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It seems that if you’re a split arse, you can talk shite about a club and should not be criticised for it.

The stupendously annoying Karen ‘144 caps for England’ Carney being the latest example. What happened was one of the main reasons I gave to people a while back why there shouldn’t be women pundits on the men’s game. They can’t be argued with.

In a nutshell, she (wrongly in my opinion and I am no Leeds fan) claimed Leeds were only promoted because of the Covid break. She doubted they would’ve ‘got’ up had they not had the break.

Now, I do believe she is entitled to such an opinion. But she needs to stand by it. To be fair, I haven’t heard her say anything yet (but she should be arguing her case and saying it’s not sexist to argue with her points). It’s the usual mob coming to her defence. Rio Ferdinand being one of them. You see, Leeds United responded (politely) to prove her wrong. That was it. Cue an absolute meltdown. How dare anyone question a split arse. ‘It’s bullying, innit?’

Well, here’s the thing. If wimminz want equality and to be treated the same as a male pundit, they need to defend controversial comments.

If Graham Souness had said such a thing, no fucker would be telling the club concerned to ‘back off’.

In fact, I recall Gary Neville laying into Arsenal one night a season or two ago. Had a massive rant and called the players a disgrace or summat like that. Next time on Sky, he was put through the grinder by the presenters and other pundits. He was right to be honest, but he said he probably went a bit overboard but stood by his comments. He took all sorts of shite too on social media for it. Far, far worse than anything Carney’s been getting.

But no,we can’t question a split arse when she says similar bollocks.

Fuck that. She wants to play at being a pundit, then expect clubs and players (and fans) to argue against you if you make highly controversial points.

Fuck off.

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

and this from Sixdog Vomit 

Football Pundits

A half time nomination for football pundits in general and the BBC’s chief football writer Phil McNumpty in particular.

Every week they take aim at whichever big name manager’s team has lost a couple or few games consecutively. Wilder at Sheffield Utd, who’ve picked up two points all season, doesn’t get a mention.

For a while this season McNumpty and co were gunning for Ole Gunnar Solskjær at Manchester United after a lacklustre start to the season, now United are second on goal difference. Then they took aim at Arteta at the Gunners, who were on a bad run but were only a couple of wins away from stability. Now it’s Frank Lampard at Chelsea. After a long good run Chelsea have a blip and McNulty begins the speculation about Frank’s future. Sixth in the league and a a couple of wins from being back in the Champions League spots, but according to McNumpty a prime candidate for the sack.

All the cunt does is speculate on a manager’s future whilst offering no insight into what they are doing wrong or what can be changed.

What a waste of the licence fee.

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  1. Don’t particularly like Leeds but what she said was completely uncalled for and unprofessional. She’s among the worst pundits out there along with Eni ‘victim’ Aluko, Garth ‘I put players in my team of the week who don’t even play’ Crooks, and Mark ‘I never predict Liverpool to lose’ Lawrenson.

  2. One of the reasons I lost interest in watching televised footy is these cunts.
    Particularly the wimmins ones.
    Fucking hopeless.

  3. I swear that’s a trans bloke with a woman’s wig. The mike is hiding the enlarged Adams Apple so I might be mistaken…..

  4. Football legend Alan ‘Mary Poppins’ Shearer gets up my nose with his criticism of managers. You can’t argue his goal record as a player. He won one trophy with Blackburn Rovers and nothing else. His record as interim manager of Newcastle United reads as:
    Matches 8
    Wins 1
    Draws 2
    Losses 5
    You’ve been there Big Al, you know how tough it is don’t you ? You’ve got all your coaching badges haven’t you ? Oh you might have them now, but you needed Ian Dowie in the dugout with you because you didn’t have them when you were a manager and took a team down. Go and do it now then, take another managerial post and prove that you can do it. You won’t though will you? Let’s be honest Big Al it’s far easier to sit in a studio and tell countless others how to do their job when you couldn’t do it yourself. I hear Roy Keane fancies another crack at management and I can’t stand him, but at least he’s got the balls to go back if a club chances their luck, and have a go at it rather than just sitting there picking the bones out of others.

  5. Apparently the poor mare has had to delete her twitter account because of the abuse, according to AlBeeb.
    Don’t play the antagonistic footy pundit for attention then love. As the above nom mentions, Gary Neville is a 42 carat cunt but he’s prepared to back up his comments. Cloughie would deliberately provoke back in the day, but he’d back it up or laugh it off. I don’t recall any of them running to the BBC crying about abuse.
    It’s all auntie beebs fault anyway, as always. If they didn’t big up the shower of shit that is women’s football, we and Leeds would never have heard of her and she wouldn’t have had her feelings hurt.
    As for the “144 England caps”. My 10 year old boy plays at a higher level.

  6. What she said about Leeds’ promotion was her opinion, albeit ill informed and not based on anything factual. A stupid cheap shot. Leeds responded with a tongue-in-cheek retort making their case that they won promotion with some aplomb. Good for them and absolutely OK and appropriate to defend their achievement from unfair criticism as they saw it. This daft cow then gets grief online and that’s Leeds’ fault? WTF????

    Leeds have done nothing wrong whatsoever and this silly mare should stick to mouthing off about knitting, washing up or baking cakes.

  7. Even worse are the Pub Pundits..arseholes who don’t realise that nobody gives a shiny-shjte about their fucking opinions.

  8. I’m telepathically willing, no, urging her to deep throat that microphone without that wind muff on. Do eeet, do eeet for BL, you fuckin caaaaaawk soccer.

    • Mr Bad Lieutenant:

      I am a big fan of your work-particularly “smashing” two ladies at a time, whilst necking bourbon 👍
      Not so sure about the pulling over teenage girls and making them show you “how they suck cock!”😚

      • Sorry about that….not sorry. I’d done 6 lines of coke and that nun really turned me on with those pert titties and god damn i was horny.. Fuck I was so high man. I took my chance when no one was around. It was the most violently furious jerk off I ever had maaan. Fuck New Yoik.

  9. They have to keep these dopey cunts on the TV to maintain the diversity bollocks, complete waste of money. anyone who has kicked a ball knows what’s going on, they don’t need a some cunt who has difficulty with structuring a sentence explaining it.


  10. Women should not be allowed to commentate on televised football matches.
    Women should not be allowed to be pundits on televised football matches.
    Women should not be allowed to go anywhere near televised football matches.

    End of.

    And Micah Richards is a monumental cunt.

      • I’m pleased for Ole, CG. I hope he succeeds.
        I still think Maguire is shit though. Worst United captain ever.

    • They shouldn’t be allowed to commentate on the cricket either, much as I fancy Alison Mitchell. When you hear them say the batsmen (or batter as they are now called on the BBCunts) should get on the front foot to someone like Mitch Johnston or Dale Steyn bowling at about 90 mph knowing they have never faced anything at much over half that s bollocks. TMS was a great part of the British summer sacrificed to BBC wokedom.

  11. I watch ESPN Brasil a lot and their coverage of the Premier League is a joke. They have two guys in a studio watching the game on TV – just like me at home – and they have a nice looker called Natalie Gedra at the game providing comments about the weather, who is injured etc. It doesn´t make any sense. Except, of course, that all the Brazilian players will roll over and give her a post-match interview. Even Jurgen Klopp was flashing his Dentine gnashers in Natalie´s cute little face recently and obviously trying to get her phone number.

    Check out this Beauty and the Beast link.

  12. As to the meme, there’s a very good reason you look clueless bint. It’s because you’re commenting on a MAN’S game. When was the last time you saw ‘Men’s Netball’ on BBC Fuck??

    Cunt off and self-infibulate.

    *PS, Karen off The Apprentice can stay though so long as she keeps her opinions to herself. I know she’s not ‘my type’, but if the post-Great Reset world needs re-populating, I’ll give it my all.

  13. Rio Ferdinand only sticks up for her because he wants to knock the back off the slipper, wouldn’t trust this drug user around any woman!

  14. Listen, if I need my eardrums excoriated by the intolerable scrivings of an unaccountable entitled clueless princess, I simply phone the missusz.

  15. Womens football? Like Mens football but not as good.
    Womens football commentary? Like Mens commentary but not as good.
    If they want to commentate crack on, just do me the courtesy of knowing what you are talking about, and don’t pretend you can comment with any authority on some of the best players of the age when you played at the skill level of a ten year old boy.
    Now get your pants off luv! 😃

  16. I’m no fan of Leeds but support a Championship club. Leeds went up because they where the best team in the fucking league by a country mile!! They won the league by 10 fucking points!! They won their last fucking five games in a row ffs. As i said above i’m no fan of Leeds but this clueless cunt hasn’t got a fucking clue what she is on about.
    Pundits, be them male or female, should know their shit, this cunt clearly doesn’t.

    • No love lost where Leeds are concerned, but fair play to them because they pissed the Championship. And there was no rivalry in the game like the MUFC vs LUFC rivalry in the 60s 70s and 90s. Jack Charlton (RIP) and Denis Law trying to kill each other on the pitch and Allan Clarke kicking off with Jimmy Nicholl. I also remember George Best and Bobby Collins going at each other. Those League Cup semis in 1991 were also classics on and off the pitch. I am actually glad to see Leeds back. Female pundits talk endless shit.

  17. The best team in the world lost to a team of 14 year old boys. Fact, yet Megan Rapinoe prances around the place like she is the female equivalent of Ronaldo.

    Her US team would struggle against half the beer swilling Sunday teams in my local park.

    Equal pay? Fuck off.

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