Barnardo’s on ‘White Privilege’

Big fat cunting for this once great charity, set up by, you guessed it, a white philanthropist Dr Thomas Barnardo. Remember a few years ago when it pronounced that UKIP members were unfit to be adoptive parents? Well I fucking well do!

Now it has bought out this – “If you’re a parent or carer, grandparent or guardian, we’re produced a helpful guide to speaking to children about the subject of ‘white privilege’.”

Cunters can check it out here in all its depraved detail here:

Christ on his proverbial bike, indoctrinating poor little orphans about their privilege has got to be a new level of mental sickness.These fucking Barnado’s cunts need to have their closest relatives die and then be preached at not to be so selfish. Or perhaps they just need introducing to Unkle Terry’s oven asap.

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72 thoughts on “Barnardo’s on ‘White Privilege’

  1. My partner who is of Indian decent works for one of the biggest banks in the world recently told me it’s common practice to not even interview white men for roles due to the pressures in hiring woman and people from ethnic backgrounds. That’s white privilege for you

    • L.O Norm-just watched Utd highlights on YouTube-fucking lucky cunts. Saved by V.A.R and the woodwork.
      Can you remember when they were this bad at home?

      • I’d have to go back to 1988-89, CG. When we had Jim Leighton, Ralphie Milne, Colin Gibson. The early Fergie years were shite.

        Wouldn’t it be a turn up if Mourinho won the title with Spurs?

      • Nothing would give me greater pleasure👍
        It would show the Glaziers and Woodward up for the cunts they are and give Jose some deserved respect.

        My best mate is a Gooner-we both agreed that the best thing to happen to the Premier League was Van Dyke bring out for the season, as it opens it up.

        We also both agreed that because of Covid, this year is extra-ordinary and almost doesn’t count.

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