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With the US election looming large and the prospect of another four years of The Donald in charge has reinvigorated Hollywood celebrities with a new bout of ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’. I just read about Tommy Lee, drummer for the heavy metal band Motley Crue and perhaps more famous for bar room brawls, stints in rehab and the infamous sex tape with Baywatch slapper, Pamela Anderson, threatening to leave the US and move to Greece if Trump is re-elected.

Maybe Tommy doesn’t read about current European affairs much, Greece is a bankrupt shithole even before Covid, its financial balls in a German vice, overrun by Third World parasites and massive unemployment.

He’s not alone though, remember four years ago when a slew of posturing Hollywood wankers threatened to leave the USA and move elsewhere when Trump was busy sticking a MAGA size 12 up Hilary’s arse in the polls? Cher, Barbara Streisand, Spike Lee all wet the bed and announced they were off, most laughably of all was Samuel L. Jackson who wanted to move to murder and rape capital of the world South Africa. Maybe he wanted to reconnect with his roots and live in a tin shack in a Joburg township and clean the windscreens of expensive honky cars.

Needless to say not one of these cuntwipes went anywhere, all still making a living flogging their shit music and dull films in a country they despise all the while taking advantage of its constitutional laws on free speech to constantly criticise Donald Trump.

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58 thoughts on “Celeb Non-expats

  1. Moving to Greece is a weird concept for Tommy Lee.
    But not for Tom Hanks, who is now a Greek citizen. Wonder why that is?
    Is it because the Greeks (what with the penchant for bummery) regard pædöphīlia as “mental condition”…?

      • Heehee!😀
        Celebs are right mard fuckers anyway,they won’t do anything just all talk.
        Tommy Lee is a simpleton,a shite musician and a hepatitis riddled fake.
        Hes picked Greece in the hope he’ll get some umbongo immo laying pipe up his shit tube,
        Because the world knows all greeks are arsebandits.
        Its the national pastime.
        He can pop round Forrest Gumps to help train the under 16s national team.

      • John Wayne would have rode him out of town MNC 👍👍
        Save a bullet for your wife pilgrim “the hell I will”👍👍

      • Hello George!
        Hope your winning?
        Now that’s one John Wayne film I would enjoy!!
        Big John beating the living shite out of Tommy Lee!
        Id give him a oscar😀

  2. We have the same scumbags here doing exactly the same thing with our government.
    Running the Country down at every single opportunity. Yasmin Brown being one of the chief flag wavers These cunts want waking up at the dead of night and shipping back to the Country they came from They are the enemy within.

    • I’d drug them whilst they’re still asleep. Just imagine the look of sheer joy on their face when they wake up in the mud hut they were fucking born in.

      • Moggie:
        If it was 1942 rather than 2020, these fifth columnist filth would be tried, then duly executed for their crimes.
        Fucking devious cunts👎

      • Slightly at a tangent, every time a visit to UK by that arch-cunt Barmier is mentioned, I keep thinking about the times when he’d have been taken to the Tower and shot. Perhaps even better if it were done at Dover Castle.

  3. Celebs wankers who dont leave after promising to. Jock independence supporters who live in California. Luvvie cunts pushing socialism and immigration because it doesnt affect them. Kaffirs, Arabs and Stanleys who owe their freedom of expression to our society showing hate and contempt for that society.

    They should all go and live in Afhganistan.

  4. Tommy T-bonehead has a Greek mummy but he’s a rawk star, most aint the brightest.
    I hope he does move, that would be a veritable shitstorm for him.
    But of course he won’t.
    Hellos everybody peeps!
    Limousine Liberals, dontcha just love them?

  5. Ah those dear Rolls Royce radicals. Don’t you just lurrrve it when they think that their celebrity entitles them to inflict their moribund views on us?
    I’m rooting for The Don next month for no other reason than his return to office will like as not push some of these luvvy cunts over the edge.
    Bring it on baby!

    • ‘I’m rooting for The Don next month for no other reason than his return to office will like as not push some of these luvvy cunts over the edge.’

      Me and you both, Ron! And I’m sure we’re not alone.

  6. Sirs:

    This happens every four years. “If [Republican presidential candidate} wins I am moving to New Zealand!”

    Or Canada, Australia, etc.

    Odd — they never threaten to decamp to, oh, Ghana, or Papua New Guinea.

    Or East New York, where they could really celebrate some diversity.

    But they never leave.

    It’s the arrogance of it that gets to me. What makes these coddled nitwits think New Zealand wants them?

  7. The Donald might be an arsehole, but Slow Joe is a stammering idiot who tries to repeat phrases that have been beaten into him by his coaches. Anyway, the main difference between the two is this:
    The Donald says what he believes.
    Slow Joe says what he thinks you want to believe.
    I’ll take the arsehole with 3 yrs in politics who’s done exactly what he said he’d do over the spineless politician with 47 yrs who tells you what you want to hear and does the opposite.

    • There are a number of things the Donald hasn’t “done exactly what he said he’d do”.

      For example:
      He hasn’t got Mexico to pay for his so far barely started wall.
      He hasn’t prosecuted Killary – in fact soon after he was elected he praised her, saying the country owed her “a debt of gratitude”.
      He hasn’t taken the US out of NATO.
      He hasn’t deported all illegal immigrants.
      He hasn’t repealed and replaced Obamacare

      That said, he’s done a lot better than most of his critics thought he’d do.

      Meanwhile, in other News, it’s nice to see the Pope (God’s representative on Earth) has now come out in favour of a same sex civil partnerships:


  8. Couldn’t give a fuck about the Yank Cunts.

    Let’s not forget the amount of unnecessary shit the so called ‘Land of the Brave’ (easy to be brave inside an invisible Stealth bomber plane isn’t it?)
    has dragged the UK into.

    Illegal wars in Afgahn and Iraq and upsetting the balance in the middle East & North Africa by dethroning the old regimes like Gaddafi which was doing Europe a favour by keeping the vile cunts from sub-sahara Africa from crossing the med and ending up here.

    USA are not the allies they make out. During the Falklands war, weapon sales from US to UK doubled in price overnight. It’s financial support for the IRA over the years was staggering and it’s contempt shown to us on issues like the Suez and the Cod wars should not be forgotten.
    Plus all the BLM shit and gender neutral/trans & queer rights that originated there and have ended up here causing us more shit.

    I’m afraid Uncle Sam can go fuck himself alongside Trump, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Hollywood, BLM, Californian big tech, big corporations and all the other Yankee Doodle Dandy shite they have cursed the world with.

    Special relationship my fucking arse!

  9. Celebs?? Overpaid pretentious cunts more like. Couldn’t give a shit where any of then live or die. Fuck em.

  10. Saw something from Kirstie Allen being hammered for saying she’ll vote for Trump. It’s a witch hunt.

  11. Professor Allan Lichtman has predicted every US election correctly since 1984.

    He is again predicting that Trump will win.

    Best get those flights booked to ooh, say Monaco, Jersey, Lichtenstein, or any other tax haven that will accept your pathetic, whiney, liberal left wing ideals and your cash.. Oh, and your ability to play dress up and make believe for a living. Don’t forget to put that in the ‘profession’ field of your visa application.

    Fucking hypocrites, dunces and cowards every last one of them.

  12. John Cusack has been sounding off every ten seconds about Trump in an ongoing Trump Derangement Syndrome obsession urging friends to delete anybody who supports him. This following his “Covid is from 5G towers” rants from earlier in the year. It’s a shame it drives these stars to do this.

      • Evening Ronald

        Not even another film to plug. Not even another pale comedy where he’s a pastiche of his earlier, decent films. It’s a crazy world. Next you’ll be telling me the Reds were soundly beaten by The Villa. Psh!


      • As a Villa fan, you learn never to rub things like that in Cap’n. History tells us that it invariably comes back to bite us on the arse!
        I’m just enjoying the ride before reality sets in!

      • De Niro has chewed more scenery than Godzilla over the years.
        More ham than Marlon Brando and Rod Steiger combined…

  13. Never heard of this Motley Crue cunt, anyway, how come he didn’t fuck off to Greece four years ago?

    • He got to bang Pammy-with-the-whammies, in her prime.
      However, he knocked about and ended up doing time, so us indeed a complete wanker and ergo a CUNT👎

      • Motley Crue are utter shit. They are so shit, they make Kiss look like Deep Purple. And Kiss are fucking awful.

        Never took to late period Pam. She was gorgeous in the early 90s, But, by the time of Baywatch, I think she ruined herself. I was always a Jenny McCarthy man back in the 90s.

  14. Said it before say it now ” The Don is the best politician in the world” because he isn’t one. He isn’t in it to further his career make money
    ( he already has a dollar or two ). He is in it for the country he loves.
    Oh and he pisses off left Clebs and cunts.

  15. It was the same after the great Referendum victory in 2016: “I’m researching into moving to an EU country” or “Ohh yar, what’s the visa sitch for Germany, tee-hee” all said with syrupy smugness and peacock feathers-fanning snobbery. Absolutely none of the fuckers left, zero, nought, nada. Why are they still here? They’ve had four years to take their shitty rancour and loathing of Britain and emigrate. Why haven’t they sought a haven in a tinpot nation which contributes less than it takes from the Reich? Is there any greater incentive to vote against them than when these rancid mooks threaten to leave?

    • Personified to perfection, by the actions of Emma Thompson and her soy partner, all over mainstream and social media, detailing their duel citizenship and pride in being truly European.
      The second Covid broke, they ducked off to their remote farmstead in Scotland.

      • Emma ‘Hitler haircut/Friend of Harvey/Air Miles hypocrite/shit-eater’ Thompson ?
        That cunt?

  16. These utter jizz monkeys should be deported to New Zealand where they can live happily ever after under the rule of the Queen of Cunts, Jacinda. Seriously, New Zealanders deserve a major cunting for voting for her. Of course they are now going to get one that lasts for years, the twats…

    PS. I feel sorry for the Merinos

  17. Still though, at least Fitty Cent and Ice Cube have had the bollocks to speak out against the never-Trumpers. Hopefully more black Americans will follow suit. (Black with a lower case b, not upper case).

  18. If he were alive I bet that old bum bandit Marlon Brando would be mumbling on about how Trump’s regime had ‘violated’ him. Brando would have done this while shoving a pack of Lurpack up his fat arse.

    Viva Big Don!

  19. Harry the half blood prince is another one of these cunts along with his two bit show girl.

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