I would like to cunt the Netflix series “Bridgerton”, a period drama set in early 19th century ENGLAND. However, it will come as no surprise to my fellow cunters that there are dar quays and parking stanleys floating around in the upper classes. Queen Charlotte is played by some half caste, and of course the lead character turns down all WHITE suitors who are nasty, “backward” and waycist, in favour of being scuttled by some Leroy.

There are undertones running throughout that all the “white privilege” of titles, land, etiquette et cetera is, of course, wrong and to be brought down.

Fuck off.

Nominated by: McCunterson

and supported by this from Miles Plastic 

This is the new historical drama from Netflix, but in one episode there is a female masturbation scene.

The Lady in question is taught how to do it by an aristocrat who is black. So far so good for historical accuracy. And far from him being portrayed as a bounder or a cad he is seen (from the commentary) as a liberator of women’s sexuality.

Got me thinking about ‘Upstairs Downstairs’. There were no female masturbation scenes back then. What would Hudson have thought if there were? or even Mrs Bridges?

No the lower orders wouldn’t come into it. Maybe you could have had Lord Bellamy saying Lady Bellamy was delayed for dinner because she was ‘knocking one out’. No that wouldn’t have been in keeping with the series.

What about the Onedin Line? That certainly was more racy than Upstairs Downstairs. In the privacy of a cabin maybe. Yes, this is how you ‘bring yourself off’. No once again you just couldn’t have gone that far.

Even Downtown Abbey didn’t have these ‘self-pleasuring’ scenes and that was only a couple of years ago.

No it’s a brave new world we have entered. We are living in the 2020s. These things are not taboo anymore. Indeed most of the comments (see below) are stating it’s about time females are seen pleasuring themselves in productions.

But what about male masturbation on our TV screens. Isn’t it sexist? We need more Wankers in our historical dramas. Fine upstanding Tossers we can all be proud of.

Parity is Paramount. I mean if we have Lady Hamilton ‘flicking the bean’, we must have Lord Nelson choking the chicken.


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    • I’ve seen them do this!
      Always grinning and wanking!
      Its been edited out now but on the original photos of the Windrush coming into dock,
      Lots were shoving their puckered arseholes against the porthole windows, and wanking furiously on deck!
      They had to call in a negotiator from Ffyes fruit to restore order.

      • If my wife even tried to put this on the telly I’d rip her arms off and beat her to death with the soggy ends.

  1. I’m curious to know just what the viewing figures for this sanctimonious dross actually are. There must surely be a majority of potential viewers who are completely turned off at such virtue signaling history re-writes?
    I was a signed up but cancelled last year after they released ‘Cuties’ – about a sand rat who enters a ‘twerking’ competition for fellow 14 year olds under the guise of emancipation or some such miserable bollocks no self entitled 14 year old could even spell, let alone understand.
    There’s a gaping chasm* in existence for quality programming and the first outfit that caters to that will see viewing footfall rise, until then, it’s the intrawebs for factual content and entertainment.

    * The controllers of these broadcasters are also gaping chasms.

  2. The Catholic Church used to preach that masturbation is worse than rape. Why? Because at least rape can result in pregnancy.

    Joyless cunts.

  3. The W-+*2ing scene is vital to the series. It shows that the Producers and Writers are w-+*2ers too.

  4. Once upon a time in Africa white people ( the Boers) landed. They wanted land and found a sparcely populated, inhospitable place. They formed alliances with local tribes to beat their stronger competitors. In west Africa,Nigeria the British allied themselves with the smaller tribes to beat the slave trading tribes. There you go BBC ,Netflix, etc etc. Make your own stories rather than bending ours to your fucking bollox..There was no black population (except for a tiny population in Bristol ,Cardiff,and East London) in this country before 1950. Fuck off cunts.

    • There was no black population (except for a tiny population in Bristol ,Cardiff,and East London) in this country before 1950. Fuck off cunts.

      Halcyon days👍

    • but, but, but I’ve seen loads of TV shows and films that have plenty of stanis and bliks in Victorian London. They even won WW1 for us according to 1917. For gawd’s sake, how long until this shite is regurgitated as truth in school history lessons? The white man took Africa and made the fuckimg shit-hole work. Maybe they can make an alternative history film about bliks finding the New World and turning into a shit-hole?

    • Indeed,perfect.
      Apart from Roots or 85 million films about rapping drug dealers it’s noticeable they have to hijack white history constantly.
      Is that because before we fetched them out the jungle they did fuck all of note?
      An Atlantic Ocean of bullshit and lies.

      • I watched the 1st episode this evening in the hope of seeing a young lady diddling herself, if it was there it was in one of the bits I forwarded over.
        It is the biggest piece of cultural misappropriation since The Black and White Minstrel Show.
        Ignoring the fact that we shouldn’t notice the colour of the actor’s skin it was badly written and full of ham acting. Unless the sex scenes get a lot better then it’s the biggest pile of shit I have seen for a long time.

  5. It sounds shite.
    Who the fuck wants to see Darkies dressed up like Princess Ann?
    Demented rubbish for P.erverts.

  6. On the BBC website we can read an article about how offensive it is to mispronounce someone’s name, according to the article it’s not just offensive it’s a MICRO-ASSAULT……..

    Almost worth a cunting on its own but it’s just one more piece in the insane clown show called politically correct intellectual masturbation for the woke.

    I have an uncommon name which is often mispronounced, do I see it as a MICRO-ASSAULT? No, because I myself struggle to pronounce some names particularly those from Poland or ones that originated in Africa.

    Just fuck off you spineless leeches on society.

    • My name is Eastern European and, in my life, almost nobody has said it correctly. My English wife of 14 years still can’t say it correctly and, on one occasion, I spelt it wrong myself.

    • I regularly get peoples names wrong especially if theyre a bit up their own arse.
      Ali- Sinbad
      Etc, just because im childish and I dont like pompous people.
      Its not a micro aggression,
      Just a symptom of disdain.
      I also pretend I cant understand people if even a tinge of a foreign accent, and talk slowly and loudly at them.
      Serves em right for being different.

    • Just don’t “deadname” a tyranny. I heard one of them call this “rape” the other day.

      I shit you not.

      Look if you want to change your name to Margaret that is ok. I support your right to do it. Genuinely

      Just don’t get all fucking legal on me when I forget and call you Mark on account of you having a stronger handshake than Geoff Capes

    • Dear Lord that is unbelievable.

      I like the way he makes no real attempt to bother saying Wolverhampton Wanderers in the correct way.

      I think MOTD should give him Lineker’s job. Lineker can then move to Ghana.

      He will like it there .

      They must also swap.salaries obviously

  7. My thinking behind this. If you think of all the prophetic books. Start with 1984. What was that? The world dominited by totalitarian regimes. Well, that doesnt exactly describe the world now. ,’Brave New World’. What was that? Soma and people bred for industry. Not exactly. I mean there are many things in both books you can see today. But they don’t describe the experience of living now exactly. The atmosphere.
    Vulgarity is the word I am looking for. Like being continually in the company of coarse, vulgar people. That’s how the world feels to me.
    There is of course absolutely nothing you can do about it. Because the one thing (and here’s the essential point) a vulgar person doesn’t know- that he is vulgar. Same with this culture the one thing it doesnt know-that it is vulgar.

    • I know im vulgar and coarse Miles.
      Im proud of it.
      I come from a long line of vulgar people,
      Trace it back to my ancestor sir Gilles de Vulgar.
      Our coat of arms is 2 dogs shagging on a fleur de leis,
      And the motto “hairy fanny pie”.

    • Good point, Miles. A bit like stupid people don’t know they’re stupid.

      The world is in such a sorry state and that was before the ‘rona. What an unpleasant period in time to be alive. Talking to my dear old mum is depressing. She remembers the London bombings in WWII, the rebellion and social upheaval of the 60s, the 70s strikes and 3 day week, the money and greed of the 80s, the 90s internet evolution, into a new millennium accompanied with mass (illegal) immigration, the dumbing down and falling standards of society, the rise of me-me-me and reality TV and now the ‘rona. She doesn’t recognise the world around her now and it’s not that she’s gone doo-lally either.

      As shitty as you think the 80s and 90s were, I for one wish I were back there. It was better than this.

      • Evening IY. I keep hearing more about the ‘Great reset’ how much is hyperbole I don’t know but it does feel we are on the periphery of something with Trump gone, end to Covid in sight and Brexit done.

    • It seems the central themes of 1984 and Brave New World went completely over your head Miles.

      Mind you, that Animal Farm book was even further off the mark. Correct me if I’m wrong, but farmyard animals haven’t even come close to overthrowing their human masters! In fact they remain totally disenfranchised.

      Yeah, those so called visionary cunts Orwell and Huxley were rubbish.


  8. Lady C was watching this shite and I had to leave the room. Absolute tripe – it seems anything will get funded if full of dark keys.

  9. Wonder if it’ll stick yo real life and as soon as a cum dump gets preggers the heboon will fuck off to the next street, town, hamlet and sow his seed there

  10. Vulgar and coarse is us, better that than the pretentious pseudo intellectuals that believe in their own superiority due to a larger vocabulary and a middle class accent.

    Why use a hundred words when ‘cunt’ will convey the meaning of your words so much quicker and accurately.

  11. If there were upper class BAMES back then they must have been making a shitload of money out of the slave trade, the bastards.
    That racist cunt Churchill was black aswell…….i’ve seen his statue! And as for Admiral Nelson……anyone who dressed like that was obviously gay. Hello sailor!

    • Oooh kiss me Hardy.

      Yep, definitely a gay.

      Lord of the Admiralty.

      Lord of the Bum more like

  12. I’ve heard about this tripe and thank the fingers for watching this cheaply tarted-up dogshit with tokens crowbarred-in for pc points to placate any woke cretins who enjoyed that Copperfield shite from last year. Naturally I won’t be watching though I might watch a remake of Roots or 12 Years A Slave starring honkies as de Afreekans.

  13. Shity skanky tv pandering to the dregs and the woke brigade.
    I couldn’t stomach watching pish like that.
    Fuck it.
    I’m off to watch Dirty Harry. The one with Andy Robinson playing a psycho shooting people .

  14. The other half started watching it.

    I found it a very good excuse to do my tax returns and take the dog on some extended walks before my piss boiled.

  15. Why not go for full on accuracy and have Leroy lobbing out his bull Elephant size knob whilst sucking on his Jenkum bottle covered in Gypo gold.!

  16. This latest pile of steaming putrid shite shows the woke mob and their MSM accomplices vision of the future. Or at least the future as they want it to be.

    Which is aristocraric sambeaus ruling the roost and owning the fucking world.

  17. Anyone watching last nights “New” Series of Catherine the Great, will have seen the many Africunt Aristocrats in her court. Many of the background figures seemingly recruited from the Dinghy Dwellers of Dover, and a “forgive me I am white ” undercurrent with many a right on message at every corner.

    Fuck me! Never new Dark ones were the foundation of all civilized societies.

    • Yes having been to Russia many times, I can confirm that they love non white people and have many of them there.

  18. Sorry for the late comment pmsl 😂 what a pile of shite this none factual historical, should that be hysterical, drama 🎭 appears to be. Great cunting.

  19. This is the typical Un-Whitewashing of history that is happening in the Arts.

    Don’t let historical accuracy get in the way of our woke agenda.

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