Noel Ignatiev

An oy vey my life already nomination for hirsute Marxist former steel worker soon to become noted ‘historian’ (yeah, stories alright) Noel Ignatiev.

Another clown using their precious,elitist ethnicity to deny their own skin colour and project all blame for the worlds ills on ‘whiteness’. In other words, everyone else not in the tribe.

Where have we heard this claptrap before? 80 years of demonizing Germans but when the jackboot is on the other foot, well, that’s ok,innit.

What this intellectual colossus claims is that the extinction of a group of people would be a good thing only goes to show the sheer chutzpah of someone whose own tribe have bleated their victimhood for decades.

Here’s some examples:

Wikipedia will also attest to this shit stirring racists beliefs should anyone wish for further corroboration of the thoughts of Chairman Noel..

He really should have changed his forename given the potential Christian connotations of that word.

Don’t forget kids: “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity”, but for now at least,he’ll have another shit stirrer nestling alongside him in the sewers of Hades , enjoy your co-habiting with Darth Bader Ginsberg.

Proceed, walk this way to the lampshade and soap (and other fairy-tales) plant.

Nominated by: Cuntlestiltskin

(Just a quick note: this old cunt died in November 2019 – DA)

48 thoughts on “Noel Ignatiev

  1. Thought this was already happening with the disproportionate ratio of BAMEs vs Whitey in the advertising and Z list slebs world. At least this cunt has already been in a version of Unkle Terrys oven…probably.

  2. I am entirely in favour of the abolition of this white cunt’s existence. What’s more, he’d be in no position to complain about it.

  3. Hahahaha………..
    Try telling this to Putin and his majority white person country.
    Did I also mention the size of his armed forces and the amount of nukes he has to preserve the white race in Russia?

    Whites may be under threat in the West but I guarantee their survival in the old Eastern Block.

  4. If I moved to Africa I wouldn’t expect the locals to change their culture to suit me.

    Integrate or fuck off.

  5. Apparently this crusty old cunt died at the Banner University Medical Center, in Tucson. Undoubtedly the product of white man’s expertise and work. Suited the old cunt to indulge white’s medical expertise when he was just about to croak it.

    Venomous old cunt.

    • Reminds me of Saeb Erekat, Palestinian so called ‘chief negotiator’, who does nothing but slam Israel, but is currently being treated in an Israeli hospital for covid 19, just a couple of years after having had a life saving lung transplant operation at the same hospital.

  6. Unfortunately there are far too many who think like this cunt did before he did the world a favour and died. To be so bitter that it blinds all logic and reason is seen more as a virtue than a failing. It is definitely the slow death of the western civilisation.

  7. Noticing patterns and taking names Good job op. Western society might have its feet in the grave but if more people wake up to the sad reality then there might be hope to amputate it from the body

    Noel is part of the same group backing and funding blm globally. Most people are deaf dumb and blind to the current happenings its more convenient to believe a lie then the truth staring them right in the face. Fucking blues clues its the… Libtards people!

  8. Iggy doesnt seem to realise that through African eyes he is white!
    And to any Muslim country either African or middle eastern or Asian hes nothing but a old jew, theyd happily kill him.
    Doesnt do his fellow coin graspers any favours with this shite.
    He’s dead?
    Oh no!!
    I would of sent flowers!

    • Iggy Pop is still very much with us Miserable.

      One of the all time greatest Yids of our time!

      🎶 Gimme danger little stranger… 🎶

    • Iggy Pop is still very much with us Miserable.

      One of the all time greatest Jews of our time!

      🎶 Gimme danger little stranger…

      • Your not wrong Ruff!
        Iggy pop Mel Brooks Larry David and Gene Wilder all Jewish gems
        And all get a letter of exemption from MNC.👍
        Still wouldnt trust them if it came to money but they’re alright by me!

      • Seems that Yîd is another trigger word Miserable! 😀

        I wouldn’t trust them any more or any less than anyone else with my money.

      • Id never dream of using the ‘Y’ word Ruff🙄🙄
        I dont like racial slurs as you know.ahem.
        Moneywise I wouldn’t trust a jew but then that could be said for anyone!
        The only people we took to court when my dad had the business was Jews, we sent the bailiffs round.
        And the Jews still asks us for work!

      • Iggy pop Jewish? What you talking about Ruff Tuff? He’s part Norwegian, irish, english, and Danish

        Regardless of what he is his last 3 solo albums are shit. His first one was really good and you can’t go wrong with any of the stooges albums especially raw power and their debut rock classics imo

  9. More Middle Eastern sky fairy
    Fuckwittery-Kalergi cunt😂

    These motherfuckers have dragged us into a world of shit for too long.
    Let the medieval, evil fuckwits of the Middle East, blow each other to kingdom come.
    As they breathe their terminal gasp, I am sure their religious belief(s) will be a great comfort to them😉

  10. The cunt’s dead eh ? There’s a bright spot in every day.
    Hopefully, it was long, drawn out and horrible.
    Fuck him.

    • A oil lamp in the temple set his beard on fire.
      The whole place burnt down.
      Its no laughing matter Jack.
      Noel could be heard shouting

      “My wallet! Oi vey! Somebody save my wallet for the love of god!”
      Afternoon Jack👍

      • Afternoon, MNC. Serves him right, should be using battery operated lamps, not last month’s chip fat.
        Tight cunts. 😀

  11. The stupid cunt is just the flipside of the same argument that the dangerous and deranged nutters on Stormfront use.

    Both are hate filled lunatics and as such should be ignored.

    • Odin@
      Somebody on here mentioned Stormfront before,
      So I had a look.
      Everything and I mean everything is according to them a plot by Jews.
      Hit by a car? Jews
      Raining? Be the Jews
      Missus leaving you? Bloody Jews
      Dont think they’re fans.
      Some odd stuff in there,
      Some made me laugh.

      • That was probably me. 😁

        They really have got it in for the red sea pedestrians.

        Strange, I have never felt threatened by old Mr. And Mrs Goldstein three doors down. They seem far too nice to be plotting the downfall of society as we know it.

      • Im to worried about the chinese
        And to busy hating the parking stanleys to fit the Goldstein’s in.
        When it comes to race hate I have to prioritise.
        Not enough hours in the day…

  12. My first cunting and it’s a posthumous one at that.
    Yes, he’s dead but he’s no less deserving, a cunting from beyond the grave in fact..

    Good timing DA, kudos for that. 😉

    • Dead Poets Society? Let’s start a Dead Cunts Society. Now that Cilla Black for instance…

  13. Lagos, Nigeria ….. BLM, not so much, police brutality of Black Police on Black citizens.
    This is why we need to keep the country as white as possible, I wish all the bliks would fuck off, maybe to Nigeria.

    Ask any London Umbongo, would you rather be stopped and searched in the UK by a white copper or in Lagos by a black one, assuming said Umbongo understands the question and can formulate a sentence I am sure White copper in London every time.

  14. I see a nice black tory MP as stated that, critical race theory is racsist and should not be taught in schools. So if whitey is privileged and superior then all ethics should fuck off and leave Britain white. They wont piss anyone off then, will they. They worlds gone mad, fuck off.

  15. Never heard of him before. Sounds like a self-hater and I reckon he would have denied his Jewish heritage anyway.

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