Heidi Hautala

(We didn’t want to scare you with a pic of the real Heidi, so we toned it down with this guy, the Predator – DA)

Oh feck me ragged…

I kid you not, but the freakshow known as the EU has a female Verminhoftwat lookalike called Heidi Hautala, European Parliament VP


Normally I don’t go in for attacking people merely because they are obviously gross mistakes of nature, but in this case, I have to make an exception. Straight to Unkle Tel’s hottest oven.

Nominated by: HBelindaHubbard 

23 thoughts on “Heidi Hautala

  1. And she is Indeed “Vun ugly muvver fucker”
    Ilse, She Wolf of the SS meets Irma Bunt from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
    Or just that Verhofstadt cunt in a frock.
    The whole case for Brexit summed up in one unbearable mush…

  2. Why would anyone want to have a say over the parliament that make law that rule their lives. What a cheek when we all know that some people know what’s best for other people. Kill off small business and hand over commerce to Amazon. Kill off free speech . End cash.. Nothing will go wrong.

  3. According to Duckduckgo this old feller looks like he’s in charge of organising the railway schedule into Auschwitz. Herr Hautala has the same initials as Heinrich Himmler who wouldn’t been a conservative in today’s EU.

    • No doubt there’s some weird cunt on here who’ll she’ll give the horn to!
      For myself, I invite her to (as Brucie used to say) ‘re-arrange the following into a well-known phrase or saying’;

    • Its either the same person experimenting with gender,
      Or they hatched from the same egg in Transylvania.

  4. Okiedokie…..If your life depended on it which one would you fuck, Heidi Hautala or Rosalind Adoo…Kissi Debrah?

  5. Looks her up, along the lines of the average female MP, worse than some but no worse the wee smells of piss Nicki or Angela Rayner.

  6. What a cunt, talking about sovereignty, a Finish MEP making a career out of the EU gravy train, Finland switched sides 3 times in the Second World War so don’t really have any perspective on sovereignty.
    A shitty little country that no one gives a fuck about other than having a border with Russia.

    • Even Hitler couldn’t be arsed with Finland. It simply wasn’t worth conquering and they were bigger spineless arselickers than the French. Der Fuhrer wanted France, Holland, Poland and so on. But apparently he didn’t give a fuck about Finland and saw them as Mickey Mouse.

  7. I hope the ugly cunt eats a radioactive herring.

    Failing that,feet first slowly into oven.

    Fuck Off.

  8. Caught the wife in bed with a neighbour last night. ‘I’m not cheating love – just pooling my vagina’ she said. Must have some European blood in her!

  9. Don’t care what the Doris looks like she can shut her stinking fascist mouth. So she doesn’t believe in national sovreignty…..well what a fucking surprise! Nobody is inviting you over here fuckface so don’t worry about it.
    This cunt, besides being an EU Nazi, is also a big noise in the Finnish Green Party. So on your bike Heidi…….go and hug a tree you arrogant shithouse.

  10. Seen worse, shagged worse. Finnish girls know their way around a cock. I’ll bet she was a goer when she was young.

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