A Covid Christmas cunting for Spain who have decided to start a register of people who refuse the vaccine.

The list will be private (yes right) but shared with other EU countries so no chance of it being leaked.

Now I am in favour of the vaccine but not making it compulsory. However if people refuse the vaccine, especially those who have a high chance of becoming very sick,they should have it spelled out to them that the risk of the vaccine is minimal compared to the Chinky flu. If they still say no just move on and fuck the cunts.

What would piss me off is people not turning up for appointments, therefore wasting the time of those administering the vaccine and possibly wasting doses. That would justify a ‘cunts list’.

(Link to a news source is here – NA)

Nominated by: Sick of it

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  1. Oh you beauty!!
    I hate Spain and the lisping effete onion suckers that are the Spaniards.
    A list of vaccine refusers?
    Bet all countries do it,
    But in Spain its hard to inject people as they are so greasy,
    Slipping everywhere, probably accidentally pierce their nose.
    Covid or not the spanish are oily little bumboys, their food tastes like shite, and they’re cruel to animals.
    Fuck em.
    Hope covid has a field day.
    Can I go now Admin?
    Ill be late for my Salsa dancing class?

  2. I don’t mind Spain (apart from their love for bullfighting). At least they’re not French or German, which is always a bonus!

  3. I would stone to death people who refuse the vaccine unless there’s a valid medical reason to do so. Cunts, anyone that just refuses because they can is an utter and absolute cunt.

      • Then you are a cunt. The world has eradicated smallpox and polio with vaccines but you’re not having it. Silly fucker.

      • Then im a cunt.
        And I’ll continue to be a cunt,
        Im still not having a rushed through vaccine on the half arsed advice of a bunch of eggheads and a incompetence government.
        Thats how I see it, and until something changes my mind thats the way it is.
        You getting hysterical?
        Wont change my mind.

      • Except Polio and Smallpox had mortality rates of around 30%, so the risk of the virus hugely outweighed the risks of taking a vaccine and it’s possible side effects. However, Covid has a mortality rate of <1%, so to fit, relatively young, healthy and not obese cunts, the risks of the vaccine hugely outweigh maybe being ill. Now if they came out and guaranteed that the vaccines stopped transmission, then that would change everything, in that case people should be taking the vaccine to help protect others, but the best they've said is they think it might. They haven't got any data to suggest it does reduce transmission. So, to be honest it should be individual choice whether you take it or not.

      • Except that this vaccine won’t wipe out Covid, it just surpresses the symptoms. It doesn’t stop you being infectious either. It’s just to stop you being hospitalised. That’s as long as you don’t die of any allergies or throw a fit due to side effects in the 15 minute waiting time. It’s a bit like the annual flu vaccine that people get. Oh btw I’m a cunt too cos I’m not having it either. That fucking rock pile will be a fucking big one.

      • I think that decision will disappoint Mrs Mis!
        I’m sure she’ll put pressure on you to change your mind.
        My bet is that you’ll succumb!

      • Maybe Bertie?
        Missus and daughter are terrified of it.
        An not much I wouldn’t do for them.
        Just not convinced in regards to the vaccine.

      • Dont involve me in your sordid games MNC, small pricks and oily bum boys 😂

        I am sure you will take, northerners will have anything if it’s free 👍

      • I am indeed a second class citizen MNC being bred in the north, I am torn between the vaccines, the AZ one is cheap but British whereas the Pfizer jab is more expensive but foreign.

        Which one to go for, it’s a tough choice between British is Best or fuck it, I want the most expensive one.

      • Id always choose British over foreign Sicky, but can you choose?
        Is it a case of once called your having the one on offer or nowt?

      • You’d choose an inferior vaccine because it was developed in Britain, Miserable?

        I’d choose the best every time. I don’t give a fuck where it was developed, why would anyone?

      • You’d choose an inferior vaccine because it was developed in Britain, Miserable?

        I’d choose the best every time. I don’t give a fuck where it was developed, why would anyone?

      • Dont think anyone is saying its inferior are they?
        I mean if two similar products id buy British simply out of patriotism.
        But wont be taking either of them Ruff.
        Fools rush in…

      • Yes, the Pfizer vaccine is considered to be 95% efficient, compared to around the 70% for the Oxford.

        Immunity also appears to kick in a bit quicker with the Pfizer jab at 14 days, compared to 22 for the Oxford shot.

        I’d be happy with either.

      • Me neither MNC fuck the vaccine
        You’re a cunt if you get something pumped into you that doesn’t stop you getting ill and doesn’t stop you passing it on if you get it

    • charming – does your vehemence hide an underlying fear of something – like real life as opposed to the current ‘theatre’????

      • I think that people who are not vulnerable but take the vaccine anyway just because cunts tell them to take it are moronic cunts.

      • Who me?
        No fear involved.
        Thats why ive worked outside all the way through it, why ive been doing the supermarket run.
        Im not really a trembling indoors type.

      • Twenty@
        As well as been immune to chinky flu im betting im immune to been stoned to death too?!!
        Shows how good genes benefit the brave doesn’t it?!

    • I suspect the majority of people will get the AZ one because it’s easy to move around, only posh southern cunts will get a choice (just joking).
      There is also the Moderna one which has been approved, American job, I like the name it’s got a sexy ring to it, just a bit concerned that it is a clothing brand. 😂

      • It’s not a secret, a google search top line was for the Pfizer vaccine
        Lipids (including ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3- phosphocholine, and cholesterol)
        Potassium chloride
        Monobasic potassium phosphate
        Sodium chloride
        Dibasic sodium phosphate dehydrate

      • Multipurpose, extra calories and if there is any left you can use it in the shower to wash your hair.

  4. We don’t know if the vaccine is safe or how effective it is. As the vaccines produced actually only reduce or eliminate the symptoms of Covid they can’t really be considered vaccines but should be seen as medication.

    A long way from traditional vaccines and considering the virus was only identified in March it’s impossible to know the long term
    Effects of the vaccines.

    There a lot of speculation and conjecture about the vaccine but we are expected to believe that it’s safe and effective because the government and MSM say so.

    Time will tell, Thalidomide was safe to use to combat morning sickness.

    • I think people are under the impression that the Covid vaccine was rushed. A Sars corona vaccine has been in development for years which is why the covid 19 vaccine was able to be developed so quickly.

      • “A Sars corona vaccine has been in development for years ”

        …and the trials didn’t end well did they?

        Results: All vaccines induced serum neutralizing antibody with increasing dosages and/or alum significantly increasing responses. Significant reductions of SARS-CoV two days after challenge was seen for all vaccines and prior live SARS-CoV. All mice exhibited histopathologic changes in lungs two days after challenge including all animals vaccinated (Balb/C and C57BL/6) or given live virus, influenza vaccine, or PBS suggesting infection occurred in all. Histopathology seen in animals given one of the SARS-CoV vaccines was uniformly a Th2-type immunopathology with prominent eosinophil infiltration, confirmed with special eosinophil stains. The pathologic changes seen in all control groups lacked the eosinophil prominence.

        Conclusions: These SARS-CoV vaccines all induced antibody and protection against infection with SARS-CoV. However, challenge of mice given any of the vaccines led to occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity to SARS-CoV components was induced. Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated.

        Fuck this shit.

    • Yip. They skipped over many steps you would normally go through when developing a vaccine. If they hadn’t they couldn’t have rolled it out as quickly. That’s why they are saying some restrictions will have to stay in place after vaccinating the population. They don’t know if people will still be able to transmit it. Well if it worked you couldn’t catch it or transmit it.
      You could argue that they are testing it on the population. Not on me they won’t. I’ll hang back and wait to see its efficacy and safety.
      Imagine if they tried to force nurses and doctors to take it? They’d lose staff in no time. Well so says some professor of humanities and ethics.
      It’s a personal choice.
      Anyway if it works and someone is vaccinated why would they be concerned if the person next to them hasn’t been? They couldn’t catch it.

      • “It’s a personal choice…”

        …but to the left that concept is offensive, dangerous and just downright provocative!

      • Yeah there’s nothing worse than individuality.
        Ffs don’t these cunts ever learn ? The 20th century is riddled with examples of why the collective mindset is evil. It always ended in horror,mass death,persecution .
        Individual freedom is everything.
        Lefty cunts.

  5. I agree with your sentiments and would agree to cunt the Spanish politicians who are cunts. Spain however, is the best place in the world apart from Australia

    • I love Spain and lived in Australia when I was a kid. The main difference is that you can understand the Spanish.

    • To Bertram ..Inala, district. I’m told it’s overrun by peaceful’s now. Shame loved it Full of Brits £10 tourists Aussies Abbos, even French all mixed and got on like a house on fire.

    • Oldest nephew is currently in Melbourne. Don’t bsee him and his missus coming back. They’re fools. Sydney is where to be. Would have moved miself but would miss the old man and various siblings (including my idiot, toothless brother).

  6. It’s not a vaccine – it’s an injection of unknown content – none of the pharma companies have provided this information – and why is there a ban on data on those having had it? this is a stage 3 trial of the injection on the human population ffs!
    what cunt would voluntarily have this injected into them????

    • Me…. I’m in a high risk group !!!???/ COPD diabetes and I am so so fucking fed up with it all.. This shit should have happened last year. Lockdown without fucking opening up for the summer… As for the vaccine role out ffs.. Here is my slogan inject an idiot. I could inject myself and family members and 100’s of other idiots, those incapable and they must be fucking stupid!! I really don’t believe the government have enough vaccines .. ” How hard can it be”? Not very loads of cunts.. ps don’t want it fine … no problems I do .. really sick of it Angry beyond comprehension.

      • I feel your pain Everyonesacunt. Whilst I’m not officially in a high risk group, as a hypochondriac, I’ve enough going on to make it worthwhile having it.
        It all depends on how you view risk/reward. Anyone getting on in years is likely to view the risk differently from a younger person. My grandson is over 3 months old and I’ve not seen him. This is one reason for me not to delay. To younger people, however, I would say – take into account that this is no longer just a disease of the elderly, others are being affected.

      • When I had my flu jab last year it was like a production line but this year it was more like going through a minefield, I couldn’t enter the surgery until my allotted time, straight to a hand gel station, then Ito the vaccination room, quick jab and out through the back door.
        That is why it will take longer, it’s all the safety protocols that are in place.

      • Which means it’s not a vaccine. In theory a vaccine should stop you catching it and therefore transmitting it. If you can transmit it a poor vaccine.

    • All this stuff about ‘is it safe’, just remember every time you take any medicine for anything you are relying on the manufacturer to ensure it is manufactured under strict conditions and all measurements are validated.
      Next time you buy some aspirin that says it is 200mg do you think, I am not sure that it’s safe, no you don’t, you have confidence that it is 200mg active.
      It’s the same fucking regulator that is approving the vaccine that approves all the other medics you take in this country.

      By all means don’t take the vaccine if you don’t want it but to say it hasn’t been approved through the standard procedures is ridiculous.

      • The vaccine not been properly or safely tested. Due to the risk of getting their arses being sued off and the understanding that when you stick a third party active agent in a human body there can be serious side effects undiscovered at initial stage development.
        Average vaccine development time?
        10-25 years.
        This one? Months.
        Does that not concern anyone?
        It should.
        Further – we had no vaccine for Bird Flu, SARS, MERS and the vaccine (the second version of rNA vaccine after the first disastrous attempt by the Bill Gates Foundation) for Swine flu caused catastrophic brain injuries to hundreds of UK children which HM Government has already quietly paid out over 60 million in compensation for – all of the aforementioned viruses were more deadly than coronavirus (there is no such illness as “COVID”).
        There is no “deadly pandemic” and I believe from the credible evidence I have been gathering over many months that this is the biggest con trick perpetrated on humankind.
        I will not take it, if others wish to do so no problem, but not for me.

      • Pharma are exempt from action if the shit hits the fan.
        That tells me all I need to know.
        Stick your vaccine and fear up your arse.

      • Quite rightly so, It’s hardly their fault their customers (governments) have demanded a product that they can’t guarantee is safe.
        All pharma companies have done is play along, lawsuits should be left for every other failed concoction they have mismarketed.

  7. Good evening and go fuck yourselves 😁
    Vaccine…go fuck yourself
    Spain…go fuck yourself
    That’s all.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  8. What’s worse being on a non vaccinated list or the government collecting (and storing your DNA) via Covid tests? This Covid 19 solution seems to be an information win for the government’s.
    What a pile of cunt.

      • Don’t know any Barrington’s C, a very gentlemanly sounding name I think…I may begin using it as an alias. 😁

      • You should prank call Fiddler announcing that Lord Barrington of Notting Hill is on his way to the weekend grouse shoot and to have the master bedroom made up and to decant the port.

    • Is that “it has four legs, Chuck it off a bell tower’?
      I love it when the bull wins, and some tights wearing ponce gets a horn right up his hoop, or is trampled to death.

      • I have to admit GJ, when Mrs B and I were last in Spain, we booked a table at a restaurant and ordered “Bulls Balls.”
        We were disappointed when they were delivered to the table and asked the waiter why they were so small.
        He replied “Senor, it’s not every time that the Matador is the winner! “

  9. Ah….the Covid identity card. It’s coming, don’t worry about that.
    They can deny it now but I bet they’ve already printed the fuckers.

  10. This won’t happen. It’s a crazy idea. Next you’ll be telling me that they’re archiving people who voted for Trump and making a list.

    Ha ha, only a nutter would propose this.

  11. I’m not going to bite on this one.
    Most of you lot have a downer on us expats in Spain but yanks, Aussies, new Zealand vowel manglers and the rest get a free ride. So in the words of b+w cunt, go fuck yourselves

    • sMp@ – Random one sir Mali but can retired UK homeowners still winter in Spain and get their pension paid?
      I believe this used to be the case but not sure now.

      • Not sure Vernon. Don’t know anybody here that does it. People we know are either retired and live here full time, live and work like me or have holiday homes and come out for couple of weeks or a month maybe. It’s very different where I live compared to the urbanisations on the coast where that used to happen

  12. I’ve got an idea, as the future seems to be pointing to a them and us divide regarding vaccinations. I am going to be opening a Covid cafe, Covid launderette, and Covid Airlines…I’ll be super rich like that fat Greek cunt Stellios from easyJet…
    Go fuck yourselves.

      • I have given it much thought LL, and in the interest of not spreading Covid 19 I will insist on the lucky lady being vaccinated… although I won’t have the vaccine.
        How are you getting on?

      • I’m well thanks B&W, living in a rural Lincolnshire village its like a bubble within a bubble if that makes sense. The changes have been relatively small and inconvenient and the worst of the pandemic has at times seemed like another planet. That’s not to downplay it but thankful I live where I do.

      • Always liked to sound of Lincolnshire LL, I imagine it to be friendly honest folk…unlike London where most cunts are aaaaht to get what they can and everyone else can go fuck themselves.

  13. I have given it much thought LL, and in the interest of not spreading Covid 19 I will insist on the lucky lady being vaccinated… although I won’t have the vaccine.
    How are you getting on?

  14. You can poke both the vaccine and Spain right up your brown holes.

    The vaccine smells of fish and Spain smells like chip lard but they both smell of shit.

    There’s more chance of me poking my own eyes out than having that shit injected into me.

    Fuck the vaccine to Hell and put Boris and his corrupt chums in the same package.

  15. Don’t worry, just three weeks to flatten the curve and no need to wear a mask.
    Remember that..? and where are we now, lock downs, curfews next and bordering on a police state.
    The Marx Brothers would have hand handled this better….

  16. They are making it up as they go along.
    The police just given the green light to take the oppressive boot up to the next level.
    Every single fucking one of them👎

  17. A vaccine that doesn’t stop you getting it or transmitting it, but may reduce symptoms a bit.

    Yeah, you know what else does that? Not being an unhealthy redundant dishrag of a person. Specifically, not being deficient in vitamin D, as well as C, Zinc, and other minerals. Which is the majority of the population.

    Scurvy, Beriberi, and Pellagra were once believed to be diseases caused by pathogens. All caused by vitamin deficiencies.

    The medical establishment, especially the field of virology, is so full of shit you wouldn’t believe. They still have not even isolated, purified, and characterized this virus.. the genetic characterisation was about as scientific as pulling letters out of a bingo machine. As for ‘isolation’, it takes about 30 seconds to see that the methodology is completely circular and nothing but psuedoscience.

    This is the biggest fucking scam and fraud ever perpetrated on humanity.

    • People cannot see it though.

      No chips in the head, no super soldiers created from dodgy vaccines (although I predict a few poorly folk from that muck) and no dancing nurses or global mega elite plan.

      Just plain and simple panic, propaganda, lies, corruption, mass delusion and money….not to mention a huge slice of general incompetence.

      • People, especially the tinfoil hatters, give politicians way too much credit as far as intellect goes. Instead of being some machiavellian super villains, they are mostly chancers with shit degrees, bluffing their way through a career. 99% of cover ups are them trying to weasel out of being found greedy or incompetent. Or both.

      • Your error is assuming the politicians actually decide the fate of their nations through their own decision making, when in fact key decisions are implemented by a whole political apparatus that surrounds them which itself has been infiltrated by outside forces.

        The politicians are nothing more than a buffer between us and the ruling class. The real decisions are made behind closed doors.

        Yes, they’re incompetent. But that isn’t the full picture.

    • Probably for the best. He couldn’t separate his emotions from the discussions and was only torturing himself when really he should be resting up from working a gruelling job.

  18. Spain is a cunt, The Spainish are cunts.
    No further reasoning required, Although their food, mannerisms, masculine looking men, arrogance and reliance on tourism are all cunts too.

  19. I have a hunch the point of the Register is not to track those who’ve refused it, but to keep tabs on which (young, single, fighting-age, dinghy arriving, arse five times in the air on Fridays shoving) ‘new residents’ will be exempt from it.

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