Mansoor “Manni” Hussain

(Hussain rubbing shoulders with Sparkletits and Phil Green back in 2013 – DA)

In the week that the Nobel Prizes are being dished out, I would like to welcome you to the debut of the Keith Vaz Prize for Criminal Greed purely for the most corrupt of our foreign brethren, (you see, I am so woke) and announce our first prize winner. It’s a crowded field, as you can imagine, but please give a round of applause for our Manni:

Mrs. Boggs has developed square eyes to the point she will watch any old shit. If there is a twenty minute delay between Emmerdale in 1997 and Weatherfield in 2001, she will channel hop, and at 10.00 in broad daylight, her refuge is usually 20 minutes of a ghastly show with no budget or purpose called Homes Under The Hammer which, like Escape To The Cuntry has ran since God was a teenager.

That show has many Manni’s who look the same act the same and dress the same – sort of Asian Del Boys or Arthur Daley’s. It encourages greed and exploitation. If you have friends or family who can’t get a decent home to rent or buy, it is thanks to greedy cunts like Manni, so please, give him the clap – give him the clap he so richly deserves.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

26 thoughts on “Mansoor “Manni” Hussain

    • With a fenced off floodlit statue of a large oven to give some visual variety.

  1. Don’t know the cunt. Don’t want to either. I am aware of a wanker called Martin Roberts who does Homes under the hammer thanks to the girlfriend.
    A bigger smug, self satisfied cunt you couldn’t hope to meet.

    • Indeed it is…… but I confess to missing my daily letch of the stunning long legs and tight short skirts of Dr Zara Carmichael (Doctors 1:45 BBC1 weekdays)

      It’s having an extended summer break but at least the sunny weather is compensating for it

      • Can’t say I’ve ever entertained the show. She’d have to be something pretty special for me to sit through an hour of what I presume is like a daytime version of Casualty.

  2. They are all cunts, round them up and ship them out (They = P*ki)

    This particular one wasn’t content with making money from legitimate business the greedy cunt was involved in money laundering, he wasn’t even forced to to give up £10 million quids worth of assets, he did it voluntarily before he got dragged through the courts.


  3. Trust that slag Sparkletits to be hanging around with a dirtbag like this. The Great Humanitarian doesn’t give a fuck as long as they’ve got loads of dosh. I mean, just look at the cunt she married.

    • Right again Freddie!

      Be it curry or ginger if it advances her cause she’ll choke it down.

  4. Brilliant. Love this story.

    Fucking pint sized big headed Parking Stanley brought down by his own ego.

    Fuck you Manni all you’re so called friends won’t call anymore and the streets of Bradford may be rid of at least one Lamborghini Aventador.

    Look forward to hearing about you been found dead of a smack overdose, in a puddle of piss in some shit stained stair well in Manningham, how fitting.

    Next, Keith Vazeline.

    • Sure he used to sell jeans on Stockport market?
      Sure its him?
      Alright Sinbad!!👍
      Got owt in a bootcut extra long?

      • Ps
        The picture of him with sparkle, he looks like a paki Sylvester Stallone!
        But without down syndrome.

  5. Don’t know the cunt but for me the best part of the cunting is the picture of him with the Fuckess of Suckit…before she was the Fuckess and was simply known as Suckit.

    Well done Admins!

    • This Man hands over ten million quid when the CPS find out which embarrassing skeletons he has in his closet and pressure from on high is brought to bear, and it all goes away.
      There was never going to be a trial.

  6. In the frst pic, he looks like a carpet-riding Dobbie the house elf, the smug Påkī prick.

  7. Meghan Markle is the new messiah, she will save us all from our own ignorance……

    I for one didn’t know about global warming, racism and LGBTDDGTRTY issues until Saint Meghan brought them to my attention.

    I feel honoured to live on the same planet…no fuck that, I feel HUMBLED that I live in the same solar system.

    • I never realised I was a racist until Me gain told me.
      She clearly doesn’t mind the colour as long as the pockets are filled with cash.
      Gold digging amoral skank.

      • I never realised until I asked a black Sainsbury’s staff member where the PG Tips were.


  8. The bigger cunt here is the NCA who think by confenscating 45 houses they have somehow stopped his wicked ways.
    Are they fucking serious? Do they not realise this camel jockey cunt has millions hidden off shore in Swiss accounts and a few million tied up in real estate in Dubai? Losing 45 properties is to him like me losing 45 pence behind the sofa.

    This is not Justice at all. This bastard has enabled foreign criminals and most likely terrorists to inflict misery on this country and its people and the smug little cunt is still free to walk around and enjoy his life.

    Lock the cunt up in the lowest dungeon in the tower of London and throw away the fucking keys.

  9. I’ve made it pretty clear about my feelings on men from certain parts of Asia.
    I don’t like them, I don’t like being around them, I don’t trust them, I wouldn’t take a roofy-spiked drink from them, I wouldn’t cadge a lift from them, I don’t want to work with them, I don’t want to live near them, I don’t like their culture, I don’t like their ablutions and I don’t like how they treat women. They might not be all cunts but they are mainly cunts.
    It’s my time of the month and I’m grouchy.

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