An emergency cunting please for Cadbury’s and their new cream egg advert.

It seems somebody thinks it’s a good idea to have a couple of benders share one at the same time, in a chocolate and cream gayness snog.

Maybe it’s me, but chocolate and cream seems a metaphor for spunk and shite.

I’ll be buying Fruit Pastilles instead then I think, until some gay shoves some up his arse for a gerbil to munch on during the ad break for ‘The Chase’.

Obviously, the fact little kids will be subjected to this filth is to be celebrated.

Repent! Repent!

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

145 thoughts on “Cadbury’s

  1. I wanted to cunt advertisers for a long time, for their increasingly snowflake “inclusion” antics. It has come to the point where you play spot the white man during an ad break and end up losing. However, they have surpassed themselves this time. However, I’m note sure the woke people realise the irony that cadburys are actually using gayness as a controversy to increase awareness of their brand, rather than genuinely supporting the LGBTQ community. I am now consciously avoiding any companies that only use actors that represent minorites. At this rate I am going to have to hope that gocompare start doing food, or I will starve to death

    • Nope, Gio Compario is clearly a fat Welsh man , so definitely a minority

      Not one worth protecting I’ll grant you but still….

  2. Cadbury’s? Isn’t that a foreign company now ? Owned and managed by foreign people? And who closed down Bournville before importing rogered chocolate from the EU? Fuck Cadbury’s !

  3. Said in 1969

    “What is obscene today will be normal in 50 years time”

    It’s time to reap what we’ve been sowing now


  4. WTAF is this cuntry coming to !
    However when the moose limbs take over it will be the gays first off the viaduct
    Fuck thum

  5. Cadburys Carmel with that sexy little bunny lady. I’d stick my tongue in her rabbit hole.

  6. The old Cadbury flake ads were dropped because they were deemed to suggest a blow job, yet this is OK?

    Do I detect an agenda being pushed?

    Imagine the scene – a bunch of cynical ad agency cunts sitting around discussing this as an advertising concept.

    Hope you have a bucket handy, should you have a vivid imagination.

    Abandon hope

  7. This is an actual fucking disgrace. I’ve no ace to grind with h0m0sexuals male or female; and have friends in both camps; but this is not on!
    I hope all will be joining me in writing to the ASA with serious complaints.

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