The Puritanical Guardian (12)

Once a-fucking-gain.

Since the advent of the Kung Flu, folk around the world have been in various varieties of lockdown, and The Guardian has been releasing a steady stream of articles along the lines of ‘how I gave up drinking in lockdown’, and ‘how lockdown taught me I didn’t really enjoy alcohol’ blah blah blah you get the idea, and just in case you don’t, the killjoy miserablist New Puritans of The Guardian are not-so-subtly spelling it out: you should give up the booze.

If I were of a nasty suspicious turn of mind, I would imagine that they were perusing this argument so that we can all the better accommodate a certain non-drinking religion of peace, but as a man who enjoys a good bourbon it doesn’t really matter to me why they want what they want, because they can get to fuck, and once they get there, they can fuck off all over again.

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43 thoughts on “The Puritanical Guardian (12)

  1. Like the BBC, the Guardian is full of public school pricks who feel guilty about how well they have done out of the brutal neoliberalism of the past forty years. Their contempt for and hatred of white working class people is matched only by their patronising, ‘racism of low expectations’ towards working class nonwhite people. The only black folks most Guardianistas have ever met are the cleaners.

    Utter, utter cunts.

    Been meaning to share these figures for a while…

    • CMC Totally agree. I wonder both the Guardian and Labour don’t save themselves some money and just make the Guardian the official Labour fanzine, and shack up together in some nice hoity-toity leavy lane in Islington. They could employ old granny Rayner as the char (“can I do you now, sir?”). Both are populated by holier-than-thou bastards who are also thorough going hypocrites. While Labour go on about rich “toffs” in the Conservative party, they think nothing of Dame Kweer being a wealthy lawyer who owns property in Oxted Surrey, and having a title.

      These old wimmin of both genders or none are so much better than the rest of us – they just want to do good and go to heaven, just as long as they have a nice pampered easy life themselves.

    • If I were PM I’d unload a huge boatload of invaders into the homes of these pricks. If they try to pick them out at any time during the 3 month trial they’ll be sent to prison for ‘waycism’.

      After a month, I’d give them the option of deporting all the illegals, including those in their homes (those that survive, of course). This is as long as they promise never to utter their tripe about ‘refugees’ ever again on pain of me shoving 5 Somali rapists into their homes.

  2. So clearly they want us to give up the booze, which means less money for the Treasury in duty, more pubs will shut, unemployment will rise, supermarkets will see profits crash; but one suspect the NHS will see a few alcoholics, and there will be less anti-social behaviour on a Friday and Saturday nights.

    But this form of woke-approved prohibition is just another bite out of the arse of the white working classes because we don’t know what is good for us and therefore need a guiding light in their nonsense.

    They’ll be moving onto meat-eating next: another tick-box exercise is puritanism that the middle-class veggie cunts keep on ramming down our throats.

    This rag is never happy

  3. Without doubt the Guardian writers like to preach to what they believe to be the uneducated masses.

    They do not like to practice what they preach however, that is beneath them.

    Their opinions of the world are just so “right on” and they feel a duty to share these amongst us lesser thinking people. To keep us from veering off the straight and narrow.

    Fortunately the only cunts that read this shite are themselves bbc news team cunts and nobody else. So fuck em and pass me the scotch. Cunts

  4. Guardianistas are all for telling people what’s good for them. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat meat, don’t drive those awful polluting cars, don’t go on holiday in those terrible polluting planes, always vote for the Labour Party, join the fight for social justice, isn’t that man Farage absolutely dreadful……and on and on and on.
    They, literally, know the value of everything and the price of nothing.

  5. Another pat on the head don’t be so silly from the biggest set of cunts in the history of journalism.
    I’ll have a scrumpy.
    Now Fuck Off.

  6. The Guardian doesn’t need worry too much….give that fucking idiot Johnson a bit more time and the Pubs’ll all be closed permanently anyhow…. and the rest of the population unable to afford drink due to everyone being unemployed.

    ” Protect the NHS,Lose your job,Crawl off and quietly die in a ditch somewhere,you Cunts”…..perhaps Dominic Cummings can use that as his next silly slogan.

    • Hope you fooled those ‘experts’ by going to the pub an hour early again last night, Dick.

      • Had a look out for a couple of hours…but my heart’s just not in it…place full of a people thinking that they’re on some wonderful paid 6 month holiday.

        Morning All

      • Had a nice bottle of red with dinner last night – smoked a leg of lamb over the coals. Lovely stuff. Getting pissed up at home means you only have to stagger a few yards from the table to your pit.

      • Has your local gone shit, Mr F?
        I went to four different pubs last night and it was a joyless experience, no life, no atmosphere
        The only fun bit was writing down amusing track and trace names on forms. Then my mate and I had to talk loudly like the person whose name we’d used.
        Who knew that Admiral Yamamoto liked to drink in Oxford pubs?!
        Cunt of a hangover this morning.

      • I’ve been to half a dozen different Pubs since they reopened..can’t stand it. People all sitting in their “bubbles” ( apart from a Weatherspoons that I tried in desperation one day in town…it was truly appalling). I haven’t filled in any forms in the local Pubs…as I told them…they know my name and they can fucking fill the form in if they want,but I fucking well won’t.

        Morning.Mr. Cunt-Engine.

      • Thomas, that house in Oxford with a shark sticking out the roof still there?
        Been in the pub facing it years ago.

    • The poor old British pub.😥
      Those ducky cunts hate that poor hardworking white boys like me have somewhere we can enjoy.
      Those spiteful cunts who work at the Guardian would rather we did Yoga or pilates, theyre threatened by our toxic masculinity.
      Weve had pub, inns, drinking dens since forever, and these marxist twats with strong help from the government are killing it.
      I’ll never forgive them for it.
      Pub just shut forever in Stockport, the Crown.
      Had live folk music,
      Once saw a load of morris dancers pissed out of their nuts in there, funny sight!
      And England weeps..

      • Did a job in manchester city centre and the customer was the type who reads the Guardian,
        He was swanning about in shorts and bare feet, like fuckin Sandy Shaw, the middle class prick.
        Could feel his superiority complex with ever word when talking to him,
        But I took his money he didnt take mine,
        I had a massive urge to accidently step my size 13s on his unshod foot in a lesson of why PPE is needed in the workplace.
        Fucking ducky little plum in mouth wanker.
        Rant over, im going the pub later before theyve killed that too.

      • MNC – currently wearing shorts and no shoes but definitely not a Guardianista. The eight month Summer has already begun in Central Queensland.

      • Mike@
        Your in a climate that warrants it and at home I assume this bloke was walking round where im stripping down industrial tables and moving filing cabinets!
        Screws on the floor, nuts & bolts, etc
        What temperature is it in Queensland?
        Too hot for me guaranteed!

      • It was 26 today but by the end of October it will be 30+ every day. And it will be like that until March. February is a bastard here.

        Spent the morning cleaning the pool and went for the first dip of the season this afternoon.

      • Interesting and unsurprising figures re: number of working class labour MP’s.

        Swimming pool-I hope a stray crocodile doesn’t bite your arse.

  7. How to control the masses:

    1) Dissarm them✔️

    2)) Split up family groups via enforced migration for work✔️

    3) Use identity’ politics to turn neighbour against neighbour✔️

    4) Reduce working class social contact, close youth clubs, pubs and local shops✔️

    5) Appropriate their working class political party✔️

    6) Make them feel ashamed of their races history✔️

    7) Reduce/remove their freedom of movement✔️

    Years ago I would have laughed at the above.
    Not any more.

  8. Your theory doesn’t seem too off the mark. We are currently told that we must wear face coverings (even the blokes), there is a concerted effort to abolish booze and even eventually turn everybody vegan (which would also include banning pork) as well as banning incorrect, offensive words and thoughts.

    I’m sure it’s all just a big quinky dink though.

    • Divide and rule.

      The governments “new” obesity is alcohol-convincing anyone working class that more than 1glass of wine / beer a day and your liver will explode.
      All part of the plan to mould the masses into controllable jelly.
      Meanwhile another spit n’ sawdust boozer re-opens as a fucking high end gastric-pub.

      All the while, cunts in Westminster get wankered in subsidised bars.


    • Exactly. They stop short of saying it but these cunts are smashed out of their heads on something and it sure isn’t laughing gas.

  9. I never get tired of slagging off the Guardian. I can always tell a Guardian reader within 2 minutes of meeting them. They consider themselves liberals, but oppose free speech. They hate their rich parents, but live priviledged lives. They claim to be anti-capitalists but all own laptops, tablets and smartphones. They claim to love “diversity”, but send their own kids to schools where everyone speaks English.
    Can anyone sum it up better than this video?

    • The Groaniad is the official comic of the BBC.
      Two pieces of the Groaniad with some Beeb filling; the perfect shit sandwich for the Metrobubble chattering classes.

  10. Gates funded The Guardian is just a mouthpiece of the new Cromwellian era we are being forced into. Christmas is cancelled! Second lockdown! Do not mingle with people. Don’t eat meat, don’t drink.

    I had an idea for a book yesterday, called The Fifth Wave. By this time, energy is rationed (note the law under consideration where they are going to cut off your electricity whenever they want), you have to take your ‘Rona test before being allowed to go to work or use public transport or go to a shop (Johnson said daily tests for all), nobody can afford a mortgage – most people rent in socially distanced housing (plans are afoot for this). Cars are banned from cities so people cycle (see all those cycle lanes they’ve just put in?) You don’t have a social credit score, you have a carbon footprint score. More of a pre-emptive documentary than fiction.

  11. I don’t read newspapers apart from the Metro which can be picked up for free on buses and trains. Do these people think they can talk you into giving up alcohol? Well good luck with that. Maybe if they can persuade people that it’s no longer politically correct to drink. I’m not suggestible but there are plenty around these days who are easily swayed.
    Where I live there used to be fifty or sixty pubs in and around the town centre. Now it’s about a dozen, so maybe the movement against alcohol is gaining ground, though I believe most simply buy at the supermarket and drink at home.

    • I don’t have any friends so gathering socially has no meaning to me, I simply like a drink or 8. It’s been 10 years or more since I ventured into a pub but even then they had priced themselves out of my ability to pay. I can get 15 cans of Kronenbourg 1664 at Asda for £14.40, which is about £1.25 a pint. Why would I pay 3 times that in the company, albeit 2m distant, of people who irritate me?

  12. I am amazed the Grauniad is still going. Every year I wait for its demise. Of course that gutless cunt Bozza could put the boot in. After all those two fuckflake ‘neighbours’ of his who grassed him up to the Grauniad for having a private row with the mrs (and who hasn’t?) and tried to fuck him over about nothing. But he chooses not to, the spineless cunt. He may live to regret it, because the Grauniad could stab him in the back again.

  13. I wonder if ‘Charlie’ Nakrani is still at the Grauniad?
    And if so, is he still flashing online at women?
    The dirty fucking cunt.

  14. Pubs have had a lot to contend with, and they seem to be on the way out. High rents and overheads, avaricious pubcos… And bourgeois cunts who demand fancy food and craft beers, inspired by the Grauniad’s and other Sunday supplement alternatives to getting a life for people who don’t have one.

    My local went south years ago. It had regulars,darts and a fruit machine. Dogs were encouraged – the landlord had two big ones – smoking was (those were the days) permitted. It was run by a hardcase who had seen it all. Problems were few. And and if you wanted something to eat while getting affordably slaughtered, there was a kebabber over the road.

    Since when it’s changed hands three times, is now owned by New Zealanders, the staff wear uniforms, and the drink costs an arm and a leg. When the passing trade dries up at the end of this week, and in any case finds it too cold to sit outside, it’s going to go bust. It needs no help from the Grauniad’s unwanted social conscience. The kebabber, run by illegal immo Iraqi Kurds, will continue to thrive. So it goes.

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