Lord Peter Hain (5)

The oleaginous ex-Labour gobshite minister Peter Hain, who reeks of self-importance as much as Anal-Ease Dodds reeks of stale piss, apparently finds it “unacceptable” that whinging nancy boy racer Lewis Hamilton has not yet been given a knighthood:


Who gives a fuck what the little motherfucker thinks about anything, but clearly he is self important enough to imagine we do give a fuck. Go and dig up a cricket pitch, cunt.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

55 thoughts on “Lord Peter Hain (5)

  1. Never heard of him, but he looks like your typical arrogant fat-arsed cunt with too any sticky fingers stuck in too many dodgy pies.

  2. Served in Bliars government, nuff said. CUNT. So poor old Lewis ain’t got a knighthood? Boo fucking Hoo, sucks to be Lewis then.
    Mr Hain please do us all a favor, fuck off and die. Zero fucks given by this reviewer.

  3. Pass … bucket … quick

    Urghgmfhhhh – too late.

    Despicable cunt. Go fry your prick in the Hamilton orifice.

  4. Not sure who’s the biggest cunt out of them both both absolute pricks and both oxygen thieves

  5. It would be quite funny to see Lewis Hamilton kneeling before one of the wealthiest and most privileged white women on the planet. One will not be amused by a Black Power salute though.

    • Maybe HM might “slip” with the sword and do the whole world a favour.

      “Oops, one is most dreadfully sorry. Fetch a mop Edward…”

  6. So this cunt condones the fact Hamilton is a tax-dodging cunt that waves the Union Flag as a flag of convenience, but that’s about as far as it goes in terms of being British.

  7. It’s the love child of Piers Morgan and Kier Starmer.
    Or at least a product of the same Cunt Factory production line…

  8. The difference is the little cunt Hamilton, 1. Doesn’t live in the U.K. 2. Drives for a German funded team. And 3. Represents himself and not GB.

    Much as I dislike Andy Murray, at least he did represent Britain in Davis cup and the Olympics.

    Fuck off Hain you cunt, and fuck off Hamilton you cunt.

  9. Not sure who the biggest cunt is out of them , it’s a very close run thing I think

  10. We should scrap knighthoods and all sleb “honours”, it’s all a load of vacuous sycophantic bollocks.
    Let’s scrap lordships too….

  11. I bet Hain lies in bed at night, raping his rancid anus, whilst dreaming of being double teamed by Saint Marcus Rashfuck and Lewis Hamilcunt.

  12. I’ve got an idea – make Lewis Hamilton race the slowest F1 car available for 1 season and see how many times he wins. If he doesn’t win next season, give knighthoods to the Mercedes team/

    • I have another idea.
      Put the monkey in its go kart.
      Then run it over with a vintage Churchill tank.

    • I was always of the opinion, that Hamilton succeeded because all the Ace’s died, or retired. Against Schumacher, Lauda Fitipaldi, I doubt that Hamilton would premier at all.

    • I agree, put any of the top drivers in a Mercedes and they are going to win, swap cars with Ricciardo for example and Hamilton will be down in the pack and Ricciardo would be in the lead.

      • You lot know naffink abaaaaaht F1. Every WDC has the best car or one on a par with the best other car, look at Vettel. If Lewis is so shite how come Valteri Butler doesn’t ever beat him over a race. Lewis also won his first WDC with my team McLaren in a car not as good as the Ferrari.
        Go fuck yourselves.

      • He soon left McLaren when it was clear the team was going the wrong way 😂
        Button won in the Ross Brawn car which was the best car at the time and Button was never the best driver, then Mercedes took the car and made it unbeatable.
        Bottas is an average driver in the best car, I don’t think it would be the same scenario if he had Vestapen as a team mate.
        And it’s obvious that Hamilton has a higher ranking in the team than Bottas, they painted the fucking car Black for him 😂

  13. Another immigrant seeking asylum in the UK in the 1960,s, having fled South Africa as his parents were activists against both Apartheid and the State. Having come to Britain the young Hain took to acts of disruption here ( in his host country ) and eventually entered politics as a subversive determined to empower blacks and the BAME community at large.

    I never liked this man, and with good reason. As far as I am concerned , he is all that is wrong with any society, and the fact that he draws breath offends me. No immigrant to this country should be eligible to be elected to Parliament until at least 6 generations have passed, and their reproductive systems have been surrendered at the port of entry.

    End of.

    • You can include that vacuous arse bandit Tariq Ali in that! if ever a cunt needed deporting it’s him, Marxist/ communist cunt!

  14. South Africa has achieved his aims.
    Crime ridden

    You would have thought he’d go home.

  15. If memory serves, Hain did at least lead protests back in the 1970s (when he led the “Young Liberals”) at the attempts to mainstream kiddie fiddling via the odious PIE – at the same time, Harriet Harman was allegedly employed by them to actively promote their vile interests. For that work he deserves some credit. However, this latest nonsense seems to indicate he has probably gone senile like most of the “Noble Lords”.

  16. Sadly Technocunt, I have heard of this pointless waste of oxygen and your description is however, spookily accurate absolute corrupt self important bent fucker. Very well spotted …

  17. You couldn’t knight the Hamilton parasite. He’d expect the Queen to bend the knee; Cunt.

  18. As a Rhodesian Taff all I can say is this cunt is the original Kaffirlover, many have tried to beat him but he is of weapons grade cuntitude and won’t ever be outcunted!!!

  19. ***
    Breaking news!!
    Shooting in a synagogue in Vienna.
    Im with Midge Ure.
    It means nothing to me
    Oh Vienna…

      • Was it?
        Like that tune.
        You winning Norman?
        Im fucked from work and watching weller on ‘the story of the Jam’.
        Its pretty good

      • Yeah, MNC. About three small scenes were filmed in Vienna itself, while the rest was done in London by Aussie director, Russell Mulchay. Ultravox were a good band and The Jam were one of the best. Never took to Style Council or Weller’s solo stuff though.

        I think I am winning at the moment, pal. Just about…

      • Evening Mis, evening Norm:

        I have seen Welker live a few times-the last time at a festival with his band, which was basically Ocean Colour Scene-never a fan of them but they were shit hot that night👍
        Never saw Ultravix live but did see Mudge Ure singing with The SAS band.
        Happy dats😀

      • Ultravox – both versions – were very good.

        I think the John Foxx version gets a bit too much credit because up until their Systems of Romance album, their output was patchy. SoR is killer though. The Ure area produced some fine synth pop. Rage In Eden is one of my all time favourite albums. I only saw them live but once, at The Brighton Centre in 1984. Good gig.

        I eventually liked The Jam. It needed Sound Affects for me to get it. I thought The Gift was mainly crap and I wasn’t surprised when Weller jacked it in. The Style Council had some highlights, but I’ve never been interested in Weller’s solo stuff. I think he’s very overrated as a singer and songwriter.

      • Correction, I saw Ultravox at The Brighton Centre in ’82 on the Quartet Tour. I missed the ’84 tour which played the same venue, instead choose to go to Manchester to see my girlfriend at the time. First true love and all that, but looking back – I wish I’d seen Ultravox for a second time.

  20. The Jam are a great band,
    And I like weller, a talented bloke with a real work ethic,
    Doesnt Come across as a big head.
    I can’t name a modern band let alone one I rate like I rated the Jam!

    • Two best gigs I saw were The Jam and Joy Division. Ian Curtis was a force of nature on the stage. Weller doesn’t stand still or rest on his laurels, I agree. I thought he was mad for disbanding The Jam though.

      • He said he felt trapped Norm,
        Said he felt happy when in the Style council as the pressure was off and he could experiment a bit.
        Suppose its case of whatever makes you happy?
        Said it before but in my opinion Joy Division was the best band out of Manchester,
        Hauntingly good.
        *Hey CG!
        You bought us both one of those army trucks?😀

      • I have Substance by Joy Division. Played it once. It’s very third division to my ears. Just fired it up. Opening track Warsaw is a train wreck. Just awful.

      • Hey Norm – I take your point about The Jam disbanding, but you can see (or rather hear) how you get from The Gift to early Style Council. It was going that way and much to the detriment of The Jam’s image, sound and back catalog. For me they peaked with Sound Affects. A great mix of youth angst, adult cynicism and pop. Still had a fair bit of horn section on it though. I thought TSC started off OK, but I’d completely lost interest after The Cost of Loving album. Too much female/soul type stuff for my ears.

        I’ve not heard much of his solo stuff to be fair, but what I have heard I’ve hated. Still say Weller’s overrated.

      • I think Weller is talented but he needs a good band to bounce off like so many other artists who have gone solo. Morrissey – in my opinion – doesn’t work outside The Smiths. Steve Marriott was an amazing talent, but without Small Faces or Humble Pie it just wouldn’t take off for him. Weller works hard, but I think he sees himself as the main man and saw himself as superior to Foxton and Buckler. That’s a bit like Robert Plant saying he’s above John Paul Jones and John Bonham.

      • Good points, Norm. I’ve read somewhere that Weller slagged Buckler’s playing and did indeed think he was musically beyond Foxton & Buckler’s reach. Weller has talent, no question. Some bands will just have a limited shelf life for a variety of reasons. Image, energy, style, whatever. The progression from In The City to The Gift is a remarkable journey, but I couldn’t see where they could go from there. They could have lasted longer if they’d made a Setting Sons part 2 or Sound Affects part 2 before moving on. They were never going to have a 20 year career as The Jam. Contrast them to Rush, another 3 piece who lasted 40 years. They were able to morph and evolve and keep moving. Not too many duds in their back catalog either.

        A few years ago I picked up Foxton’s album Back In The Room. It’s decent. Helped by the fact the vocalist (Russell Hastings) sounds a LOT like Weller. Deliberately on purpose me thinks!

  21. The Jam where ACE! Was gutted when they split, and fucking hated The Style Council at first but grew to like them as i got older.
    I have seen Weller on his todd loads of times and Wild Wood is a fucking great album but the gigs have never been the best, i strolled out of the last one half way through it was that shite.

    • Good for you, flexi.

      I’ve done the same when I saw Oasis and another time when I saw Nine Inch Nails. Both gigs were really poor. Hate to admit I left at the interval during a Rush concert too.

  22. Could have got a better picture.
    P. Hains is duskier than L. Hamilton.
    And maybe a shade more orange.

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