Right Said Fred

Right Said Fred are cunts.

The 90s ‘I’m Too Sexy’ novelty hitmakers have ‘done a Jedward’ and used current ‘issues’ to get a long forgotten act noticed again.

The daft duo – like ex Stone Roses frontman , Ian Icke – have a bee in their bald bonnets about Covid 19 and how ‘wrong’ it is to have masks and social distancing.
I thought that Right Said Fred would encourage the ‘six person’ rule. After all, six people in one room would surely triple their audience.

Deeply dippy cunts.

(I see what you did there. Very clever – Night Admin)

Nominated by: Norman

69 thoughts on “Right Said Fred

    • Only if the Krays ran a protection racket on public toilets Miserable and train loos frequented by a yet unknown Will Young.

    • Who? Next we’ll have Mr Blobby given a voice. I suspect PR Agencies at work, shove it up your arse and fuck off while your at it. The noise and smell from my arse hasgreater value to wider society than these two toilet traders. I’m too sexy I’m a cunt, too sexy I’m a cunt….But I like cock

  1. What a pair of benders.
    However that ‘I’m too sexy’ song is quite appropriate for me.
    Being so good looking, tall, successful and a ladies man can be a lot of work you know.

    • If you ever find time and run for PM, B&WC, that can be your campaign slogan.

      • It would LL, and what a great PM I would be. I am white enough to get the white vote and black enough to get the black vote, sexy enough to get the women’s (and gay’s) vote and old school enough to get the old cunts vote.

      • Modest too, if you caught the Fung Flu it would be a mere inconvenience unlike Boris who has looked fucking rough for six months.

      • He does look fucked doesn’t he LL. Like a grey dummy with a blonde wig. Apparently there is ‘Long Covid’ and I think Boris has it.

  2. Stupid fucking name. Weren’t these cunts gaylords? I get them mixed up with that Frankie Goes to Hollywoke mob. They were bent weren’t they? All a long time ago, don’t fucking care.

  3. Hasn’t The Aids got this pair of shirtlifters yet?…..Never mind, God’ll strike them down soon.

    • Evening Dick,
      There are these new restrictions coming in round your part of the country aren’t there?
      What’s life like up there? Are people dropping dead in the street from this killer disease (you need to be tested to check you have).

      • No difference out here,B+WC…it’s the built-up areas that are causing all the bother. I still don’t personally know a single Cunt who has had it.
        I’ll just continue in the same way as I did the first time round…ignore it all.

        An old Gypsy woman told me years ago that I’d live to a ripe old age and die in my own bed…that’s why I’ve never been too bothered about dire warnings that something is “liable to kill me”….the old woman’s been right so far..and if she is proved wrong…well,it’ll be too late for me to worry about getting a refund off her.

      • Only when she popped her teeth out.

        Are you watching Cliff Richard on the old film channel ?

      • No Dick, waiting for my apple crumble and something about the Turin Shroud.
        Miles plastic territory…

      • I had a couple of Iceland mince-pies and a tin of custard. Every year I think that I should really do something with the apples on the trees but never bother bar chucking a few over the wall for the horse.

      • Ive had none!
        My trees didnt bare apples?
        Dunno why?
        These were off my mum’s tree.😠
        Theyre shutting down the pubs again on Monday Dick,
        The pub games well and truly fucked isnt it?
        A crying shame.

      • I’ve hardly been bothering with the Pubs.,Miserable…just can’t build up any enthusiasm for going…it’s all just a bit depressing,I find.

        Seriously doubt that we’ll ever get back to the likes of what it was…lock-ins,good company and a bit of a laugh.

  4. One hit wonders from back in the day, and have to resort to being a bit edgy on social media to make people take note of who the fuck these old cunts are/were!

    They’re no different to that trainwanker, Will Young – no longer in the spotlight and probably skint. So let’s do a bit of “Fuck the system!” and become relevant for all over 5 minutes. Might even stimulate yet another “Greatest Hit” album and a 4 village tour!

    They’re too cunty for their shirts!

  5. I wasn’t aware that this pair of mumbling, follicly-challenged bumfuckers were eminent epidemiologists, masqueraiding as a third rate, yesterday, novelty pop act.

    You learn something new every day, cunters.

    • @Paul Maskin

      I’m a way, they are epidemiologist’s-they have been injecting blokes arses with their cocks, spreading the gayness (hopefully not HIV) for decades.

  6. Elderly faggots. Even more desperate and raddled than younger ones, what I find sad is their illusion that they still matter to anyone apart from themselves.

    I think when they get to their forties they ought to consider aversion therapy or bromide if they are too cowardly for that.

  7. These Gays have obviously developed an AIDS related brain disease.
    I advise a short course of oven.
    Fuck Off Said Terry.

  8. Wasn’t one of their other hits ‘Deeply Dippy’? That seems more appropriate, though I dread to think what they were dipping and what in.

    Couple of bald cunts trying to make themselves relevant. Completely forgotten about them until now.

    • They say a hug can cure covid, and attended a anti lock down demo.
      Right said..dead.
      Too sexy for their masks they are saying its a hoax and a evil goverment concoction to oppress the population.
      Like the government we’ve got could do that?
      Theyre beyond incompetent!
      Cant do fuck all right doubt that they could pull off that.

  9. They should have teamed up with Gloucester’s favourite serial killer and formed “Right Said Fred West” and recorded “I’m Too Sexy (for my daughter’s corpse)”.

  10. Im more into the intellectual “Right Said Freud”..

    Deserved more likes. Thought that was funny and clever. Well done, MNC. Carry on – NA

  11. I remember these bald cunts. Thank you for reminding me.Not.

    I would have laid odds someone would have picked up on this comment and run with it – NA

    • He usually likes a good beating from a young foreign man too. Big difference between the Ruskies and our plod, there is a YT video of the Swedish and Russian police in their respective countries and its just a microcosm of why Sweden is heading the way it is.

  12. Last time I heard about this pair of poofs was about 10 years ago when they were with Peter Tatchell in Russia trying to promote gay rights. A bunch of Russian thugs turned up and kicked the shit out of them and the police arrested the 3 poofs for causing a disturbance!!! I almost died of laughter.

      • Breaking news****
        Off Topic but not being covered by UK news (im watching CNN)
        6 people arrested for the planned kidnap/murder of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer a Democrat.
        The FBI have nicked them and they belong to a militia who say they want to overthrow tyrants.
        Dont get interesting political developments like that here eh?

        If you’re watching CNN I can assure you you’re not watching the news – NA

      • Its weird admin, youd think it would be big news internationally!
        They were planning on a armed attack on a goverment building,…nothing on UK news!
        Only US related news saying how rude Donald is.

        Big Don being rude, you say? Well now, let’s see. Following the Trump/Covid fiasco, Walking Dead extra Nancy Pelosi says she’s going to discuss the 25th Amendment whereby a sitting President can be removed from office if it is determined they are unable to discharge the powers and duties of office.
        Trump tweeted in reply, “Crazy Nancy is the one who should be under observation. They don’t call her Crazy for nothing!”
        I call that being of sound mind. Classic Don!

      • @Mis and admin:

        I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said:
        “A man who tires of Donald Trump and his witty retorts, is tired of life. And is a cunt.”

      • @Mis and admin:

        I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said:
        “A man who tires of Donald Trump and his witty retorts, is tired of life. And is a cunt.”

  13. Cunts for everything they did during their short career but it’s way too late to cunt them for a career no one remembers

    What’s more disturbing is how many cunters cower in front of a fake pandemic. Sure covid may take a few of us out, because of our age and general levels of fitness, so may the flu.

    If you’re happy staying at home living in a plastic bubble cowered behind the sofa believing every piece of fear inducing propaganda the MSM can shove at you, well fair enough, I respect your choices and your freedom to make them.

    The rest of us want to actually live what’s left of our lives, we want to save what’s left of the economy and have a future that isn’t restricted by a perpetual lockdown that’s doing more harm than good.

    Right said Fred may of said something right despite being wrong in every other aspect of their lives.

    They are still cunts.

    • Well said SV,
      Isn’t the definition of madness trying the same thing over and over hoping to get a different result…or something like that.
      These ‘Lockdowns’ don’t work, Covid 19 is not going anywhere and if we carry on like this fuck knows where the country will be.
      We’ll be asking for foreign aid from India next year.

      • Insanity is right B&WC, there’s a bigger insanity issue than pandemic for sure. Doctors and scientists have been calling out governments around the world since day one, to begin with they were censored or threatened to keep them silent, now their are so many even the tame media is reporting on them.

        Project fear again, they used it during Brexit, they use it over climate change and now they use it to destroy the economy and enact the exact same policies they suggest to combat climate change.

        Covid 19 must be the most convenient and timely pandemic in the history of humanity.

  14. More like ‘Left said Fred’. Where the fuck does that band name even come from ? Was it a suggestion in the middle of some sort of horrifying gay sex ? Pair of shredded-arse queens, you’ve had your 15 minutes now just go away…. we have way too many famous poofs literally ramming it down our throats.

      • Surely Bernard Cribbins was the only decent, wholesome man on telly in the 70’s and 80’s. I’ve never heard so much as a peep of anything controversial about him, and a good thing too.
        It’s nice to think they weren’t all manipulative n0nceś eh, JR?

      • Sorry Thomas- Bernie Cribbens fingered Sally Thomsett on the set of “The Railway Children”.

    • Seems the poofs have adopted the classic song perhaps?

      Right said Fred.
      Both of us together.
      One each end and steady as you go………

  15. I only want to say that I often read the comments on this website and my conclusion is this..
    Genuinely one of the only things that make me laugh with joy.. Thank you to you all………

    We don’t usually accept donations or gifts, but if you insist…. – Night Admin

    • NA, if Clyde is some sort of stinking rich philanthropist and ISAC receives a big donation, can I have a PS5 please?

    • Or if not, an Xbox Series X would be an acceptable substitute.

      Duly noted – NA

    • Or a new 4k telly?!
      Or a…
      Okay, I’ll stop now.

      Yes, I think that’s best – NA

  16. Why oh why do A or Z list celebs insist on getting involved in politics because they usually end up looking like complete and utter cunts to at least 50% of their audience.

  17. Ahhhhhhh, The Fairbass Brothers!
    I thought these pair of Baldheaded spunk-guzzlers succumbed to the ‘Philadelphian Gay Cancer’ back in the early noughties due to their over indulgent botty meddling.

    Let’s hope their quest for new found relevance doesn’t get them noticed by an over zealous peaceful who decides to put these pair of irrelevant queen’s to the scimitar as an offering to the almighty sky fairy ‘Alan-Snackbar’.

  18. I recall that ‘I’m Too Sexy’ was No.2 for weeks and weeks. As the Satan’s fart that was ‘Everything I Do’ by Bryan Adams clogged up the top spot for an eternity. Eventually toppled by U2’s ‘The Fly’, one of their better tracks. So Bonio has his uses after all.

    • Yeah, we know that. It was put because Brown has been behaving like David Icke during this virus crisis.

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