Alistair Campbell (5)

A keep left, Holier than thou, pissed as a fart cunting please for Anthony Blair’s arse-licker in chief, Alistair Campbell, who has – YET AGAIN – mithered on about his “battle with depression”. Perhaps the reality of Brexit has finally caught up with the drink-ridden old cunt:

Apparently he “nearly” topped himself. He is a misery to himself and a burden to everyone else, so next time Alistair – just do it, duckie,

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs 

36 thoughts on “Alistair Campbell (5)

  1. As a lad, I used to wank into a grimy old sock. The folds in it would sometimes resemble the lines of a human face, looking up at me mournfully from beneath a few strands of lank pubes.
    Alistair Campbell reminds me of that sock.

  2. I would love to be on Question Time or some such programme with this twat. Whatever the question, I would stare at him and ask ‘found those weapons of mass destruction yet?’ Same for his master. Utter cunts the pair of them.

  3. I have no time for this irrelevant old Pisspot but I suspect that depression is going to be a major subject when the after-effects of this “keeping everyone safe” policy come home to roost….perhaps Johnson’ll let everyone out of their homes for an hour a month (under strict supervision,of course) so that we can all cheer ourselves up with a free Nando’s (veggies can have a Linda McCartney tofu burger…that’ll teach the Cunts).

    The Black Dog’ll be barking at a lot of doors in the near future.

  4. The clue is in the phrase “new book”. The cunt is running short of attention and money. I don’t suppose writing his dreary anti brexit, anti British bullshit for the New European pays enough to keep him in the style to which he has become accustomed. £16.99 for 300 pages of his usual pity me, i’m so depressed bollocks!!!…….fuck off and live in the EU, that’ll cheer you up cunt.
    Think of how many depressed people there are shithead……the loved ones of the soldiers you and your mate sent to die in a useless war. Then top yourself fuckface.

  5. Cheer up Ali!
    Get the smiths on,
    Wear a lot of black, your just going through your goth phase,
    A lot of self indulgent people do it.
    remember the good old days fronting UB40.

    “Luv if his trolleys full of paracetamol and cider dont serve him’…

  6. I hope his depression is caused by the ghost of Dr. David Kelly appearing at the foot of his bed every night and scaring the bejezus out of him, or the ghosts of hundreds of service personnel and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Fuck him (and Blair) and their dodgy dossier, the murdering bastards.
    He should be hung for war crimes.

    • You could create a beautiful remake of a Christmas Carol, with Ali Campbell as Scrooge and with the ghosts taking him on past, present and future excursions to meet ghosts of the dead he sent to their deaths and their grieving families.

      Delicious schadenfreude. It would be an absolute winner. Pity old Winner shuffled off as this is something the pointy nosed old cunt would have loved to have directed.

      Great cunting, WC.

  7. Walk in front of a bus you little cunt. Give the people of the U.K some good news for a change.
    Are the shades of all those your lies directly caused the deaths of troubling you?

  8. Don’t be too hard on him, you rotten cunts. Send him a bottle of Scotch for Christmas.
    Spread some festive joy.

  9. Some people deserve to be depressed. If I was Alastair Campbell I would have hung myself years ago.

    • Ali, ive heard the best places to cheer up when blue are
      1) high ledges
      2) potholing
      3)motorway bridges
      4) deep fast moving rivers

      “I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour but heaven knows I’m miserable now”….

      • And if you want to go out with a bang, pop on your crotchless goat costume and wait outside a mosque for the carpet riders to emerge after evening prayers.

      • With a name like Campbell he could try for a speed record. Out of a plane with no parachute would be good.

  10. I’m quite depressed now. I just read that he “nearly” topped himself. If there is a god up there – why? Why couldn’t you just let him succeed?

    It must be horrible for him, waking up every day and seeing that face un the mirror. And knowing that, yes, Alastair, the British people DID know what they were voting for.

  11. Setting aside his murderous past for a moment,why does this sack of tramps shite feel the need to publish a book about how upset he is?
    For money?
    A fucking disgrace.
    Gas the cunt.

  12. I’d like to know who is going to buy this self pitying pile of dog shit. You’d have to be a right cunt.

    • When it goes on sale for 99p in the bargain books section at my local supermarket I might be tempted. It will come in handy when I run out of bog paper.
      The attention seeking devious cunt should stop wallowing in self pity and attempt to cross the North Sea in a rubber dinghy during a Force 9 gale.

      • Shove them through his letterbox when they’re well alight.

        Couldn’t we club together (don’t all rush at once…) to send him one of those fuckypigeon cards ?

        “Dear Ali,
        Everyone thinks you’re a right cunt.
        Fuck off and kill yourself.”

        With best wishes from all at ISAC.

  13. Perpetual miserable twat Campbell is a firm grade A repulsive cunt and a thoroughly deceitful, vindictive bastard who you would of thought that for anyone with a track record like his for bullshit (which culminated in his Magnum Opus ‘The Iraq Dossier’), would hang their head in everlasting shame and quietly retire never to be seen or heard of again. Ever. But for some bizarre reason this pile of spunk that should of been left firmly lodged up his mother’s cunt trots out depression story No. 127,346,679 to either elicit some public sympathy or more likely because he has some book to sell, which is indicative of the disingenuous nature of this foul mendacious pile of shit. I can only hope on behalf of many many, many people that Campbell finally does us all a favour and throws himself off of the nearest multi-story car park, but I fear that even Hell itself would turn him away being the obnoxious repugnant bastard he is.

    A dreadful individual and Premier League cunt.

    • Hahaha,😀
      Aye cant handle his drink!!
      Soft twat,
      3 pink gin fizz and hes all over the place,
      “Your barred.
      An put yer pants back on..”

  14. If every person in the world hated me with very good reason I would be depressed as well.
    They cover it with the medication of money but they know what they did.
    Repent at leisure, there is no cure for your actions.

  15. This cunt caused misery to everyone in this country and we are still suffering from the effects of a Labour government after all these years.
    I don’t feel sorry for this cunt after what he was part of.

  16. When he was on the telly all the time as part of New Labour I was fucking depressed.
    Do us all a favour and stick your head in the gas oven👍

  17. Campbell… The Goebbels of Satan Blair’s New Labour regime.
    A manipulative, double dealing, corrosive, evildoing, lying turd.

    And he is a Burnley fan. What a total cunt.

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