Andy Burnham, BoJo & Steve Rotherham

A Cunting for the ongoing saga of the Covid whingers, the Andy Burnhams and Steve Rotherhams of this world.

All they do is complain rather than actually doing some fucking constructive, whatever is decided about the response to Covid you can’t have every cunt on the committee, nothing would happen.

I listened to Steve Rotherham (Mayor of Liverpool) and all he kept saying was he wanted to work with the government and he said he agreed with tougher restrictions, so why is the cunt complaining about no being consulted (when he actually is). All you and fucking Burnham need to do is to implement whatever restrictions are imposed.

And, why are the restrictions necessary, well Steve and Andy it’s because your pig thick communities are too thick to carry out simple fucking instructions.

I know there are many who oppose Anti Covid Restrictions but they are here and more are coming so the faster people actually apply them the faster it gets back to some normality.

Nominated by: Sick of it 

.. and a late entry from Colin Murray’s Brain 

Andy Burnham is a cunt.

He’s carping about “The North” being mistreated for being put under a tier-3 COVID lockdown even though only parts of said North are under this level of restriction. YET, he is demanding the whole ****ing country is placed under an immediate lockdown that will bring even more misery and economic chaos than the tier-3 stuff Burnham’s moaning about.

On top of that Burnham is moaning bout GM getting just £22million, when apparently he turned down the PM’s offer of a £60million-plus deal. The grandstanding prick turned down the money, and is now moaning about GM not getting the money!

The big question is – what is Burnham playing at here? Dividing England into “regions” has long been a pet project of Labour’s, and sowing discord between “The North” and “The South” (especially when there’s Evil Tories to point the finger of blame at) is a good way to get the unthinking mouth-breathers on-side.

Christ, Burnham’s a cunt. I hope others agree too.

… and a related one from Cuntstable Cuntbubble concerning Boris fucking Johnson.

After 10 days of ridiculous political posturing by scouse Thunderbirds lookalike Andy Burnham, a lockdown has been imposed on Manchester.

It is obvious that MCR wasnt going to get preferential treatment and that Burnham was playing to the crowd. Yet Boris humoured the cunt.

But what really wound me up was that Boris had the perfect forum to roast the fucker for his pointless posturing, playing games with lives, but didnt. Trumpington would have flayed the fucker alive. Burnham was allowed to justify his ridiculous position and Boris said nowt, giving Burnham the final say.

Jellyfish indeed.

39 thoughts on “Andy Burnham, BoJo & Steve Rotherham

  1. The thing that binds these three cunts together, is their unflinching dedication to their own advancement.
    A triumvirate of cunts.
    Get To Fuck.

  2. Fuck the north.*

    If ISAC has taught me anything, it is that the north is full of hirsute flashers who occasionally moonlight as removal men and sociopathic gentleman farmers with a penchant for tormenting innocent pub landladies and an unhealthy obsession with Gemma Arterton’s backside.

    Fuck them.

    * Other regional prejudices available on request.

    • I heard something in the radio this morning that the Yorkshire accent is the most trusted of all accents.

      Bloody hell, we are all truly fucked 😂

  3. It is understandable Bambi Burnham and the even more unsuccessful Rotherham should have tantrums now they lead their own empirees. Both were also-rans in some pretty lacklustre Labour administrations. Both are middle aged depressives whose favourite phrase has to be “if only”. The nearly men of twenty odd years ago facing up to the failures they turned out to be, and hating every minute of it. They should have joined that other Blairite abject failure Jacqui Smith on the pansy dance floor. I bet Mr Smith enjoys himself with a jar of handcream and a naughty DVD every Saturday night while the old cow is away.

  4. Perhaps if the dirty Mancs washed their hands in a while they wouldn’t be in such a mess. Don’t they have soap up there or are they allergic to washing as well as fruit?

  5. Bojo the snake is the unflushable turd who is refusing to budge.He makes Treason May seem competent

    • Burnham and Rotherham. Fully paid up Labour commie failures.
      Watching vipers bite each other is amusing, but covers up the real truth – we are having the piss taken now.
      Fuck lockdowns, rule of six, 10PM chucking out times etc – I am not following guidelines (NOT laws) when they do not apply to rioters, black people or muslims.
      What would the “Government” do if we all just said “Until the rules are applied fairly, fuck your rules”?
      Because that’s about where I am.

      • If only more of our genuflecting population actually had the fucking minerals to do just that.
        A nation of wimps led by gender dysphorics and soyboys.
        “Blitz spirit” ? Wozzat then, where’s the nearest MacDonalds?
        Fuck the world.

  6. I can imagine the scousers now.

    ‘You’ll never isolate alone, you’ll neeeveeerrrrrr!!!!!


    Sick of it:

    “ PS.
    I know there are many who oppose Anti Covid Restrictions but they are here and more are coming so the faster people actually apply them the faster it gets back to some normality.”

    Normality? You mean the new normality, thousands of small businesses destroyed, Jeff Bezos and a few other billionaires with vastly increased personal fortunes, millions unemployed, uncountable additional deaths not of Covid but due to Covid hysteria. The vast majority have obeyed the restrictions and many of those at great personal cost. The restrictions keep coming whilst those who apply them ignore them with impunity.

    Not often do I tackle a fellow Cunter head on but I’m convinced the whole shamdemic is being exploited to apply the great reset.

    Don’t believe the hype as we were once warned by some poets from across the sea.

    • It’s not my policy but it is reality, it’s happening and yes there will be job losses, it has been discussed here on ISAC right from the start of the first lockdown.
      You can call it new normal or whatever but it will be a smaller economy and higher unemployment, maybe not to the same level of the 80’s.
      The partial lockdowns are a pain but as long as food and energy supplies are maintained life goes on,
      You can believe that it is a great conspiracy but I don’t, is the strategy correct, I have no idea, will we get a vaccine, possibly, will it end, I think so…. by next spring (just a guess).

      • China is merrily gobbling up the jobs and the markets we are closing down. Where did all the lockdown advice come from? The WHO, who owns the WHO?

        Next spring? What’s going to change between now and next spring apart from the Virus not serving sunlight and warm weather very well?

        The food chain is under serious threat from multiple sources. Fires in California, flooding in Asia, lack of labour to pick fruit and veg in Europe.

        Energy, good choice.

        There’s a lot of legislation being passed behind the scenes all justified by an illness that is only a threat to those in gods waiting room on the whole.

      • The electricity thing is quite sinister, my energy supplier keeps asking me to have a smart meter, my constant answer of ‘get to fuck’ maybe they will get the message eventually.
        Electric vehicles should just be for public transport in cities, private cars would be much better as self charging hybrids rather than full electric.

        The government can switch the power of in local areas now, don’t need a smart meter for that.
        Back to the the 3 day week 😂

      • Breathtaking isn’t it? These cunts in government are pushing towards banning the sale of disel and petrol cars whilst mulling over legislation that could allow them power to turn off the juice if you are using too much.

        Surely any cunt with a Grade 5 CSE in physics should be able to deduce that the grid simply is not up to the job of charging millions of new electric cars overnight?

        No joined up thinking whatsoever. Welcome to 21st Century Bollockthink. Lions ruled by fucking donkeys.

      • I half caught some green Professor on TV this morning. According to her electric cars are not the solution, the government needs to reduce car ownership to a minimum.

        Enter our friend the essential user, the rest of us need to get used to the idea that being non essential users we should use our feet or the wonderful public transport network.

        I watched another poindexter explain that producing renewable energy was deadly to the planet due the need to mine rare earth metals and the fact that all those giant fucking windmill generators are made of fibre glass which cant be recycled or reused so just get buried to remain underground for eternity.

        The general consensus is that the population needs to be culled and we need to get done to around 500 million people, we won’t be one of the elite left alive i suspect.

        Boris’s father is a proponent of population control and also the author of the fiction book The Virus published in 1982.

      • Smart cunting meters…. my fear is that these will soon become mandatory as every energy provider will require one to be installed as a condition in the contract. Welcome to 1984.

        Living “off grid” in remotest Montana has seldom seemed more alluring. If I was young and single (although with my current equity level intact lol) I’d do it in a heartbeat. I think Seka lives there these days too.

      • Population control, the real truth they don’t want to admit, overpopulation causes poverty, rather than giving water aid and food to Africa and Asia, chemical castration would be much more useful.

      • And stop letting the dinghy wallers in. Look at the ONS graph for population growth in this country.

        It is no coincidence that there was the Blair creature in power during 2005 when the curve turned upwards sharply.

        Any supermarket chain will tell you that the 66m current population is woefully underestimated. Look at the (10 to a) shed dwellers in Hanwell and other city shitholes.

  7. What about those scousers kicking off and totally ignoring social distancing outside Anfield the night they won the Premier league, best of all the Merseyside Police Chief who said, “This is disgraceful, I’m not having this every thirty years”….

  8. Fuck the north and any other cunts for that matter. My area is up 29% in the last week. The next worst in Sarf Londonstabistan is only up 17% so i’m under siege. That’s all the w*gs round here, the sooner they all die the better.

  9. Whatever you think of lockdowns, (I am not in favour), the way Burnham behaved was disgraceful and he should be fucking roasted and sacked.

    Where the fuck are the Tory hell raising speeches dismantling the cunt?

    • The truth is there are no true Tories left – one look from Mrs Thatcher, Norman Tebbit, Bernard Ingham or Keith Joseph and that little aspiring soy boy Burnham would have shat in his pants

    • Why not let Burnham flout the law and then arrest him for breaking the law and make him personally responsible for paying damages to bereaved families for lost loved ones.

      • Appealing thought seeing this cunt cuffed-up
        close to a hairy-lipped lezzer but it’d only make him a martyr playing to his gallery.

        Never forget : 2021 is Metro Mayor elections.

  10. This is what happens when devolution gives power to tinpot dictators who have failed at national politics. They retreat to the regions and build their own fiefdoms.

    And how long can non-functioning firms be kept afloat anyway? Either they adapt or die. The debt pile is already sky high.
    You can’t keep folk in jobs which no longer exist- it is sheer fantasy to think that every job in every industry can be saved.

  11. Why can’t they be tied together with barbed wire and put into an industrial mincer in first gear?
    It’s very upsetting.
    The whining fucking cunts.

  12. A proper multi-cunting for the morons that “run” multi-culti Manchester and Liverpool and the Nazi Jellyfish who reckons he is in charge of the whole shit show. On the issue of the latter, I did not vote for a Jellyfish, we were miss sold him. Whatever happened to the alleged Churchillian character who was going to stick it to Johnny Frenchman and Johnny socialist?

    Fuck all politicians. Dim self-serving, corrupt and treacherous bastards.

    If I had my way, I would build an exact replica of the Titanic complete with luxury cabins and silver service restaurant, send all politicians an invitation to a free cruise (they would all snap up the chance of a freebie), load all the illegal terrorist types they love so much into steerage and set sail across the Atlantic. Part way to the USA, they would bump into an exact replica of the iceberg from 1912 that had been specially frozen for the purpose of sending the whole lot to Davy Jones Locker. That would show the cunts.

    PS, There would be no replica Carpathia in the general vicinity either.

    • A politician would not only accept the freebie but probably also try to claim what it would have cost on expenses.

  13. Burnham and Rotherham are signed up to the global mayors/smart cities nonsense so, yes, they want to challenge the current dictatorship in the uk but they only want the money NOT freedom for the people. Both are cunts of the highest order. As for bojo – he can fuck right off

  14. Total shit storm.
    Get the pubs open, reduce the price of beer and kick start the economy.

    Survival of the fittest I say. Hopefully a whole load of BAME’S and fatties will die. Result 🖒It will open up housing and maybe create some jobs as well as making the UK uninhabitable for dark keys.

  15. As a Mancunian and a Manchester resident I know for a fact that Burnham is as corrupt as fuck and is a slippery slimy turd of the highest order. The man is a bastard and a complete cunt. He makes Alan B’Stard look like Maria Von Trapp.

  16. We need a new Harrowing of the North. Send the Army to slash, burn. Northern Rebels have never done well in English History.
    I’ll start building the scaffold on Tower Hill and await their corrupt leaders in chains. Might even have room for a few Southern, Welsh and West country leaders. Fun for all the family…

  17. I’m defence of the North- the biggest cunts usually end up living near Westminster 😉

    • Indeed they do. Plentiful amount of Northern And Southern Cunting MPs have Tax payers flats in London. All MPs should get London living wage. Mayor Andy Burnham earns £110.000 a year !! Plus god knows what expenses….. My partner who’s a nurse in a hospital with kids that have terminal Cancer gets about £25.000 basic. Andy and all politicians can feck off and stop telling us how they are trying to save us.. Alas we are stuck with them. But at least we have this great site to cunt them off.
      Thanks Admin team for all you are doing at this trouble time…..

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