Rosamund Kissi-Debrah

A win win win cunting for Rosamund Kissi-Debrah who will now be heading for the ambulance chasing lawyers to sue the arse off whoever she can.

She and her campaigning crew have managed to get air pollution added to the cause of death of her 9 year old daughter. Now the cause of death was respirator failure and severe asthma but as she lived virtually on the south circular and being next to a busy road the pollution levels were high (higher than EU standards) so she claimed that was the cause of death.

She claimed that during the period between 2011 and 2013 when the daughter had several attacks no one mentioned that pollution could have been an issue, I don’t believe this for one minute, this woman is a teacher so you would assume minimal intelligence and pollution was a know factor in triggering Asthma attacks.

She said that had she known about pollution in her area she would have done something to protect her daughter.

Well maybe a little research and asking questions may have given her a clue but since her daughters death she has become a campaigner, tried to get into Parliament, latched onto the Suckdick roadshow and is something or other with the WHO.

It won’t be long before she is in the news outside the high court have successfully sued for damages

Nominated by: Sick of it

53 thoughts on “Rosamund Kissi-Debrah

  1. Nice English name. What is it?….. Nigerian or something? I hear the sound of Grenfell-like compo cash.

  2. My mum lived through the smog, maybe not so many Diesel engines around then? Combination of two Labour policies here, encourage adoption of diesel as the preferred fuel for cars and encouraging mass immigration into the country and London in particular.

    Sue the Labour Party.

  3. Next she’ll be claiming that it was the air pollution that turned her daughter’s skin dark.

    • Using the death of a child for gain?
      Also egged on by eco-loons for their agenda.
      Despicable behaviour for all concerned.

      • We certainly could do without shite like this cunt on a permanent basis.
        Just another freeloading savage.

  4. Ffs another money chasing cunt. Wtf can’t she just put it down to asthma and just fuck off quietly with some dignity?
    Drag it through the court and use your dead child to make a chunk of cash.
    There’s nothing too low for these immoral tactless goons.
    How exactly will money help? Will she be able to build a lab,Frankenstein style, and
    re animate her? My money says if she wins she’ll race off to the sun or splash it on expensive tat.

  5. She’s a bit of a hypocrite. If the area she lived in wasn’t rammed to the hilt with her sort, and her sort and their forefathers hadn’t found the need to find streets paved with gold, then the South Circular wouldn’t be bursting at the seams with polluting vehicles. She could have raised her daughter down by the cotton fields in clean fresh air and sunshine. But hey, where there’s blame, there’s a claim.

  6. I must admit my initial reaction was as cynical and critical as those above.

    Then I started listening to her speak and she seemed to be making a fair point; air quality next to busy roads is shite and it would be good to acknowledge the fact/clean it up. Emissions / electrics etc, etc.

    The proof of the pudding will be whether she does press for a multi-zillion compensation case against the hard-pressed public purse and it turns into a ‘too many BAME citizens live near roads’, or if she uses the ‘hard-won victory’ for the right reasons and helps improve the air quality for all.

    For me, the jury is out on this one and I will reserve judgement until I see her next moves.

    I await with bated breath (sadly, an option not available to her poor daughter).

  7. All the pollution is caused by German vehicles which dodged the emissions test.
    So take it up with Angela Merkel, you ambulance chasing umbongo cunt.

  8. Hasn’t this woman heard of the Clean Air Act of 1956? As far back as 60 years ago there was a link between air pollution and poor health. In which case why did she not move house when her daughter was alive, to give her a better chance. She is a teacher, supposedly educated, not some shitgibbon on the end of a broom.

    As noted above, all too late now and this has a pervading whiff of compo-chasing. Suckdick will use this as a means to justify pushing his ULEZ tax to the M25, thus creating even more unemployment in parlous times.

    • A friend of my brother works at a business off the North Circular where they need to test engines. It will move next year due to Suckdick Kunt’s eco-lunacy taxing them heavily for “pollution”. Well done Kunt 0 more work fleeing the capital.

  9. Don’t like our pollution? Fuck off out of my country then. There might be a lot less of it with all the gimmigrants gone.
    Take that bastard Suckdick Khunt with you while you’re at it.

  10. Does seem odd that a teacher would not have the forethought to realise that living near a major route in the capital that carries x zillion cars and buses 24/7 may have an effect on her daughters very bad asthma. There again takes all sorts to claim big compo.

  11. London has the cleanest air it’s had for 500 years. African women on the other hand regularly die of smoke inhalation due to using wood to cook. Fuck off back to Nigeria .

    • Morning CG…I hope Rosamund isn’t one of the many sponging sooties that Bob Geldof helped to save back in 1986, who then went on to have 27 children of her own, of whom only 17 survived.
      Geldof and Ure have a lot to answer for, encouraging the suppression of natural selection and promoting over-population, the sanctimonious, do-gooding pricks.

      • Perhaps Geldof should have had 27 kids Thomas😏

        Indirectly, the money they sent over and food, stolen by militia, probably led to more deaths than lives saved.
        Perhaps Lammy is right-no White saviours needed😉

  12. Fits a few agendas this one.

    Climate change
    Where there’s BAME there’s a claim.

    Whatever happens, this little lass’s mother is going to become very wealthy.

  13. My dear old dad was a shipwright in the Royal Navy for 30 years . He died shortly after leaving the navy ; his early death was due in part to working with nasty chemicals and asbestos. His favourite expression was ‘ If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t have joined up’. This was ironic as he was called up in 1941.
    You may now understand why I have no sympathy for this woman whatsoever.

    • I have asthma and I’d breathe easier if I thought I could claim compensation for it. To add to this young girl’s problems, she faced the prospect of growing up with a double hyphenated surname. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

      • What is it with blacks and double-barrelled surnames? Seems that every black British footballer has one these days apart from Saint-Rashford!

  14. She will get her money, of that there is little doubt. Unlike the poor cunts who were involved in the nuclear testing of The fifties, where servicemen were deliberately exposed to radiation to see the immediate effects of exposure to these new weapons. Ships were purposely steered into post blast radiation clouds, a quick check done, then off to serve in the war in Korea. That most of these men subsequently developed cancer, and many children born of them had deformities is still disputed as coincidence today.
    But hey, whose life matters?

    • Incidentally, it’s the steadfast refusal of successive governments for the last 60 years, from both sides of the political spectrum, to act on this grave injustice to the servicemen involved and their families that makes me worry that if anything goes wrong with the mass vaccination for Covid, the same indifference and belligerence will be order of the day.

  15. Fucking laughable when you think these fuckers are from Lagos or somewhere like that where you can cut the air with a knife because it’s that pollution heavy, probably one of the worst places in the world and yet she will milk evert drop out of the system, no doubt already claiming for everything in the big ABC book of how to screw the system, that’s what happens when you let asylum seekers into the country…… Its our own fault for being weak cunts

    • She will follow the well-worn path of ‘campaigner’ akin to St Doreen of Lawrence where she will be fawned over and indulged by Labour Party MP’s. Probably given a bullshit job title of ‘Pollution Tsar’ then a damehood, sign in for your £300 at the House of Cunts and then fuck off for the day.

  16. Perhaps Mis😉.
    With the congestion charge-you have to pay good coin to pollute our simian chums.
    Fucking Khan!💩

  17. Good nom Sick.
    I’ve only one disagreement with you when you say . . . . . “this woman is a teacher so you would assume minimal intelligence.”
    Having taught, I can quite categorically say this is not the case.
    They’re bringing people off the streets to teach today.

    • Bertie, I was assuming that as a teacher she could at least read and write and use google 😁

  18. I’m sure theres a seat in the House of Lords next to a budding Architects mum for this mother….

  19. I just looked this lady up on the net. In a New Scientist interview from last month she claims that the U.K. has not had a clean air act since 1952. Even I have heard the legislation dating from 1956,1968 and subsequent EU laws. I find it strange that such an ardent campaigner is unaware of the situation.
    She has also stood for Parliament-twice. Is it me or is this woman looking to get her snout and front paws into the trough?

  20. This is a stunt to get this Woman catapulted into politics. It is tragic a child dies but if she was so bothered (and clued up) why did she appear unable to know the basics?
    I used to work for VW as a tech manager, our team were dealing with the “emissions scandal/Dieselgate” thingy.
    They knew full well from early on that EA189 TDI engines were kicking out loads more illegal emissions than they claimed, they operated on a policy and narrative of denial, and any employee who strayed from the party line was sacked with immediate effect (Manager and security walk into the office, employee leaves with them).
    VW got a free pass on that one and claimed it was a minority of rogue engineers and management – I was never high enough in the food chain to definitely disprove that and questions were “discouraged” – we were electronically monitored from VW HQ in Wolfsburg with what were called “watches” which you had to have with you at all times – they knew when we were in, what we did, even down to where we went in work hours.
    It is my professional and personal opinion that all manufacturers of diesel vehicles are (big legal breath) “On occasion a little economical with the truth, allegedly”.
    VW were just stupid enough to get caught, but even though I believe it is a significant factor I do not believe in legal terms that there is sufficient prima facie evidence of a causal link to put air pollution as a cause of death, which would be one of the conditions needed for this coroners report to be credible.
    Although I would stress this is just my opinion.

  21. As far as I am aware, nobody, in this country at least is forced to live anywhere.

    What’s that? Didn’t know that cars caused pollution and therefore lots of them will cause lots of pollution?

    So she’s either lying and looking to profit off her daughter’s death or she is thick as shit.

    Although most likely both .

  22. Why don’t they counter sue the cunt for child neglect for having the child live there in the first place?

  23. Yet another Ch!mp with a sob story shortly followed by Legal Aid assisted law suit, can someone these days just die and then not try to lay the blame on someone else.? It is plain for all to see that this money hungry Slut is trying to cash in on her Daughter’s misfortune, should have moved to Soweto where the air is Fresh.!

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