Vincent Nichols

Head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales Vincent Nichols is a cunt, for not resigning after a report into the churches child abuse allegations, he put the church above the victims.

One of the fathers got 21 years, after getting away with his abuse since the 1980’s, so Vincent Nichols has got an unbelievable nerve to deny he knew anything, this is too serious to make light of.

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  1. It’s the whole catholic church with their bizarre rules banning priests from marrying. It leaves them looking for their jollies elsewhere – those young boys with their lovely bottoms.

    Fucking god bothering perverts.

  2. The link between organised religion (in particular The Holy Romans) and the control and abuse of vulnerable people, particularly children, has been well documented for decades.
    A few priests have been “sacrificed”, more often returned to the mother church or posted to another continent.
    In Ireland alone, many thousands of innocent children were n.onced by these filthy fuckers-it is no surprise that predominantly “Oirish” towns and cities in the States (Boston / NY / NJ) have similar numbers.

    Religion: superstitious sky fairy stories, to control the masses and enable despicable crimes.

    Re: this nom-a Cunt, Deservedly Cunted 👍

  3. They are all disgusting. Catholic cover ups. Welby covering up CoE abuse.
    Hypocrites who put their ridiculous ceremonies and magic above children.
    How they can claim to be Christian is beyond me.

  4. Vincent Nichols in a ideal world would be hung.
    Covering up the abuse and predation of kids.
    Hiding behind wealthy organisations in a well paid easy job and repaying decent people by grooming their children.
    I believe in the death penalty
    I think its the most natural purist form of justice,
    And in nature all animals protect their young,
    All kiddydiddlers are a threat,
    It cant be cured,
    Except by a lenth of stout hemp rope.

    • I wonder whether any of them just admit, “I don’t always mólest children but when I do, I ensure I belong to a powerful organisation that can “move me along” and prevent my prosecution.”

      Evening your Grace.

  5. What’s the difference between a Catholic priest and acne?
    Acne waits til a boy is 12 to come on his face.

  6. It’s a an extreme sport going to a Catholic church. Jumping off a mountain might be less dangerous.

  7. And of course if this hypocrite did know anything, he would be bound by the sacramental seal anyhow, so would protect the crime and criminals rather than the victims.
    Just say a couple of hail Marys, it’ll make everything right.

  8. À propos not a lot, I notice His Eminence has that Irish/Celtic look to him: the early-onset greying snowy-white hair coupled with dark eyebrows. You know – the “Alistair Darling look”. His immediate predecessor was Archbotherer of Westminster and Pres. of the CVC, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’connor was a full-on, card-carrying consumer of Tayto snacks and savouries.

    Whereas Nichols was more of a “back-door” maven and epicure of the deep fried potato, he is not, I suspect, autochthonously from Crosby. I note with some mirth the motto of his office is fortis ut mors dilectio which, appositely enough, means “love is as strong as death”. Hmmm: not if it’s not consensual it isn’t, I’d suggest.

    In other, not wholly-unrelated, news I’ll bet this chap is going to be popular in Strangeways. Makes me want to arrange another month (or six) off work, but sadly that is not a viable option right now 😒.

    • Wow. A horse, a donkey, a Great Dane and some chickens. Is there nothing this weirdo won’t fuck?

      Oh well. At least he’ll get a chance to be on the receiving end for a change😂

      • Nah, he’ll be in Rampton (ovno), not HMP Manchester. Unless Charles Bronson happens to pay him a surprise visit, he’ll be fine and dandy.

        I expext he may, however, approach his release date with a small element of trepidation 🤭!

      • It matters not from where he comes Oranjeboom, only that this gammon-faced hypocrite who believes a cloud wizard became a zombie carpenter to save us from a magic apple curse continually looks the other way when children are being mòlested.

      • Indeed so, Capⁿ.

        À propos not a lot… eyebrows.

        & ff [‘s] might well be interpreted as a hint preëmpting your nevertheless valid observation.

        Quiet on here now, in contrast to yesterday’s hi-jinx! You’re well, I trust?

      • Rather well, Oranjee.
        I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.

        Good tidings with thee?

        Pre-empting sans a hyphen.
        Don’t you adore the irony in the words “hyphenated word and a non-hyphenated word”?

  9. Erratum:

    “His immediate predecessor as Archbotherer… was a… consumer of… savouries.” [NOT: “was”].

    One letter off… 🍌

  10. In the USA, I seem to recall, the Church of Rome used to maintain bolt hole “missions” where they would send depraved priests when they were in danger of being outed and prosecuted. Utter cuntery. General Cuntster, sir, you might know more?

    Community leaders such as bishops (this bastard being but one case in point), police chiefs, heads of registered charities, showbiz people, and MPs used to be referred to as ‘the great and the good’. Turns out many were just cunts covering up child abuse of every kind. Filth.

  11. A vehicle for exploitation, pa*dophilia and theft.
    Massive money and assets but they will see people with nothing.
    Fuck them all.
    Fuck them all to hell.

  12. Talking of dirty cunts, wasn’t the pope accused of ‘liking’ a picture online of some scantily clad tart this week? Apparently they reckon someone had hacked his account, and I can believe it.
    However, if it was a photo of a ten year old boy….

  13. Jimmy Saville would be repulsed by the antics these perverted Bastards get up to, the Church is a fuckin joke,in fact all Religion is Pathetic, a childish fairytale at best, pulled to pieces under the feeblest scrutiny.!

  14. This is the time when I actually believe in God and hope cunts like this get an eternal roasting and then boiled in a vat of piss.

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