she goes on about slaves, dont listen to her,
        Fantasise about interefering with her while the slaves are thrown overboard chained to the anchor.

  2. She’s standing next to another lie in the photo. The upper middle class suffragettes had fuck all to do with women gaining the vote. That was the working class women going to work and paying tax in the ww1 munitions factories.

    • The contribution to the war effort of women of all classes is what the suffragettes, including their most visible upper middle class campaigners, highlighted in their political struggle for female emancipation.

  3. The chippy Cunts would be living in a far different World if there hadn’t been a British Empire..they may not like it but The British Empire did a sight more good than harm.

    Besides, continually being lectured on the “iniquities” of our history by a bunch of arty-farty “liberals”, uppity “compo”-seeking Sooties and enemies of the British way of life should not make people feel guilty, it should make them think “Fuck you…the past is just that,past…whatever the rights and wrongs,it can’t be changed and must be neither erased nor altered”. Personally I listen to such crap and just wish that the ancestors of the presenter/producer and the Cunts who are behind this shit had been amongst
    the victims in the “wicked British Empire’s” fight against Nazi Germany….although I’m sure it’ll not be long now until we have it explained to us that The British were utter Cunts for that too.

    Fuck them.

  4. Woke know fuck all, Whites took advantage in the time of the existing black slave trade and were the first to abolish it but these cunts say nothing about the 9.2 million blacks in Southern Sahara still in slavery today, some blacks still continue this trade like the white involvement was a blip on their history, blind virtue signaling cunts looking up their own arse hole!

    • Im sick of these liberal type lefty cunts and trained umbongos whining about slavery.
      Like it was a bad thing.
      If theres still millions maybe we should buy one?
      To help out admin on the site?
      Id happily have one work on my van and hed rue the day he thought he had it bad!
      His problems would only just be starting!!

    • There are about 40 million slaves world wide today and they’re all in sub saharan Africa, north Africa, the middle east and Asia. There are almost none on Europe or north America. We spent the 1800s going round the world intercepting ships and freeing slaves and invading countries to break up slavery. And we borrowed so much money to buy slaves their freedom in the 1800s that we didn’t pay it off until about 20 years ago.
      Why don’t bints like her every mention the fact that Africans and asians were using slaves long before us and still are? Oh yeah I forgot it would make simba and sinbad look like the cunts they are.

  5. In a hundred years or so, our gender-fluid and plasticine-brown descendants will no doubt be hearing how the COVID plague was a result of colonial arrogance and unbridled capitalist greed by whitey. (Unless the Chinks are in charge by them, in which case it will probably have been deleted).

    The World was probably saved by a vaccine developed by a well-funded and ethically-operated LGBTQ Nigerian pharma company, distributed at lightning speed by the Colombian descendants of oppressed Aztecs and Incas, using their well-established global supply chain.

    (That last bit is actually quite a good idea; I wonder if Jared K has had talks with them?).

    • Aztecs,Incas are help up nowadays as great civilizations but they practiced human sacrifice and slavery!
      And thick cunts for showing the spanish gold, wrote themselves a death warrant.
      Fuck them.

      • Very good at building though, especially blockwork.

        I would gladly overlook the occasional ritual slaughter in return for such neat joints (and a 10-year NHBC guarantee, of course).

      • Oh yeah, theyre the lads for a bit of building work, good at pyramids with stairs.
        Coke heads though.

  6. Following the “wimmins” success in obtaining the vote, it took another several years for men to achieve equality with women in voting rights. That is a Fact !

  7. I too would take great pleasure in ensuring maximum anal gape on this cunt. Strict vegan Nazi too I do believe. Probably also a fucking cyclist, definite remoaner and holidays at Centre Parks no doubt the cunt.

  8. It’s the BBC isn’t it, somehow they manage to shoehorn slavery or BLM into every fucking program. Propaganda, that is all. Without the Great British Empire and slavery they would still all be in Africa living in shit holes. Don’t they understand that as a indirect result of slavery and empire that they have benefited.
    Alice Robert’s, cracking rack, intelligent. I wouldn’t need asking twice.

    • Can’t wait to hear the next Jackanory story about how Big Ted and Gimima got raped by a bunch of Peacefulls

  9. Can understand why some of you red-blooded hetero letches on here might want to corn-hole her, but left-wing cunt.

    Talking of fuckable lasses (hey, maybe I’ve turned over a New Year’s Leaf), most encouraging it was yesterday when I ventured to Tesco and found no less than four mask-less compatriots – one of one was a young, gym-fit filly in her 20s, whom I suspect you lot on here would have deemed highly ‘do-able’. Wearing a pair of leggings too that basically provided a diagram of her arse cheeks. If you’re into that sort of thing.

      • Sometimes I think I should, if only to spawn a mini WokeUpCunter in the hope of the greater good.

  10. If she believes the shit she talks then she’s fucking demented and knows fuck all.
    Perfect for the rat’s nest that is the BBC.
    Bum it then oven it.

    • It’s comforting to know that the ovens are stoked ready for 2021 Terry 🙂

  11. She looks and talks like an overgrown student. Watched the Lincoln program but didnt notice any slavery mentions, but as the slaves were local white serfs then I dont suppose it fits the agenda.
    Marginally less cuntish than Lucy fucking Worsley.

    Bethany Hughes gives me the right horn.

    • You’re humming my tune now, CC. Betthany Hughes is all woman, with a magnificent pair of devil’s dumplings.

      An all nighter with her would make a real man of you if you weren’t one already.

    • Just googled Betteny Hughes and some images are coming up of something half presentable, and the other half of someone who looks like they visit Greggs on a daily basis. Could depend upon which is the current version.
      Certainly wouldn’t climb across Alice Roberts to get to even the slimmer version.
      Still each to our own Cunstable.

  12. Never heard of her. A quick Google search reveals:

    -From Bristol
    -Professor of an “Ology”

    I can smell the “yeast” from here😞
    Unkle Terry-I second your motion👍

    • And I can smell the fishy pong from her, CG.
      I bet this tart stinks like the grease traps from Bury Fish Market.

      • That made me laugh Norm and reminded me of something. 😀

        Many years ago I was doing inspections at Hinkley Point power station. They have a massive concrete fish trap about 50ft Square by the same deep. It catches the debris and fish pumped in from the Bristol Channel for cooling. I remember seeing dead ray, probably thornbacks and loads of other shit. Immediately, even then, I thought that’s what Alice Roberts’ cunt must smell like. Uncanny really. The fucking cunt!

  13. Dr Roberts (nothing to do with The Beatles, MNC) looks, sounds and dresses almost exactly like Victoria Coren Mitchell. Perhaps they simply went to the same school or had the same nanny… but I think they may in fact be one person with two identities, chiefly for tax avoidance purposes.

    Have they ever been seen them in the same place?

  14. Had to look it up (don’t watch “live TV” any more – currently “4 letters in and waiting for the f*ckw1ts to appear in my Ring App”). Channel 4. Like the H1tler youth were to the Shutzstaffel compared to the BBC. All this “woke sh1te” is mandatory in their programmes. This is the answer (it would have a knock on affect to the Channel 4 (unts as well):

  15. Historians you’d think need to understand historical context, the ability to understand historical figures actions in the context of the time they lived in and explain that to the public is pretty fucking key to the job.

    She should be ashamed of herself.

    Slavery is universal throughout history. The Romans took slaves, the Viking’s took slaves, the Egyptians, pretty much any nation that ever expanded its territory took slaves.

    It was the British who did the most to end slavery, we only stopped paying back the money borrowed to free the black slaves in 2015.

    I’ve never had slaves, my parents never had slaves and my grandparents never had slaves.

    Stolen from Africa? Their descendants are risking their lives on air beds to her here now……..cunts!

    Think it case closed, don’t you?

  16. Fuck this woke slag Roberts. Why doesn’t the bitch just black up and have done with it?

    Got a restored The World At War box set for Christmas. I will watch that instead.

  17. I didn’t know she was a vegan. That’s a first, you usually find that out before their names. I would still bang her, though I bet the pong from her farts is fucking staggering, and she would definitely have to have a good scrub before hand.
    Dan Snow recently did a documentary on the dambusters for channel five, and he was told that he couldn’t refer to the enemy forces as German, they had to be called nazis. He told them that they weren’t all nazis, that would be like saying everyone from Britain today is a Tory, meaning you are misrepresenting the people from a country by claiming them all as members of the ruling political party. Channel five said ‘er, we call them nazis, or your fired’. It’s obviously a way to disassociate the Germans of today with the Germans of 80 years ago, but it’s bollocks. Not every German was a Nazi, many had nothing to do with the ruling party, but did what they did out of loyalty to the country, or fear of the consequences if they didn’t. Also, you didn’t have to be a Nazi to carry out atrocities, there were many instances where these were carried out by normal troops, and not SS or other pure Nazi battalions.
    It’s the double standards that piss me off. We are compelled to forgive, and largely forget what happened during the Second World War, and accept, quite rightly, that the people from these countries have nothing to do with what was done by their countrymen back then, and should carry no shame for their actions.
    Yet, when it comes to what the empire did 200 years ago, we should all feel deep shame, and even be financially responsible for it.
    Revisionists can get fucked.

  18. She’s just an attention seeking mucky old slag. I’ve noticed Admiral Lord Nelson is coming in for a lot of stick from the commie cunts lately.
    Admiral Lord Nelson is the 2nd greatest ever Englishman, Sir Arthur Bomber Harris is the greatest.

  19. The older she gets the more she dresses like some goth student. However, after much thought i would slide into her lubed arsehole then cum on her face as long as she asked or maybe begged nicely.

  20. And the BBC still apparently wonder why a thousand people a day are cancelling their indoctrination tax?
    And the sack of cuck blubber has been ordered by Prime Minister Symonds to keep the stealth tax.
    I have therefore, with regret but no choice, decided to take over the Government and declare a revolution.
    After dinner, obviously! 😃

  21. Vegan? In a leather jacket? The fucking thing doesn’t fit either – need a bigger size Alice. Sorry, you may have an arsehole ripe for poking by the bokes here, but it doesn’t wash with me. You’re still a disgrace to your profession*, a re-writer of historical fact, an appeaser. And no dress sense, either. You unmitigated cunt.

    *If you are a historian? You’ve had multiple occupation tags associated with your name during your tv career.

  22. Bit worried for Dr Alice with what some of the ne’er do wells on here say they want to do to her.

    Dr Suzannah Lipscomb pulls off the rock chick look better for me.

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