Prince Harry – Cunt of Sussex (6)

Prince Fucking-Harry.

“Harry and Meghan demand end to ‘structural racism’ in Britain: Prince reveals his ‘awakening’ at issues faced by people ‘of a different coloured skin’ – while Meghan describes BLM protests in the US as ‘a beautiful thing’”

Why can’t this entitled Wanker just shut his fucking yap ? Nobody gives a shit what the stupid, ignorant spoiled brat or his wife have to say…I’d as soon be instructed on the finer points of social etiquette by Harvey “Hello,you Cunts” Price than endure one more word of Harry’s childish nonsense.

How dare the Cunt presume to lecture anyone? His only achievement is slipping out of one raddled old fanny (his Mother’s) and slipping into another (his wife’s). Apart from that, all he has done is sponge like a leech and be exposed as the congenital idiot that I always suspected him to be…an idiot who has had everything handed to him on a silver platter…never had to work for anything… and yet thinks that he has the right to talk down to the “little people” who have had to pick up the bill for him and his revolting family.

When he fled to America I had genuine hope that we had heard the last of him…no such luck…if anything he’s upped his output of “right-on”, “woke” nonsense and I find both it, and him, intolerable. He can take his patronising words and stuff them up his arse…the Cunt.

..and seconded by: Dark key cunt

The Ginger Whinger is the biggest fucking cunt on Earth. His knee grow missus would be a half actress-half stripper to make ends meet if it weren’t Harry Halfwit. For him to lecture British people about structural/systemic racism fucks me off massively.

If qualifications were necessary to be a Prince of the Realm, I’d be a million miles ahead of that cunt (Physics degree from a decent uni as opposed to an Art degree that Nanny did on his behalf) (Admin – not sure of my ‘facts about him’ but you know what I mean).

I don’t mind Charles talking bollocks (my plants are my friends) and William is treading a correct path of steering clear of anything toxic, as does Her Maj.

Aaaaarrrrgggh, Harry Halfwit was once proud of our Armed Forces and they are/were (delete as applicable) proud of him.

He’s a cunt.

….and a late entry from Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler 

Apparently Royal Staff have been told to prepare Frogmore “Cootage” for the imminent arrival of Our Better,unfortunately Megan isn’t coming with him…shame, how will the thick Cunt manage to give us his latest thoughts,ideas and opinions on what a bunch of Shits we are,if Megan isn’t about to tell him just what his thoughts,ideas and opinions actually are?

No,the only reason the Wanker has deigned to return to this racist,”unwoke” Shithole is to avoid a big tax-bill in America…how odd that someone who wants equality isn’t prepared to pay his bit to help others less well-off than himself..where does he think that money for welfare,green initiatives etc. comes from?…or does he just think that the “little people” should foot the bill for his (Megan’s) ridiculous cant?

I hope his fucking private jet causes even more pollution when it crashes into the Atlantic….Cunt.

38 thoughts on “Prince Harry – Cunt of Sussex (6)

  1. I preferred the Harry in a Nazi uniform entertaining cheap tarts stark bollock naked in a tawdry hotel room.

    He is hypocritical enough now to be on Dame Kweer’s team – for example coming “home” to avoid paying taxes.

  2. Christ on a hover-board, so much for wanting privacy. This mooch, and ‘she who wears the trousers’ are in the news more than the Rînky-Dînk Virus. It’s just an endless series of videos, pictures of the ankle-biter, one-sided opinions on race, encouraging people to vote, more pics of the child, and more selective opinions about racial injustice. Harry is the dopey Joe Biden in the relationship.

  3. Yeah I read about this wanker temporarily coming home to dodge taxes like a typical rich woke cunt. Apparently if you’re in the US for 173 consecutive days you have to pay income tax. Halfwit definitely doesn’t want the IRS poking about in his various bank accounts. Rich fuckers don’t pay tax, everybody knows that.
    Hopefully, once he’s off the Sparkletits leash he’ll get totally pissed and be seen getting slung out of various London nightclubs offering to fight the paparazzi and referring to Suckdick Khunt as “that P*ki bastard.”
    Come on Harry, you know it makes sense!

  4. It is impossible for me to express the disgust and contempt I have for the Markel-Hewitts. It’s made all the worse as I “subscribe” to two news feeds (Fox News and a “generic” Google news feed) and every single fucking, Goddamned day, one if not both of these 2 Jovian sized cunts is featured in a story. In a fucking news feed for Christ’s sake!

    The stories range from the ridiculous to the absurd. Including one, in which a US congressman is petitioning the Queen to strip the Dynamic Dipshits of their titles. (Like we don’t have serious issues in this country to deal with.)

    But here’s one I did see that I found to be more than interesting in the Mercury News. (The Mercury News is a daily news service from San Jose, California. It is tuned into the Silicon Valley elites.) In short it alleges that Netflix would never hand over a multi-million dollar payment to a couple of unproven producers just because they want to produce “woke content with worthy messages”…regardless of who they are…unless they get something blockbuster in return.

    Like Home Movies of the Markle-Hewitts suffering through a deluge of indignities heaped upon them by a racist Royal Family. In other words…a Kardashian like Markle-Hewitt reality show disguised as a documentary.

    How would you like to be a fly on a scone when Halfwit Hal and his Half-breed Ho sit down with the Queen for tea. (Since these cuntings were written it’s been announced that the Witchess of Woke will be accompanying her pet familiar when he returns to England.)

    Read the story here:

    • Very sorry you’ve had these two degenerates hove up in Southern California.
      I’m afraid we’ll both be lumbered with the cunts for decades yet!!

    • I quite like Prince Harry, what he did for things like the Invictus Games and Help For Heroes should not be forgotten. He is not the first bloke in this world to be cuntstruck and led through life by his membrum virile.

      He isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box, but then who of us is? What white people really hate is being lectured on racism by other white people. A few years ago, at our local cricket club’s annual dinner our guest speaker told a story about a batsman playing in a test match at Kingston, Jamaica against the West Indies. He hits the ball so far that it sails out of the ground and hits a black chap sitting in a tree and watching the game. The bloke falls of the branch and hits the ground. The umpire raises both arms and signals a 6 and the batsman turns to him and says “That’s not right if you pot black you get 7”. Our one mixed race chap decided that was a racist joke and afterwards remonstrated with the speaker, who laughed and said it wasn’t so our member took a swing at him. Fortunately as drink had been taken it didn’t connect. The
      committee, of which I was a member, then held a bit of a kangaroo court to decide what action should be taken. I can’t remember what we decided but whilst it was going on the chap involved said it was all bollocks as it was a bunch of white guys deciding what was racist and what wasn’t. If you weren’t black you couldn’t possibly know what it was all about. I have to say I agreed with him, I use that argument now when I am lectured by my socialist,white, friends, the most vociferous of whom tend to be female because actually they know fuck all about it.

  5. Then again, if he is here on his own, his own family might make the effort to encourage him to see the error of his ways.

    You never know what is going on jnside his head at the present time. He may be grateful of time away from her to collect his (limited) thoughts on life.

    • Even with his limited amount brainpower he should be able to work out that his best bet is to get back here and then hide.

  6. I see that the Markle-Hewitts have done an interview with that Malala bird, whose only claim to fame is getting a Nobel prize for being shot in the head by the taliban.

    Will they stop at nothing in their never ending quest for privacy?

    Pair of tone deaf, virtue signalling cunts.

  7. It’s nowt to do with tax evasion.
    He doesn’t know what it is.
    He just fancies some posh white pussy for a change.
    Heil Hitler?

  8. Perhaps Sparkletits will take the opportunity to get her legs open, get some real cock and get herself preggers again.
    I reckon there’s some ginger bollocked whitey among her security team who’s going to get an early Christmas present.

    • There was a time, not that long ago, when Harry & his shitstick missus could do no wrong.
      Their popularity was at peak, lauded & fauned over in the press.
      I’m interested to watch the unravelling of their carefully constructed PR image,
      Not so much on ISAC because we’ve got them sussed, but Doris the royalist, Dave the average man, ordinary people with no interest in politics etc.
      As PR goes theyre a trainwreck.
      Good nom the 3amigos!👍👍

  9. Her Wokeness is on recent record as complaining that she is the most trolled person on earth and that this is “almost unsurvivable”
    Yesterday she jumped on Malal Yousufzai’s* bandwagon with a long interview chock-full of condescending platitudes.

    Yousufzai very kindly forbore to remind the former porn actress that a while a 7.62 round in the head is by common consent almost unsurvivable, most people manage to make a good recovery from reading criticism on Twitter.

    *Remember her? Shot in the head by the Taliban, recovered here, just graduated with PPE from Oxford. Will no doubt be shot again by rival Pakistani politician in due course

  10. Obviously Harry and Meg didn’t go far enough, we can still hear them. I’ll qualify that statement, I don’t hear from or about them apart from on here. It’s a perverse irony.

  11. If she is accompanying him back here that’s so she can keep tabs him. Don’t want him fucking up the marriage just yet. Need to get that first docu-soap under the belt and a couple of productions sorted then off you trot Hewitt back to Blighty.

  12. It’s the boy, Archie, I feel sorry for. No Eton for him, no rugby and no playing at soldiers firing machine guns at imaginary ragheads. No, he’ll be some spoilt brat, gender fluid Hollywoke fuck up.
    To be fair Her Maj didn’t do much better with her brood, the males anyway. What a trio of cunts.

  13. Ginger simpleton Hewitt and his shit cunt Sparkle tits missus really boil my piss with their fucking hypocrisy.

    I think her Madge and Phil the Greek are equally as pissed off and won’t allow for the Royal name to be dragged through the mud much longer by these pair of Cunts.

    Sparkle Tits and the Ginger mong need to be careful else the spooks from MI6 will be paying them both a visit dressed up as ‘Papparazzi’ in an unnamed car underpass some where in North America…………..
    Now that sound familiar doesn’t it?

  14. He’s definitely not a full shilling 👎
    Harry wants to remember while he’s staying in the United States that he’s a guest in that Country Telling people and anyone else who will listen to vote vote for Joe Biden isn’t a wise move 👎
    If I were President Trump when Harry leaves to avoid his tax Bill don’t let him back into the States 👍
    The Royal Family should stay out of politics and keep their noses out of the US Election 👍

  15. DNA test required,
    1. Not the son of the Charlie. 2. Saint Diana was a Trollop.

    The problem with ‘structural racism’ is that it isn’t strong enough #whitelivesmatter.

  16. It would be one thing if sparkle tits was actually black, but she isnt so why bang on about it if she was a egg Harry the fuckmonkey wouldnt have married her in the first place, its just an excuse to get some publicity….again

  17. Now Lily Allen has married that Yank actor chap, I await the episode of “At home with the Spatkles” on Netfux, where all hour of them jump into the hot tub and debate colonialism.

    • Trump aint alone.
      I utterly detest this pair of chiselling self pitying cunts.
      Plastic soldier boy permanently guarded by the SAS and not allowed anywhere near any actual fighting (a couple of young chums of mine were giving basket weaving lessons in the local area and they called him “Rupert cunt” – they hated him).
      And cocoa milk the scratter just makes me fucking puke.

  18. I understand some Yank politician has written to Boris, or some cunt, complaining about this pair of skanks interfering in the US election. As they still have Royal titles they are seen as representing the British government so it’s just not on.
    Her Maj needs to sort this pair of cunts ASAP. Making them plain old Mr and Mrs Markle would be a start.

  19. I wait for the day when their messy and very public split occurs and is all over our tabloid press. Harry will end up openly hating that Meghan Markle Fucking Ono cunt. But because the media whore and gold digging slattern had young Archie, old H is trapped for life in a way. She will skin him alive when the divorce comes (which it will). Still, it’s the daft cunt’s own fault. You lie down with dogs, as the saying goes…

  20. @Admin

    Please check your count….I make this no.8 Cunting for the bastard,,,and that’s just “stand-alone” ones that don’t mention his delightful wife.

    I’d hate the shit to evade his rightful place on the Wall of Cunts for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

    • Good point Mr F.
      I reckon the pair of self-regarding cunts are overdue in receiving IsAC’s highest award; elevation to The Wall!

  21. I agree. I love slagging off this pair of bastard hypocrites. They are the top cunts at the moment in a world bursting with cuntiness.

  22. If H comes back for a while there’s no way Megain will come with him as no one asked how she was when pregnant, poor oppressed thing.
    Harry is absolutely doomed now the stupid prick.

  23. Harry the Baldy wanker would struggle to count past 10, he is pussy whipped by the choc ice mongrel who is the puppet master To Ginger Fontalroy, he floats through life having his arse wiped and his little knob polished, I look forward to the day he gets rinsed by the talentless skank hopefully he will blow his tiny brains out, that is if he can shoot straight.!

  24. Maybe we should organise an ISAC sweepstake on how long this pair of simpering cunts last before the inevitable parting of the ways.

    I can’t see it lasting beyond another 2 years, tops.

  25. Ginger bollocks is little more than a mouthpiece for that whore he married. The epitome of under the thumb…

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