Stanley Johnson (3)

What a cunt!

I understand this prick has applied for a French passport. Why would they give him a passport?

Oh yeah, because he’s stinking rich and owns a chateau.

Not only is this wanker a remoaner traitor but a tree hugger as well.

Fuck off to your wonderful EU then Stanley ……..and don’t let the door hit your expansive arse on the way out.

Absolute CUNT.

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog 

..and seconded by: Liberal Liquidator

A supporting nom for Freddie the Frog.

No surprise that the jizz-mop headed, EU loving twat is desperate to get balls deep back up ‘Le Cunts’ arse after the protracted Brexshit debacle by proclaiming he “will always be European” and because his “mother was French”. Why wait until you are eighty then dickhead?

He also has Turkish ancestry but understandably not so keen to take citizenship and claim his ancestral homelands of a rabid dog infested village and shack by the female moustache waxer’s shop.

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44 thoughts on “Stanley Johnson (3)

  1. How many of the cunts that clearly stated they’d leave the UK if Brexit happened actually have done so?

    Let’s hope he gets his frog passport and soon leaves these shores for good.

    • None. Like the cunts who said they’d leave the USA if Trump became president .
      He will come running back when the next war breaks out .
      Fat lard arsed cunt.

    • No such luck. The cunt will be back. His newfound Vichy roots will give him nothing. This cunt knows where the trough is, he’s always known & won’t take his piglike snout out of it.

    • So our PM, make brexit happen Boris, his dad’s a europhile,
      As is his sister Rachael,
      And probably the rest of the family.
      And Boris led the negotiations with the EU?
      Id like to see the fine print on this deal please!

      • Good morning MNC

        Many families were divided, I could barely bring myself to speak to my sister over Brexit.
        It seems to me that when you reach high and serious office there is always some cunt in the family who will do whatever they can to undermine you. Jimmy Carterk s brother Billy who was a promoted beer and liqueurs by drinking , John Major’s odd brother Terry, and Stanley is another on the long list, cashing in on a relative’ s fame. He can fuck off wherever he likes but if he applies for a French passport don’t renew his U.K. one and when he needs the NHS he can fuck off a bit further,

      • Morning Wanksock!
        Yes, some families, friendships suffered over Brexit.
        My gay brother inlaw hasnt spoken to either my wife or his mother since the referendum 😁
        While I hate to see families falling out it means I dont have to suffer his bullshit at Christmas nowadays,
        He can do what Stanley Johnson can do, ..fuck off.

      • Family members can be strange. I haven’t seen my sister since 1986 (apart from photos in the Fiesta wank mag). She didn’t even come to pops funeral, she has a bee in her bonnet about something.

      • Same as Emma Thompson and her hubby getting Italian passports because they have a house in Venice. It’s all about ease of travel. They are all Remoaner cunts

      • Well done – just as well my post went into moderation!

        I think a prize should be put up for anybody who spots a pro-UK clause in it😁

      • It’s the floppy haired gene. It’s well known in the world of genetics. That and the cheese eating surrender monkey gene (common in most french), the I’m a traitor gene( common in remoaners) and the I’m a victim gene(common in most poc).

  2. If he goes to Frogland he won’t be going to ‘vibrant’ shitholes like St. Denis in Paris, that’s for sure.

    He’ll be in one of those big fuck off castles you see in the beautiful French countryside on the Tour de France.

    The EU promotes more third world immigration but cunts like this don’t want to be anywhere near it.

    One day, the third worlders will run out of space and be moved into the wealthier French areas, but by then, selfish cunts like this will be long gone, and they fucking know it.

    Fuck the next generation, I’m alright Jack cunts.

    Utter cunts. These are the very worst cunts imo.

  3. He’s a lying cunt. His mother was no more French than I am although he does have assorted Abduls and Krauts in his background. His great grandfather was Sir George Williams who founded the YMCA so there are poofs in the family as well.
    “I will always be European” …. the usual remoaner bullshit which deliberately confuses Europe with the EU. I understand the granny shagger is more than happy to take him so fuck off you mongrel and don’t come back.
    Vive Le Pen!

  4. Good…I hope the old Spunker does go..he can take all the other remoaner “celebs” like Coogan and Geldof with him too.

    • Geldof is a particularly odious turd ; he loves The EU but chooses to live here. Has no one told him that he can live in the EU by fucking off back to Ireland?

  5. Oh, and Stanley used to work for the EU so no doubt has a tidy little pension which, as we’ve seen with Lord Randy Mandy, depends upon him continuing to lick the EU arse. He’s wearing that mask in the photo because it’s pension day and he’s stealing his money from the British taxpayers.
    He’s a lying, self serving, traitorous little gobshite…….and a wife beater as well!

  6. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….both utter cunts who should be strangled.

  7. He’s an irritating, attention-seeking, nepotistic turd. He’s like the ubiquitous drunk uncle at the wedding who tries hard to make jokes or innuendoes on everything. If the old duffer loves it so much, he should live with the horse-eaters permanently. Better still move somewhere further like Bucharest and see how the Romanians deal with his tedious “look at me” commentary.

    • All albinos are treacherous.
      Scientific fact.
      Something to do with the melanin levels x ethical tendency ratio.
      Its a bit complicated for you lot to understand.
      You’ll just have to take my word for it.

      Never trust a albino.

      • Thanks Professor Miserable, between yourself and Fiddlers research on ‘The Gays and their habits and porous g*lly’s, any visitor is ready for modern Britain.

      • Welcome LL.
        I didn’t want to weigh the site down with complicated science and deep philosophical questions.
        Some on here just want to see tits and get pissed up.
        Its only the enlightened, intellectual types like you and myself that stop ISAC from becoming Razzle.

  8. I remember watching the idiot on a TV show called Celebrity Hunted (? Cunted) where pairs of so-called celebrities had to go on the run for 14 days without being captured by a specialist team.
    Needless to say the bumbling clown and his partner “Toff”Tofolo were easily caught because of his ineptitude.
    The cunt might just as well be holding up a balloon with the words “Here I Am” printed on.

    • If I was on the run with Toffolo, I’d have been caught hanging out of the back of her.

    • Didn’t stop him elevating his Remainer brother to the HOL did it?! Oh, hang on a minute the HOL is the “real world” for these (unts (it’s Brex1t = BR1N0 that’s the pantomime)!

  9. I imagine with that many egos in one family, he didn’t have a particularly pleasant childhood.
    Not making excuses for the cunt.

    Christmas dinner in the Johnson household must have been fun😙

    • Lots of pink staring eyes focused on the nut roast, the guffaw of posh laughter at a joke about the proletariat.
      Id rather spend Christmas with the West family.

      • Aye-at least Rose would have given you a nosh😍
        Best to avoid the guided tour of the cellar mind……😮

  10. An epic cunt indeed, but at least Stanley never pretended to be a Brexiteer, unlike his abortion of a son Boris, who only backed Leave for self serving internal party political reasons, a tactic that backfired spectacularly when Leave unexpectedly won.

    • One of the first things Boris did as PM was to elect his Remainer brother to the HOL. That was easy. Ringing Big Ben at the end of January ‘20 not so easy. That was the point I became convinced we’d been lied to about Boris supporting Leave outside of the sound bites and spin. All he wanted to be was PM and nothing else mattered. BR1N0 will now be spun as Brex1t and its mission accomplished!

      • It really came home to me what a total fraud Johnson is when (in collaboration with the slimey Gove) he bottled out of the Tory leadership contest in 2016, leaving it to Appeaser May to nobble Brexit good and proper before re-emerging in his phoney Brexiteer clothes to put the final touches to May’s EU dictated abomination of a deal and fool the nation (yet again) into believing Brexit had not been sold out, because Boris would never lie to us, would he?

  11. It’s the self righteous wankers that call brexiteers thick are the thick cunts. They are the ones who can’t separate the continent of Europe from the deeply political and increasingly federal body that is the EU. All those cunts calling people racist if they voted leave made my fucking blood boil. The way that EU negotiators have behaved with such petulance and unwarranted superiority shows the true nature of the political ambitions of these cunts. Sturgeon would fit right in, no wonder she’s apoplectic we left, we took her future away.
    Remoaners never acknowledge that there are many people who live in Europe that would love to see the back of the trading organisation that has got way out of hand. Are they racist too? Or is it that they too see the danger in unelected politicians having increasingly more power than the elected governments of their countries?

      • And he will no doubt make sure they aren’t given that opportunity. That fact alone should convince anybody with even the most basic of brains that the EU is something best avoided.

      • The Frogs ought to rewind to 1789 – I’d take up knitting lessons on the strength of that (especially if they classed all of the Elite across the whole EU as in scope – imagine the additional trade opportunities for whicker basket weavers out in the countrysides – now that’s what I’d call economic cooperation)👍

  12. Lost one to moderation, pointing out, in short that Ali Kemal, Stanley’s granddad, was equally vague about his allegiances; exiled from Turkey by the Sultanate, returned three years later to become a pain in the arse of the Ataturk faction, proposing that Turkey become a British protectorate instead of fighting for its independence from the winners of WW1 (and Greece). He also, and equally undiplomatically, loved the Armenians – at the time and perhaps rightly regarded as Russian fifth-columnists destabilising the east of the country.

    For this the cunt was rightfully stoned to death en route to his trial for treason, and his corpse hung on a tree pour encourager les autres. If we learn nothing from history, Stanley, we are condemned to repeat it.

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