My body, My choice

It was with great glee and exhilaration that the Ministry of Truth put out its notice this week that a vaccine has now been successfully developed.

Not less than 3 days later and Ticketmaster has said it will want proof of vaccination or negative test before entry to events. The Premier League wants to implement a ‘freedom pass’ – Orwell is now on turbo-spin in his grave.

Hancock said on the radio they’ve been planning for the vaccine rollout for months. No wonder then that they have been steadfast in their refusal in denying the gargantuan body of experts contradicting SAGE and who are trying to tell us that this is nothing short of gigantic fraud and medical tyranny.

GCHQ is now conducting industrial espionage on behalf of the pharma companies, silencing ‘anti-vax’ sites and people who dare question the science. The Royal Society in London said we should consider criminalizing anti-vax misinformation. The army is using its 77th brigade to fight ‘anti-vaxxers’ online.

Just what exactly are they so afraid of? The truth can always stand up to scrutiny. Unless of course the truth is one big pile of shite.

The data clearly shows CV19 is no more dangerous than a seasonal flu epidemic, and for under 75s a non-risk. But you know what the data also shows? That every major disease for which we created a vaccine for was already in decline long before the vaccine was created. Go look it up. Could it be that better sanitation, water and food quality is responsible for the decline? Matches up pretty fucking well in my opinion. Maybe people get diseased because we live a completely artificial polluted society. Ask the Victorians about their green arsenic based wall paper.

When they try to coerce everyone into getting the vaccine, which they will, just remember you have a choice. Your body belongs to you, not the state. I will be telling them to shove it up their Rs sideways.

Nominated by: The Big Chunky Cunty

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  1. Here’s a particularly interesting video by a chap named Dr Roger Hodkinson debunking this covid utter ridiculousness.
    It’s only 5 minutes long and will almost certainly get removed by Youtube forthwith:

  2. You need to check what data you are reading.

    So far 1.34 million people worldwide have died from Covid 19.
    Annually, approx. 290,000 – 650,000 people die from flu.

    Making Covid 19 AT LEAST twice as dangerous as flu.

    Still, you believe what you want to believe. Just don’t complain when you or your loved ones start dying from covid.

    • I’d ask cunters here 1 question, how many of you know someone who’s died of this?
      It’s real but the truth is hidden and the facts distorted.
      “50,000 people died WITH CV 19” , they may have died with dandruff, it wasn’t that what killed them. Died from falling out of an aeroplane within 28 days (later) of testing positive? Covid 19 will be put down as the cause.
      Massive errors in flawed testing program means untold and uncounted false results yet still the plankton lap it up.
      I know DCI is on the front line and sees this more and more, then again he sees more road accidents and drunken fights too.
      All hail “the great British public”, gullible and malleable to the end. Ushering in a police state and Marxism while grinning inanely holding a cup of tea. You stupid cunts, mustn’t grumble? Keep calm?
      Project Fear is in full flow and the majority shuffle about mumbling” its for the greater goid”.
      Fuck off back under your beds, watch the ‘news’ and your reality shite and shit yourself to death.

      • I’m no great socialite but not only do I not know anybody who has died of it, I don’t even know anybody who knows anybody who has tested positive for it. I’m sure people are dying from it, as opposed to with it, but taking our country back to the Middle Ages seems a disproportionate response.

      • Nope. Not me. I have about 8 close friends and 12 work colleagues not one of them knows of someone dying. I work at the local hospital and since March 167 have died. All with underlying health conditions. We have an approximate population of 85000. More people have died of flu. So up here we buck the trend.

      • Took in four Covid pos. pts this week. Pretty average. We leave a lot at home as there’s fuck-all good taking them in, they can ride it out at home. Fucking irritating getting suited up, that’s for sure.

    • A little bit of selective data here. I suggest people do their own web searches regarding how bad C19 is compared to other causes. Heart disease is by far the greatest worldwide killer. The average age of a C19 death in the UK is higher than the UK life expectancy!

      • That’s a very good point. Heart disease is a bastard – I know, my father died from it 25 years ago.

        That said, if there was a vaccine to prevent against heart disease, I wonder how many people on here would refuse to take it?

      • Heart disease? you say my Lordship, which one? Us fuckers usually get heart disease by being well fed fat lazy cunts that smoke and drink too much.. That is a lifestyle choice. COVID19 isn’t.

      • An even better point. How many people would get heart disease if they led healthy lives? A lot less.

        My dad was different – he had a severe childhood illness which left him with a much weaker heart. Still, he did like a beer and a pie and chips too!

      • And that is the point. Those cunts in charge will break an economy, break the spirit of people and rule our lives to save us from COVID by authoritarianism my, but do fuck all to fix heart disease, cancer and any number of other cunt diseases that kill in far greater number than COVID ever will, and the worlds lemmings just run off the cliff because our cunt governments tell them to. They make these numbers up with models for fucks sake.

    • COVID
      Coronavirus – the group of cold and influenza type viruses.
      Covid deaths? Zero – Covid19 is the WHO definition.
      Coronavirus deaths – 2-3 thousand in the UK.
      Influenza and cold? Disappeared.
      “Died with Covid” – a profitable thing to write.
      Vaccine? An RNA soup cooked up in 12 Months with no right for victims to sue when it goes wrong.
      Last two times an RNA vaccine was used?
      Swine flu and polio vaccination.
      The 2009 swine flu vaccine caused severe brain damage in over 800 children across Europe, and the UK government has now agreed to pay $90 million in compensation to those victims as part of a vaccine injury settlement.
      This is the same swine flu vaccine that the entire mainstream media ridiculously insists never causes any harm whatsoever. From the quack science section of the Washington Post to the big pharma sellout pages of the New York Times, every U.S. mainstream media outlet exists in a state of total vaccine injury denialism, pushing toxic vaccines that provably harm children.
      “Across Europe, more than 800 children are so far known to have been made ill by the vaccine,” reports the International Business Times.
      The vaccine caused narcolepsy and cataplexy in hundreds of children. Both are signs of neurological damage caused by vaccine additives which include mercury, aluminum, MSG, antibiotics and even formaldehyde.
      The RNA polio vaccine used by the Gates Foundation caused exactly the same type of brain injuries and sterilization.
      They told us smoking, asbestos, Thalidomide, Agent Orange, the Christmas Island military nuclear tests, DDT and BSE infected beef was safe.
      This is not about protection, this is something much more sinister.
      And if the NHS facilities are stretched to breaking point as the Government alleges why have the Nightingale temporary hospitals been dismantled to lie on pallets in warehouses?

      • Interesting figures.

        800 children across a continent with a population of 741 million.

        Only 60 in the UK.

        60 million people vaccinated.

        Every medication you can buy in the shops comes with a list of possible side effects. The figures quoted, while utterly tragic, are so small that they are hardly worth thinking about.

        But, hey, don’t take the vaccine. Nobody will force you.

      • Agreed – I am nobody’s guinea pig for an untested slop with no right to sue if it goes wrong.
        Feel free to stick some shit in your body which could radically affect cellular function and change the DNA makeup of the human host – I would rather no take the risk.
        And only 800 children with catastrophic brain damage is clearly an acceptable price to pay, provided none of the victims happen to be someone close.
        Were you pushing Thalidomide as enthusiastically?

      • We don’t know the side effects of this vaccine and may not for some time. The government cunts will say it’s not mandatory to cover their arse, but as we’ve started seeing, businesses will demand vaccination to use their services. It’s overkill.

  3. Sorry don’t believe all the conspiracy theories surrounding COVID19. It has killed people far to close to home and made family and friends properly ill.

    Yes sure greedy cunts will try too make money but all this Orwellian shit is nonsense.

    • Well said.

      Until a few weeks ago when we moved house, our neighbours were a couple of doctors, both working in specialised fields. They both got shifted to work on the wards looking after covid patients. They were run ragged and were absolutely knackered. Both said this is the worst health problem they have ever seen, and they made it clear this is nothing like the flu.

      Remember Dr Andrew Wakefield, who claimed the MMR jab gave kids autism? There will always be people out there who try to debunk medical fats. Doesn’t mean they are right though.

      • True Robin, you can find shit of various levels of veracity to back up any daft idea particularly on the internet. Had an argument with a bell end a week or so ago not only was COVID19 designed to control the masses ( I suggested that tanks work well in that department) it transpired that the thick cunt was an holocaust and moon landings denier. At this point I walked away.. Pointless cunt..

      • Yeah, typical conspiracy theorist.

        We have a resident ambulance paramedic on this site, I wonder what their thoughts are?

      • Sorry to have to burst half of your bubble.

        The moon landings didn’t happen. Grandad Odin on my father’s side was the first in the UK to get the moon landing pictures and a list of instructions to retouch them in time for the morning papers.

        He was an ex-SOE cartographer and as far as I could tell had no sense of humour.

        He always swore it never happened.

        Grandad Odin on my mother’s side was one of the first at the gates liberating Bergen-Belsen.

        He was of Jewish descent.

        He always swore the holocaust definitely happened.

      • Never argue with a fool, they’ll only bring you down to their level and defeat you with their own experience.

      • Andrew Wakefield and his useful idiot celebricunt promoter, Carol Vorderman. They have a lot to answer for, cunts.

    • Ya need to sort out yer to’s and too’s. I hate to sound like a cunt but it’s distracting and mangles yer message

    • Covid is real but for £390 billion I can’t believe there was a worse way of handling this. I know we cannot and I will not cunt a fellow cunter but FFS if you actually think the lockdowns are the way forward I have little faith in your view.

      When we went back to my place of work two staff identified as vulnerable. A 50 year old bloke recovering from cancer in 2018 and an overweight diabetic woman in mid 30’s. Fuck me both got the Covid and both where poorly and had to stay in bed for a couple of days but incredibly despite project fear they both survived and returned to work 14 days after positive test.

      So yes I do know someone and both were fine. But there is more.

      My uncle died last month from Covid. He also had stage 4 lung cancer. Apparently he would have been ok but for the Covid.

      Get a grip of yourselves the govt have got the tiger by the tail and instead of owning up that they have fucked this up they now double down on lockdowns and as for the Jocks they are even worse off

    • As mentioned above, I’m frontline, and well said. Conspiracy theories are a laugh to us.

      • That reply was to Everyone’s a cunt.

        It’s real. I deal with it. Nearly every working day. My colleague/mate nearly died from it. Some colleagues HAVE died from it. It’s real. Those with doctorates from The Facebook School Of Medicine Combined With YouTube Polytechnic can fuck off.

        ‘Oh, but he’s a doctor’

        Yeah, Harold Shipman was a GP with over thirty years under his belt…

  4. The more people who don’t want the vaccine the better, the sooner I will be able to get it, however i suspect most of the over 50’s will have enough common sense to have it.
    I know people keep comparing it to flu but if this little Covid fucker gets it’s claws into you it is definitely a lot more deadly than flu.

    Anti vaccine campaigns, my question is why, if people are not comfortable having a vaccine they should talk to their GP or other medical professional rather than you tube or google propaganda.

    I am not sure about the point about attending events, this isn’t a new idea, having a negative test before flying has been going on for months and with the new instant (almost) tests it makes good sense especially for catching the asymptomatics.

  5. Just the simple fact the political types are shutting down debate and pushing the vaccine made my decision for me.

    Shove it up your arse.

  6. If Hancock’s twice weekly testing plans go ahead there will be no time for anything else as the whole of the UK population will be busy getting tested, manufacturing tests, delivering tests, administering tests, and dishing out results. On top of all that, we are all to be vaccinated twice with boosters needed after six months. Question is, who the fuck is going to pay for it given no one will be able to be gainfully employed? The Jellyfish is a crazy dribbling fool surrounded by fantasists, psychos and sadists. Fuck off and die you mental cunts.

  7. All depends how you view Covid, all depends if you believe every death attributed to Covid was caused by COVID, all depends if you take the time to differentiate between died of COVID or died with COVID.

    There are scientists and doctors who question the response to Covid.

    From the new scientist:

    “ But a recent meta-analysis confirms earlier estimates, finding that the death rate can be as high as 16 per cent for people over 90 but 0 per cent for children under 4.”

    Over 90 years old your likely to have comorbidities and at greater threat from any viral illness. In 2016 22 800 died form hospital acquired infections.

    One of my elder brothers died in 2013 from heart problems, heart problems that were the result of the flu virus damaging his heart.

    COVID should not be an excuse to reset the world economy, it should not be an excuse for extended removal of civil liberties and it should not be an excuse for us to surrender the freedoms we have without question.

    Let’s take a look at 2009 and the swine flu outbreak.

    Where was the lockdown then, where were the long term school closures?

    Like 9-11 allowed Bush and co to push through plans they needed a handy disaster to enact I believe Covid is the disaster Gates and others have been waiting for.

    • Seeing as 284,000 people died with swine flu, and 1.34 million have died SO FAR with covid, I’m not sure why you are using this as a comparison.

      Of those 284,000, only 392 were in the UK. Bit different to the more than 50,000 so far from covid.

      • Who knows? Would so many have died though, if they didn’t have this horrendous disease that makes it virtually impossible to breathe? I doubt it.

      • Same thing ain’t it MNC?!
        I wonder what what the most preposterous death of covid that’s been registered?
        Raped by dwarves, limbs hacked off by a mūslım dressed as Freddy Kreueger then your remains thrown through a wood chipper?
        Death certificate: Covid

      • A poor cunt fell off a ladder and died. He was positive for Covid. Cause of death – covid. TRUE.

    • 2009 Swine Flu:
      I spent Christmas Day in hospital, under Obs.
      At that time I was the fittest person I knew, seriously fit. It took me ages to recover my fitness-over a month.
      I think I may well have had Covid back in March-no testing available and told to stay home and ring 999 if my breathing worsened.
      Having said this, the dystopian behaviour of officials does give give plenty of “credence” to the the various “theories” floating around.
      Strange times, indeed.🤔

  8. What it comes down to is that people, all over the world, don’t trust governments any more. They are all liars and cunts and when the opposition get in they turn out to be the same liars and cunts. What is different about the current situation is that the MSM, who are also liars and cunts, all seem to be pushing the same agenda.
    Let some other wankers be the guinea pigs, i’ll bide my time.

    • If anyone needs justification for not trusting government and authority, simply take a look at the filthy alcoholic scum in the previous cunting.
      Along with the useless traitors in parliament.
      No wonder we’re paranoid…

  9. I’ll be taking it. Bill Gates has promised me a free ride in Elon Musk’s spaceship if I do.

    Not sure I want him following me into the lavatory every morning though…

      • Morning Thomas, you still moustache free? Hey, wait a minute…. ah… excellent…. I feel a nice dump coming on. 😊

      • Hi RTC, yep…still moustache free. And looking hunky*

        * looking like Gollum.

        Enjoy your poo!

  10. No vaccine for me thank you Doris.I refuse.Stick your vaccine up your arse Adolf Handycock.People have their own free will.No no no

  11. Notice how no government liar has mentioned when we’ll be given “permission” to stop wearing masks in shops and on public transport.
    Not that I’ve ever worn one as they do less than fuck all.

    • Quite right Mr Engine. Most of the masks seem to be lying around in the street round our way. Thanks for protecting me, you dirty wankers!

      • What they arent taking into account is theres much more people id like to infect with a deadly virus than protect.
        Not considered that have you SAGE?
        You egghead piss the beds
        I want ‘certain’ communities
        Grasping for breath, and turning up theyre toes.
        Turns out I’m immune anyway.
        I’m selling my vaccine on eBay.

      • You’re onto something there MNC.

        This could be targeted at certain ethnic communities.

        It could also be given, compulsorily, to the cunts in Penally and every ethnic who arrives on a boat in Kent. Don’t want the jab? Get back in your boat and fuck off back to France.

  12. I’m accept that “something” is out there.
    But this whole Covid mullarkey has been served up, then lavishly garnished with spin and hyperbole by the mainstream media and central government.

    If the Covid dish should ever go cold in the near future, – be rest assured that central government will be poised to pop it back into the microwave, in an attempt to reheat the fear within its gullible population. The likes of Whitty and other so-called experts will then gladly re-garnish the reheated dish in order to make it more palatable.
    Nevertheless, however it is prepared or presented it is apparent that British public cannot get enough of it. They will inhale and digest every last morsel in gluttonous proportions, – because they are unable to think for themselves.

  13. You can stick the vaccine up your puckered old asshole, I will be going nowhere near it.

    I don’t attend rubbish pop concerts and I would rather die than go near football so I will be right at the back of the queue while you all turn into lizards etc.

    Without doubt, this has been blown up into something that has become the problem rather than being the problem and I want no part in it.

    Fine if you wish to be injected with some cunts chemicals go ahead and do it.

    • They’ve spent decades looking for a cure for the common cold and failed, partly (as I understand it) because the virus mutates. So does Covid (again, as I understand it) but they developed a vaccine in a few months? Nope, not buying it. Even the flu vaccine they give each year is a concoction based on what they think might be prevalent that year, or a guess as I call it.

  14. Government propaganda, money, corrupt contracts, hysterical out of control media and a compliant mostly daft public is the sum of the parts here.

    Those people marching in the anti-covid parades will be remembered as people with their eyes open rather than the traitors the government and media like to portray them as, heroes really.

    I would join them, nay I’m itching to join them but I have just started watching the new season Of Star Trek Discovery so if you’ll excuse me, I need to pay my Netflix subscription.

      • Although very right on and ok yeah when it comes to colour, creed and wimminz I actually enjoy Discovery.

        Every ship seems to have a female captain though so the vessels must be well supplied with cocktail bars, nail places and hairdressers !!!!

  15. Vaccines work.
    Covid is real and comes from the fucking Chinks. Do not underestimate what it can do to you.
    The rest of this post should be on David Icke’s site.

    • Icke is such a cunt. It’s given to us via 5G by Bill Gates who is a lizard and wants to put a chip in your head. It’s all in my book, at 25 quid a pop. What is most amusing is the morons who believe the guff that cunt comes out with call those that don’t sheep!

      • Some truth to his lizard thing.
        In Westminster is a big flat rock,
        Fenced off from prying eyes,
        But on sunny days,
        All the political lizards bask there, warming their blood and catching flies.

  16. Vaccines are like buses, you wait six months for them, then three turn up at once.
    And all tested, deemed to be thoroughly safe. I’ve read somewhere, and I don’t know if it’s true, but the companies developing these vaccines are exempt from any long term consequences of their products, as this is an unprecedented event, and governments are removing the risk of future litigation to speed up the process. By the way, I don’t believe there’s a malevolent reason for that decision, more wishful/hopeful thinking to save lives, but it is the long term consequences that bother me.
    I now know four people who have had Covid, and most of them had it rough. My next door neighbour is a tough little cunt, and one of the hardest working people I’ve met. He went back to work this week after nearly a month of feeling like death warmed up. One of my best mates is living in Sweden, and him and is wife had three weeks of hell through it, while their daughter, who probably brought it home from school, was unaffected.

    So, I don’t doubt that the illness is real, and is worse than the flu. Luckily, so far I don’t know anyone who has died from it, or, and this is the distinction that gives the grey area that allows both sides of the argument to make claims, with it. Without knowing the true figure of how many people have died from it, no one can make a real judgement on it.

    Will I have the vaccine? While I have a choice, the answer is no. This decision is made purely through balancing risk. I have no say in if I catch Covid, and I don’t know what the personal risk is for me, but I have to work, and shop, and do other things that put me in contact with potentially infected people. I have taken that risk for the last nine months, and will continue to do so.
    I do have a say, at the moment at least, if I will have an untried chemical, tested on a very small group of people, with no idea of any long term consequences injected in me. Fortunately, at least for the moment, there is limited supply, and many people who are happy to risk having it, so they can be the testers for the rest of us.
    Then, we can move on, and the question will be; did they die from the vaccines, or with the vaccines?

  17. what do you need a vaccine for an ‘illness’ that has a survival rate of 99.96% ?

    just how many dead bodies do you have to climb over everyday just to open the door ?

    have it if you want it (goodness knows why but … ) but do not expect me to

    • I agree, anyone on here regardless of religion, colour, creed and family history is MORE than welcome to the dose of government lies with my name on it….please take it.

      I think when the government sells something with lies people who can think have a hard time buying the rest (see last lockdown press “conference”)

  18. The scientific data suggests at least a 90% chance of full recovery unless over 80 or suffering with a serious underlying health condition.
    I’ll takes those odds,all day every day.
    So take your vaccine and fuck off.

    • If the vaccine is any good any cunt who takes it must know that they will be protected so what do they have to worry about. The rest of us can then go about our business without worry. I am going to chance my arm with the Covid infection rather than the vaccine.

  19. Anyone who thinks this government (or opposition) remotely possesses the competence required to mass vaccinate needs their fucking head examining.

    It’s doubtful they’ll even manage to fulfil demand for those who want the vaccine, let alone those who don’t.

    • Is that the same declaration that was signed by Dr Johnny Bananas and Professor Cominic Dummings?

      Better take it seriously then, eh?

      • It was also signed by Dr Person Fakename and even our favourite doctor, Harold Shipman!!

        A credible declaration, indeed!!

      • Perhaps those names were added to discredit the whole thing, as it allows people to miss out those that do know what they are talking about, and just point out the silly made up names.
        Just a thought, I haven’t looked myself.

      • And perhaps they realised the report had no actual credibility and so opened it to all and sundry to sign it in the hope some gullible fool might take it seriously?

      • I just had a look, and it’s not swivel eyed at all. At the bottom, there is a section where anyone can sign as a concerned citizen, and I imagine that is where the silly names got added.
        There are plenty of real names there too, so it’s going to be a case of which experts you want to put your trust in. Only time will tell I suppose.

      • So did you read it Robin?
        If not you’re welcome to and then comment.

        Yes Gutstick, there’s room for abuse by mischief makers, clearly the genuine medical professionals are just having a laugh.
        Fuck my old boots there’s some big girls blouses on here.

      • Gutstick,

        Dr Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Americaland, called the findings of the report “nonsense” and “dangerous”.

        Oh, and Trump wants to fire Fauci.

        Makes Fauci’s comments seem a lot more credible to me than that seriously discredited report

  20. I’ll have the vaccine at the same time I see definitive proof of the whole cabinet and shadow cabinet having had it .

  21. It’s my body, and I shall accept vaccination the second they offer it. Bunch of hysterics who can’t manage a needle in the arm!

    • Not the needle in the arm mate, more like the giant black rubber cock they have been sticking up our arses the last nine months.

      I always say if you want it then that’s good for you, hell even Mrs Spanky can’t wait to be mutating but I choose to be sceptical after all these months of lies and more dirty lies.

    • Yeah, but what about Bill Gates’s microchip? Do you really want him following you to Halfords and back every time you need a new spark plug?

      Come to think of it, do motorcycles have spark plugs nowadays?

      • That’s a point, well not really, but if the ban on new petrol cars after 2030 comes into force will it also apply to motor cycles

      • I won’t have to worry, Mr Sick. I’m the greenest cunt on the planet, me.

        No car or motorbike, walk everywhere, no sprog, never fly or go on holiday, never buy shite, no mobile phone, use a Sainsbury’s 10p shopping bag till it falls apart, source all the wife’s clothes from charity shops, only flush the lavatory when the bowl’s overflowing or the stink’s overpowering – even my lawnmower’s electric for fuck’s sake!

      • That’s great RTC, it means I don’t have to feel guilty about overusing my carbon footprint, I will just use the RTC card to offset 😂

  22. I was informed by my friend last night, whos sister works in the NHS and knows someone working on the Oxford trials, that there has been more than one case of a person developing Multiple Sclerosis like symptoms (degeneration of the mylin sheath) and to keep schtum about it! I couldn’t fucking believe it.. there are traitors everywhere, too concerned about their fucking jobs and not about harm to others.

    That made my fucking blood boil and confirms my deeply held cynicism about trusting anyone. It’s a fucking disgrace.

    • It’s the I know someone who knows someone…….

      I don’t believe for one minute that clinical trials are hushed up. If what you say were true why didn’t the someone who knows someone …….. go to the press and blow the whistle.

      • It was in the Daily Mail back in September! They said it was 1 person and AstraZen denied it.

        I trust my friend and I know the source is in the NHS. You can choose not to believe me, I don’t really care, I’m putting it out there because it’s the least I can do and all I can do. If I had more info and proof I would spill the beans even at the cost of the friendship. It’s too important.

      • I do remember there was a pause in the trials while a specific issue was being investigated but it must have been cleared up for the trials to continue.
        I still maintain there isn’t anyway the FDA or MHRA will approve something that isn’t ‘safe’.
        By safe I mean with within the constraints of what can be known.
        I used to work with a guy who was so sensitive to penicillin that even after a production facility had been decommissioned and thoroughly cleaned he couldn’t enter the building with developing a rash so it is certain that someone somewhere will have a bad reaction to any vaccine or medicine. It’s about eliminating the risk as far as possible but it’s never 100%
        If you eat peanuts and don’t know you have an allergy it can be deadly.

      • We’re talking about serious neurological complications not a feckin peanut induced rash.

        If you want to believe there is no corruption, no politicised science, no malice, then good luck to you mate and I hope the barrel is empty for you when you play the roulette.

    • Interesting. In one of my book ideas, set in a post-Covid vaccination world, my character finds himself surrounded by mongs on mobility scooters suffering from vaccine mong.

      Its only a story, don’t get all annoyed!

  23. I don’t trust all the figures.
    I know of someone that booked a test but didn’t take it because of the massive que. Three days later she got a letter saying she tested positive. How does that happen????

  24. Refute these people with your opinions.
    Now get back under your bed.
    Better still, take your jabs and obey.
    I’ve got a word for this, it’s not big nor clever, I didn’t even need to look it up to bolster my argument:


  25. If anyone wants to make a fuckload of cash out of the vaccine, I have it on good authority that the NHS are going to use the Oxford strain.

    Check the stock exchange ticker code LON:ODX. And DYOR

    The polititians and their families, mates, pets, servants etc have already cleaned up on LON:SNG so this is the last chance to fill your boots.

    Personally, I’m now out of the vaccine scams and heavily invested in oil and gas. Purely because it makes Greta cry.


  26. It’s just a matter of time i think before i will have no choice but to quit my job because of this fucking vaccine.
    I would be obligated to get it because i work in a care home. Selfish cunt maybe but
    I really really don’t want any forced Vaccination in my body.
    It doesn’t feel right, something very fucking strange is happening and i’m not having it.
    I mean ffs doe’s anyone else not think that we are all being played for cunts here?

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