79 thoughts on “Perfect by Marc Jacobs

    • I bet less than 10% of them were straight, white and didn’t have a pair of balls.

    • Shes one of the more normal ones from the advert!
      Its like a line up for the star wars cantina on moss isley.
      Weird as fuck.
      A weaker man watching would of spewed up after seeing it.
      And mopped up when his missus complained!

      • Just back from cuntbury’s, so late to this one.


        Quite possibly quote of the year 2020 (including & upto 01/01/21)


  1. Fuck me, how many BAMEs in that advert? And who the fuck is Marc Jacobs? Should I be impressed?

  2. If the thing in the picture is hoping that bottle is going to get her a man, then it had better be full of Chloroform as what ever the Marc Jacobs piss is, it’s not going to work.

  3. That’s Bruiser Muir the wrestler surely? Didn’t know he’d decided to “transition”

  4. Perfect I suppose if you are Lennie Peters or Stevie Wonder.

    More teeth per mouth and fewer eyes per head from something out of Jason and the Argonauts.

  5. I recall a couple of decades ago Benetton running a series of adverts that most people found offensive. One of them was a bloke who was allegedly dying of the sausage jockey sickness with his wailing parents at his bedside. The campaign,lauded by the advertising industry ‘for its bravery’ , fucked their sales.
    Ignore History and you repeat the mistakes.

  6. To be fair, the pictured Icelandic model Isold Halldorudottir, has a cracking pair of norks.

    • You wouldn’t want to be following too closely if it decided to turn round, those fuckers would put you through a wall. In fact, you just wouldn’t want to be following too closely.

  7. I’d fuck the arse off the big arsed blonde on the Jadore advert.
    I’m incorrigible.
    Marc Jacobs can Get To Fuck.

  8. So the USP is being an odd looking or fat bint?

    Can’t see this selling well, even the fat odd looking bunts don’t want to be wearing a perfume that basically says I’m a bit iffy mate.

    Fellas walking into a bar or club smelling of perfect ain’t going to hang around drinking until the munters smelling perfect begin to look attractive.

    “Stinks of perfect in here!”

    “Give it a miss and find some less smelly mingers then!”

  9. The thing at the top is literally a pig in lipstick and in one of Flabbott’s old jumpers.

  10. Stick a harpoon in the beast and Nantuckets oil lamps will burn for another winter.

  11. That motley crew of freaks seem to love it.
    I wonder what it smells of. Chips?

    • Bet that big Icelandic bird at the top has to wipe her arse with a beachtowel?!
      Heard Icelandic people are big fuckers?
      Not fat cunts just big.
      Anyone been?

      • Yarp.

        Fucking huge. And all called stiggersonn or erricsson.

        The capital, Reykjavik, is home to a museum dedicated to the penis.

        Beautiful country hardly a cunt in it and great fishing.

        Big volcanic area and full of Australians when I was there for some reason.

      • The Mountain from Game of Thrones is Icelandic Miserable. 6’9′ but a less than impressive beard compared to yourself.

      • Hthor Bjornsson LL.
        He has Bells palsy.
        Lifts weights youd need a stacker truck to move.
        Scarily big bloke!
        Hope thats not his neice we’re taking the piss out of!!😁

      • I thought you were descended from the Vikings MNC?
        Ragnar Misserablesdottir, Chieftain of the North.

      • I was in York a few year back at the Jorvik viking festival,
        And this bloke swedish, had a stall, I tried on this ring,
        Fuckin massive could fit 2 fingers in it, like a wristwatch!!
        He said hed sell it in Iceland,
        Common size there!!!
        Lot of worlds strongest man competitors Iceland.
        Must be like Kong Island or something?

      • You put 2 fingers in his ring…ooh er duckie. 😂😂
        I hope you washed your hands afterwards.

        Only joking.

      • I was married to one. My kid is a half viking.

        15 years old and taller than me. (I’m 5’10”).

  12. What the FUCK is THAT in the header picture? It’s just made my dog run out of the room.

  13. Off topic (mainly because I can’t bear to contemplate further on the thing in the header picture) but unsubstantiated rumours are flying around the internet that Kweer Charmer is going to resign as Labour “leader”
    Who, or indeed what, could possibly replace him?
    The thing in the picture is an obvious candidate…

  14. Is there a single one in that ad that isn’t some permutation of freak?? To the gallows with the lot of them. On live TV.

  15. How about Imperfect or Freak or Exhibition from Victorian circus or Anything but normal.

  16. Owww…my eyes…….jesus h christ, that is like looking at medusa, for the benefit of mankind do not I repeat, do no not EVER show this monstrosity naked, any man seeing her piss flaps will never be the same again, I bet they are like African elephants ears, steady on my cock has just disappeared thinking about it

  17. Jeez you’re a miserable bunch of cunters, I know she’s no oil painting but I hazard a guess most of you aren’t either…

    Once I shared a house with a rotund lass, my housemate was rude behind her back but I set him straight. She was smart and funny the best sort

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