Sadiq Khan (24)

Sadiq Khan, The BBC and the Metropolitan Police.

Having cancelled New Years Eve celebrations, Khan, in collusion with the BBC and the Met, quietly organised a firework display. Why was it done in secret? Because it turned out to be nothing more than a woke, pyrotechnic shit show, which cost taxpayers around £7 million. NHS ass kissing, a BLM clenched fist and a nightingale made from drones in the EU’s colour were among the bullshittery on display. And just to show what a complete and utter sore loser the sad little cunt his, he had the London Eye lit up with the EU flag, rather than the Union. What a cocksucker.

Khan is up for election this year, assuming he doesn’t postpone it again that is. Considering the number of effniks in London, I’m convinced that, despite the fact he hasn’t delivered on a single election promise, spent millions on bullshit projects and taken every opportunity to blame his own incompetence on the government, he’ll be elected again.

Postal voting should be banned in the London election, and ID required at voting centres, because I don’t trust this cunt not to try to rig it. He wouldn’t be the first from the religion of homicide to rig an election in London. Tower Hamlets anyone?

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw 

And this from Freddie the Frog

Suckdick Khunt and his BBC pals

Latest stunt from our esteemed Mayor…….he takes a million and a half quid of our money and blows it on a New Years Eve firework display celebrating and illustrating the fascist EU flag and the commie black power salute.

This was kept secret because he didn’t want people gathering and spreading the Batshit Flu. But, ever considerate, Suckdick colluded with his mates at Jimmy Savile House to show it live on the BBC.

What the fucking fuck??

51 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan (24)

    • When you let enough people into your country from Third World shitholes, your country turns into a Third World shithole.

      And so it was written…..

  1. The Khan cunt will be around for at least another unmandated year. Still, he is only a stopgap until the Ayatollahs take over. Get used to it Londoners. This is your life, forever.

  2. It should never be forgotten by white London voters that this shitstain of a Mayor has wasted £250,000 setting up some body that will decide whether or not statues, often hundreds of years old should be removed from London, based on if they offend the BAMEs that over-populate our once great city. No doubt run by one of his pals who will see things the Khan way

  3. I don’t think Suckdick needs to rig the election. He has the peaceful bloc vote in his pocket and he’s very careful to court the libtards, remoaners and poofs. As you know Londonstabistan is crawling with this trash so he can park his useless arse here as long as he likes. The only way we can get rid of the cunt is if he gets caught with his hand in the till or his weedy cock stuck up some unfortunate child. That’s highly unlikely so we can only hope for the bastard getting the batshit flu and snuffing it.

  4. Don’t know what I can say about Sadsack. A continuation of Red Ken but one that’s sure to get the ethnic vote.

    A sure sign that London has fallen.

  5. Londonistan is fucked. That flying carpet owner will never be winkled out. The cunt is super glued to that post. His effnick supporters will make sure.

  6. I saw a blood-boiling pic of this paki pusfuck wearing a poppy.
    How dare he wear a poppy.
    Us indigenous types want nothing more than to get shot of every last paki in the country.
    You’re not welcome, Suqdiq. Fuck off and take every other white girl raping, smelly, humourless, terrorist-supporting, breeding-like-rats camel-sucking assholes back to Lahore on a giant magic carpet.
    You’re not one of us and you never will be.

    • Well said Thomas.
      Just go add:

      Please take everybody on the walk if cunts, currently residing in the UK, with you👍

    • Bloody hell, stop sitting on that fence TTCE, lol.

      You are Owen Jones and I claim my five pounds.

    • What annoys me is that I have to buy my booze from a Hamilton owned shop. There are no white shopkeepers left ffs. It’s that or walk to fucking tesco.
      It’s gonna be tesco from now on. At least all the staff are British and not sinbad look a likes.

  7. I think Thomas the Cunt Engine has said it all really and perfectly.
    All I can add is that this weedy crafty backstabbing sewer rat would swing very nicely indeed from a gibbet.
    I do hope to outlive the cunt so I can piss on his grave wearing a bacon pair of underpants.
    The fucking degenerate turd.

  8. Very soon the skint TFL will start using camels instead of buses and public toilets are closed so people start shitting in the streets. Sharia law will reign. Thanks Mr Pàki Mayor of London not long now, before you take this nation’s Capital back in time and turn it into the 3rd world shithole that your dad came from. He should have splashed you down the sandy street instead of inpregnating your unshaven mother.

    • As regularly stated on here “I didn’t know his dad was a bus driver”. Thanks for letting me know HJ.

  9. Destroyed the capital city of my country.

    Anti-white, anti-British, overpaid and sadly, over fucking here.

    Looks like a tortoise out of its shell too, the annoying little cunt.

    • Khan is a fifth columnist who is operating with impunity while most of London and the rest of the country looks the other way.

  10. Spends 7 million on woke fireworks and next week complaining because London can’t afford police or can’t give school kids their goat curries.

  11. London was lost years ago, when I was working there last summer it was like fucking Mogadishu and Bucharest all rolled into one.

    Barely an English voice or face to be seen or heard in the whole place.

    I was glad to escape with my life.

    • The exact reason I left, Spanky. It came home to me on the bus when I counted 7 voices yelling into phones in a variety of non-English jibber jabber.
      Fucking 3rd world shithole, it’s fallen, either create and defend an enclave or get out before it sinks. The filthy, sand riddled hordes have infiltrated to the very heart.
      I hear you TTCE.

  12. The bastards at Al beeb have been at it again, saying that dark keys are more likely to die younger than evil privileged honkies in London.

    Well yes, because pricks like Khan have ignored the knife crime which has become part of black culture now. Stop and search? Fuck that eh, Khan? Waycist, innit? The fucking cops are too scared of offending to actually do anything about it, the twats. Apart from take a knee (and then hilariously get kicked to fuck anyway).

    It’s the dark keys own fucking fault if they die younger on average. Maybe if they stopped worshipping ‘gangsta sheeeet’ and rapping about shooting and stabbing people they might live a bit longer, the thick fucks.

    As long as the little bastards stab each other to death, I’ll be happy. Problem is, they make life shit for the native (yes, I mean white) people of my country.

    Fuck them all.

    That was a party political broadcast on behalf of the Cuntybollocks Party.

  13. It always makes my puss boil every time this cunt says Londoners, so who are they, Peacefuls, w*gs, n*ggers, Albanians, Dooska cunts, Russians, Africunts and assorted illegals by the 1000’s…..
    English are a fucking minority in the capital of the country, what a fucking disgrace!!

    As they say ‘Drain the Swamp’ and start with this little P*ki dangling from Tower Bridge.


    • I am starting to have concerns about the amount of ‘puss boiling’ which appears to have infiltrated this site recently.

  14. khan is a cunt – an arrogant, inhuman piece of fucking shit – he’s on my list when the judgement call is made

  15. The BAME vote. The last bastion of labour (benefits please) voters. The lazy cunt
    w/shite chavs on benefits are to lazy to even organise a postal vote. Khan will be there until another labour BAME candidate takes over..

    • I know EW. It’s so true that you learn new every day! Who would have guessed his dad was a bus driver?

  16. I seen recently this Sad Can’t cunt demanding more vaccines for London saying London was only getting 10 percent of all available vaccines at present and that was simply not fair.

    London should be the last place to get any in my eyes for many reasons but mainly because you Mr Kant are a cunt

  17. The problem is, there are no reasonable alternatives that people can vote for to get him out.

    The conservative effort is Shaun Bailey. A dark key. Obviously put forward for the stabby vote. Except they don’t vote.

    Far too busy whining about YT keeping them down and stabbing each other over some trivial crap.

  18. I felt really down last night and had to phone the Samaritans.
    I was really surprised when a Pakîstani gentleman answered the phone.
    Before I knew it, I was pouring out all my problems about COVID, money, vaccinations etc. When I said I felt suicidal, he became very animated and asked me was I able to drive a truck?

    • I had a Pàki down the road, who had a can of petrol and was threatening douse himself and light a match. I told him to wait and said that at times like these he really needed his family around him.

  19. I read a book about the great fire of London years ago. It stated that after the conflagration of 1666 that medieval London was lost forever.
    Fucking making a comeback now though under Cunty Khan isn’t it?

    • Started in a kebab shop in peaceful lane..
      Strangely, I have heard a rumour that Khan has ordered some Dominion Software counting machines for the Mayoral election.

      • If it’s good enough for Biden it’s good enough for Khan. They’re both unprincipled cunts.

  20. He can lord it up over his mutant strain, Romanians on the Basingstoke roundabout, full of cunts city.

    I want nothing to do with him, his hatred of the UK and it inhabitants or his smelly shit skid of a city.

    He can suck my balls.

    And notice how quickly all the pearly kings, cockneys and jellied eel cunts legged it North when they realised they were starring in the Thriller video reboot.

  21. Saracen Khan has already taken a step towards making sure Londonistanis vote the right way. He has ordered voting machines from Dominion!
    As Uncle Joe used to say “It does not matter who they vote for, it only matters who counts the votes!”

  22. Evil cunt whose one mission is to turn the UK into a Moo Slime caliphate. Does any more really need to be said about this turdling?

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