An emergency cunting please for Cadbury’s and their new cream egg advert.

It seems somebody thinks it’s a good idea to have a couple of benders share one at the same time, in a chocolate and cream gayness snog.

Maybe it’s me, but chocolate and cream seems a metaphor for spunk and shite.

I’ll be buying Fruit Pastilles instead then I think, until some gay shoves some up his arse for a gerbil to munch on during the ad break for ‘The Chase’.

Obviously, the fact little kids will be subjected to this filth is to be celebrated.

Repent! Repent!

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

145 thoughts on “Cadbury’s

    • Exactly – as the “rules” say you are not even allow to shake hands how can 1 item in 2 mouths be considered “covid safe”?

      • No need for them to wonder how they will end up with bad breath – that is the consequence of them licking shit out of each other’s arse.

  1. Why is always dirty p00fs? If Cadbury wishesd to make a statement, why not have two fit birds snogging each other?
    Fucking fa99ots have got to be shoved front and centre in every facet of life.
    Utterly sickening 🤮

    • Yes Thomas, well said, I look back with fond memories about the two chicks necking on Brookside, tame nowadays, wont be to long before we see some Black puff wanking of his next door neighbor’s dog on Hollyoaks.!

      • Worrying. Which has given you the horn? The picture or the hypothetical fit young rug munchers? I think we should be told.

    • That photo turns my stomach. These cunts are just becoming more emboldened.
      Is there nothing that’s unacceptable?
      The fight back has to start soon or everything is lost.

      • Evening Bertie.

        I don’t think they’re real gays. They’re just actors.

        That said…

        Straight Creme Eggs Matter
        Armed Resurrection
        No Shîrtlîfters

      • Evening Ruff. Have you not heard? You’ve got to be a real gay to play a gay role!
        It’s a kwayer world we live in.

  2. This product is aimed at kids so you can say the same about the advert. I just wonder how far they will go with this shite?

    Maybe Action Man will be a gay in the next Christmas advert? Perhaps they’ll sell a Crystal Ken and Action Man fisting set during the cartoon break?

    Fucking madness.

    • Remember the turned Action man a lifter of shirts in their vulgar adverts last year of the year before that. He Man and fucking Skelator as well.

      • Oh, come on, the He Man-Skeletor ‘thing’ was a heavy subtext in the original cartoon.

        Just watch them again with adult eyes and remember that the people writing the scripts for the things and the animators were bored with the toy manufacturers diktat that the show should have a wholesome, moral (Christian, WASPish ISTR) teaching/outcome per episode, so they trolled the buggers hard…as it were.

        (There used to be a He Man blooper reel out there, if you’ve ever heard the Thundercats one on Youtube, it’s more of the same..but more ‘camp’)

        And when it comes to cartoons, don’t get me started on the ‘subtext’ between that weird tranny cunt villian from Battle of The Planets and whatever the moody cunt in G-Force was called, even back then I remember thinking that there was something bloody wrong going on there…mind you, as that was Japanese in origin, that sort of deviant shit is normal fodder for children over there.

        The Animation Industry is full of trolling cunts out to see what they can get away with, it always has been, going back to the days of Fleischer’s subliminals of Betty Boop’s snatch…

  3. What a vile image. And the last Nom of the day so when we click back to check Isac out this is what we’ll see all evening.

  4. That is fucking disgusting. I’ve always hated Creme Eggs anyway, especially when they turned them into a ‘McFlurry’, because in adulthood I’ve found the consistency and look to remind me of… well I won’t say.

    Message to MSM: STOP NORMALISING BUMMING. We happen once in every ten or possibly even hundred thousand. We all know where you want to get to eventually, you Epstein flight-log cunts.

  5. Fucking vile. As others have said this is aimed directly at children. Dirty fucking bastards. That’s another group of products I have to boycott. Fuck you Cadburys you kiddy fiddling cunts.

  6. What the fuck are they playing at? Also, why does every fucking advert seem to feature some cunt sporting a snot-hanger-nose-ring? Nope, Cadburys can go fuck themselves. Adverts should entertain and entreat us to buy, not impose woke shit and dodgy propaganda. Another one on my DON’T BUY list.

    • Absolutely, this isn’t about selling products.

      Stupid cunts will find a load of people will boycott them for stuff like this though.

      They can call us all bigots , they’ll have time when the official receiver is selling all their stuff to satisfy creditors.

      Fucking morons

    • Wonder if theyll do something depraved for mini eggs?
      Dw@rves popping them up each others japseye in time for Easter?

      Cadburys Caramel advert had a sexy rabbit, remember that?
      Tame now that,
      Be rampant rabbit now.

      • That bunny was well sexy. Then recently I discovered she was voiced by Miriam Margolyes, about as unsexy as it’s possible to get.

  7. Tolerance.

    Tolerance means allowing other people their own thoughts, beliefs and way of life.

    Tolerance 2021:

    Loving a religion who wants to destroy your way of life.

    Using deviants to sell chocolate.

    Banning free speech to protect woke babies from hearing opinions they don’t like.

    When are people going to do something?

  8. A mate of mine sent me a video of a woman taking a dump on a plate and then licking it.

    That video is only slightly less dry heave inducing than the cream egg ad.

  9. I wouldn’t even want to see a heterosexual couple exchanging a creme egg in such a manner. These eggs are primarily for kids so the adverts should reflect this.

    I’m only surprised they haven’t brought out a special edition fudge-filled egg so those of a certain gaylord disposition can bite the top off and give the fudge-filled interior a damned good rimming.


    • ‘…I’m only surprised they haven’t brought out a special edition fudge-filled egg..’

      They’re way ahead of you there…

      Google Fudgee-O eggs

      A product of ‘woke’ Canada, though I remember something similar to them being sold over here years ago with a filling which was more chocolate fondant than fudge, though as the quality was variable, you were never guaranteed which of the two it would resemble most until you bit it open…

  10. Fuckin bummers flogging cream eggs, shame on Cadbury’s, what happened to the time when some square jawed ladies man Swallow dived of a cliff, knife in mouth clutching a box of chocolates as a gift for his bit of fluff then battered a shark on his way back to his local for 8 pints of Bitter and some Scampi fries.!

  11. Fucking degenerates.

    The giving of eggs at Easter is supposed to be a Christian tradition, not that I have a view and it was hijacked from an old pagan rite, however I do think they are rubbing the believers of dog, father, son and wholy ghosts noses in it. I bet they wouldn’t hijack Eid or Diwali in such an offensive manner to members of those sky fairy religons.

    Cadbury on the list. No more of my hard earned cash for the Gaylord promoting cunts.

  12. @Bertie Blunt:

    Bertie, I need to get something off my chest.
    After the devastation Percy wrought on my household at Christmas and the subsequent damage to the mental health of both my wife and cats ( who are still gibbering wrecks😢), in a fit of drunken revenge, I have done something, which in the cold light of day, I am thoroughly ashamed of😔.

    I have signed a guardian’s consent form for Percy to become the new Mr Cadbury’s parrot.
    With a twist:

    The new Mr Cadbury’s parrot is gay, partially disabled and a bum-boy😯

    The advert will involve Percy hobling around the set, saying “fuck, cunt, fuck, rimjobble, f-f-f-thundercats!!!!”
    At which point a huge black raven, called “Winston”, who is hung like an Ostrich, flies down and takes him roughy from behind, whist they share a packet of mini-flakes.


  13. I think you are all missing the point, Cadbury was a good old fashioned confectionery company in the olden days, the town of bournville is in the black country, and I don’t mean londonstabistan or Africa, I read somewhere that Cadbury was a philanthropic institution, it built towns and communities for all its workers, Kraft bought Cadburys and transferred all its production to east European countries and fucked around with the taste of chocolate that Cadburys in the uk had perfected for 200 years, so please give old Cadburys a break, it’s the cunts who have ruined Cadburys and made them woke that need a cunting of galactic proportions..get to fuck Kraft

  14. They don’t advertise Flakes in the same way they used to. It used to be a fit bird seductively unwrapping it and sticking it in her gob. These days it would be a 6’4″ Brazilian Tranny.

    Chocolate went bad when they stopped making Flyte bars and when they removed the cardboard strip from Bounty bars.

    • Probably shoves a flake up its arse and a picnic to get off on the knobly shape, unkle Terry oven will sort it out

  15. I honestly despair for the future of mankind ( if I’m allowed to call it that anymore) I was trying to write a cunting for this but words fail me. What a fucked up world we live in.

  16. I was offered a job by these cunts, or at least the Technical Director, S Africa, to work on the commissioning of their plants in Swaziland and Botswana. It didnt happen as Kraft took over and everything got shelved.. This revolting porn would result in riots in both countries.
    Fucking disgusting.

  17. I’ll be buying Fruit Pastilles instead then I think, until some gay shoves some up his arse for a gerbil to munch on during the ad break for ‘The Chase’

    hahahahahahahha brilliant!

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