Kate Green M.P.

Let’s have a rousing chorus of The Red Flag as we give a cunting to the dykie looking shadow minister for Edu-kation, Kate Green. The baritone voiced harridan wants Gavin Williamson, to “guarantee” the poor little bubbas at “uni”, especially in Manchester, can go home at Xmas to see their fam-i-lees.:

Does the silly bitch not realise that life doesn’t come with guarantees?. How can any sane person (admittedly most Labour wimminz are not sane – some indeed are certifiable) – guarantee anything on these “unprecedented days” 10 weeks hence?. Is the dirty ugly fucker for real?. Along with Anal-ease Ken Dodd, they look as raddled as Miss Havisham, women who have cobwebs in their bloomers.

This is just another prime example of Dame Kweer’s mincers and benders trying to stir up fear, uncertainty and discontent.
Dame Kweer- the maiden aunt back seat driver, who is as thick as pig shit and twice as nasty.

Butch Kate ought to get together with Bulldyke Phillips to “prove” that students are the victims of the patriarchy. Along with the Starmer charmer they would be all girls together. Girls Aloud.

Students knew the 2020/21 intake was going to be challenging. If they can’t stand the heat they should have stayed out of the kitchen. Wankers – which, come to think of it, is probably what they are doing in their halls of residence.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

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  1. The Conservative Co-Chairman, Amanda Milling, said there were no plans anyway to keep students in halls over Christmas anyway.

    Typical Zanulabour – getting all febrile and bedwetting over something that is very unlikely to happen in the first place, just to score some political points.

    Agreed – looks like a bloke. Reminiscent of 70s Ultravox frontman John Foxx.

  2. Bedwetters like this commie cunt always want a nanny state cast iron guarantee which is always bought with lavish amounts of some other poor cunts money.
    Put the vermin in a camp.

    • Oh Dog! Uncle Terry, reading that, I had a flashback of Butlins holiday camp.
      Don’t go there.

  3. Until I experienced 9 months of a Boris Johnson/Dominic Cummings “Government” I was glad that loony Labour did not get in – I did not vote in the election as I could not go through with selling my soul to the hated toffs, the hated commies or the hated hippies – the first time I have ever not voted.
    They are all fucking lunatics, taking us to hell and using our money to pay for it – they are all as bad and whichever bunch of chancers con their way in nothing ever changes. I cannot go into enough detail about how much I hate, despise and detest these bastards, all of them.
    Briefly, on other news I turned on the BBC at about half six this morning – first thing was how black people are “8 times more likely to be stopped by the Police”.
    Stop committing so many fucking crimes then.

    • Yeah, how come the coppers never come near me? Is it because i’m white or is it because I don’t nick stuff?
      Difficult one.

      • Black up and get shoplifting and rioting Freddie – you’ll get a free pass – just don’t forget to take a tube of deep heat, those poor coppers will end up with creaky joints with all that getting on one knee and running away! 😀

    • Wireless 4 had quite a NuLabour morning. The Prayer for the Day was given by the overacting Sarah Teather (I know she was a LibDEm but she was really Blairite Labour). All I can say is that she now appears to eb auditioning for the BBC Drama Repatory Company. That was followed by Farming Today, which should have been renamed Farting Today because that boring old fart Dame Kweer was the special guest. We had already heard of it on the news because yet again parrot like he has told the government to “get a grip” his favourite expression after “incompetent”. I really wonder if he would have done any better, and the answer is no, because just as it is not just Boris, Starmer has his bunch of racists, anti-semites, poofters, dykes and misandrists, and would also have been obliged to listen to the likes of Chris Witty. Starmer knows he would have done fuck all different. If I ever buy a parrot I will name him Keir in the motherfuckers honour.

      It also seems Andy Burnham is getting fed up with just being a Mayor, because he crawls up Starmer’s arse further every day, and has had several mentions this week.

      As for Kate Green, I await her “Adonis moment”……

      • Get a grip must be the most stupid phrase, the Chinese got a grip because the chinks have to do what they are told and don’t question what they are being told to do.
        And they don’t have fucking stupid media confusing everyone.
        The initial lockdown should have worked but as with other European countries it hasn’t so all this too late too soon shit hasn’t made any difference.
        The opening up of non essential travel didn’t help and I would love to see the breakdown of numbers of BAME in the northwest, there was a mention of ‘high incidence in the Asian community’ but that was quickly shut down.

      • I always try to laugh at Labour shit trying to face both ways at once and tying themselves in knots. The love Islam at the same time they love pansies. I wish somebody would tell them tyhose two groups hate each other with a passion. I wonder how many Muslim MPs would like to send Bendover Bradshaw and his pals for free flying lessons off a high building?

  4. It’s always the way when you’re in Opposition – you can spout any old bollocks knowing full well you won’t be responsible for it.

    So this man-thing wants “guarantees”, but he/she knows its a stupid and unrealistic request, but he/she/it can say it to make her look good even though inwardly she knows its bollocks. But since she’s not responsible for any subsequent actions it doesn’t matter other than making good headlines.

  5. Let’s be fair to Labour here. These whiny, tree hugging, snowflake cunts are their future voters so they need to look after the bastards.
    Personally I think they should be kept there over Christmas. It would be great for the environment to keep thousands of Chelsea tractors off the road going to bring Tarquin and Jemima home. I’m sure Greta would approve.

  6. Kate Green ?….looks more like Dixon of Dock Green tbh….I’ve never heard of her but I have heard of Gavin Williamson the Tory Education Minister that she shadows..a man more out of his depth than a Dark-key splashing about in the Mariana Trench..and sinking just as fast.
    Green’s stupidest move is expecting to get a guarantee ,that the Govt. will stick to ,about fucking anything.

    “This is just another prime example of Dame Kweer’s mincers and benders trying to stir up fear, uncertainty and discontent.”…..quite right…that’s Johnson and his bunch of idiots’ job…and I have to say that it’s the only job that they seem to be capable of managing…indeed,not just managing but mastering brilliantly.

    I’d never vote Labour again (I,to my eternal shame,admit to twice voting for Mr.Blair…which just shows what a Mental I actually am) but neither will I ever vote for any of the the other Cunts again.

    Let Kate Green and Labour snipe without producing any real alternatives…it’s just one bunch of incompetents trying to score points off another bunch of incompetents.

    Fuck them all.

      • It’s fucking ridiculous,Mike. The trouble is in the built-up areas (where they invited the students to return) and yet they have lumped vast areas where there is no increase into the same basket. I know they have to put a mark somewhere on the map but when you see the businesses struggling out here all because of an increase miles away,it makes you wonder….particularly as we still seem to be getting the stream of holiday makers coming from all over the fucking Country.

        I’ll just do what I did the first time round…ignore the whole affair as best I can.

      • In the Empire of East Anglia, my mother has had her birthday party binned because of the ‘rule of six.’

        Hope your business is ok.

        There still hasn’t been a single case where I live in Queensland.

      • Morning Mr F…haven’t talked to you for a few days, hope you’re well.
        You might be amused to know that cycling (recently cunted, I believe) is indeed a total cunt.
        I had to ride my son’s bike across town , have a quick pint with a mate and cycle back. Alas, I lost a fight with a pothole/momentum/gravity. Having had 4 pints didn’t help either!
        Result: 4 broken ribs, broken cheekbone and cracked eye socket!
        Not wearing a helmet, obviously.
        It hurts a great deal. Thought that might amuse you!

      • Can you get done for drink cycling?

        You should seriously get in touch with one of those “no win no fee” cunts and sue the council for a million (my cut as your advisor would be 10%)

      • You can certainly be fined. You should be if you’re cycling pissed on the road (I was on a cycle path, still selfish of me ‘cos I could have ridden into someone).

      • I don’t suppose any passing motorists managed to get “dashcam”,did they ? I’d love to see it…did people wind their windows down,point,laugh,chuck something at you and shout “Serves you right,Wanker”?..that’s what I’d have done.

        PS….I hope the Council sues you for denting the tarmac.


      • You can indeed be fined..a friend of mine lost his driving- licence and decided to get a pushbike to get to and from his local Pub….He was fined after wobbling his way towards home (no lights or reflective gear but 10 bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale down his neck) after the Police drove slowly along behind him for a while and then blasted the sirens and lights right up his arse,,,he promptly fell off the contraption…he was fucking outraged at the Coppers pissing themselves laughing as they picked him up off the road.

      • Jeezus facking Christ that’s a cracking return of injury per pint. How’s the brain?
        Hope you come good soon.
        Last time I somersaulted the handlebars a must’ve crunched my skull, I had these utterly alien hallucinations

  7. The line between Tory and Labour is very thin, they just play off each other, keep the plebs in line, this vile specimen is the exact modern politician, I care for the poor dahhhhlinngggg, but only after indulging moi, “won’t you just think of the students”, “I only make £75,000 grand a year moi, how am I supposed to live of that dahhhhllling”, she/he don’t give a flying fuck about anyone till election time, an utter cunt without a shadow of doubt!!!

    • The present tory goverment cave in when challenged, schools going back, student ravers going home for Christmas, it doesnt inspire confidence in a Brexit deal being decent!
      Theyre going to sell out on fishing in UK waters the treacherous cunts you just watch!

      • ……..or we could ban them fishing in our waters, they completely ignore us and we do fuck all about it while pretending it’s not happening.
        Nothing would surprise me with this hopeless Jellyfish.

      • Jellyfish Johnson is showing alarming parallels with the 1990s John Major.

        I fully anticipate the next government will be a Kweer Starmer Zanu Labour affair.

      • A depressingly accurate assessment of the current government Paul. Labour can just sit back and let the Jellyfish deliver them a landslide.

      • Is he turning grey and took to eating peas then?i remember that from spitting image/strange out of the last six pms we had major did seem intellegent at least unlike boris who is well a few sandwiches short of a picnic im afraid to say

      • These cunts won’t give a shit until election year crawls round again in 4 years time. And that’s when they’ll take their cocks out of their arseholes and take note of the electorate, and generally promise them the earth once again.

        But even if they lose the election they won’t give a shit because most of them will either end up in the house of cunts, or the private sector earning £100k for 10 hours a year work!

  8. I have not seen a government this blind to public opinion since the Poll Tax and its associated riots….I fear this whole thing is quite likely to end up in public disquiet.

    Fine for Boris and his chums, they can hole up in one of the five houses they have each….House of Commons (ers)…don’t make me laugh.

  9. Anyone on here seriously believe that they can run the country? Any of us think we know better how others should live?

    Your average politician does, that’s the size of their ego. They can wreck lives and believe they are improving them.

    On the subject of students being allowed home for Christmas? That is surely down to the students and their parents. If i want my son home for Christmas i will go and get him, the associated risks are between me, my family and him.

    What have we become when we think it’s acceptable for the government to decide who’s allowed in our homes and when our children can visit us?

    Occasionally a politician will accidentally be right about something.

    In the great scheme of things Corona virus is not the deadly mass pandemic it’s painted to be. Stop cowering and sacrificing freedom for tyranny through fear and unwarranted fear at that.

    • SV@
      As Dick said above Ive largely ignored it,
      Im in and out of other peoples houses every day for work, I keep my distance, wash my hands, mask up if theyre elderly etc
      They fucked up handling this from the start.
      Trying to get people informing on each other was the one that pissed me off.

      • The thing that really pissed me off and still does is that fat cunt-muppet Boris pretending to be Churchill….he’s not fit to be mentioned in the same sentence.

        Can you really see the likes of Boris, Hand2cock, Wiliamson etc being remembered in fifty years time as national heroes?

        More likely to be remembered for hanging from a lamp post like Mussolini.

      • You would have to get one special imported to hang boris from the daft fat mumbling berk

      • And there’s the glaring elephant in the room on this matter. We can continue to enter totals strangers houses if we follow a few simple rules but we can’t have our own flesh and blood home for Christmas.

        The only difference is one visit may eventually generate some tax revenue for the government and one won’t,

        Potentially you may infect far more people than a student being collected from Uni and travelling home in a car with their parent. I do have some sympathy for the government because no matter what they do they will be criticised but I really wish they would stop trying to kid us the risks are huge unless there is a financial benefit in which case the risks fall below zero it seems.

        I don’t understand why the slums of the world are not rammed with Corona victims by now. If it can devastate Nottingham why is Delhi not knee deep in corpses?

      • I think India is well and truly fucked, just looking at the official figures they are overrun with chinky flu, you can imagine that the numbers that are not published are huge.
        India took drastic action in the early days, remember the images of people being hit with those big sticks the police use.

    • If elected I would fight for law and order by commissioning Caning Rooms in every large town and city – several in London, Luton, Birmingham, Rotherham and Bradford. They want fucking Sharia law they will get it in large doses.

      Lessie dykes like Kate Green would also get six of the best – she looks a tough cookie who could take a good hard caning on her bare hairy tattooed arse – ditto Cressida Strapon-Dick.

      Less prison, more caning – it would save a lot of money and I would allow studio audiences, for a small fee, in to see the little cunts get their punishment.

  10. Kate Green MP, former champion shot-putter for the CCCP and good mates with carpet muncher K D Lang by the look of her.

    Is there any normal cunt in the Labour party?
    Does the pre-requisite for a Labour MP have to be a wrong-un, a parking-stanley or other anti western eff-nick or a rampant sexual-deviant of some kind?

    I hope Anders Brevik doesn’t get out of Oslo nick anytime soon as he’d probably head straight for Labours 2021 conference with the amount cunts they have in their ranks!

    • I think these days Labour is so BAME and pervert friendly (trannies and Eddie Izzard) that is you are white you have to be Lesbian or homosexual, or possibly a lawyer from the right chambers.

  11. This is typical politician shit, ‘oh poor students, look at me I am on your side’.

    No one forced the little shits to go to university, they knew there would be risks and basically they said fuck the risks and loads of them became infected, so 14 days quarantine.

    What the fuck has it got to do with Christmas, all the silly cunts who were dancing on tables and whooping away will be out of quarantine next week so what the fucking issue.
    The only way to control these thick cunts is to tell them if they don’t isolate they will be kicked out.

    Fuck off Labour you would have done the same, the only difference they would have spaffed twice as much money on the great unwashed. Still banging on about fucking BAME, wash your hands you dirty cunts!

    Fuck Labour, all major EU countries are running restrictions of some kind, we are no different.

    • “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.”

      And there it is batflu magnified by every politician and bureaucrat across the planet.

  12. We must by now living in cloud cuckoo land.how is it physically possible to even allow students home with such a health risk highly likely how fucking stupid do you have to be to be an mp

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