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  1. Good nomination Smug, In a more frightening move, Parler has been suspended too. Described on sky news as “far right” – it was the only site where free speech was allowed with a global audience.

    Admin – beware that ISAC doesn’t suffer the same fate. Please!!!

    Twitter / Google / Facebook / all as bad as each other.

  2. Twitter, fuck it, microblog or mindbog?

    “It’s wonderful” say users. “I can think something and share it with the world.” They mean the people who share their world view.

    The only thing I enjoyed on Twitter was deluded Brendan when Rogers was Liverpool manager, didn’t have to join to read the tweets.

    Not being a Twitter user means I missed out on lots of remainer tears, Katie Prices gash adventures and the profound thoughts of various celebrities.

    Donald Trump found it useful but cmon Don, you bailed yourself to a big tech cross and fell into the trap of tweeting thoughts that you should of ruminated on, often to your own cost.

    Social media is dangerous, you say something and it’s used against you years later. Make sure you mean it before you say it.

    • Crush all debate.
      Silence all dissent.
      Cancel all opposition.
      Monitor their thoughts.
      Change their statements.
      Hunt them down.
      Show no mercy.
      Exterminate Exterminate

      • It’s said that Amazon have blocked web traffic to the Parler servers but left them running, a hacker group is downloading members info.

        It’s coming.

  3. Trump was simultaneously banned by Twitter and pretty much every social media platform in the world. This evil campaign is not about DJT, it is about stamping out different opinions and dissent. Gypsy Jack Dorsey is a fully paid up puppet of the CCP and I see their evil yellow fingerprints behind a lot of bad things going on in the world. The fight of our world (also described as Armageddon by those who believe these things) is against communism and islam and they gather their strength with every passing day.
    Parler, the free speech platform, has been removed from all carriers and the co-owner John Matze reports that potential hosting partners have been threatened into refusing their business. This is much, much more than a bunch of whiny leftard snowflakes causing problems – this is much deeper, much better organised and truly evil.
    I believe this is now a fight for the very existence of freedom and democracy, and if people meekly let this slide we are fucked.
    This is the 21st century nazi party at work here, And all I can say is if we, the free people, do not resist then we are lost.
    Not on my fucking watch – this is not paranoia or conspiracy theorems – this is half a century of life experience ringing every warning bell possible.
    “Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”
    George Orwell, 1984.

  4. Twitter has a political influence way beyond what is reasonable. Apparently, only 22% of adult Americans have an account and only 10% of those are responsible for 90%+ of tweets. In other words, it reflects the views of 2.2% of the population. Most of them are time-rich, privileged arseholes tweeting shit they don’t believe in for right-on points. Most of the rest are mad right-wing foamers who can’t spell.

    I do have a Twitter account but whilst it was fun for a while, it is ultimately pointless. I have stopped following someone whose work I like but who just keeps tweeting shite about Trumpy. Just use it to share links to my blog: @MikesPlaceTweet

    No-one can get a reasonable opinion into so few words. People take the most insanely binary positions…

    User A: I like dogs.
    User B: what about cats? Felineophobe! You are worse than Hitler. Fascist! I hope you die. I’m going to cut up your dog and feed it to your grandma after I r@pe her up the a$s.
    Twitter (in response to a complaint by User A): we have reviewed your case and find no breach of our terms and conditions by User B.

    • Thanks for your fact checking. I believe you more than twatter or any of the other cunts.

    • President Xi from China added, “Fuck you democlacy! I piss on your fleedom! Democlatic Peopur’s Lepubric wi’ destloy you Western cunts. We al-leady won when we give you Bat-fru rast year. Ha ha ha.”


    • The irony of a German, who advocates a European superstate and EU army, being the only world leader to vocally support free speech, should not be ignored😳

  5. “Scoff, it’s a pwivate company” scweam the libtards.

    Well, so is your bank and your utility companies. They’re already closing the bank accounts of those with political opinions they don’t approve of (not terrorists or those preaching violence).

    So if you’re dumb enough to go along with the ‘private company’ bollocks, remember how big and important some companies are.

    Soon, question the impact of climate change or that a man can be a woman, and you could end up with no banks wanting you, your electricity, water and gas cut off, your internet connection pulled, your job lost, your mobile phone company cutting you off and supermarkets refusing your custom. No, it’s not far fetched. The POTUS has been silenced and bank accounts have been closed here and in the USA, as well as jobs lost for attending protests on the ‘wrong’ side.

    So just make sure you’re a good little boy or girl for you masters and enjoy your Chinese Social Credit style system then, eh?

    Think on!

    • Absolutely-Laura Towler & Mark Collett from Patriotic Alternative had their bank accounts frozen with no warning, for daring to question the narrative of “Diversity is our strength”.


  6. I wonder about free speech.
    It seems to have died quietly years ago.
    Mrs Terry has a Google megaphone spy speaker robot in the dining room.
    I exercise my dwindling rights by shouting Heil Hitler at it.
    Fuck them all.

  7. Never used it but it serves as a right-on mouthpiece for a small minority of cunts. Unfortunately politics and business takes note of it.
    Trump has acted shamefully but banning him is just right-on Trump derangement syndrome.

  8. The libtards are firmly in control now. After the revolution comes the purge. I can’t see this site lasting much longer.

  9. I know fuck all about Twitter and a 2 line nomination is hardly likely to improve my knowledge.

  10. Twitter [et al] are platforms designed simply to tell 12-year-old girls what to think & buy. End of.

  11. Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder and CEO, looks like Rasputin. He used to have neat hair and look normal. Don’t understand why he wants to look like a psychopathic hobo.


    On a serious note, how is this Tweet from Iran’s supreme leader not a threat of violence yet he doesn’t seem to be suspended or banned?


    • Both Dorsey and Zuckerberg look a pair of total cunts. They have been assimilated. Just maybe some nut job will terminate their existence on this planet.

    • When that Iranian cunt was pointed out to Dorsey, he said it was ok as it was legitimate political opinion. Stupid cunt.

  12. If they shut down ISAC, they might come looking for the thought criminals on here?
    I cant do prison.
    Telling you straight.
    Its not getting bummed that worries me, its if a dark key uses my toothbrush!!
    Ill turn snitch in a second,
    Ive already compiled my list of offenders and a sworn statement saying I was groomed by the far right.

    Your all fucked.😁

    • If we promise not to let a dark type use your tootbrush are you happy to take a good prison bumming for the lads 👍

      • Sicky, I doubt theyd be interested in my bony old arse?
        But the fact youve got a target tattooed around your ringpeice might draw unwanted attention?😀

  13. The frightening thing is social media now seems to be more powerful than the law.
    Remember the Me Too and Time’s Up lynching party not so long ago? Self serving celebrity sluts pointing fingers and dishing out blame when they knew the Uncle Harvey scandal was going nova and scores of lunatic fuckflakes following them. People were accused and stitched up left right and centre without any real foundation. James Franco was one (Johansscunt, you vindictive hypocritical slag) and Catherine Deneuve got a social media lynching because she dared to question the motives of these Me Too people and she dared to call them mob (which they were).

    Phil Neville – cunt though he is – makes a very mild ‘sexist’ joke on social media about a decade ago. This gets dug up and the Twatter Stasi hound him until he actually apologised and groveled publicly.

    Even Liam Gallagher has apologsied ‘sincerely’for calling somebody a ‘batty boy’ on Twatter. Even he licks the social media jackboot.

    And now Big Don has fallen foul of this online Gestapo, simply because he has a different opinion to them. And as for grown men – grown fucking men, mind you – demanding and stamping on Twatter that they ‘won’t rest’until Big Don is removed from Home Alone 2?! What else needs to be said?

  14. I opened a Twitter account a couple years ago because I wanted to see the tweets of certain national figures instead of just reading about them in the news. After an hour of use Twitter disabled my account. Their reason: I “liked” too many tweets and I might be a robot. Real reason: All of my “likes” were on conservative tweets. I just let the account stay in suspension. Fuck the cunts!

  15. Never been on Twatter (or cuntbook for that matter), but can anyone explain why as a ‘private company’ it is given the bonus of so much free publicity by the media (which has arguably helped to contribute to its’ exponential growth) and especially when it has the additional benefit of a s.230 CDA 1996 libel exemption as a non-publisher under US Federal Law??

    Seems like one big piss take to me.

  16. I think Big Don has got a case. But it begs the question: should the President of the United States of America be on social media, going toe to toe with dribbling left wing nutters, faceless nobodies and virtue signalling safe space circus freaks?

    Truth be told, he shouldn’t really have given these liberal scum an ounce of his time.
    The libfuck piss he used to boil on regular basis was rather amusing though.

  17. Social media should be like private clubs, you sign up to the ones that interest you, all these soft arse cunts who put something on Twitter and get loads of shit then start crying, cunts

    Al the dumbing down just gets worse, the only taboo should be incitement to physical harm, other than that everything should be in the game.
    So called interpretation is bollocks, you can twist anything to suit your actions.
    ‘Fight for your freedom’

    BLM are cunts
    Taking the knee are cunts
    Calling a spade a fucking spade!!

  18. Woke media are cunts and only like one side of the argument.
    Twatter, Feacesbook all the fucking same in trying to tell you how to think.

    • We’re all entitled to free speech, but the more authority we hold, the more careful we have to be with it, especially in these days of virtue signalling. Mr Trump is just beginning to realize this as the trickle of so-called friends deserting him shows signs of turning into a flood.

  19. I’m banned on Zuckerborgs Arsebook for writing “Don’t buy frog shit, they’re all cheese eating surrender monkeys”.
    A violation of there terms and conditions of acceptable speech apparently. Unreal, such pansies.
    Fuck Twatter and fuck Drossey.

    • Good to be banned from facefuck better than leaving like I did. I had to leave after the referendum, wasted too much of my life arguing with leftist scum.

  20. I have a twatter account, but never posted or responded to anything.

    The only reason for having one is to get the inside track on the shares I am holding.

    News usually comes out on twatter hours before the official release.

    Worth knowing.

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