Sasha Rakoff

Sasha Rakoff and ‘Not Buying It.

A quick ‘don’t you look at my minge!’ cunting for Dr Sasha Rakoff & her ‘Not Buying It’ pressure group.

This outfit of misandrists are opposed to women doing any kind of sexwork and actively obstruct women who choose to. In order to get Spearmint Rhino clubs closed, they took covert mobilephone footage inside the establishments, which supposedly recorded activities that go against the licensing rules for lap-dancing clubs, in order to prevent the license being renewed.

Not unnaturally, the girls that were videoed didn’t like it and went to court to try to prevent it being used; a case that they ultimately lost.

Personally, having never been in one, I couldn’t give a shit one way or another about lap-dancing clubs, but I’m sick to death of interfering busy-body organisations thinking they know what’s best for the general populace and sticking their bloody oar in. Dr Rakoff may not want to get her thruppennies and hanging bacon out for the lads, but she and her rabid bunch of manhaters are not womankind in its entirety, nor do they speak for it.

In the video she says that ‘we get accused of being sexually repressed…’. Really?? Now there’s a fucking surprise! Looking at her, far be it from me to suggest that a good wash, owning a comb, putting on a bit of lippy and brushing up on the art of fellatio might quell some of those accusations.

They talk about stopping prostitution on their webpages too, which is a bit of a joke really because it ain’t called The World’s Oldest Profession for nothing. Paid sex will still be happening long after the delightful Sasha’s dried-up, fetid clunge has rotted away with the rest of her. So do us all a favour love, give it a rest and stick the kettle on, will you.

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  1. I don’t get the caption in the picture. “Women not sex objects”. No punctuation. What does it mean? That we should use women and not a sex object, say a blow up doll with real hair and three orifices (so I’ve been told), or does the “sex object” refer to a dildo, in which case, I’d have to draw a line. I don’t mind using a woman, but there’s no way anyone is coming near me with a dildo.

    Life is so confusing.

  2. I reckon she just needs a damn good seeing-to. That’ll sort her out.
    Have to say I’m not the man for the job. Any volunteers?

    • I’d happily enough have a bash at her..for a moaning,frigid old tart she still gets my nads pumping.

      • Non of that old Latin crap for me,Jack….the motto on the family coat-of-arms ( Hounds rampant over a disembowelled Rambler) is unashamedly Northumbrian…..”Fuck Off”

    • If old Blunkett was still on heat he would be the ideal candidate because he wouldn’t see how rough she looks.

  3. The sex industry is the oldest in the world – it will always exist and if people are daft enough to throw money at a semi naked Woman they are not even going to have sex with crack on.
    If the sex workers are informed consenting adults I see no problem and no need for a frustrated harridan to complain on behalf of others who have not complained.
    I would also decriminalise prostitution and put brothels in areas away from the high street where the workers do it by choice instead of fear, addiction and desperation – security for all and the taxes raised would fund a special department to stop sex trafficking and exploitation.
    Now get yer fkin tits out!

    • I had a Millie Tant t-shirt back in the 90s. “Equal rights for ugly fat wimmin” Used to cause offence wherever I went!

  4. Rocksoff is the type of feminazi twerp who has deluded herself into believing the wearing of the burqa by Muslim women is an expression of their emancipation.

  5. A mate of mine actually asked the philosophical question, ‘Which famous lezzas (past or present) would you shag’

    After some thought on the matter I chose the following (all in their heyday, of course)

    Katherine Hepburn
    Lily Tomlin
    Barbara Stanwyck

    All the modern ones are either mingers, nutjobs, or just plain shite.

      • Too true, Dickie. Heard is not only a rug muncher, she is also a Grade A nutter and a scissors happy psycho cunt. I’m surprised she didn’t do a John Bobbitt on Johnny Depp.

  6. Poor Sacha. She is obviously gagging for a multi partner, girls included, fuckathon.
    She looks rather dreary and is probably quite whiffy, around the undercarriage.
    Not to my taste.
    Unlike steak pudding, chips, peas and gravy.
    Good afternoon.

  7. Women don’t like being treated as sex objects, like that’s all they’re good for, and I can understand that. But they don’t say anything about men being treated as breeding objects. I was never the best looking bloke around, and I wasn’t the nicest bloke either, but if I’d wanted to get married and raise a family I could have had my pick. Because that’s all most women think about, and they’re not that fussy who they do it with either. For a lot of them, the first feller who shows an interest in them will do.

  8. Whenever the media (the panorama types) do a report on sex work they always find the roughest old fucking tarts they can find….

    They should go to London, there are some real cracking bits of stuff (B&W cunt told me and his stable all top notch).

  9. It’s funny how the likes of Rakoff never have a word to say on the subject of the male sex workers who get their dicks pulled on hen nights up and down the country.
    They make a choice to do this and get paid for it, same as the women who work in Spearmint Rhino.
    Just another group of do gooders, and Rakoff is a right whiny type from the look of the video.

  10. There will be loads of birds selling their fannies next summer when unemployment hits 12%.
    I shall fill my boots and pay her with tins of “all day breakfast” from Aldi.

      • I should be so lucky, working for Aldi!
        Farm Stores isn’t so bad though…£4.93 per hour!
        What’s the most gypp0, p1key discount store up north, Reverend F?

      • Farmfoods up here, Mr.Cunt-Engine…not that it stops me from stocking up if I’m ever in the vicinity…I’m not picky..far as I’m concerned cheap chicken makes into curry just as well as the expensive,free-range stuff.

        I was actually suprised when I heard how much they do earn at Aldi…a lad who worked in the woods with me years ago works there now….as he says..guaranteed money,good rates and at least he’s not getting piss-wet through or frozen stood out in the weather.

  11. Luckily virtually nobody gives a shit what demented harridans like this auto erectile dysfunction pap on about.
    Humans seem to like sex and are happy to pay for it.
    Only today I had to buy some fuses so I could fix one of Mrs.Terrys fancy lights and they weren’t cheap.
    I doubt I’ll get a shag out of it on a Monday as well.
    So they can all Fuck Off.

  12. What does the dozy cunt think a cunts for then? To me it’s for tipping your dirty yoghurt in. Silly cunt, unkle Terry fire up the oven please.

  13. She’s probably a fucking secret prozzie and wants them rounded up so she can get fucked ragged , mind you as everyone says it’s a fucking pig

  14. This fucking stuck up prude needs a man to Jakoff on her Rack. Rakoff is wasting her life on this crusade. Like many here, I’ve never used, or will ever likely use a lap dancing club, but everyone knows except the most naïve twats that the places are just the hallway into the knocking shop. Would be interesting to know how many Sheffield Council Officials avail themselves of the services and optional extras that Spearmint Rhinos
    provide. Closing it down would likely be a case of cutting their cock off to spite their bollocks 😂

  15. Does she really think that anyone will view HER as a sex object?
    Hopefully she’ll get a good kicking off a gang of unemployed lap dancers and F1 girls.
    Another self proclaimed intellectual who knows absolutely shit all…

  16. Probably wants all the competition out of the way so she can fuck everything, bet it was her that suggested the covert filming so she could ogle the bald pussys

  17. Dogmatic wimmimz-nightmare with titties.
    I bet she went for a job at the local strip club and failed the audition, leaving her bitter and determined to gain vengeance 😉

  18. Oh well, at least the naked Cambridge lecturer, Victoria Bateman, seems to have disappeared for the moment. Thank Dog. Maybe she’s worried about erect nips in cold weather.

  19. Last time I went down on a sex worker I noticed a piece of offal resembling a rotting bell-end protruding from her clunge.
    Wtf?! She said that the previous punter was a leper who was kind enough to leave her a tip.
    Put me off for life.

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