Ungrateful Migrants

The illegal immigrant parasites who are currently infesting Penally camp in Pembrokeshire. Apparently unhappy with their (in my opinion) overly generous accommodation at an MOD transit camp in Wales, these cheeky fuckers have decided to protest about the distinct lack of a four star hotel. They’ve taken to standing outside the camp with badly spelled slogans written on pieces of cardboard, to bemoan their current living conditions. One of them had written “I am not in British Arm”. Nice try, Sabu, but you forgot to add the Y at the end.

It boils to my piss to volcanic temperatures to see these entitled parasites doing such a thing. They’re ALREADY living in better conditions than they did in Calais. They have a roof over their heads, three meals a day, medical care, clothing. All of which is being paid for by us, the taxpayer. They’re getting everything they need to live, but giving nothing back, except ingratitude. I’ve been to Penally camp. It’s basic, but like I said, it’s a damn site better than Calais.

Considering these freeloading parasites came here uninvited and unwanted, they have nothing to complain about. And there’s something else missing here, all the pious, self-righteous lefties, who have previously been so keen for the government to let the entire world settle here, have been conspicuous by their silence. Only a few weeks ago, Lineker claimed he was taking in a parasite, yet even now, nobody has seen them, and the only ‘proof’ has been a letter of thanks, allegedly written by said parasite, which, suspiciously, contained criticism of the Tory government.

Between them, jug ears, JK Rowling, Emma Thompson and all the other pro-parasite morons could easily pay for the entire camp at Calais to be brought to the UK and housed indefinitely. But none of them have said a fucking word. As far as I’m concerned, the Penally parasites have NO right to complain. Having come here illegally, they are criminals. They should be in prison. They’re uninvited, unwanted and there is a noticeable lack of females, children and elderly people. And now they have the fucking nerve to whinge about their accommodation. Here’s an idea, if you don’t like it, fuck off back to Calais.

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65 thoughts on “Ungrateful Migrants

  1. Put them far out to sea.
    Then forget all about them forever.
    Repeat as often as necessary for the evil cunts to get the message.

    • Bring them all in, welcome them!
      Throw a big party, give them a Argos catalogue to pick out what they want,
      Then gas them.

      • I agree, putting them out to sea will simply mean you see them again in a couple of days. This is, let us say, more of a discouragement. Why should these cunts get, for free, what the indigenous population can’t get?

  2. Well cunted sir 👍👍👍

    I spent a week at Penally back in 1983. One of the best weeks of my army career. Crying shame it’s used for these ungrateful cunts.

    If I recall correctly, the beach is just over the road. We should line up all their dinghies they came from France in, march them down there, give them each a paddle and tell them to fuck off.

    • I was at Penally back in 2000. The surrounding area is great. We even went up into Tenby and got shitfaced. Didn’t particularly like some of the locals though, they made it clear that they hated the English, but that’s the south Welsh for you. I even had a Harrier jet bow to me while I was patrolling a cliff at the range in Manorbier. The best thing though, was I was there during the Grand National weekend, and I won £3,000 in the sweep. Guess bought the beers? The winning horse was called Papillion. I still love that nag.

  3. These cunts can actually stand outside the camp ? Are you fucking serious? Another example of everything that is wrong with with our hospitality of these ‘guests’. Unkle Terry needs to do an oven installation and recovery HS2 from Dover to the camp. I’ll fetch my Hugo Boss suit and fire up the Mercedes. 🤬

  4. Lineker is a lying piece of shit. He would never have one of these human filth in his house. Mind you, neither would I. But at least I’m honest enough to admit it.

  5. Well I am still in contact with people in the Balkans and some of the stories, well it is a case of survival of the fittest and the fittest ones get as far as us.
    so tales of fights in the streets between afghans and Pakistanis for whatever reason.
    Bodies found in the woods, murdered by their travelling companions, cattle being stolen and slaughtered in the mountains.
    May not mean much to you but if you are a pesant up in the mountains, that cow was your livelihood and your milk, so when some fucker kills your cow for a lump of meat you are fucked.
    Novosti RS has a few cases of peasants who have prostituted their children on the migrant link social pages ( a Facebook escape group), prosecutions are on going.
    Tunnels being discovered under the Hungarian/ Serbian border and a few rape cases, in fact it is war being fuelled by humanitarian aid, people are feeding them and giving the locals back handers to tolerate it.
    so for easy reading, just go on to Novosti RS, select Hronika (the black chronicles) right click and translate to English, you will find out how wonderful these people heading our way are.
    Off topic I read an interesting article praising North Korea for being Covid free in their papers too.
    Hope you are all well.

  6. The Home Secretary was boasting the other day that we are ‘unapologetic’ about flights laid on to take illegals home (at time of Gt Yarmouth mass invasion). This raises the question why these Penally wasters are still here? Could it be that Ms Patel was simply bigging herself up?

  7. What a beautiful part of the country. I wish that I could be housed and fed there free of charge.
    It’s criminal to allow this filth to stay there, literally.
    Under the Immigration Act 1971 – Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.
    Facilitating or conspiracy to facilitate the illegal immigration of non-EU citizens into the UK is an offence with a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.
    So get the filth out, or turn the tables on the leftist do-gooders.

  8. They are not fucking migrants, they are criminals. The clues in the name, ILLEGAL, not invited, never asked for entry, they should be sent back whence they came.

    If we keep tying ourselves in red tape and failing to evict 90% of them they will keep coming in ever increasing numbers.

    Fucked if I’m going to stand on the shore waving a UN flag whilst apologising for being white.

    • They’re not all criminals, some of them haven’t committed crimes yet. Give the scrofulous children with lice-ridden beards time though. They can’t wait to be out on the streets of Britain in their dresses, claiming, complaining, looming, and grooming.

      Incidentally, there’s another camp down in Folkestone where they’re all demanding their rights to hotels, free money, underagers, etc.

      • Hey Capt Mag.

        Once they have entered the country illegally…that is without visa or passport…they have broken the law and are by definition criminals.

        Try doing that in one of the 3rd world shithole like North Korea or Iran and see what happens to you.

        White Lives Matter
        Armed Resistance
        Never Surrender

      • Hi Captain according to the immigration act if a person enters the U.K. with the intention of avoiding due process they are committing an offence. This includes entry to claim asylum. The fuckers are criminals the second they step on the beach. So bollocks to the lot of them including our fucking government

      • Points taken General Cuntster and Black Biscuit. Mea culpa.

        Let the fuckers swing, Tyburn Tree-style.

      • Hey Capt,

        No mea culpa required. I caught your sarcasm with the use of the word yet.

        They have to sneak into the country first before they can begin their criminal rampage of rape, pillage and plunder.

    • I like it…

      Simple, snappy, easy to remember…. and it fits on a T-shirt.

      I think a career as Head of Communications in a future Fox govt. is a shoo in Fr.

  9. In the local rag the “Western Telecunt”, a pet chicken has been gone missing in Penally, no prizes for guessing the perpetrators, fucking dingy rats!!!!

  10. As long as lawyers are leftists, here they stay. Nothing the government can do thanks to that smarmy grinning cunt BLIAR. Fuck off and die you cunt.

    • I don’t believe for one minute that these lawyers are leftists, they are just lawyers therefore they are greedy cunts in it for the money. It will be the cunts that hire these greedy cunt lawyers that are the leftist cunts, the same kind of cunts that go on demo’s with Lilly “The Cunt” Allen and wave placards inviting dinghy dwellers to come here.

  11. The worst part, YouTube independent auditors have been assaulted (by private security and OUR police farce) and banned from coming within miles of these camps-ir banned from entering the counties☹️.

    Locals who have held peaceful protests at Penali have been assaulted by private security, no prosecutions☹️.

    The government will do fuck all.

    Locking people down with Covid bullshit rules has achieved no more than suppress non MSM reporting and hiding other things-Brexit being watered down☹️.


    • But they are NOT Auditors. I wish they would read a fucking dictionary and learn what the word “audit” actually means.

      Those cunts who go around filming and putting their videos on youtube are just the same as kids in a playground who stitch someone up and then stand back and watch the ensuing fight with glee. They are cunts.

      • If it was not for people filming the illegal immigrant invasion happening daily nobody would know this was going on – you will never find it being reported on the MSM except to demonise and racially profile those who object.
        I find it wholly unacceptable that UK Citizens are assaulted, have their property smashed and stolen and are held illegally for committing no crime as the shit of the world pour in and are welcomed in with open arms by people they will never live near or blight – our own police should NOT be doing this!
        Piggy Patel will talk tough and do nothing, as all the rest before her.
        We need a right wing nationalist Government and to get rid of the piss wet traitors ruining our Country – I do not want parasitic and evil invaders here and our elected leaders are just not listening.

      • I’m not disagreeing with you CG. I know I am being a “nitpicking grammar nazi cunt” but an Auditor is someone who scrutinizes an organisations financial records, NOT some cunt who has nothing better to do than go around looking to provoke a reaction out of people.

        While some of the stuff they film, like the existence of these illegal scrounging ungrateful cunts at Penally is useful and important for public knowledge, it doesn’t detract from the fact that they are ONLY doing it for “Likes” on Youtube, nothing more noble than that.

      • If they just wanted likes they’d be better off filming their cats doing something daft. I don’t think they do it for likes. Post a video like that on Arsebook and you’ll be condemned, as social media is mostly a libtard echo chamber.

        YouTube are forever banning those posting ‘right wing’ videos too. The posters also risk things like their jobs, getting assaulted or even getting arrested filming shite like this.

        They wouldn’t need to do it if the BBC et al reported on it accurately. I agree with those saying I’m thankful for somebody taking the time to travel and then film it all for us.

  12. J Kunt Rowling has been mentioned. Now the BBC are openly asking if it’s still ‘OK’ for people to read Harry Potter. JK has now fallen foul of the ‘Beeb’. Rowling’s ‘crime’ was to say that transbenders are not real women. True enough and the BBC’s sanctimony and hypocrisy reeks more than Madogga’s minge (The Beeb think it’s ‘OK’ to say ‘Kill Whitey’ though). Rowling is right about the circus freaks, but she has played the woke card to her own advantage too many times herself. So, I have no sympathy for her whatsoever. You lie down with dogs, you get fleas. Simple as that and the left will eat itself.

  13. The good news for the migrants are our new Model camps are now open. Free transportation by rail, Nice showers for all the family, hair cuts for everyone. Beautiful matching PJs and tattoos for all.
    You cant miss us we are the glow on the horizon at night.

  14. It’s all about money. The Welsh Assembly will get extra funding for taking them, and has added virtue signalling value, the local council will get extra cash, but very little of that will be seen by the locals or the migrants, it will disappear into some fucking slush fund. I’m sure it was down that way that someone high up in the council fucked up, and they couldn’t sack him, so they put him on ‘garden leave’ which I think is on full pay of over a hundred grand. The cunt had a fucking Porsche as a company car for fucks sake. Again, cunts that don’t have to live with the consequences make decisions that spit in the face of ordinary people, and if you don’t like it, you are the problem.
    ‘They have to go somewhere!’ Yeah? Try back from where they came. Most of them are economic migrants anyway, and as such shouldn’t be eligible for asylum. Albanians? The only thing wrong with Albania is that it’s full of those cunts.

  15. Fucking filthy cunts hobbling around like spãzzies and waving their empty Costa cups at you at every fucking major junction in Greater London.

    Fuck off you cunt.

  16. The North Circular particularly is infested with these charlatan savages.

    Every now and then you see some daft bastard actually giving the ‘crippled’ immo some money.

    For fucks sake, last thing these cunts need is encouragement.

    • Remember when street begging was illegal? I do. Dossers got moved on, and policemen, who could still walk, patrolled the streets. What have we become?

      • Komodo,
        I got to look and spend a few minutes in the old Stockport ‘drunk tank’
        A stone pit cell, pitch black,
        Where not really that long ago vagrants would have the pleasure of staying.
        After a good kicking obviously.
        Occasionally theyd have the option of the stocks, or get deported on a nice cruise to Australia.
        The jammy bastards.

  17. Re “Auditors”:

    A fucking good job that someone IS reporting the extent of the problem-the MSM never would-they descended on Dover ONCE, when tipped off about a boat that actually did have a few children on board. NEVER seen since. Cunts.

    For your Cuntsideration:

  18. They are illegals and should be in custody, not free to come and go as they please, which includes standing outside with shitty placards showing what a bunch of ungrateful cunts they are. What fantastic additions to our swamped Island for fucks sake.

  19. There’s an old story in America about an aviation tragedy.

    It seems a plane loaded with “refugees” was heading to America from some 3rd world shithole. The plan was to use the false guise of seeking asylum in order to gain entry. The plane developed mechanical problems and crashed into the ocean.

    The tragedy was, the plane had empty seats before it went down.

    White Lives Matter
    Armed Resistance
    Never Surrender

  20. What do all the homeless people in London (probably the same in the rest of the country) have in common…?

    They’re white, never Asian, never black or East European….they are always white….

  21. “I’m not in British Army”. Probably written by an Iraqi or Afghan illegal immigrant. The irony is whilst him and others before him land on our shores, our young lads and lasses in the Armed Forces have died and been maimed for life defending THEIR homelands. How about these military aged Iraqi and Afghan people actually stay in THEIR OWN COUNTRY and defend THEIR homelands from invaders.

      • As long as Abdul has lodgings in a 3 star hotel straight off the boat…..this fucking country stinks and is rotten to the core. God bless all our veterans, alive, dead and I’m ashamed to say, homeless.

      • Rock on Bob, what’s wrong with tents, spent fair bit of time living in tent. But then I’m white and worked till I was too fucked or fucked by work. The way this stories going I will have to foster some of these bastards. What is wrong with these cunts in charge. Fuck them and their bikes. The Worlds full of cunts mainly in charge.

      • The UK should have done a deal with Saddam and kept him in charge of Iraq. Only he could keep those savages in order. Instead Satan Blair fucked everything up and put British lives on the line. Now the dirty fuckers are here and that cottaging Judas cunt is to blame.

      • Blair and George Bubya have a fucking lot to answer for. If Saddam and Gaddafi were still in power we wouldn’t have this shit to deal with.

  22. Anyone else noticed how all Big Issue ‘sellers’ are now Parking Stan Lees? And they sure as shit aren’t homeless either. This is an infestation. A human version of the Black Death. A plague that is spreading through every corner of British society.

  23. So what, fuck em, i think the only choice they should have is how to travel back to their flyblown shit holes, inner tube or swim mother fuckers…..

  24. Bring them all here to Mansfield the fuckers would soon be protesting to go back the France sharpish 👍👍
    I don’t understand why they want to come to Blighty in the first place 👎👎

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