Long Covid

A short cunting for Long Covid.

(Same shit, different year – NA)

Just like Gulf War Syndrome, Yuppie Flu, Whiplash and Lower Back Pain before it, the newly-emerging Longimus Covidicus is certain to become a malingerer’s charter for years.

It’s perfect: no clinical definition, no clear symptoms, no physical symptoms to prove or disprove. Get yourself a walking stick, mope about (when anyone is watching) as if you have shit yourself, stay off work for a few days and practise talking in a whining ‘survivor of domestic abuse’ victim voice.

Won’t really matter whether you have actually had full-fat Covid in the first place (as no-one will be able to prove otherwise) but it is a nailed-on cert that legions of skinny scrounging addicts, jobless losers and thousands of fat cunts on benefits will be the worst affected. (Oh, and of course these new vermin, the Social Media Influencers, where it will quickly become as trendy as ‘Mental Health Issues’ and ‘Anxiety Levels’).

First wave of shambling, broken, desperate ‘survivors’ have already started shuffling across the news bulletins. Malingering Cunts the lot of them.

Send Alec Guinness and a Company of cruel Jap Guards to beat the fuckers into shape; and get them to build a big bamboo bridge while they are at it.

Nominated by: Gunner Sugden

(Yes, this is actually a Thing! – DA


https://www.england.nhs.uk/2020/10/nhs-to-offer-long-covid-help/ )

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  1. This latest scare seems a whole load of wank to me. A friend of mine has a wife who is a nurse in a north London hospital, not overrun with cases.
    Spoke to a guy in a pub the week before Christmas who’s daughter worked in Harlow hospital (Essex) and they had furloged half their doctors and nurses. Is it me or does this sound fishier than Baldrick’s apple crumble?

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