Daniel Andrews (Incompetent Bellend from Oz)


Daniel Andrews is a stupid cunt!

Among a raft of illogical torturous convicted regulations relating to exercise by the public in the state of Victoria In Dropbearland, released by him is the following:

“Cricket teams may now practice in the lead up to the southern summer season, but only in groups of 10 persons max”.

Think on that.

What a fucking specky jug-eared twat.

And now you have Boris and his bureaucrats workshopping up a suite of similar monomaniacal whims to impose on the good folks of Blighty. Give me and you fucking strength

Nominated by: Three Strokes

(More general infromation about this cunt from down under – DA https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8758579/Daniel-Andrews-demands-extraordinary-new-law-let-government-officials-arrest-Victorians.html

26 thoughts on “Daniel Andrews (Incompetent Bellend from Oz)

  1. I have no idea who this nobody is but put Les Hiddins in charge down there in Oz.

  2. In all these CUNTries where this despotism is currently bare-nakedly being flouted in front of the lumpen proletariat’s faces, the diplomatic/ballot box point of no return is well and truly passed. There’s only one way out of this now, and that’s storming our Bastilles, whatever the Brit or pommie etc equivalents are, dragging these Satanic cunts out into the streets, and having a jolly old time hanging drawing and quartering by bare hand, decorating spiked fences with heads.

    • Hes a enemy of his own people.
      What a fuckin rotter.
      Feed the treacherous cunt to the salties.
      Good un Three Strokes!👍

      • Funny u should mention crocodiles mnc /was watching some last night the way they tore a zebra to peices/id make it mandatory for paedos etc to be fed to em

      • Yeah Anne, useful arent they Crocs?!!
        Dont come any better than aussie saltwater crocs either!
        I had some theyd be well fed!
        Big sign- free swimming lessons for BLM!

  3. We have enough British ringpieces without contemplating the Aussie fuckers. Anyway, I have relatives in Melbourne and they are cunts.

  4. Not quite sure how Aussie politics work but doesn’t Scott Morrison ( the PM ) have the power to overrule what this cunt is doing in Victoria? Or is it a Sturgeon type arrangement?

    • All the state premiers are laughing at him and closing state borders, usually in the basis of 2-3 actual hospital cases in the neighbouring state.

      Every night the puffed up twats are on the news spouting school bully nonsense in the sadly probably true hope that their citizens will re-elect them.

  5. Aww fack yeah, fair dinkum tuh try ta git rid of the Chinese Virus moite but this yahoot is hangin’ shit on everyone. It just ain’t grouse, moite.

    Ye caaan’t even leave yer house fer more than foive kilometres coz o’this flamin’ gallaaah an’ yer caaaan’t even go out after 10pm. How are yer supposed to look at Tradie Shane’s new Ute? How can yer eat a Souvlaaaki in the middle of the day?Who are us whingeing Aussies supposed to whinge to? Croikey!

    Mind you cobber, the Convicts will have extra excuses fer losin’ future Ashes series by not being able ter practise. They’ll ‘ave ter resort to cheatin’. Awww, fack yeah.

  6. Have to agree, not a big fan of Aussie cricket, the 2005 test series in England was fine viewing for any opponent of hubris.

    • Be such a shame if Dandrews got the bat flu wouldnt it?😀
      Sure his fellow Victorians would swamp him with get well soon cards!

    • When I saw that Shane Warne had been rooting Liz Hurley, that ruined one of my fantasies! How could she lower herself that much. Jesus Hugh ‘one acting role’ Grant was bad enough.

  7. The cunts are global, they walk amongst us. 10 man cricket team? Who needs a bowler anyway, what a knob.

  8. That’s a new twist on citizens arrest, ‘I arrest you in the name of the Virus’.
    Struth mate, it’s fair cop!

    What a cunt!

  9. You also have incompetent poison scottish dwarf.

    Not shutting pubs but you can’t have a drink in one, whats the point.

  10. It was all handled wrong from the start. All this cunt with the rest of Australia could do on the first wave was bang on about flattening the curve. ITs all any cunt could say – but like NZ the curve was flat as no cunt went out. Instead of getting ready for round 2 this dozy cunt thought it was over and made no preperation. When back and a few cunts got it they couldnt controll it, and they wont again. There has been no heard immunity and this is proof steralization wont work. So fuck all these cunts for not looking at Bat Flu properly – instead of banging on about the curve in phase one they should have got the ICUs ready, kept the venerable safe and locked, and let the stupid cunts get it to form a barrier.

    This cunt knows its too late and the minute he lets all out its going to come back as even now the cunts are too pre occupied on counting who has it than controlling the mass. Should call Donald.

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