Lord Heseltine [8]

Sadly the old motherfucker didn’t take my advice and hang himself from one of his EU-subsidised trees at 2300 hours last night as a protest at leaving the EU, but has instead joined with that gay old wankstain “Lord” Adonis in becoming “rejoiners”. Andy and Mike don’t deserve titles, they are just fascist scum who want to suck the dick of Barnier:


Say what you like about Hitler, at least when the jig was up he had the decency to shoot himself, this pair of fuckers just want to continue to show their contempt for democracy. Heseltine shuffles round pretending to be an eminence grise, and they certainly don’t come much greasier. He should spend his time washing his own piss soaked sheets and shit stained Y Fronts. Adonis could write his autobiography — to be called The New Diary Of A Nobody, because that is what he is.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

30 thoughts on “Lord Heseltine [8]

  1. Heseltine is typical of the problem not just in politics but in society.
    Rich, priviliged, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, never done a days hard graft in his life and a sneering hatred of “the little poor people”.
    Had an absolute fortune in farming subsidies (the greedy fker probably stole them from Sir Fiddler!), loves the EU and hates anyone he considers beneath him.
    Money turns people evil, and top hat Tarzan is a perfect example – good nom WCB!
    Right, time for an ice skate on the bike (by jingo it’s cold – if it gets much worse I may have to light the shoplifted candle I use for heating 😀).
    It’s definitely grim oop North today!

  2. If he could manage to get his head out of his arse he would be astonished to learn nobody gives a fuck what he thinks outside his cabal of subsidised vermin.
    Fuck Off out of it Crybaby Cunt.

    PS yes it’s freezing and going to work deserves a cunting of its own..💣

  3. Heseltine is the worst kind of loser…a bad loser. In the same way as he spat his dummy over Westland and stormed out like a petulant child,now he acts like a brat who thinks that screaming for his own way will be rewarded if he keeps it up long enough.

    He is a man who thought that he was destined to be a great P.M…his own character failings ensured that it didn’t happen (what a shame that the same fate didn’t befall a few of the ones who did make it). Now his is nothing more than an embarrassing, bitter old fool who should climb quietly into his box and pull the lid down tight….nobody would give a shit.

    • Good morning Mr F…how the devil are you?
      This old bastard ought to be hung for treason. Shame the IRA got Tebbit and his unfortunate wife instead of this snake.

      • Morning,Mr.Cunt-Engine
        Morning All.

        I’m not bad,ta. Can’t get on with much at the moment so just a case of feed the stock and settle down in front of the fire to watch the racing.

        You still a single man or have you been out partying armed with your trusty bottle of rohypnol again?

      • When you say ‘racing’, do you mean “Ru-Paul’s Drag Race”?
        I’ve sort of got another bird on the go…very nice too, much better than the fat old bitch I’ve finally got shot of!

    • He was always a back stabbing treacherous old fuck. Knifed Maggie in the back and he and Major are two of the biggest cunts to draw breath .
      He actually thinks he means something in politics. This new bunch of losers campaigning for a referendum to rejoin the EU are doomed. It’s over. We’ve left and the EU is crumbling as the countries left are starting to fight amongst themselves like rats in a sack.
      These cunts are all firmly trapped in the 60s and 70s. Yesterday’s man that is Hestletine.
      Silly tedious old twat.

  4. Hezza is like that awkward turd that won’t go round the u-bend of the bog no matter how many times you flush!

    He’s from the old-school of embittered rich arrogant cunts, accompanied by the likes of Major, Ken Clark, Blair of course, Campbell, and a bunch of other useless skidmarks that had their day in the sun back in the 90s and early 00s, and should now just fuck off and die!

  5. I have only just got up and started the day reading the Telegraph obituaries (Gerry Cottle, Branson’s Mum and a tennis player) and then moved over to this website. Being half asleep I gave a cheer as I thought I was reading a 4th.
    Churchill at Stanley Baldwin’s funeral “ l have nothing personal against him but it would have been better for his country if he had never lived”. That’s Hesletine.

  6. I don’t understand why this moany old cunt is always on the telly and radio constantly trotting out the same old EU loving predictions of doom and gloom. These media remoaner wankers must think that the likes of Hezzelslime, Major, Blair and all the other arseholes have some kind of influence over the general public. Well they do……as soon as they open their stupid gobs anyone with a brain takes the opposite view. Why would anyone want to listen to proven failures and 100% cunts?
    Beats me.

    • The law of averages suggests that a person is correct once in a while; Heseltine disproves this notion comprehensively.

    • I suspect these cunts are looking at the mid to long term.

      They want to keep the idea of eventually rejoining the EU on the back burner, and to suggest that “we’re not going to disappear just because Brexit has arrived!”

      He knows Boris and the government are on very thin ice, and even though the next GE isn’t due until at most 2024, there is always a chance of something happening that might bring the election forward, and thus enabling Hezza & Co to either support Labour, or convince existing Tory MPs that Brexit hasn’t worked and another referendum is the only answer!

      They’ve got nothing else to do, so they may as well continue to being the itch that you can’t quite scratch!

  7. Disgusting treacherous cunt who like his mentor ( Blair ) are the Devils Disciples. Send for the Proud Boys !

  8. This cunt has never done a proper days work ever. I’m surprised he hasn’t developed a Scouse accent….

    • Nice one JRC ! He doesn’t need a scouse accent, his constant wont let it go complaining about something that has been and gone is enough.

  9. These EU sycophants have absolutely no shame , look at these old cunts who tried firstly to derail the referendum result and now seek to drag the U.K. back into the EU and it’s the very people that undemocratically railroaded the British electorate into the EU without their consent , cunts like major, blair, brown and hezeltine etc are directly responsible for the festering boil that eventually got lanced back in 2016 , instead of asking the public for consent they dismissed the “ little “ people as too stupid to vote and ploughed ahead with dreams of Euroland!
    Such is this utter cunts fanaticism for the EU he’s willing to spend what limited time he has left fighting
    It till his last breath!! , instead of that the likes of blair , major and this decrepit fuck should make a public apology for treating the British public with utter contempt in respect of EU membership….
    Absolutely Cunt…….

  10. If the silly old buggar is interested in Europe sling your bloody hook and disappear to Europe.Suck Barniers cock you senile old goat.Why isn’t he dead?

  11. Bugger off to Berlin, you’ve never been on the side of the British people.

    A man with a globalist dream and a shocking scheme.

  12. After opening the link and reading down the article, right at the bottom was a clip of the uppity n*gger Femi Olifuckwitt, a fucking cunt who has only been here 5 fucking minutes giving us his wisdom.
    He can fuck off to Europe or bongo land if he don’t like Britain init, maybe he can get a job as Heseltines bum boy.

  13. This cunt is like Dracula, he must be ever so elderly now and I for one will weep tears of joy when he finally leaves us.

    Lord Heseltine, Hades is calling your name you cunt and he’s anxious to meet your wrinkly old ass.

    Oh, and take your precious EU and all the subsidies you’ve stashed away with you.

  14. I wonder how he got the nickname Tarzan?
    Is it because he comfortable, in the company of monkeys, and other such types his beloved eu keep sending in an armada of dinghies ?

    • It was his hair I believe. Think it was The Sun back in the 80s.
      Now he just looks like the miserable avaricious old codger that he is

  15. Heseltine looks like Fenton Fistula’s annoying rich Uncle who embarrasses FF at every Family get together and ends up getting a dig in the ribs round the back! (With apologies to FF!😃) – but now I have to report some sad news – statistically 6 out of 7 dw**ves are not happy..

  16. The whining old cunt. Time to wind his dinosaur scrotum neck in. If you disagree with democracy fuck off to North Korea.

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