Anthony Joshua (3)

I nominate that stupid thick boxer cunt Anthony Joshua, you know, the racist cunt who was saying in the summer ‘don’t buy from white people’.

Now the cunt is advertising google, a tax avoiding tech giant under the guise of ‘help local businesses’

How stupid does one cunt need to be?

Deserves a cunting in my opinion

Nominated by: Oh cunt off

40 thoughts on “Anthony Joshua (3)

  1. I hope Fury knocks seven shades of shit out of the Uncle Tom cunt.

    Some cunt got me an ‘Anthony Joshua’ deodorant set last Christmas. It is still unopened. I refuse to use any type of BLM merchandise. Fuck him and fuck them.

  2. Another ungrateful cunt jumping on the BLM bandwagon.

    Up until Chicken George got fried, he didn’t utter a fucking word about race; but now he just can’t help himself. And no doubt if he ever gets his arse kicked in the ring by some white cunt, he’ll play the race card and suggest everyone was against him cuz he’s black, innit!

  3. I would love to meet my hero Macho Joshua.
    He has a poor record against big fat fkrs with a monster punch – and I would spend my winnings on buying the White Power suspension company! 👍😃
    This Man is a dirty shitweasel racist and I will enjoy seeing the best heavyweight champion the world has ever seen hand his arse and whatever is left of his face to him.
    FLM – Fox Leatherings Matter!

  4. A super cunt, above and beyond. Don’t buy from whites whilst taking money from advertising for companies that were, last time I looked, owned by British and European companies. Two face cunt. Maybe he could put the cash he made into another one of these feed the starving effnicks charidees. Doubt it though. I’m nit sure who’s worse, this twat or the fucking driver.

  5. Can’t stand the useless pile of shit. Total racist bastard. Africa needs a leader Josh and I nominate you. Fuck off you ungrateful racist cunt.. Go on lead your ancestral homeland to the promised land..

  6. Joshua is an over-rated pre-programmed gym bunny with no Plan B when a fight goes wrong. See also Frank Bruno.
    If Tyson can stay focussed and in shape during the current inactivity- and its a big ‘if’- he will knock the shit out of Joshua. Fury is a fighter as witnessed by that Lazarus beat the count comeback in the first fight against that other over-rated plank.

  7. Klitchko had him well beaten, something very “wrong” with that fight. Then fatty Ruiz battered him. He dodged a lot of good heavyweights too.
    Show pony, racist cunt.
    I wish I had time machine-bring a “prime” Mike Tyson into the future to crush these paper chumpionse👍

  8. The power of boycott is truly amazing. Charles Boycott found that out to his cost. Buy from BAME? Never!

  9. Would it be cultural appropriation if Tyson Fury beats Joshua, as only black are supposed to win big fights?

    I don’t see much boxing (only a few channel 5 fights) but I do hope Fury wins. Because, despite being a mouthy cunt, he is really is a likeable chap. So, go Gypsy King!

  10. I have never even heard of this cunt so he can stick his fucking commercials up his arse and fuck off while he’s doing it.

  11. Admin: Can you see who ‘upvotes’ comments? On the nom ‘American Voter’, user ‘Lord of the Rings’ has an obscene amount of votes on one of his comments.

    ISAC doesn’t have that many active users surely!

    • Interesting, very interesting…..

      And not that many on the left 😂

      I think MNC has block votes Stockport.

    • Lord of the rings?
      I never imagined Graham Norton would be a poster on here, well fancy that.

  12. I’m extremely grateful to Anthony Joshua, if it wasn’t for him and Lewis Hamilton (and that cunt burning the union flag at the senotaph) I might not have realised the truth and become an ethno-nationist…..
    Thanks Anthony…. now fuck off back to Africa.

  13. I fucking hate Google. Just got banned from YouTube for saying Trump would be back in four years after setting up a media empire to take the cunts on.

    • Hello Sailor!
      Ducky Joshua vs the Gypsy king?
      My moneys on Tyson!!
      A worthy heavyweight champion.
      A gay champion who supports BLM? …never!!
      Although they’ll probably fix it like they did to poor old Donald.
      But this mirror kissing, barbie playing, arse bandit shouldn’t be champ.
      Come on Tyson Lad,
      Smash his fuckin skull in!👊👊👊

  14. Every one of the fucking business’s on the advert is run by harvest’s. Anthony Joshua is one overrated, criminal fucking racist. Can you imagine the outrage if it was some white boxer recommending all white businesses? I cannot stand the cunt, Mike Tyson in his prime would have ripped off his head and shit down his neck.

  15. No, don’t give your money to some poor white cunt running a shop give it to a billionaire thief like Eddie fucking Hearn. Smart thinking Anthony.
    To be fair when he said “black businesses” he was probably thinking about drug dealers. They’re the only black businesses I know.
    The Pikey will punch the shit out of what little brains this cunt has got.

  16. If everybody is rooting for a fucking pikey to smash your face in, then you must be a cunt….

  17. Ive hated Anthony Joshua from the second I saw him.
    Not because hes light in his boxing boots.
    Not because hes black.
    Just how fuckin much he loves himself.
    Hes a mummys boy.
    And thats reason enough to hate him.
    By nature hes a florist,
    Maybe a interior designer.

  18. Please please Tyson knock that racist cunt right out hopefully into intensive care fuck him

  19. Well fuck my old brown boots! Just seen an advert with this cunt in, fuck knows what for but that’s adverts for you. Who knows what the fuck they’re advertising. Apparently he’s from Golders Green ! Oy fucking vey. Cunt.

  20. I hope this big dense wanker ends up pissing and shiting himself as his tiny brain has become mush.!

  21. Another parasitic dark key leeching off the back of whitey, and then complaining about it.

    Fuck off back to your ancestral fly-infested shanty shack.

    Has anyone got any repellant for these said parasites.

    I wonder if Nippon would work?

  22. What he actually said was
    Don’t buy anything off Whitey 👎👎
    Nuff said draw your own conclusions 👎👎
    Let’s hope the Gypsy King boxes his ears for him good and Proper 👍👍

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