Barnardo’s on ‘White Privilege’

Big fat cunting for this once great charity, set up by, you guessed it, a white philanthropist Dr Thomas Barnardo. Remember a few years ago when it pronounced that UKIP members were unfit to be adoptive parents? Well I fucking well do!

Now it has bought out this – “If you’re a parent or carer, grandparent or guardian, we’re produced a helpful guide to speaking to children about the subject of ‘white privilege’.”

Cunters can check it out here in all its depraved detail here:

Christ on his proverbial bike, indoctrinating poor little orphans about their privilege has got to be a new level of mental sickness.These fucking Barnado’s cunts need to have their closest relatives die and then be preached at not to be so selfish. Or perhaps they just need introducing to Unkle Terry’s oven asap.

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72 thoughts on “Barnardo’s on ‘White Privilege’

  1. Thank fuck I’m a cunt that doesn’t give money to charities.
    They are a corporate vehicle that pushes the woke socialist agenda whilst profiting hugely.
    Corruption like this is corrosive to society.
    Put them in the oven.

  2. Why not black privilege? It does exist, there are rich black families out there. The Obamas and Beyonce’s daddy come to mind. But of course it’s ‘OK’ for cunts like them to be rich. It isn’t ‘privilege’ when it’s them. If a black family is well off, it will be because they are ‘entitled’ because of what their ‘ancestors’ went through when dey wuz sur-laves.

    That is the sort of woke bollocks that Barnardos and other ‘charities’ will come out with.

    There is always an excuse for them. Always someone to clean up after them. They can do no wrong, and I for one am fucking sick of it.

  3. It shames me to admit that growing up as an Irish half breed on a S Wales council estate that I wasnt aware of my white privilege. I must have been wallowing in the benefits of slavery and colonialism all the while, as were my family who were working on the docks, steelworks and transport.
    There were 2 mixed race families on the estate. It didnt occur that they were different to the rest of us. Kids and parents.

    It fucking does now though.

    • @Cunstable C

      …..because the woke, lefty, university cunts who enable this bollocks DO have privilege.
      The only privilege there is: class privilege.

      We need a revolution, not this middle class Marxism, a political revolution.

    • I knew a bloke in the Newport area who answered quite happily to the moniker “Dick the Darkie”. Lovely chap , very popular , never a hint of any racist aggro. Funeral numbered in several hundred (99% white) when he died.

      Now THAT’S Diversity.

      Dick would be appalled at the way the BLM / BAME nutters have hijacked this and set us against each other.

      • One of the mixed race families on the Malpas estate had a son my age we called Dicko. Not the same I hope, if he has died.

  4. I had mates in my school football team who were Barnado’s boys. Years later, one of them really opened up about his time there-sexually abused from the age of 11-14☹️.
    That is the privilege we need to be having fucking “conversation” about:
    The position of’s gaining easy access to vulnerable children and then having the privilege of not being investigated and prosecuted.
    The filthy fucking n.onc.ces☹️☹️☹️

  5. Fuck, where do you start? How to program white kids with an inferiority complex and inherent guilt, while giving black kids a persecution complex and a ready made excuse for any underachieving or criminal behaviour.
    In fairness, it does say black youngsters are more likely to be arrested, but blames white privilege rather than look for any real reason for this fact. It shies away from saying that a black teenagers biggest threat will come from another black teenager, which is a shame as they could have blamed that on white privilege too. How, I don’t know, but I’m sure they could.
    I’m sick of everything political lately. I don’t think it’s got worse, I’ve just had my fucking fill of it. Every party or political organisation, or groups that hope to influence people to make decisions just point out their opponents flaws, real, imagined, and downright fabricated to spread more division, more hate, more unrest. Why? Because it’s easy. It’s easier to get people to think your way by pointing out the failings of others than it is to convince them your way is better. It’s never look at me these days, it’s look at them, every time.
    Fuck them.

    • Barnardos might of started out with good intentions but its big business nowadays.
      They had bad PR not long back with workers in the 3rd world taking advantage and being sexual predators.
      Im keeping my privelege and any funds securely in my pockets,
      Its not that I dont empathise though, its that I dont care.

      Or empathise.

    • Until the truth is seeked as to why dark keys commit more crime, instead of simply blaming whitey, this shit show will never end.

      The truth is probably too hot to handle. It’s probably genetic and related to IQ (low IQ and being more likely to commit violent crime seem to be linked). Stuff like delayed gratification and impulsiveness will probably come into it too.

      But no, let’s keep blaming whitey for dark key crimes and making blacks hate whites even more. Great idea.

  6. I’ve just looked at the Barnados link and I’m absolutely gobsmacked by this.
    If you open the Barnados link and press the red feedback button you can let them know what you think of them.
    I’ve just left them a few choice words.

    • I’ve just done likewise Cupid. However, as I am a cunt I wasn’t brave enough to give them my EMail address!!

  7. I’ve produced my own guide to any fuckwits who uses the phrase ‘white privilege’ so please have a gander:

    Guide To Fuckwits Who Use The Phrase ‘White Privilege ‘ :

    • 1.) Don’t Be A Cunt


    Hopefully it’ll be available in schools, colleges, hospitals, Chemists, and all good record shops.

  8. Great nom Twenty 👍

    Because of my white privilege ive never thought of some of the issues Bame people have,

    Steal it or wait till im donated it?

    Why should I have to queue up?

    Is work oppressive?

    Why do I have to pay child support?

    How much will I be paid for the Christmas advert?

  9. All blacks should think themselves privileged if they were lucky enough to be born in this country.

    They should be worshipping the ground Edward Colston’s statue used to stand on.

    • @Ruff

      Agreed. These ingrates should be thanking their heathen gods that their ancestors sold their other ancestors to our ancestors who in turn brought them to a civilized land.

      Fucking ungrateful cunts.

      White Lives Matter
      Armed Resistance
      Never Surrender

      • Couldn’t agree more General.

        All these ethnics complaining about slavery – not one of has ever experienced it. Their ancestors maybe, but not them. My ancestors got bombed by the nazis but do I resent Germans for it? No, because I have moved on from the past.

        They should be grateful for slavery because it means they have a better life today.

        Ungrateful cunts.

      • To be born English is to win first prize in the lottery of life… unless you happen to be a nîg-nôg, then it’s second prize.

  10. White privilege? Well, at the BBC, being a BAME is a plus. If someone is white, heterosexual and over 30, they can forget any ideas about getting a job at the ‘Beeb’. Whereas BAMEs of all ages are welcomed with open arms. But being a black poove or lezza only improves chances of landing a job there.

    White privilege in action. eh? My arse.

  11. Telling little kids, many of whom live in poverty, that they are born privileged and bad due to skin colour, is absolute evil.

    I call out people who cry white privilege. Just call them what they are. Anti-white racists.

    Dr Barnardo can fuck off, and when he gets there, he can keep fucking off.

  12. These cunts actually learnt all this bollox at “university” its like a religious cult for cunts. All those white children raped and abused for decades didnt and dont seem to have much privilege ! Yellow cunts seem to have got away with a bio weapon with no backlash. Thats privilege. Fuck woke and fuck critical race theory.

  13. I recall the BBC holding auditions for Doctor Who. They insisted that ‘Black Actresses Only’ were allowed to take part. This was when they introduced that self satisfied horse faced black lezza with a blokes’s name into the show. But was there any shouts of ‘Black Privilege’? Was there fuck as like.

    Imagine the libfuck mushroom cloud had it been white actresses only… Cunts.

  14. Started reading through it and what a pile of nonsensical bollocks. More likely to be a MD of a large company, white privileged? No that’s class privilege, the one that’s existed in the UK for hundreds of years.
    All these charities are doing are ensuring I don’t donate to them.
    It’s not privilege it’s genetics and Darwinism. Many thousands of years ago, some people left the dark continent and headed to what is Western Europe. It was cold, challenging and they had to adapt to survive, as a simple hunter gatherer existence was not sufficient, they learned to plant crops and live in a more complex society. Over thousands of years they evolved into a more advanced being than those left in Africa. That’s the truth and nothing to do with privilege.

  15. A historically white country with a long history of white culture. Where’s the fucking privilege? Where was the white privilege of young lads from all over these isles that went to die in trenches in the Great War?

    Where was the white privilege of the white poor who lived in slums or tenement blocks, the white poor in the work houses, the white miners that were down coal mines doing long hours at the coal face deep under ground.

    What a white privileged it was for my grandmother to take my mother and sister down into the underground to shelter from German bombs in WW2, the White privilege of my father to serve the entirety of WW2, be a prisoner of war, be bayoneted and then be forgotten with his mental health shot to pieces.

    The white privilege of being taken by Romans and Vikings as slaves before this land was even a noted country or union of nations.

    That’s why white people have privilege in this country, it’s a white land, bought and paid for by the blood sweat and tears of generation upon generation of white people.

    If anyone’s offended by this comment you have your head up your arse. Name me any other race that wants to teach it’s young that they are wrong to be the dominant race in their own lands.

  16. Can’t really speak to the issue of Barnado’s but i have a few thoughts on White vs Black privilege.

    White privilege; your ancestors built this country.
    Black privilege; you are tearing this country down.

    White privilege; you get to work and pay taxes
    Black privilege; you get to sit on your ass and collect benefits

    White privilege; you have to shut up when called racist
    Black privilege; you get to riot when you call people racist

    White privilege; you’re actually thinking about leaving your homeland
    Black privilege; you wouldn’t go back to your homeland if they paid you

    These came to mind on the spur of the moment. There’s a much more.

    White Lives Matter
    Armed Resistance
    Never Surrender

    • White privilege: get shot by the cops while resisting arrest – nobody hears about it.

      Black privilege: get shot by the cops while resisting arrest: all over main stream media and whole country riots.

    • It’s not blacks who are tearing this country down, it’s the privileged white woke Left.

      • The privileged white left are the revolutionary ideologues. The blacks are the useful idiots.

        White Lives Matte
        Armed Resistance
        Never Surrender

      • From one General to another…thank you.

        White Lives Matter
        Armed Resistance
        Never Surrender

  17. Evolution throws up branches that wither an die or flourish all the time.
    Homo Floriensis stood 3ft tall lived in Indonesia,
    50,000 yrs ago modern man turned up,
    And the little fuckers couldnt compete.
    Probably looked like Arnold from Different Strokes.
    Natural selection.
    Because a people can invent, work, cultivate etc doesn’t make them ‘priveleged’.
    Just that the ones with the IQ of a goldfish picking nits off each others heads aren’t going to prosper.
    Weve twarted nature!

    • Absolutely MNC, survival of the fittest and evolution. As I put in this post earlier, those that came to Europe, had to adapt to more difficult conditions and went through a faster evolutionary path than those in Africa.

      It won’t be taught in school like that though.

  18. It’s all about being a victim, white privilege is a consequence of slavery, slavery was abolished in the west 200 years ago but white privilege continued as white people were the majority in Europe and the US.
    The problem was that poor white people never actually felt their privilege because it didn’t exist, the rich and powerful had privilege.
    The blacks are victims, they have to blame someone so rather than say it the rich and powerful they just use ‘white’, if they didn’t they would have to admit their own failings.
    Stop blaming white for everything and start taking responsibility.

    Fuck Barnardos and their bandwagon jumping, it’s not becoming of a charitable organisation.

    • White people didn’t jump off boats onto African shores and start catching black folk like the opening scenes of Roots showed us back in the late 70’s. Site people were a new market for the established pre existing slave trade in Africa.

      I hear frequent condemnation of the white slave owners but not a fucking word about the black slave traders, one doesn’t excuse the other but if we are going to condemn one then we have to condemn the other.

      • It started early 1500s when Black chiefs in what is now Angola and Congo traded slaves with the Portuguese for goods. It wasnt even the Portuguese’s idea, they just latched on to the availability.

  19. It is a good job that Barnardo’s don’t rely on the BAME community to give them donations or buy their Christmas cards. I remember a year or so ago some charitable organisation issued a report saying that the most generous contributors to charity were working class people, and by and large the less well-off.

    I think they would find the BAMEs in general, take more than they give.

  20. Scan down to see the proportion of parents who have failed their children (avoidably or not) to the extent that they wound up in Barnados.

    7.0% of Britons are Asian. 22% of Barnados intake are Asian.

    By contrast 3% of Britons are black (uncategorised) while the sum of black African and Caribbean kids in Barnados is 6%. IOW, Asians are more than 1.5 times as likely as black ethnics to wind up in care, adjusting for numbers.

    Black privilege? Goodness gracious me!

      • Just to give you due notice, next week BAME will be considered a racist term and you’d better get used right now to the expression “PMR” – “Pigmented Master Races.”

        Oh and from 2021 onwards if you don’t speak with a lisp and still use the letter T you will need to go on a PMR-awareness course and retake your license to exist.

  21. In Bristol Colston Hall has changed it’s name, as has The Colston Arms pub and Colston School.
    Now it’s been a while since I read Orwell’s classic but isn’t that what the regime does in 1984? Re-write the history books?
    I’m sure similar cuntery is going on all around the country.
    These are scary times we live in gentlemen.

  22. A few weeks ago Cunts Mate Cunt posted a link to talk given by a septic about all this woke bollocks being akin to a rudimentary religion.
    All this shit about white privilege and having to pay reparations for something that happened a long time ago sounds as if it’s been lifted straight from the ‘all humans are born into sin’ page in the Bible.
    Sorry Barnado’s, I don’t believe I was born into sin and I don’t believe I have sinned against another person because of the colour of their skin so go fuck yourself.
    I am also not going to cleanse myself by following your ideology so you can fuck yourself again.

    • Juat wanted to add the people I have cunted on this website have been cunted because they’re a cunt and not because of their melanin levels.

  23. Get taken into Burnaholes and you’ll come out with an arsehole as wide as a Catholic altar boy’s.

  24. Mrs B used to work in foster, she looked after 2 young Asian girls once, no idea what had been done to mummy but she was in hiding, but daddy was not to have unsupervised contact with the girls because he was going to take them away to marry them off abroad.
    There are pitifully few ethnic carers in foster care, yet many ethnic charges.
    Thank fuck for white saviours and the white privileged.

  25. What an absolute load of shit. I was told the other day by some self.righteous piece of turd that I shouldn’t call my two.children mixed race but instead dual heritage as the first term is racist

    I pointed out quite quickly that both daughters refer to themselves as mixed race and was she suggesting that they are racist against themselves, the utter piss boiling cunt

  26. Was the white privilege mentioned all the upper class white employees who used Barnardos as their personal stock of boy meat?
    Fuck off Barnardos.

  27. Before you get a penny of my money Banardos, sort out your predator sex pests and tell me what car you MD drives and finances from the back of donations?

    Fuck off and die.

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