Bianca Williams, Cressida Dick and the Met Police (2)

A Strap On cunting for the Met Police Witch Hunt.

Remember the saga of Bianca Williams and her partner Ricardo dos Tospot, stopped by the fuzz in their Black Merc with tinted widows, well after not one but two reviews there was no misconduct by the five officers involved.

The Met are not happy with this, maybe because we have a black British sports woman Involved, they have referred themselves to the IOPC, so these five officers will now be investigated.

An absolute witch hunt for nothing more than a stop and search, what the fuck are they thinking, if officers have suspicions about a vehicle they are entitled to investigate, maybe fucking useless Suckdick Khunt should come out and support his police force for a fucking change.
Had the driver and passenger been white absolutely nothing would have come of this, it’s all about fucking black privilege.


Nominated by: Sick of it

...and speaking of the Met Police, here’s something from Jack The Cunter 

A ‘ Big Brother is Watching You ‘ cunting for the Met. Police. This dysfunctional, not fit for purpose, and hopelessly ‘ woke ‘ organisation, is now, really starting to go full on Orwellian.

A journalists job is to investigate, interview and report, ideally in an unbiased way. Some are better than others. How they can be held accountable for what someone else says, I, for one, do not know. What I do know, is that I find this story very disturbing.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech ?

..and something about Cressida Dick from CuntyMcCuntface

Fuck where do you start on this pint sized, licks every box, rug munching serial fuck up.

Not content with ordering the assassination of a wholly innocent Brazilian fare dodger, Dick finds herself elevated into one of the most powerful jobs in the land as Head of the institutionally racist Metropolitan Police.

Given the fairly well founded allegations of corruption and racism you’d think surely Dick would set about cleansing the institution or maybe just have a cursory attempt to do something about the 24 hour Stabathon’s that blight Londonistan?

Don’t be stupid.

Fuck that. No no no. Instead Dick has sanctioned an investigation into Darren Grimes (remember him and the electoral commission) for apparently ‘stirring up racial hatred’.

In an interview with David Starkey back in June he asked Starkey’s opinion on the BLM movement.

Starkey’s comments were widely reported at the time and he lost a couple of book deals and fellowships as a result.

Darren Grimes, a journalist, was asking for an opinion from the interviewee but he now finds himself the subject of an investigation.

When you start arresting and questioning journalists for asking an opinion you know you’ve reached a turning point.

No more ‘oh it’s all being blown out of proportion’ deflection tactics, this really is the Stasi at work.

What the fuck is happening to my once great country?


…and even more!! This time from Ron Knee

The Metropolitan Thought Police

A ‘ve haff vays hoff making you talk’ cunting for the Met, which is showing an alarming tendency to regard itself as Britain’s version of the Stazi.

Young blogger Darren Grimes has been told to attend a police station for an interview under caution. His ‘crime’ was to post a podcast of an interview with Dr. David Starkey, in which the historian stated that slavery was not genocide ‘because there are so many damned blacks’.

Starkey has since apologised for his remarks, but the Met. Thought Police, in its infinite wisdom, appears to be taking the line that Grimes is responsible for stirring up racial hatred.

Priti Patel, Sajid Javid and Tim Farron are among political figures who have sharply criticised the MTP for its bizarre pursuit of young Grimes. Former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord MacDonald has called the scuffers’ actions ‘sinister and foolish’, and ‘a political stunt’.

Things have come to a pretty pass for freedom of speech when the police seem to think that an interviewer should be held accountable for views put forward by an interviewee. The rozzers’ actions prompt an obvious question; why hasn’t someone at the BBC also been called to account for the ‘kill whitey’ so-called ‘joke’ by so-called ‘comedian’ Sophie Duker? Careful Dame Cressida, your double standards slip is showing.
Talk about a waste of police time. Nevertheless, it would be fun to see an attempted prosecution in this case. It would surely be horse-laughed out of court. What a fucking ‘woke’ joke the police are becoming.

52 thoughts on “Bianca Williams, Cressida Dick and the Met Police (2)

  1. No doubt Dawn Butler will come out of the woodwork yet again to bang on about her horrific Sunday in July when the police had the temerity to stop her in a big flashy car (though I assume the officer might have thought she was on the game, judging by her dress, her manner and her big sunglasses). Butler hasn’t got quite as much press coverage on her recent outrageous speech on education as she might have hoped fitted a big mouthed exhibitionist like her.

    As regards Dick, it just proves you shouldn’t promote somebody because she is a bulldyke. They need a tough non-nonsense, non woke man for the job, not an olod bag with a strap-on

  2. The Met brass need to get their woke credentials in order. Both Grimes and Starkey are as gay as fuck. A blatant case of homophobic hate crime M’Lud.
    Lock the bastards up!

  3. Search YouTube-it is full of accounts and actual shot footage of our police Farces interpreting PACE and other legislation to intimidate legitimate people for wrong-think.
    A line has been crossed.

  4. Bianca Williams stop by the police is her main entry on Wikipedia, so she should be grateful for the acknowledgement.
    Her entry about running ability is second best, which about sums up her running ability.

    • Let’s be completely honest-no fuckerw had ever heard of Bianca Williams before her race baiting olympic performance😂

  5. No surprises here.
    The woke have emerged victorious.
    Physical and moral cowards rule the kingdom.
    Fuck Them All.

  6. A rare ISAC quadruple cunting.

    From my prospective here in the States, I think there should be an exhaustive series of investigations. From what I gather, you have 2 innocent splibs, minding their own business, then being pulled over by the cops. However…

    1. Nobody got shot.
    2. Nobody got beaten.
    4. Nobody got put in a choke hold.
    5. Nobody got dragged off to jail.
    6. Nobody died.

    Hell’s bells! They didn’t even kneel on anybody’s neck. And to top it all off even the fucking video doesn’t show any misconduct.

    What a bunch of fucking amateurs!

  7. Throwing those 5 coppers under the bus is the Met brass covering their own arses as usual. They just sit in their plush offices pen pushing and waiting to collect their fat pensions. They haven’t got a fucking clue what it’s like on the front line trying to police trash with your hands behind your back. Look at that bemedalled cunt who ran away and left PC Palmer to be chopped up by a fucking peaceful. Bunch of cunts.
    The likes of Strap-on, Basu and whoever is the DPP these days ought to be doing a long stretch in the Isle of Wight. When I come to power they fucking will be, trust me.

  8. I can’t see what they did wrong in stopping that Bianca Williams…..she’s a Dark-Key so if she was out and abaaahhttt,it’s a pretty fair bet that she was up to no good. The fact that she was in an undoubtedly stolen-from-a white-man car only goes to prove my point.

    Dark-Keys are inherently criminal….I can never see one but start imagining just what crime they have recently committed…even the most innocuous looking ones…take that Bill Cosby sooty…”America’s favourite Dad” indeed..if he can be outed as a criminal just imagine what kind of crimes the likes of Trevor McDonald must have inflicted on innocent white people…Has the “Jack the Ripper” case ever been formally solved?…McDonald’s old enough and black enough to warrant serious investigation.

    • I think Trevor is really a whitey blacked up, the fucking racist. He is the poshest talking bloke on the telly. Have you ever heard a black man talk like that?
      He makes Her Maj sound like some old slag down Romford market.

    • ‘out and abaaahhttt’, you say, Dicky?
      I believe you are B&WC, and I claim my £5.00 🙂

  9. Rank and file officers must be utterly pissed off. Who can blame them ?
    Strap On Dick ( fuck off you useless bitch ), would do well to look at what’s happening across the pond, in Minneapolis. With its police free zones and its defunding rhetoric, the place is like the Wild West.
    Residents are now demanding more policing ( LOL ), there is talk of suing City Hall, you really couldn’t make this shit up. Police officers are leaving in droves, others are going on prolonged sick leave. Chaos reigns.
    London’s burning ?
    Soon ……… soon.
    Get To Fuck.

  10. Yes, why hasn’t the rubber dick strapper arrested that arsehole Sophie Puker for her ‘kill whitey’ so-called joke?

    Cunts like Duker create racial tension whilst the useful idiots stand by and ignore it. But then Duker is the correct shade on the RAL chart so she gets away scot free.

    This is one libfucked country.

    • The BBC has rejected my idea for a new eircom, Kill Cunty, about a talentless gorilla in an ill-fitting wig who rises to lofty positions through pc promotions and eventually becomes Head of Comedy flinging her faecal stools at every BBC meeting.

      • @Cpt. Mag

        Perhaps they rejected it because it hits too close to home. It isn’t really a sitcom if it portrays reality. Especially the reality of programming at the BBC.

  11. Hopeless organisation neutered by years of P/C politicians making it impossible for the rank and file on the streets to protect us.

    Lezzy Prick should be fired because of the crime rates not lauded for her ineptitude useless cunt.

    If you are looking for sand then look on a beach not on a mountain top.

    Stop and search will help protect innocent black lives. Why can’t the woke pc blm brigade see this. Cunts.

    • Poor Bianca.
      Training must of been hard for her, whenever I see a dark key running my immediate response is to shout “STOP THEIF!!” and to trip them up.
      Crime genius Cressida would get more respect if she tried to look more manly,
      She should consider cultivating a moustache maybe a manly beard?
      Just having a blokes haircut and standing up to piss isnt enough

      *Sorry Graham if Ive offended you again!!
      **Not really sorry😁😁😁

      • ” whenever I see a dark key running my immediate response is to shout “STOP THEIF!!” and to trip them up”….mine too,MNC…probably the reason that Mo Farah has an injunction out against me.

      • Morning Dick.
        Yes its a case of act first, be proven right really isnt it?
        Bob Marley famously bragged that hed shot the sheriff,
        But states he didnt shoot the deputy?
        I for one dont believe trigger happy Bob!
        I think not only did he shoot both law enforcement officers but possibly more unsolved murders in Jamaica!
        But Cressida wont investigate that eh?
        Turns a blind eye.
        The lezzy fuck.

  12. The Met have just dropped the invest into Grimes, deciding it wasn’t ‘proportionate’ to continue. No shit Sherlock, well done for working that one out so quickly!
    Fucking Public Order Act & the Communications Act is turning this country into a fucking police state.

    • It’s only a police state if you are on the wrong side of the aisle. If you are one of the “victims”, or a posh woke cunt then you are above the law.
      It helps if you work for the BBC.

    • It would have been interesting to see this case go to court,get thrown out and the judge demand the names of those who initiated the case and how much money was wasted.

      • Yes indeed. I was getting ready to chip in some cash when the inevitable crowd-funder to support young Grimes got going.
        I’m sure that the case would have been laughed out of court, and once again, ‘the authorities’ would have been left with a fucking great big omelette smeared across their faces.

        (For some reason a lot of your posts are ending up in the mod queue. Not sure why but will investigate – DA)

    • ‘Proportionate’. There’s a nice piece of neutral, back-covering officialese.
      What they mean is that they’ve made themselves look like cunts, and they know it, so they’ll now try to dress this up as a measured response with this sort of terminology.
      Fucking wankers.

  13. I was stopped recently whilst Guzzi-ing in the Peak District with Mrs Guzzi. The coppers explained that they were stopping motorcycles to check documents and demonstrate a presence on roads where Sunday Speeders cause problems. Whilst the coppers were polite I felt a tad miffed that it was bikers who were being targeted as they tend to be white males, employed and getting on in years. However, I didn’t feel any urge to go complaining to the BBC about it.

    • I remember getting pulled on my Kwak 1100, it was customised and the pipes were loud, i was wearing a patch but the officer pretended he pulled me because i was speeding, i was not, how indignant i felt.

      Then the bastard proceeded to do his job and looked for the tax disc I obviously didn’t have and demanded to see the license i also didn’t have, police harassment at it’s finest.

      Then being a real Nazi he gets a rag out of the boot of his patrol car and starts cleaning grime off the engine looking for the engine number which it did have.

      At this point a kid walks up and asks what the copper is doing to my bike. ‘It’s dirty and he’s cleaning it for me.”, says I.

      Now the copper didn’t find that at all funny.

      I was nabbed bang to rights, the copper was doing his job and i should have know better but I was young and gave even less fucks than I do now.

      Motorcycle enthusiasts may get indignant when stopped but ‘bikers’ who decide to live an alternative lifestyle with no respect for the law should expect some heat from the man.

      If my name was Winston Ombongo and the police stopped me every time I left the house I’d be pissed off, but if i was also a stab by drug dealing cunt I’d know why they were doing it.

    • Been stopped numerous times by plod for no reason whilst on 2 wheels. It would be easy to bleat about it but to be honest, I don’t give a fuck. Just the usual bit of banter with ’em: “yes officer, no officer, whatever you say officer…”
      I might start blacking-up before I go out for a ride, see what happens when I take my lid off next time.

    • A score of four! Bianca Williams, second rate funding burglar, not good enough, never will be so claim racism when your car is stopped.
      My response would have been “fuck off”, and I would have issued proceedings against her for false and malicious allegations of racial discrimination – do that a few times and these race baiters will realise the game is up and stop.
      Daren Grimes was threatened with prosecution for interviewing historian (and exceptionally knowledgeable individual) David Starkey – no offence caused but much assumed, and the Met were so hateful in their pursuit of Darren Grimes it caused a huge backlash and they backed down – for now.
      We cannot have this, free speech is our right and it is being stolen if you happen to be an unfashionable colour.

  14. The letter to Mr Grimes was sent by a Detective Inspector, same rank as the great Jack Reagan. Would Jack have arsed about with shit like this? No, he would not. He would have told his bosses to fuck off, before disappearing down the boozer to sink a few pints of bitter and nab a nonce.

    The police were ripe for destruction the day they stopped being a “Force” and became a “Service”, Service to whom? You might well ask. Service to anyone but working people, who are fair game for being fucked around or ignored while the boys in blue scour the internet to find poor saps who make the mistake of using “hurty” words to describe the ongoing fuck-fest this country has become.

    Utter cunts.

      • ‘We’re the Sweeney, and we ‘aven’t ‘ad any dinner!’.
        Fucking great stuff.
        Love to see it now when Jack got sent on an ‘unconscious bias’ training course.

      • To get on the ‘unconscious bias’ course he would first have to pass the ‘conscious bias ‘ course and that wouldn’t happen in a million years.

  15. I had taken a break from ISAC to lower my blood pressure and try preserve my mental health, but returned in earnest to cunt this exact topic as it was making me uncontrollably angry; only to see the many nominations this subject already had. Why the fuck is Bianca Willybums the victim? She was driving like a dickhead on the wrong side of the road, yet, because she is black, she has managed to twist this in to a race issue and of course, now she will not only avoid any sort of reprimand, but no doubt receive compensation for ’emotional damage’.

    This country is going to the fucking dogs. Bending over backwards to not offend a fucking criminal. If I had been driving like a dick and arrested, I would have no way of avoiding the full weight of the law, what good is my ‘white privilege’ if it doesn’t actually benefit me? Fuck off!

    • The ‘new normal’ your white privilege card has been cancelled and replaced with the new white racist card, this card can never be revoked and penalty points will be added for not bending the knee and not resigning from you job so a ‘person of colour’ can be employed.
      A new ‘Black Privilege’ card has been issued which gives immunity to the holder for any minor misdemeanour such as stabbing, drug dealing and mugging.
      The black privilege card should be produced if approached by the police who will immediately bend the knee and impale themselves on their tasers.

  16. I never get stopped by police, perhaps they realise I am one the greatest Britons abaaaaaht.
    I also have some police contacts in my Masonic circles…
    Go fuck yourselves.

  17. BLM, set up to celebrate the life of a career criminal who stuck a gun in a pregnant woman’s stomach. Maybe Rashford, Pogba et al would have slightly differing views if it was their pregnant wife/girlfriend who had been the victim.

  18. I hope Chicken G George Floyd and BLM all burn in he’ll for starting this fucking shit storm.
    I watched the Starkey/Grimes interview and agreed with every word said. It now seems you can go to jail for using the word DAMN.
    As for the police officers being investigated, it’s a fucking joke. Blacked out windows and driving up a one way Street the wrong way would have got you shot in the States.
    Obviously the body cams aren’t enough evidence and a witch trial is needed.
    Be careful Dick, morale is low enough now. If you are going to hang your officers out to dry then recruitment is going to be a future issue. Cunt!

    • In the defence of George Floyd he was just being himself, trying to worm his way out of police custody by claiming he couldn’t breathe. I’m sure he didn’t particularly want to be idolised, he just wanted to be the no good, reprobate, criminal he had been for some time.

    • Recruitment will not be an issue:
      There are plenty of:

      -gays / lesbians
      -non uk born immigrants
      Lining up to get a hate whitey warrant card.
      The future is looking “black”

  19. Ah freedom of speech, it’s now called racism, this cretinous term serves as a blanket gag for anything that upsets anyone who is just the slightest bit off white.
    “Mushroom” I think Dulux would call it.

  20. Actually, just had a thought, with all the LBGTfuckoffcockshitbollockswank gender stuff, if you claimed that you considered your self female when you’re quite obviously a strapping 6ft Neanderthal with a cock & ball pairing that would bring tears to Katie Prices eyes, then no one would dare question your claim for fear of being a raging out of touch homophobe.
    Therefore, next time I got out and rob an innocent pregnant woman I’ll just claim I’m mentally black! Who could argue?
    Is a spray ran considered racist these days?

    • This is a good point, a lot of celeb cunts are apologising for portraying characters in black face. Yet, Titty Price and numerous other wankers famous for being slags and from Essex are regularly in ‘brown face’, these inconsistencies must be squashed. Also is wearing Lynx Africa racist? For I am not from Africa.

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