World Afro Hair Day

A solid gold, is she or isn’t she cunting for World Afro hair day.

I’m not making this up. Who cares about someone’s hair? Who doesn’t employ someone because of their hair? Who claims that having Afro hair is a bad thing? Who really has any thoughts either way?

This is yet another media attempt to create division and issue where none exists.

So I won’t be celebrating WAHD as I see little or no point in kowtowing to the MSN…

Nominated by: Middle England

And seconded by: Norman

Seconded. It’s a fucking joke anyway. All the black women in the public eye like Beyonce, Cardi B and numerous other rap slags, that horrendous Obama creature, and Meghan Markle Fucking Ono all have their hair straightened to look like white women. Last time I saw a black female celebrity with an afro it was Diana Ross in 1970. If it is an ‘Afro Day’ (fuck me), what cunt in the public eye actually has one to promote it? What a load of bollocks.

64 thoughts on “World Afro Hair Day

  1. I just don’t get it, why world when it’s Afro-American, it’s like baseball World Series 😂

    World thick lips day and world giant nostrils day, now that would be hilarious.

    • Was at a local community meeting in Brixton where the speaker was saying that BAMEs are 3x as likely to die from the bat flu than the honky man.

      I have to say, for some reason, it didn’t go down too well when I stood up and said, “Well you could fit a plane in those nostrils, so how’s anyone surprised, really?”

      Cuntybollocks, Brixton Royal Infirmary, Traction Ward 6.

  2. Harry half blood Hewletts son must surely have the world’s biggest ginger Afro in christendom. They cant hide that moon head kid for ever……

  3. ” Who doesn’t employ someone because of their hair?”…..Me…. I gave a lad a week to get his greasy blond dreadlocks cut…he didn’t, so I finished him.

    • Quite right too Dick.
      I was a black lad id have a afro, think they make black people more friendly looking?
      Not dreadlocks though, theyre rank.
      My missus has long hair as does the daughter,
      I have to occasionally pull a big fuck off dreadlock from the plughole!
      Like if Bob Marley had been a victim of Pennywise from IT.
      No, go ahead black people, I love a big fuzzy microphone looking afro!👍

      • This Cunt was as white as a pint of milk,MNC. He looked fucking ridiculous. As a contractor,there wasn’t anything he could do about it…anyhow,I imagine that there must be some Health and Safety implications of using chainsaws while climbing if you’ve got hair like that.

      • @SIr Fidler:

        Was he a ginger too?

        White ✔️
        Bob Marley / Canabis t-shirt✔️

      • Probably a fucking vegan,General…the Cunt wasn’t here long enough for me to actually investigate his diet.

      • Mick Hucknell is a little shit….I’d thoroughly enjoy trashing the Cunt with a scaffolding-pole…he wouldn’t need worry about “If you don’t know me by now” by the time I’d finished….he’d be permanently unrecognisable to every Fucker.

      • Saw Mick Fuckall totally pole axed by Lennox Lewis in a charity football match. It was site to behold. Fucking ginger cunt.

      • I reckon we need a ” world ginger cunt day ” . Poor fuckers are always being forgotten, ignored or bullied. Cunts

      • @Sir Fidler:

        A good mate of mine was a barmaid at the Hacienda-(blonde, funny and a posh tart-she was at Manchester studying Architecture in the 80’s. Incidentally I never shagged her, not sure why, because she chased me for years.sigh.)-anyhow:

        She would regale me with tale after tale of Steve Coogan, Mick Hucknall and Tony Wilson tooting so much charlie the table was white. She said Hucknall and Coogan were all over the bar staff and regularly got fucked off. So they were indeed, a pair of cunts!

      • As a former white rastafarian myself i can see the distain for them myself mind you i was only into it as im old fucker with particular interests in late 70s music^was not about to join x r and all that crowd
        Never changed me either way but still

      • I never really worked out if his dreadlocks were deliberate or he was just a scruffy Cunt…not that it made any difference.

      • I thought that term was amongst the yoot for white rappers etc ^youll have to forgive me im showing my age now man

    • Quite right Sir Fiddler, can’t have wannabe “white Rastas” walking round representing your business, when you say “finished him” does it involve an antique duelling pistol and will that great detective “Vera” be investigating the wrongdoings at Fiddler Towers?

      • Vera is an old Cunt….Th hounds and I once spent the best part of a day hiding out on the Fell after seeing several Police cars and vans gathering near the bottom of the track up to my place…thought I was about to be raided so after locking various items away in their correct cabinets,shifting some exotic plants out of the greenhouse (not mine) and hiding a couple of vehicles up in the wood. I retreated to a safe distance to see what was going to happen….turned out to be that stupid Old Bag filming an episode of her shit programme.

        PS…Her accent is terrible…she deserves a kick up the cunt for that alone.

    • By far the worse ones are old gits like me who tie in some wisps of hair into a ‘ponytail’ about an inch fucking long as if they are replaying there youth. Looks and is fucking stupid, and I often think I should carry a pair of scissors with me. Cunts!

  4. I like Calvin Robinson and his afro. Obviously as a “c00n” his hair wont be included. Fuck right off woke cunts.

  5. The psychology of why black women straighten their hair, and sometimes even dye it blonde to look like white women is very interesting.

    Obviously, this isn’t cultural appropriation because potato.

  6. I remember in February reading about this stupid little moo, Ruby (candy floss on steroids) Williams.
    Kept getting sent home from school because her ‘big’ hair breached the uniform dress code, so with her mum’s help she successfully sued the authorities for a few grand and they backed down. Stupid cunts. With hair like that she was probably blocking the fucking view of the blackboard from the seat behind.

    Oh sorry, they’re called whiteboards now apparently, but not sure if the black pens they use have been deemed racist yet😏

  7. I can’t grow an afro anymore due to my receding hairline, although I have one down below…I need it to cushion my massive dick whilst I’m aaaaht and abaaaaaht.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • Good evening B+WC. I’ll have you know, that after employing your mode of speech, whilst at home. I recently received a stern admonishment, from Ethel. She cannot tolerate my ” aaaht and abaaahting ”
      ” Jack, don’t say that, it’s awful ” she scolded.
      I told her to Get To Fuck.
      Get To Fuck.

      • JTC, I think you need to tell Ethel if she keeps telling you off you’ll be going ‘Aaaaht and Abaaaaaht’ and you won’t come back. 😁

      • Evening BWC, fuck that about a receeding hairline!
        Art Garfunkel didnt let that hold him back, and he was a pin up rock god!
        Get it grown, if you feel self conscious comb it forward like Donald Trump!
        Now youd never guess but Donald had a bald spot, but with clever combing looks like a 20yr old Robert Redford.

      • @MNC:

        Belgian footballerist Axel Witsel sported an Afro and looks like a black Art Garfunkel. It is fucking uncanny😀😀😀

  8. There’s something very wonderful about having a dark afro lady sucking your cock.
    But I digress.
    Good evening, gentlemen.

    • Jack-you are Shaun Ryder in his guise of Reverend Black Grape and I claim my Boots home perm kit😀

  9. Afro hair is very good for cleaning you shitter. It is apparently excellent for removing shit stains off the pan. Looking at the fat bloater in the picture it would however need at least three strong men to grab her by the legs and shuv her head down the pan.

  10. Are you seriously having a laugh?World afro hair day?What the hell?Whatever next?Paedo specialist day?Give me strength

      • Its like he is growing his own mini bearskin cap “but I aint saluting no honkey Queen”.

      • Evening LL!
        Its a hard thing when a man loses his hair.
        BWC got me thinking saying about his receeding hairline.
        When youve been a beautiful man like me, you & BWC and your hair starts falling out and you look like Charlie Brown when you had hair like Jim Morrison well it can effect your confidence if your not careful!
        I always felt sorry for Mark Knoefler from Dire straits, he started losing his hair when about 7yrs old, the shame he must of felt fronting a band and letting his bandmates down looking like a elderly bollock while other frontmen had flowing manes .

      • Knopfler could have joined one of them hair bands like Cinderella or Poison, membership seemed to rekindle follicular activity on those lads scalps.

      • If I could play like Knopfler, I would give not a continental fuck what I looked like.

        Come to that, I don’t give much of a fuck anyway.

      • I agree Komodo,
        But he’ll never get the recognition he deserves because his pate makes him look like he holidays at sellafield.

      • Evening Miserable, I fortunately have a good thick head of hair and my old mans is still ok for a bloke in his 70’s but I take nothing for granted. If I started to lose it I would absolutely grow a beard or else I would look like a thumb, but have seen a few grey hairs in my stubble recently. Time does indeed not stop for even us Adonis’s.

    • Norman-they were fucking dreadful today-you were spot on mate-worst squad ever☹️.
      Ole is fucking clueless-put of his depth against the likes of Klopp, Guardiola, Potch and now Bielsa☹️

      The should have gone after some of the available managers☹️

  11. Years ago while working as a croupier in sunny Cackpool, we used to get a Chinese bloke in the casino and he had a brown person haircut , every time I dealt roulette or blackjack to him I would always whistle a Happy Mondays song. He didn’t have a fucking clue it cheered me up though.

  12. As it’s world Afro day I will have to pay tribute to the only great person with an Afro, the legend that was Bob Ross I think a full day of watching the Joy of Painting

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