Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (4)

Alibaba just can’t keep her horrible, sneering mouth shut.
On a recent edition of the ‘Jeremy Vine Programme’ (or what ever it’s called), the gerbil-faced harpy did her very best to provoke Laurence Cox into losing his rag, chanting, among other insults, the usual refrain about him being ‘a white privileged male’.
When Foxy started to respond, she chipped in with a little sneer implying that he wanted to see her deported.

But Fox’s implaccable calm in the face of her race-baiting led her to become a victim of her own vicious bile, and she went for him with the charge that he was (quote) ‘a racist bully’. Lazza’s immediate response? ‘Withdraw that remark or I’ll see you in court’, forcing the fat little twat to back down immediately (although stopping short of giving a formal apology).

It was very good to witness Fox’s demeanour during this broadcast, as he basically let this nasty little gobshite dig her own grave. Alibaba has been getting away with this kind of race-baiting diatribe for too long, and it was good to see Lazza take her down a peg or three.

She’d previously promised to leave Britain’s ‘elected dicatorship’* the moment Bojo became PM, but of course, she never fulfilled that promise. After all, it’s much more lucrative staying here, writing her articles and appearing as a talking head (albeit a vacant one) on chat shows, telling us all what a horrible place Britain is, and how racist we all are.

Yes, that’s the same Britain that gave her sanctuary and opportunity when she was forced to flee from the horrors of Idi Amin’s regime in her native Uganda.
Amin’s long dead, but the obnoxious, hypocritical bigot Alibaba is still here. Uganda’s gain is our fucking loss.

*Translation into English; ‘I don’t like the result of the election’.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJVjEh3zbvg – the real fun starts at 2:22. Enjoy – NA)


59 thoughts on “Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (4)

  1. Cunters might enjoy ‘Bawbag of the Week’ (from an IsAC like mind, I’d say).
    Alibaba is this week’s ‘Bawbag’ (Wee Jimmy gets a good kicking as well).
    Coincidentally, he refers to Alibaba as ‘gerbil faced’, which got an additional laugh from me!
    An interesting watch.


  2. Why is the Met Police not doing this cunt for hate crimes bloody women is a bigger racist than old Idi Amin.

  3. Thanks NA for that clip. I saw her once and felt seriously ill. I’ve read about her occasionally since. After seeing her again in that I’d like to see her burn on an upcoming bonfire. I’ll have my can of petrol ready and my trusty Vlad impalement pole ready to jab the chars just to make sure. I’m glad Mr. Fox is more composed than myself.

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