Mass Debater Professor Sunny Singh

No, nor me but I have included her brief description below.

Sunny Singh is a writer of fiction and creative non-fiction. She is Professor of Creative Writing and Inclusion in the Arts at London Metropolitan University.

No, not science or engineering. Creative Writing and Inclusion in the Arts. Whatever the fuck that is. However it must be important because the former Battersea Plumbing Polytech employs her.

Why the cunting? See below, and I quote her words:-

‘I get regular invites to debates on various platforms. I always say no. Debate is an imperialist, capitalist, white-supremacist, cis, heteropatriarchal technique that transforms a potential exchange of knowledge into a tool of exclusion and repression.’

From what little sense I get out of that I deduce that there is only one viewpoint, hers and her woke ilk. There is no argument. Especially with so many invented words.
Lucky ex Battersea Plumbing School to have her fulfilling such a vital role.
Not surprised the cunt is in London. Rather surprised that a Sikh can be such a pillock.

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48 thoughts on “Mass Debater Professor Sunny Singh

  1. How far Regent Street Poly* has fallen. Creative Writing and Diversity? Coming soon, Vindaloo Studies and Gasfitting?

    She is Titania McGrath after forgetting the Factor 50,, and I am claiming my 5 lakhs of rupees.

    * Another component of LMU

  2. I just wish these hoity toity people of colour would find another country to inflict their stinking carcasses on – look at that old tart, I bet she stinks of curry and garlic.

  3. Debate ie consideration and discussion of opposing views is “a tool of exclusion and repression” is it?
    I hope she doesn’t want to discuss this point, since doing so could only be excluding and repressing.
    What a cunt.

    • Hmmm yes i dont agree with what the old bag is saying.
      My own infinite wisdom tells me that a debate or idea or shared view points should be reasonably discussed in a calm collective manner therefore allowing the exchange ideas or until a collective objective has been reached agreed upon etc.
      If anyone cant grasp this concept they should be shot at point blank range

    • She looks so fucking smug though – it looks as if she has just won this weeks farting contest at “uni”

  4. What use is this turd to us?

    ‘I get regular invites to debates on various platforms. I always say no. Debate is an imperialist, capitalist, white-supremacist, cis, heteropatriarchal technique that transforms a potential exchange of knowledge into a tool of exclusion and repression.’

    I CAN’T DEBATE, there you go love it was that easy.

    If you wanted to wax lyrical about your lack of capacity to debate at leased do it honestly.

    ‘I take positions that do not withstand the rigours or the cross examination the debate format. If I had to debate my beliefs I fear I’d be exposed as a cretin with radical political views that cannot be exposed to direct critique, therefore I’m keeping my toys at home today.’


    • Well said Sixdog.

      Sums up her and the left beautifully.

      The whole no platforming and cancel culture bollocks is the left wing fucktards clutching at straws like a wanking scarecrow.

      They know they’re on the back foot and are now scared to debate anyone with a more robust and realistic view of the world, because they know their argument will never hold water.

      They’ll be sent home whimpering like a kicked mutt.

  5. She is certainly on the right track, sadly it is the lack of opposing views that are the issue, exclusion of opposing views are indeed repression.

    I wonder who she was addressing with her statement, no one in particular or was one of those meaningless corporate statements that tick a box.

    Silly Cow, fuck off

  6. I think the University should exclude her from the faculty and repress her propaganda.

    • One final debate though……

      On the subject of enforced , non-consensual , violent anal fisting.

  7. Fucking bud bud wants to go back to Jalabadadad of wherever she comes from – she have all the fucking debates she likes while her hands are being chopped off for freedom of speech.

    Piss off you silly cunt.

  8. Anyone ever notice that it’s these proponents of the shit degrees where no real intelligence is needed that espoused this woke bollocks
    ? You seldom get professors of physics, engineering, medicine etc trotting out this shite. Probably because they are genuinely intelligent and not pseudo intelligent, i.e. thicker than a month neck. Fucking cunts all need ending.

  9. Professor of creative writing my arse. All she teaches is how to work the same half a dozen themes into every story. Everything she has written has been written before she just makes all the good characters BAMEs and whitey is always the baddie. No wonder the slag can’t debate. Harvey Price could outsmart this predictable old fraud.

    • Creative writing courses have IMO done more to stifle original writing than any other malign influence in the language. However well-intentioned their modestly talented lecturers, the results are formulaic, bland and selfconscious. When they are not unreadably ‘experimental’ or written entirely in a mis-heard dialect.

      Dickens, Hardy, Auberon Waugh, HG Wells and Shakespeare – and many, many others – have one sublime advantage in common: they did not attend a creative writing course.

      • Whoosh!KOMODO
        In my youth i actually did read a fair few of those all the way through.
        Herbert george wells.
        The invisible man
        I havent read any of todays offerings
        In fact the last most interesting i did read/translate was in german.

  10. What a smug, self-regarding arsehole. I’m sure her contributions to any debate are sorely missed. Not.

  11. “Debate is an imperialist, capitalist, white-supremacist, cis, heteropatriarchal technique that, da de da…”now that is creative writing for I’m sure I’ve not the intelligence or the confidence to enter a debate. 🤔

    • Sunny,yesterday my life was filled with rain
      Sunny, you smiled at me
      And really eased the pain”….

      No debate, hammer to head pop her in the curry.
      Its what shed want.

  12. Creative fiction I can understand but what the fuck is creative non-fiction? That sounds like making stuff up, and that is fiction.

  13. My work boots are covered in shit and need a good clean. It’s no wonder ole whitey struggles to have a clean pair of shoes these day days when these oppressed descendants of slaves are getting all creative. I’ll have to do it myself now. Cunts.

  14. She means you cant question her, or other ethnic types,
    Theyre right-period.
    Don’t want awkward questions by impertinent white people.
    And they say ‘ethnic cleansing’ like its a bad thing!

  15. Creative non-fiction is another term for lies.
    Perfectly suitable for BAME finger waggers,re-write history, it never happened unless we say it did.
    There, I feel much better now.
    Horrid honky oppressors!
    Poor me, can I have sandwich?

  16. She sounds like one of those Hippy cunts…debate is one of the greatest human interactions there is. It’s all well and good sharing knowledge but when you have two opposing views debate is what is needed.
    London is going into tier two tomorrow according to Sadiq Khunt…of course I’ll be obeying the rules if I could understand the damn things properly.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  17. Just trying to get my head round this one. So non fact is by definition fiction. So surely non fiction must therefore be fact.
    So creative non fiction? I thought being creative with the truth was a euphemism for lying through your teeth!
    Bullshitting woke bitch. No wonder she doesn’t want a debate, anyone with half a brain would run rings around her.

  18. Trying to control the narrative, excludes other peoples views, not willing to debate and dictates that it’s her way or the high way. How very fascist of her.

    Professor of inclusion? My arse.

  19. “I refuse to debate because I am as thick as pigshit and my paper thin nonsense of an argument would be exposed as the malicious racist bollocks that it is by anyone with half a brain – which is three quarters more than I have”.
    “Professor” of shite.

  20. Bitch was brought up in a rich Indian family but that doesn’t stop her coming to the land of the wicked colonialists, getting a cushy job preaching woke bullshit to other rich fuckers.
    She ought to fuck off back to India, there’s plenty of poverty, inequality and oppression for her to cry about there. Fucking freeloading saucy cow.

  21. She could almost be that other racist cunt, Primavinda Gupta, who wrote “White lives don’t matter” and was consequently promoted to Full Professor st Cambridge.
    Another upper class, privileged fucking Indian- The most openly racist society on earth.
    Something else they have in common-FUGLY as Fuck-making them “untouchables”😂

  22. What she actually means is, “I’m a thick cunt, but I consider my to be intellectually superior to everyone else, and I don’t want to show myself by engaging in debate with someone who actually is intelligent”.

  23. I bet that if I rimmed her my gob would be full of curry-flavoured crunchy biscuits coated with rancid beyond-the-sell-by-date peanut butter.
    mmmmmm nice……. now where did I put my meds ?

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