John Barnes (2)

What the fuck is wrong with John Barnes?

‘John Barnes claims Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp would have been sacked in his first two years in charge at Anfield if he was black!

Where did he get that conclusion from? Is there evidence that a black manager is disposed of cos he is black, innit?

Why would white supremacists appoint a black manager in the first place?

I remember Barnes from the days I watched football. He had to put up with some nasty shit from the crowd. He doesn’t seem to have been much good as a manager but then, few are and most are sacked. It has fuck all to do with colour.

Liverpool, like Man Yew before them seem to have seen the wisdom in keeping a manager with potential through lean times. Or did they do it cos they was white? Or in Fergusons case a sort of mottled red.

Barnes, fuck off and stop jumping on the latest, racist bandwagon.

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  1. All blacks seem have a chip on their shoulder and are eternal victims…. maybe John would be happier around his own people, on his own continent.
    And take the rest of them with you….
    That would cetainally make me happier.

    (Multiple post fuck up fixed, probably due to being an old cunt – DA)

  2. Another privileged black bloke banging on about perseeved racism that doesn’t really exist. Don’t cunts like Barnes realise they are pissing off much of the population (those that don’t take the bbc news service as fact) to an extent that will end up increasing racism.
    Fuck it trying to be sensible.
    John Barnes you did well out of football ⚽️ as a player. You were a fucking awful manager now shut the fuck up and piss off you moaning fat cunt.

  3. Oh dear. Another one playing the race card.

    Shame, I used to love watching him play for Watford. Now I wish he would just go back to filling his fat face with fried chicken and fuck off.

  4. Nah, if Jurgen Klopp was black he’d probably be the next chairman of the FA, that ugly cunt Dyke has just been sacrificed for the “greater good” of the “coloured people”, or Kaffirs as they’re known in Quimson Manor!

  5. Just remembered I shared a piss corner with this cunt in 1996 league cup final Leeds v villa. Olympic gallery Wembley stadium. He was commentating for tv with Bob Wilson. He didn’t seem like an attention seeking twat then. Grow up Barnes stop being a cunt.

  6. I remember Paul Ince being sacked by Blackburn Rovers after just a few months.
    Was it because he’s black?
    No, it’s because he was fucking useless!

  7. A superb player, a good role model, but a constant whingeing cunt. The Lammy of football. He should spend less time whining about non-existent wayy-ciist sections of society and spend more time in the fruit’n’veg sections of the supermarket. Shut up about your salad days and start eating them, you fat cunt.

    • Barnes and Lammy are not too dissimilar in appearance.
      I think I’ll get Doreen Lawrence to conduct an inquiry into whether there’s a correlation between fat, hackneyed, moaning blacks, and stupidity.

      • Barnes could be the overfed offspring of Lammy and the Flabbotasaurus. A Harvey Price who can dribble with a football rather than down his chin.

        Afternoon Dukey.

  8. Woy Hodgson was sacked after 6 months because the Liverpool job was too much for him.
    So that’s fucked John Barnes’ theory.

  9. Token manager , not even a desirable panini sticker back in the day. CUNT.

  10. Why the fuck would the silly cunt say that, maybe he has some sort of crystal ball.

    Just more shit thrown around to convince people who are sitting on the fence that the bliks are cunts and deserve being shat on.

    • He was a superb player at both Vicarage Road and Anfield. Never shone like he should have done for England though.

  11. Klopp had already performed miracles at Dortmund-Liverpools faith in him has been repaid in “spades”.
    (pun intended😉)

  12. He walked right into the Celtic job as his first job. Most managers need to prove themselves at small clubs first. Which means he’s talking out of his huge arse.

    Didn’t he end up losing to a team of binmen (Inverness Caledonian Thistle) in a cup match? Didn’t he lose his job because he made an easy job look difficult?

    Excellent player. Awful manager, as most ex-players prove to be, no matter how good they were as players. Bobby Charlton, Graeme Souness and Tony Adams didn’t prove good managers either.

    Win games and the chairman won’t sack you if you’re fucking green with purple spots, you racist bellend.

  13. Of course any true LFC fan would be glad that Klopp is doing well and that they’ve bagged the League Title again after all that time. Also, any ex-Liverpool player who genuinely loves the club would wish Klopp well and hope he continues with what he’s doing (and he is doing it right). Barnes is probably bitter because he was crap as a manager (his hilarious stint at Tranmere Rovers) and he expects Liverpool to give him a job on a plate because he is black and one of their old boys. If every club followed Barnes’ warped logic, Paul Ince would now be manager of Man United (but thank fuck he isn’t).

    Also his ‘sacked coz dey is black’ venom doesn’t wash either. Paul Pogba is uselsess, arrogant, a bad influence and black. But that cunt hasn’t been sacked yet.

    • Scored a fluke solo goal against a half asleep Brazilian defence while playing for England 100 years ago and thinks he’s Pele as a result. As far as memory serves, a modest ability footballer, poor excuse for a manager, even worse singer and hopeless pundit.

      But obviously should be head of FIFA cos eee iz black, init.

      Boo hoo hoo….I didn’t get what I wanted….boo hoo hoo….it’s not fair….boo hoo fucking hoo….that’s life for 99.999999% of us Johnny boy.

      • I wouldn’t call him a “modest ability footballer”. I saw him week in, week out at Watford in the 80s and he was by far the best player on the pitch, no matter which team was playing. There’s a reason he played 79 games for England.

        Unfortunately he’s now become a fast food guzzling, race card waving cunt.

      • Well, someone who saw him play more than me would have a better idea of his ability. Fair dos. That said, from what I saw he wasn’t all that, mostly England games to be fair. 79 caps don’t mean shit though. Glenn Hoddle only played for England 53 times. If appearances equates to skill/ability/etc. then Barnes should be considered a far better player than Hoddle. Which clearly he was not.

        I present this as evidence (vs. Watford):

        “fast food guzzling, race card waving cunt” is pretty funny though. And dead on accurate.

      • How dare you show a goal against Watford?😡😡😡

        In fairness, what a goal, and what a truly outstanding player.

        Watching Hoddle play made me proud to be English. Shame he became a bit of a nutter.

      • Yeah, he was doing well there and then he had to go and mention the cheating little spik at the end.

        Some truly great players there. If anyone ever asked me to name players for an England team, Bryan Robson would always have been first one chosen. Best England player I have ever seen.

      • Barnes was a great player, no question, but this constant race card playing is awful. I’d rather have any other ex-Reds’ player as manager over Barnes, even the shite like Igor Biscan (awful), overrated poiîkey Robbie Keanre (woeful), or Benteke & Balotelli (dogshit and fuckwit).

        If he doesn’t stop eating we’ll have to start singing You’ll Never Walk Again.

      • I heard a tale about Robbie Keane that cements him as a complete and utter cunt. It involves a homeless bloke and a twenty pound note.

        Hoddle was a great player. Stevie Coppell and Gordon Hill were great wingers, but a midfielder with the skill and class of Hoddle? Arnold Muhren comes close. And Robbo at his peak was on another level. I saw him destroy Dirty Diego’s Barcelona almost single handed in 1984.

      • Christ, we’re really showing our age now, aren’t we!😉

        My personal, all time favourite player was another Watford oldie, Northern Ireland international John McLelland. Central defender, played for Watford 1984-1989.

        If there was a ball to be chased, he would win it every time. He was a big man but bloody fast, and his passing was almost at Beckham levels of quality. I feel truly privileged to have seen him play.

      • Oh, and Captain, absolutely loved the “you’ll never walk again” line. Classic!!😂😂

      • Hey Norm –
        Yeah, I was shocked at GH chose Clemence over Jennings. The only GK I’ve ever seen (on telly) catch a call with one hand. Jennings is a bit of a hero of mine since I played in goal when I was footy playing age.

        GH also made some other questionable selections. Chris Waddle? Seriously???? Richard Gough was an odd one too. I also think Steve Perryman was an emotional pick. Good player, but GH must have played with better.

        I stand corrected if Barnes was great at club level. I never followed Watford and I don’t watch the scousers on account of it makes me feel physically ill. I just remember him being crap for England over and over again.

      • Pat Jennings, probably the best goalkeeper ever.
        And another ex Watford player. Never got to see him play, sadly – he left for Spurs before I was born!

        Yeah, Barnes was amazing for Watford, but a bit average for England. Still, he did well enough to earn sufficient money to buy loads of buckets of fried chicken.

  14. Obviously I can’t rule it out 100% because I’m not there, but does anyone really believe chairmen of football clubs automatically bin applications for the vacant manager’s job because a candidate is black? I don’t believe that. Football is all about money now and anyone who can bring success to a club, win things and generate wads of cash for the owners will likely get the job. Black or otherwise.

    So bored of the current climate where any chip-on-the-shoulder, under-achiever, under-qualified, inexperienced, no hope cunt claims discrimination because they’re not being handed the keys to the kingdom of whatever it is they think they’re entitled to.

    I love how our more outspoken black brothers & sisters whine about how us white folk cannot understand how discriminated against they are, how persecuted they are and how down trodden they are because we haven’t walked in their shoes….but in the same breath claim we have ‘white privilege’. How would they know? That argument cuts both ways.

    • Good argument. Both you and Vernon Fox (below) seem to be saying the same thing.

      If he, and any other black players, were really good, really successful managers, they would keep their job.

      Look at the amount of white managers who keep getting sacked. Because they are unsuccessful and shit at the job.

      Sad that this fat cunt has to come out of the woodwork and play the race card. Has he got a book to sell?

  15. John Barnes cannot get a job in football management because he is a really bad manager.
    Nothing to do with colour.

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