Doreen Lawrence and COVID (5)

The only surprise is that the Chinky Flu report has taken so long to be presented to us. The BBC claims that ‘Covid has thrived on racial discrimination ‘. To be fair the the BBC they do mention the views of more informed persons but the review chair by this woman who has managed to become one of the great and the good despite being neither bangs on about ‘structural racism’. Well, as no one has explained to us what structural racism actually is let alone provided examples I shall take this report as a load of politically motivated bollocks.

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Renowned epidemiologist and virologist Doreen Lawrence has come up with this:-

‘Covid-19 has “thrived” among black, Asian and ethnic minority (BAME) communities because of structural race discrimination, a Labour report says.
Its author, Baroness Lawrence, said these groups were “over-exposed” and faced “barriers” to healthcare.’

What a fucking surprise. It is our fault.
Crowded conditions? Why havent we given them large houses in the Home Counties?
Barrier to healthcare? Of course, the NHS turns kaffirs and -peacefuls away from hospitals and surgeries. We also insist they live on a diet of fried shit.
I expect mosques are too small for social distancing due to the racism of the planning laws.

This woman comes from Jamaica. Perhaps she should do another unbiased, scientific report on the paradises of equality in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Caribbean etc. Just to give this horseshit a bit of context

..and again by: Paul Maskinback

A trifecta cunting for “Gibs muh dat” Doreen Lawrence bleating on that Covid 19 has thrived in the UK on “structural racism n sheet”.

According to this race-baiting shitmonger, BAME groups are over-exposed and face barriers to healthcare. Sadly, no-one in the Tories will have the cojones to call her out and explain the source of her conclusions, which are clearly bollocks. I do not recall security on hospital entrances turning away folk for healthcare as they are the wrong shade on the RAL chart.

Lawrence has also urged that ministers must suspend the “no recourse to public funds” rule,which prevents some migrants accessing state assistance, and give support to any person struggling to self-isolate at home. More shaking of those magical money trees.

She waffles on that in the longer term, the government should remove barriers to accessing health services and information, collect comprehensive data on ethnicity and reform the immigration system. Her review effectively recommended that we do not try and dissuade every fucking piece of third world detritus to pilot a rubber dinghy to arrive in the land of the promised.

Supported 100% by Dame Kweer, this may be a step too far. In one deft move this cunt has effectively accused 94% of the UK of da raciss bees n sheet.

Doreen Lawrence, just fuck off. Continue to stroke your ermine robe and collect your £300 a day expenses for fuck all. You cunt


….and another. This time from elcuntio 

Dame Doreen Lawrence is a white hating cunt.

Asked by none other than the fucking loony Labour party to commission a report in to elevated BAME (I really fucking hate that term) deaths related to covid-19. Her report, apparently, alluded to structural racism being the reason why more dark skinned fellows fell foul of the kung flu than honky white boys. Apparently blacks and minorites are over represented in public facing job roles, increasing their exposure to the virus. You really can’t win with fuckers like this, if all public facing jobs were worked by white people, she’d be kicking up a stink saying it was racist that no blacks were employed, but then actively encourage employers to take on more ethnics and suddenly it’s racist because now they’re put in harm’s way. Fuck right off love.

She also says that minorites are more likely to live in overcrowded housing. Surely that is the responsibility of the people who live in said households? Nobody is forcing them to have 12 kids. What is the government supposed to do? Give them an extra house for free I suppose…..

I wish I knew what it was like to be so fucking delusional. What really fucks me off though is that she’s untouchable, because she’s a dame, from that fucking house of piss sodden, old fuckers. Can’t be voted out, and just sits in that ivory tower judging us all.

I’ve had enough you racist old cunt. Fuck off.

..and although not directly related, it does cover the same kind of area. Thanks to Black biscuit 

Structural Racism

A carefully non aggressive cunting for “structural racism”. This appears to be of massive importance to many, though I have yet to discover one single incident that illustrates this phenomenon anywhere in this universe. What I have discovered is pages and pages of vacuous unprovable waffle about a “subject” without any substance. Pages of internet searches feeding me reams and reams of basically libtard waffle.

People are making a mint out of producing reports etc about something they cannot prove exists. Sounding a bit familiar eh?. Even Baroness Lawrence jumped on the bandwagon when Queer Stammer asked her to chair a report about the invisible curse of ethnic denial via structured racism. Shit. I am so sick of this shit.
Never take a knee and fuck off (and your fucking bike)

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  1. First it was “institutional”
    Then with the canonisation of King George KFC came “systemic”.
    Now it’s “structural”
    What next, how about just say each and every white person is racist?
    Guy Fawkes was right.

  2. Perhaps the Chuckabutty woman was the source of her research? Another ennobled cretin. She seems to come to the left/right conclusions.

    ‘I see no anti-semites’

  3. Cunts all of them. Its just proven the stupidity and ignorance of these people and surprise surprise for a minority group they are the majority infected. Open more mosques, allow family gatherings for them turn the infection rate up and cleanse us all of the stupid cunts. And take any one that supports them as well.

  4. The picture shows that Kweer has learned nothing from comrade Steptoe. Supporting this shit alienates the majority and comes over as anti British. Just like his predecessor.

    • Starter doesn’t care-he us a mealy mouthed lawyer who hates white working class Brits as much as Lambert & Butler et al…

  5. Mostly BAME types, eh? That’s funny. Bobby Ball (RIP) wasn’t black. Tim Brooke Taylor wasn’t BAME. Dave Greenfield (Stranglers) was not a dark key. Eddie Large wasn’t a person of colour either. Neither were most of the other elderly folk who have fallen foul of blue mink bat flu. Still, why let hard facts and figures get in the way of race baiting self promotion and self basting publicity by pulling the race card.

    Mind you, it’s hardly the first time that Doreen has used death to get herself noticed and milk the publicity machine, is it?

    And lay of the fried chiggun, you fat fucking cow!

    • I’m having a whip-round for Doreen-getting her a George Foreman grill for Kwaanza👍

  6. 22nd April next year is Steven Lawrence day – I kid you not.
    Saw it being promoted on the news a few days ago. Sky were almost creaming their collective kecks over it.
    I would have thought that ‘London Tube and Bus Bombing day’ on 7th July would be more appropriate.

    • I wonder if Saint Steven will get the knee and round the clock tributes like Saint Chiggun Floyd George has for fucking infinity?

      I won’t ever salute them or pay tribute to either of them. They can both frig off.

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